Obama Administration: Obamacare Means People Can “Pursue Their Dreams,” Not Work

The Obama Administration’s latest argument for Obamacare is that some people don’t want to work, and Obamacare makes not working easier for those people.

This new spin comes conveniently in the wake of a Congressional Budget Office report demonstrating Obamacare will push about 2 million workers out of the labor market by 2017.

The liberals of the Obama Administration spun the new data as only they can.  Politico Pro reports (sub. req’d):

Instead, the Obama administration says, the health care law will allow people to choose to work less.

Under Obamacare, “individuals will be empowered to make choices about their own lives and livelihoods, like retiring on time rather than working into their elderly years or choosing to spend more time with their families,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement.

“At the beginning of this year, we noted that as part of this new day in health care, Americans would no longer be trapped in a job just to provide coverage for their families, and would have the opportunity to pursue their dreams,” Carney said in the statement. For good measure, he added that “the Republican plan to repeal the ACA would strip those hardworking Americans of that opportunity.” (emphasis added)

This is perhaps the most ideologically revealing statement the Administration has made about Obamacare yet.

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Obama Administration spinning as only they can.

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30 thoughts on “Obama Administration: Obamacare Means People Can “Pursue Their Dreams,” Not Work

    • Of course it’s a bad thing! This comment was made about the general public – NOT the elderly like me. Why would the federal government tell people that Obamacare will let them decide whether or not they even WANT To work? You do realize that somebody has to pay for those who decide they don’t want to work, don’t you? You do know that…I hope.

  1. The intentional misdirection of your blog post is perhaps even more
    Ideologically revealing. I interpret his statement to mean that you
    won’t have to be tied to your job just to keep your health insurance
    since it will be more portable. A good example would be a potential
    entrepreneur who wants to break away but is too concerned about leaving a
    job through which he is receiving health care for his family. If
    someone has options through a health care exchange, and is not going to
    be rejected due to pre-existing conditions, I think it opens up
    opportunities to pursue your dreams including starting your own
    business. And, for those who want to retire, perhaps it would offer
    peace of mind to know that you could get health insurance on an exchange
    if you are not old enough for Medicare and that you won’t be thrown off
    the policy if you meet with a medial catastrophe. I think your post
    was pretty sleazy.

    • Esteban, you conveniently ignore the CBO report demonstrating 2 million jobs will be lost due to Obamacare, and the White House’s rhetoric here is explicitly designed to cover that fact up.

      Obamacare is terrible for small business and for small business employees, so your suggestion people want to go start small businesses doesn’t help your cause.


      According to a 2013 Small Business Survey conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 71 percent of small businesses said the ACA will make it harder to hire, 50 percent of small businesses said the ACA would force them to cut hours or reduce workers, and 41 percent said the ACA has caused them to hold off on hiring new employees.


    • We certainly did not need Obamacare to disconnect healthcare from jobs. Just as we did not need Obamacare to expand Medicaid by 8,000,000 people, or to do away with legal barbarisms like pre-existing conditions. BTW – I’m 62. In Obamacare my age IS a pre-existing condition that allows premiums to be 300% higher than the average cost. Furthermore, Obamacare is STOPPING me from retiring because my premiums would be $15,792 per year, with out of pocket up to $3,250 if I quit and retire. So the EXACT OPPOSITE is the result of Obamacare from what the Administation is claiming. Once again – The Big Lie is the tool used by this fascist regime.

      • Then if your experience is typical and continues to be so, the reduction in the workforce predicted in the CBO report, which is primarily based on voluntary decisions on the part of labor rather than layoffs by companies, won’t happen as workers will continue to feel they need to stay in their jobs for healthcare, if for nothing else.

        • Ahh…except you under estimate the Rube Goldeberg Contraption called Obamacare! Check Box 12DD on your W-2. It now shows the total spent by your employer for healthcare on you. If that amount exceeds the “cadilac plan” limits set by Obamacare, employers will be forced to pay a 40% tax in 2017. These plans are usually for union members or senior management. Expect to see massive reductions to these cadilac plans as employers will obviously avoid the penalty tax. Then what? This crazy law is so complicated and has so many economic ramifications that no rational person can figure it out. It is chaotic in its very nature and the economy does not like chaos.

      • If you quit your job to retire, your income will decrease by the amount you are making. Unless your spouse makes a big salary, you will probably qualify for a premium reduction and possibly lower out of pocket costs. Did you evaluate the health care plans based on a new lower income in retirement (unless of course you are pulling a significant income from your retirement resources)?

        Obama care allows you to retire early, purchase an affordable insurance plan based upon your expected income in 2014 (retired) Compare that to what it would have cost you if you assumed paying your employers contribution and yours for the same level of insurance. You will be astounded how much that would be.

