Boehner: Obamacare, Economy are Biggest Election Year Issues

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said that Obamacare and the economy are the two biggest issues this election year.   Some speculate that the GOP is focused too heavily on the health care law, which is what prompted the question and his response.  Politico Pro reports (sub. req’d):

“There are two really big issues this year, it’s the economy and it’s Obamacare,” he said. “I think it’s important for Republicans to have better solutions — better solutions on Obamacare, better solutions for getting our economy moving again, and I think that’s where the focus should be.” But he didn’t commit to votes on specific legislation.

Boehner added that GOP members have introduced 126 pieces of legislation aimed at fixing or repealing Obamacare.

Though it may not have been his main focus, there are lawmakers in Congress with real solutions to our most pressing problems.

These solutions are about encouraging private sector job creation, allowing parents and local governments to take the lead with education, protecting religious freedom, and allowing patients and their doctors to make health care decisions, not Washington.

These ideas were shared at the Heritage Action Conservative Policy Summit.  Learn more about them.  Bold ideas exist in Washington, but they’re not Washington-centric solutions.  They’re about allowing the American people to do what we do best, and that is to prosper.

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The American people can prosper when Washington gets out of the way.

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3 thoughts on “Boehner: Obamacare, Economy are Biggest Election Year Issues

  1. “…Heritage Action exists to take conservative principles and turn them into legislative victories. …”, name one victory! Thinking “obamacare” is anything other than national health insurance is wrong. Groups keep saying it will improve healthcare but it has nothing to do with healthcare. It is health insurance, nothing more nothing less, and is the first step to a Federal single payer plan. I only hope the pointy-headed know-it-alls copy Germany’s plan. Attempts to repeal this is wasting time and just getting sound bites for the faithful and maybe some contributions.

    • Don’t sign up for obamacare, use the money instead to make a medical savings account. If you do get sick, then sign up when the deductible is met, for there is no pre-existing conditions exclusion. When you are well sign off. Obamacare makes you pay for the care of others. Here is my advice:
      1. The program will fail.
      2. The president has lied.
      3. $6500 deductible will break the people.
      4. Young people and healthy people will not sign up.
      5. It will destroy the health profession and the insurance companies.
      6. It is a tax for something you don’t have.
      7. Obama hired a Canadian company to do USA work.
      8. It was a $690,000,000 no bid contract.
      9. The obamacare site has little security and is a risk to personal information.
      10. Republicans voted against obamacare, the democrats are looking bad for supporting it.
      11. It is unlawful to force the citizens to have to make a purchase

  2. Well you have given him all the support he needs. You seem to have forgotten who you represent. If you are not fired before you re-election comes to pass I dearly hope the intelligent people of Ohio will kick your butt out of Office. You have become one of the worst Rinos there are.

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