Use Dashboard to Keep the Pressure on the House to Put Amnesty on Ice

At last month’s House Republican retreat, GOP Leaders released a document laying out the “standards” for immigration reform. That plan, disguised as immigration reform, laid the groundwork for mass amnesty.

While House GOP leaders appear to be wavering on their plans, thanks to conservatives like you who spoke out against amnesty, political pressure to proceed is still potent as ever. Any proposed legislation will undoubtedly provide a vehicle for conference negotiations between the House and Senate on a larger amnesty package.

There is still a strong need to keep the pressure on and urge your Member of Congress to put amnesty on ice. Use your dashboard to call, email, or tweet your Representative and urge continued opposition to any amnesty plan.

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Use Dashboard to Keep the Pressure on the House to Put Amnesty on Ice #HAction

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Any immigration plan with the Senate opens the door to #amnesty #HAction

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Amnesty is unfair, costly, and only encourages more unlawful immigration #HAction #NoAmnesty

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2 thoughts on “Use Dashboard to Keep the Pressure on the House to Put Amnesty on Ice

  1. Immigration Reform Protests, Round 2

    I participated in an” Overpass Protest” in Mandarin, FL. There were
    some 300 similar protests throughout the U.S. on Jul 18, and July 19, 2014 to
    fight against any form of Amnesty.

    The intent was to make more people aware of President
    Obama’s plans to “Go-It-Alone” to pass Immigration Reform. He will
    bypass Congress, and go against the will of the people is supposed to represent
    and govern.

    Due to the success of these July “Overpass Protests” plans are in the
    final stages for similar protests in August. The tentative schedule calls for
    the following locations and times.

    Protest Dates and Locations

    Fri-Sat October 24-25 Nationwide / All States

    Sat. August 23, Florida (Outside of GOP Amnesty Supporters Offices)
    Sat. August 9, Wisconsin (Outside of GOP Amnesty Supporters Offices)
    Sat. August 2, Tennessee, Washington State, Michigan (Outside of GOP Amnesty
    Supporters Offices)

    Additional updates with other locations will follow.


    These protests are being planned from August through October 2014. They will
    target the offices of GOP Amnesty Supporters.

    Say No Amnesty! Say No to the Unaccompanied Children and
    their Adult Companions. Say no to the quested $3.7 billion dollars the
    President is seeking for these Illegal Immigrants.

    Protect the Sovereignty of the United States of America! Demand that the $113 billion dollars we spend annually on Illegal Immigrants be redirected o domestic needs, and to prevent the dismantling of our military!

    Please review this information, and check back for updates o the next protests.

  2. The country wants and needs immigration reform. Groups like Heritage have made it politically impossible for Republicans to do anything but obstruct. This has done enormous long term damage to the Republican party

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