        Why are people so negative on this law that they get it backwards,

        I’m a single Mom who has done consulting out of home to care for my child with special needs. I was paying over $19,000/ yr for an individual policy which was the only one I could get before Obamacare with virtually no benefits (or they would drop me for a post-existing condition) Now I will pay $12,000/yr in premiums with a $500 deductible! Add those two together ($12,500 + the annual limit of $4,000 out-of pocket costs) and the most I will EVER pay for healthcare in 2014 is $16,500 no matter what terrible medical problem might occur. Sure beats the $29,999 I spent in 2013 for premiums and paying for all of my health care out-of-pocket.

        Find out the positive way that Obamacare and everything else in life will work for you. You will retire smiling. Enjoy your early retirement you deserve it!

        • I did the numbers and get no “subsidy” because my retirement income would be too much – according to Obamacare. I’m not stupid. I did the numbers and saw the results.

        • I happen to know someone that works with hospitals to get claims approved, she sees ACA and regular insurance, says ACA is more expensive, covers less takes longer to get approval or denial of claim then regular insurance.

  2. The OP was not pointing to the idea that retiring on time or having more confidence to pursue greater options was a bad thing. If you payed attention, she was expressing the fact that the ACA has/is going to cause a massive loss in jobs and that many people will choose not to work simply because now they don’t have to. Giving the freeloaders of this country even MORE opportunity and MORE reason to continue to live off of the system rather than work for what they want, because it’s getting easier and easier for them to be lazy good for nothing leeches.

    • If you look at the CBO report that just came out about the ACA, that is what it is about. It is about people not feeling so desperately tied to their jobs for the purpose of getting healthcare therefore giving them more opportunity to pursue other options. The CBO report does not say there will be job loses or a rise in unemployment because of the ACA. Here’s a tidbit from Politifact’s analysis for you to mull upon: “the reduction will come from voluntary actions by workers, rather than
      layoffs by employers. The law would not push up unemployment. In fact,
      some people at the low end of the wage ladder would find it easier to
      find work as a result of the predicted shifts in the workforce.”

      Check it out for yourself.


      • Nowhere does the post say Obamacare will increase unemployment. It says it will drive people out of the labor force. Why? Obamacare provides incentives for individuals not to to work or to work less. This is a bad thing for the economy. It’s as simple as that.

        As Avik Roy points out, Obamacare discourages work in 3 ways:

        “(1) Obamacare’semployer mandate, which will discourage hiring and reduce wages offered by employers; (2) Obamacare’s $1 trillion in tax increases, which will discourage work and depress economic growth; and (3) the law’s $2 trillion in subsidies for low-income individuals, which will discourage many from remaining in the labor force.”

        He adds: “the health law, by offering economic benefits to low-income individuals, will disincentivize some of these individuals from continuing to work.”

        That’s bad.

        Again, nowhere did the post say what you’re saying it said.


        • It’s interesting how the article above says “Obamacare will push about 2 million workers out of the labor market by 2017.” That’s truly a very self serving spin on what the report did say. It said the exit will be voluntary but yet the article chooses to use the word pushed. This is just an example of how political extremism works. It also provides insight into the nature of political advocacy groups.

    • No, i believe Obama is saying people don’t have to stay at one job they may not like just for health care. Now they can follow their dreams and pursue the career they have always wanted. It is ridicules to think he is encouraging people to become freeloaders.

  3. Neocon war mongers just can’t accept that Obama is doing a good job. He even prevented a war in Iran. That really upsets scum bag NEOCONS because they planned their Project for the New American Century damn it. Iraq and Iran should be greater Israel by now. Millions more soldiers in the US should have given their lives for Israel. How dare Obama take the side of doing what is good for the United States. That is being a dictator like Hitler. LMFAO at scumbag Neocon parasites!

    • you have been drinking the kool aid far too long. What good job has nobama done?? He is a socialist scum bag who thinks the government should take care of all your needs. You dont seem to understand, when the government redistributes the wealth, they will take everyones and give it out and everyone will be poor. Only those in charge will be living the good life. Why do you think communism failed?? I willl keep my God, my Bible, my guns, and when you come to pry my cold dead hands from my weapon be careful, the barrel will be VERY HOT!!

  4. “Volunteer actions by workers” will be “why the heck should I work harder, strive for the raise, if it results in losing the subsidy and paying thousands more health insurance?” Small business owners, like myself, start questioning, “why should I work harder and expand my business and hire more workers” if in the end, this will result in more taxes and regulation? I might as well stay status quo – & work less this year…” Yes – there are less than favorable jobs. But a job is a job – it gets you up in the morning – it keeps you from depression & overweight – often “keeps you out of trouble…”;

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  7. Yea I guess if you want to you can say the harder one works and gets ahead in life the more there is and makes America have more so we look like greedy selfish no accounts to the rest of the world, remember without America until the past couple of decades with the government being as it’s become we was the hope of the world, we was the ones all mankind could look up to for anything that needed to be done. It’s not like that at all anywhere anymore, not even in America, thanks to a total waste land of DC government

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