Entrepreneur Stands for Her Religious Freedom as Supreme Court Hears Hobby Lobby Case

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. case — brought by the Green family who own Hobby Lobby and the Hahn family who run Conestoga Wood Specialties — Tuesday, Americans concerned with religious freedom braved the snow to take a stand.  We had the opportunity to speak with Fiona Moodie, a small business owner and entrepreneur from Maryland who said she will be personally affected by the outcome of this case.

She is concerned about the future of her religious freedom as she expands her business.

If I choose to continue on, and grow my small business, and hire employees in the future, I want to be ensured that if I choose to provide health care for my employees, I’m not going to have my religious rights violated.  

Her concerns are valid.  As former U.S. Solicitor General Ken Starr notes:

The Greens will, win or lose, be able to carry on and continue their admirable mission to serve a cause higher and nobler than their own commercial success. But something very valuable – the nation’s historic commitment to religious freedom – will have been needlessly compromised.

Some special interest groups don’t see it that way.

Scotus hobby lobby

Those with diametrically opposite views, led by Planned Parenthood, also gathered outside today to rally in opposition of business owners running their businesses in accordance with their deeply held religious beliefs.  They derided Hobby Lobby, suggesting things like “my birth control isn’t my boss’s hobby,” and “they should stick to hot glue guns.”

How’s that for mature, tolerant discourse?

Hobby Lobby Supreme Court

Interestingly, Hobby Lobby already provides coverage of contraception to their employees.  They actually only oppose 4 of the 20 contraceptives mandated by the Obamacare HHS mandate, namely, the 4 that cause abortions.  They simply do not want to be forced to pay for abortion inducing drugs or face fines of up to $100 per employee per day — millions of dollars each year.  They don’t want to be forced to drop insurance coverage altogether for their employees, currently the only other option given to them under the coercive HHS mandate.

Their case has implications for Fiona and other young entrepreneurs like her.  Indeed, it has implications for all Americans, including those who side with the lucrative abortion-giant Planned Parenthood.  A person whose faith tells them abortion is wrong should not have to pay for coverage of other people’s abortions.  If Hobby Lobby wins its case, those Americans who wish to use contraceptives can make that decision on their own. As the Heritage Foundation’s Sarah Torre notes:

Ironically, that’s exactly what the Green and Hahn families are arguing in Court today—to not have the government force them to be involved in their employees’ healthcare choices when it comes to drugs that could end a life.

Even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the families, all women, including those who work for the Hahns and the Greens, would remain free to make their own personal decisions about these drugs and services. The Greens and the Hahns simply want the freedom not to participate in those decisions.

It’s a principle of pluralism that forms the bedrock of our free and diverse society and one the Green family understands. “We realize that people make their own choices and must follow their own beliefs just as we want to follow our own beliefs,” explains Danielle Green, daughter of Hobby Lobby president Steve Green.

Hobby Lobby Supreme Court

All Americans, including those like the Greens, the Hahns, and young entrepreneurs like Fiona, will benefit if Supreme Court rules against the Obama Administration’s narrow view of faith.

(All photos by Katherine Rosario)

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14 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Stands for Her Religious Freedom as Supreme Court Hears Hobby Lobby Case

  1. Please check your facts: Plan B does not cause abortions, and likewise for IUDs. Legislation allowing Hobby Lobby to opt out of providing these options to its workers would effectively make the corporation itself have a religion, which is preposterous. One of America’s founding principles was that no person can subject another person to the whims or requirements of their religion. As we increasingly come to view healthcare as a natural right rather than an earned benefit for only those who can afford it, the companies who act as middlemen in providing healthcare plans should have zero say in the contents of those plans. Also, (as a hypothetical business owner) are you OK with the insurance plans providing care to unwed mothers, which is a sin in the Christian religion? Or how about if someone who is gay (and you’re one of the backwards religious folk who believe that being gay is a sin) needs an operation? Injecting religion into the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States will corrupt our country to the point of destruction.

    • Well that was long winded, Eric.

      You are the one who needs to check his facts. According to the FDA, emergency contraception can end the life of a developing human embryo by preventing implantation. Plan B falls into that category because one of its active ingredients can prevent implantation of an embryo with a unique genetic code.


      The Green family has a right not to pay for (i.e. participate in) abortions caused by abortion inducing drugs.

      • OK, I concede based on the technical facts. But I’m not of the mindset that a cluster of cells constitutes a human life, so my definition of ending life differs from yours. Then again, I’m OK with a pregnant woman deciding that birth is not in her best interest, or the best interest of a non-conscious fetus who would be subjected to an unloving mother, or one who couldn’t support a child, or a society that treats orphans like cattle. But yes, on this point, you got me.

        • ericmatthew86; maybe you should have been aborted then your idiocy wouldn’t be spread to another generation. Just sayin.

          • Levee it’s exactly your brand of hateful speech that makes social progressives despise social conservatives. I have not attacked anyone’s character or personal stature in my comments, but that’s your first move. Bravo on knowing just enough words to insult someone over the Internet. Also, big surprise you’re from the south…

          • You do realize you insult the vast majority of Americans when you write “backwards religious folk,” right? Please don’t be a hypocrite.

          • I didn’t say anyone who is religious is backwards, I said people who think being gay is a sin are backwards. If you look at today’s society, and forget about your religion for just one second, you have to see that thinking gayness is a sin is detrimental to society, and regressive. That’s what it means to be backward.

