Working to End the Divisiveness of Abortion

The March for Life is a sign of unity in a society that is riddled with division.  The March for Life is a time for hope and strength, when hundreds of thousands gather in our nation’s capital to stand for the lives of the unborn.  January 22, 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that along with an accompanying ruling in Doe v. Bolton, allowed abortion on demand in all 50 states.   More than 500 thousand people gathered to March and witness to the value and dignity of every human life.

This unified statement stands in contrast with the division we see almost everywhere in society.  The 113th Congress was the “least productive” in recent history in terms of the number of bills that became law (though legislating for the sake of legislating is a step backward if bad bills become law).  Examples of division abound in our culture. The issue of abortion is itself divisive, but the tide is turning and America is becoming increasingly pro-life.

What could be more divisive than the physical separation of a child from his or her mother when developing in the safety of the womb during an abortion?   As the Gospel of John 17:20-24 tells us, Christ’s prayer for the world was that we would “all be one,” as He and the Father are one.  Why?  He wants to give us the glory which the Father has given Him.

Whether our pro-life convictions are founded on religious beliefs coupled with rational thought and science, or whether we are motivated by science alone, the March for Life is a moment of profound unity in a divided, deceptive culture (think of the lies told by the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood).

While there is always a place for optimism and positivity, we cannot forget what an uphill battle we face, both at a cultural and political level.  President Obama’s signature achievement, Obamacare, opens doors to potential new streams of abortion funding for Planned Parenthood and other elective abortion providers and entangles taxpayer funds in abortion coverage offered on state and federal exchanges.  The great injustice of abortion pervades our society, sometimes at levels which the average person leading their daily life does not have time to notice.

That’s why the March for Life is so important.

It helps prevent numbness to the great evil that is abortion from setting in.  And, since the society’s position on abortion is a matter of life or death, there is no room for silence in this debate.  The March for Life is our yearly loud speaker. It’s an ideal opportunity to increase awareness of the evils and dangers of abortion – to womenchildrenfamilies, the economy, and society as a whole – drawing strength from one another as we march.

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One thought on “Working to End the Divisiveness of Abortion

  1. The problem I run into when talking to moderates or conservatives who are pro abortion, are gay, or support gays.
    I would rather win elections because of the multitude of other conservative views. More jobs not more welfare, less taxes, less regulations, less progressive feel good stupid invasions upon my life.
    We make a gift of these large voting blocks to the Democrats.
    It would be nice to never have an abortion. But this also leads to the question about is this a free people and a free country. Or are we ruled by the strong opinions of a sect. Remember that there are those who think we need to give the “poor” more benefits, more taxes to those who still have 2 nickels to rub together, and think that white people need to pay the price for the “justified hatred” of the black and mexican racists
    Gays, whether I like their lifestyle or not…..I believe this is a free country and like it or not, they are free people too. Many of the gay community are fabulous people. TO alienate them because they have a different lifestyle. We just look at Bloody Mary, the spanish inquisition, the Nazis and the Japanese during WWII.

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