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So what exactly does the Export-Import Bank do with your hard-earned money? Check out this money trail:


Following the money trail of the Export-Import Bank shows taxpayers are on the hook for loans to some interesting places. China, Russia, and Venezuela just to name a few.

Ex-Im subsidizes these foreign countries to buy the goods of large American corporations and special-interests. This process needs to be stopped.


Share this image and spread the message that it is time to #EndExIm.

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Share This Image & Spread the Word About #EndExIm #HAction

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Follow the Money Trail: The Export-Import Bank #EndExIm #HAction

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How is Your Tax Money Used by Ex-Im? Hint: Russia and China #HAction

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15 thoughts on “Share This Image & Spread the Word About #EndExIm

  1. It makes me feel more secure knowing that you are out there in the trenches of deceit and corruption striving to clean it up with awareness. Keep up the good work. I received a letter the other day from the Democratic Party saber rattling about the Republicans being the ones who want to take money from MediCare. How many people read that and believe it? They distort things with such alacrity and consistency and don’t care about the consequences of what they are doing. It is all about power. The decisions they make and the laws they lay down are done without the sanction of the people in this country really understanding. Regulations are out of control and one of the most frightening issues out there. They are so excessive that they are beginning to alter the landscape of this country and how it is being run. This was done be design, not by default and must be stopped.

  2. First we need to kick the United Nations out, that’s where most of the dealings go on. The United Nations has never benefitted the United States, it is just a money pit.

  3. How much of this EX-IM bank money is used by SENATORS, i.e. Dirty Harry Reid in the exploitation of the American Taxpayer for monies used to make his own bank account grow? How much? If anyone EVER deserved his own personal investigation, it would be Dirty Harry Reid. He has made so many land deals, he probably owns half of America already!

    Come on, put the screws to Harry and the rest of these people (no matter their party)!

    • The Loans to China are really kickbacks disguised as loans to do business with Dirty Harry’s Son who wants to bring Solar Energy to those poor, impoverish Desert Tortoises.

  4. This administration and this government has become a cesspool of corruption. Harry Reid has always been dirty and the REPUBLICAN Washington establishment allows it …In exchange for NOTHING. That’s how galactically stupid we are. Eric Cantor is now seeking the resignation of a Republican member of the House from Louisiana because of a consensual kiss with a staffer. Compare that with the President of the United States receiving fellatio from a 19 yr. old Intern in the WHITE HOUSE. The Democrats said it was OK because it was just sex. Can Republicans be more stupid?

  5. People are pissed I’m one of them but they aren’t pissed ENOUGH. Obozo set this up so that the downfall will happen on the next president. That’s going to be too late. Operation Spring May 16 please go or support those that do.

  6. I have to ask…… How does one make a loan TO China when we are in hock to them way over our great-grandchildren’s heads???????? I suppose anything is possible when you have I-M-A-G-I-N-A-T-I-O-N in the Land of the Phunny Monies.

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