A Vision to Unite America

My National Review post this week focuses on some of the true leaders of the House GOP conference, who will step in a fill a leadership void in the years to come:

Unfortunately, courage is in short supply in Washington. Republican leaders have no compelling vision for the future, which means their only strategy is to recede to the shadows and hope that Obama’s unpopularity produces a Republican Senate. Majorities are important. But majorities with ideas are essential if we are ever to dismantle the mess this administration has made. We owe it to the American people to show them how we would govern as conservatives. The best way to do that is to legislate in the House.

This week, up-and-coming conservatives in the House demonstrated that they are determined to do just that. At the Conservative Policy Summit, ten members of Congress presented big, bold ideas to lead the GOP back to relevance. It is precisely this kind of agenda that can produce a mandate by capturing the hearts and minds of the American people. Far away from the messaging consultants, pollsters, and other preservers of the status quo, these members unapologetically presented an agenda that would unite America behind a vision of a better life.

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4 thoughts on “A Vision to Unite America

  1. Unfortunately most republican’s in D.C. are in bed with the liberal’s, they are g lobalists with a slightly different agenda. We only have two that I’m aware of that care about the future of this republic and they are Paul and Cruz.

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