Tim Scott: #SchoolChoice is Really About Freedom

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) 78% joined the Heritage Action Conservative Policy Summit where he said we could get better outcomes for less money for our students.

Sen. Scott was “that kid” that did not do well in school.  “Too often we write off these kids as high risk kids that will never perform,” Sen. Scott said.  “I would rather call the kids high potential children with a great future.”

The Heritage Foundation explains:

The momentum for school choice has never been stronger. There is growing consensus that a child’s educational destiny should not be bound to his or her parents’ zip code, and that the best way to free children to pursue a bright future is through educational choice. 

Sen. Scott’s bill, the Creating Hope and Opportunity for Individuals and Communities through Education (CHOICE) Act, would keep the momentum going.


Senator Tim Scott Introduces Opportunity Agenda


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2 thoughts on “Tim Scott: #SchoolChoice is Really About Freedom

  1. Choice is important but we need to hold our public schools to a higher standard and correct the problems there as well. Just because they are public does not mean to leave them to the under privileged.Make them accountable for their actions and results. Face up to the Teachers Union’s and make them realize it is not about teachers but the future of our children and our country that is stake.

    • Stephen is correct. Many ‘good’ teachers are very frustrated with Government and teachers union intrusion into their classroom.

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