          • You can’t tell religious people to “forget about your religion for just one second.” That is extremely intolerant of you.

            More importantly, you have to understand, that’s not how religion works. The tenets of a person’s faith define how they make moral decisions on a daily basis, not just when they’re at home or at church.

            That’s what this case is about. The Greens have no problem with people using abortion inducing drugs. But their faith informs them of the immorality of such a decision, and they don’t want the government to force them to be involved in that decision by having to pay for it.

            Women who work for Hobby Lobby would still be FREE to purchase their own abortion inducing drugs or work elsewhere. That’s what it means to live in a pluralistic society.

            And my original point remains: calling religious people backward is bigotry. Your attempt to rephrase what you said doesn’t help your cause.

          • ericmatthew86 my bible which has been proven as fact and actually used when proving certain parts of human history through the ages, states VERY plainly that sex between the same sex persons is SIN just as sex between unmarried persons is also sin.

            Period it is black and white and is not subject to the change in times. It is not backwards thinking rather, it is understanding what our Heavenly Father, God TOLD us as his creation told us.

          • Who told you your bible is fact? Show me the proof that it is fact. Please! I may become a believer if you can prove it is fact, because as someone who follows science, I am always open to new evidence that overthrows old ideas. Quick question though, if your god created the Earth and everything everywhere, why did he wait two thousand years before giving man the Bible? And why did he wait another two thousand years before giving them the second part of the Bible? The Bible was written my men, not by your god. It was written by the same types of powerful men who run the world today. Do you trust all of them? If they wrote a book, would you believe everything that was in it? I’m sorry you have such hate for people who are attracted to their same sex, the world must be a terrifying place for you. Seeing how divorce is a sin, and unwed mothers are sinning, and anyone who has ever uttered a curse word is sinning, and anyone who eats shellfish is sinning, and anyone who ever says jesus or god is sinning, and anyone who eats too much is sinning (gluttony) or anyone who likes money is sinning (greed) or anyone who has pride is sinning… shall I go on? What makes you better than anyone else?

    • Eric you are also wrong on the fact that the business is telling the employees what to do they just do not want to pay for them to kill a baby. Yes it is a baby anyone who has taken biology 101 knows how a baby starts. But other religions are exempt from even having to buy Obamacare how is that fair it isn’t… Maybe it should just be forced on atheists and heathens and let everyone else who practices a religion that values the most innocent of all lives an unborn child … let them not be mandated at all to buy into this crap or have tax dollars spent to kill the nation. More Americans have been aborted since Roe vs Wade than have died in all of the wars combined. I think it is sick that you think of human life as just a bunch of cells … guess what that is what you are now… do you think someone should stick a pair of scissors into the base of your head and suck out your brains or rip your limbs off one by one until you are just in small pieces… remember this is all done while you are living and breathing and you can feel it all in fact you panic you try to avoid the instruments that are destroying your body and killing you or they burn you alive… so humane… this if the mother doesn’t want the child isn’t that worse no there are plenty of couples that would love to have these children. I think it is ironic how you have a picture of yourself with a baby… I want you to picture that baby in the same position of the 50+ million babies that have lost their lives with people as cold hearted and shallow as you are just willing to have them killed and thrown away.

      • Kade, Plan B only works within 72 hours of intercourse. A cluster of cells is literally the farthest state an embryo could get to in that time frame. So we are not talking about ‘unborn children’ or graphic murder, like you so readily discuss… And you’re making the same mistake that so many anti-abortion folks do, assuming that anyone, anywhere, is Pro-abortion. No one is pro-abortion, we are simply not trying to impose our beliefs on other people. If you believe Plan B is murder I’d be afraid to ask what you think masturbation is. Your second false argument is ‘other religions don’t have to’ – this is not about religion, it is about business. Hobby Lobby is a business, subject to the laws that govern businesses. Today, that includes providing access to healthcare plans if you have more than 50 employees. But Hobby Lobby is injecting its owners’ religious beliefs into their business.

        • Hobby Lobby is a private business not a publicly traded business it is privately owned. Their employees can do whatever they wish but Hobby Lobby doesn’t think they should pay to murder babies, here is the other issue Obamacare allows for certain religions not to be part of it and that includes their privately owned businesses so the Government cannot sparse what Religions can uphold their beliefs and which cannot, but they do that in this bill. When a sperm and egg are joined that is a conceived embryo, a conceived embryo is the Medical Profession is considered a BABY, really (the abortion Drs that say it isn’t are only saying that because they love the money and have no conscience – money to them is far more important than a human life)… Ask any In-vitriol fertilization Doctor what they are implanting in women that have a problem conceiving something larger than the “cells” you are talking about, NO, people wanting to call it anything else – is only to ease their conscience – because they want to feel better about taking their lives !!! It is far different from you masturbating did you learn nothing in school.

  2. Allowing these companies to dictate what their employees do with their own lives is not upholding their religious rights, it is the opposite in fact. There is no provision in the constitution that allows anyone to impose their religion on others, even employees. These people are simply trying to get the Supreme court to give them the right to rule peoples lives legally. Women are already discriminated against in business because they ‘might’ get pregnant, now these people want the right to guarantee that women have no control of that. So they get paid less because they might and get charged more to make sure they don’t.

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