Top Republican: Legalize the Illegal

According to Eyewitness News (Bakersfield, CA), “Republican leaders, including House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, of Bakersfield, are calling for the first time to give legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.”  In an interview published late yesterday, Rep. McCarthy said it was his “personal belief I think it’ll go with legal status that will allow you to work and pay taxes.”   Make no mistake, he is signaling amnesty will be part of House Republicans’ “piecemeal” immigration strategy

During the Senate debate, Heritage Action – and many others – appropriately defined amnesty not as the attainment of citizenship, but rather the initial legalization.  Those who are currently in the country illegally would have been eligible for a “Registered Provisional Immigrant” (RPI) status within a mere 180 days.  As we noted at the time, “After acquiring RPI status, formerly illegal immigrants will have legal status in the United States, allowing them to work, live, and travel abroad.”  That is amnesty, and it sounds very similar to what Rep. McCarthy suggested earlier this week.

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6 thoughts on “Top Republican: Legalize the Illegal

  1. Good.

    The coming over to America to work should never have been illegal to begin with. Its a Union thing to protect labor. And by protect labor I mean restrict labor and restrict competition. And by restrict labor & competition, I mean restrict the free market.

    Guard the borders, track who comes in and who leaves, keep the terrorists out using two week waiting periods for complete background checks to finish going through InterPol/CIA/DIA/FBI (and the rest of the alphabet soup), stop people with diseases that are communicable, and make the immigrant pay for the whole mess.

    Stop saying NO and start saying “This is how…”

    The economy needs producers. It needs workers. Wealth comes from people, more people, more wealth…

    • Prohibiting non-citizen workers was not solely a union issue.
      When I grew up in the 1960s I worked with my grandfather doing landscape and fixit services from 12 years old to 17 years old. He had to close his business because he could not compete on price even though he was virtually giving his labor away. Why? My grandfather(legalized US citizen from Mexico) told me he could see these small groups of gardeners who were not citizens and spoke little English, could complete many jobs real fast, did not have business licenses and were cash-only. He knew because he always did excellent work he did not have to worry about his customer base. He warned me in 1969 that I would find it hard to get customers if I continued in his business because laws did not protect back then, and so he could see the job magnet issue.

      I perform software development, due to abuse of H,L and R visas there are fewer jobs for me and many citizen developers. Software development has resisted unionization, however, IBM , HP and all the big companies want a cheaper software developer. So they lobby to increase visas, then can reduce the pay rates. Not good for USA because there is less tax income from payroll taxes. Sad part of that is the economy contracts due to fewer dollars available to buy from other businesses.

      So restricting non-citizen workers is reasonable and customary. Even nations with small populations(e.g. Canada and Australia) limit non-citizen workers.

      My children have not been able to have jobs while they are in high school because many of these jobs are taken by non-citizens. So there is a significant impact to allowing unrestricted labor pool.

      • Felipe,

        Let me clarify my statement regarding the laws being Union. They are not just union in aim/concern but they are a direct result effort of unions lobbying.

        To the point of your Grandfather’s comments and concerns. I wholeheartedly empathize with his struggle to compete with illegal immigrants due to them not following the laws. But the solution is not to remove the competition (in my view). The solution is to remove the burdens that come from the laws. If the price of the labor is still below what your Grandfather (or anyone else in his shoes) could accept then it is time for a new career. This isn’t a new problem. Tractors obliterated the job market for agriculture and as a result of innovations and cost reductions we now have only 2% of the population producing food here in the USA versus 98% from 200 years ago. Lots of people felt the hardship of being priced out of a job. They all felt the pain. It was hard and it hurt in more than just financial ways. However, we as a country are far better off with the changes. I do not want to sound hard or cruel toward the suffering of this predicament but it is a normal occurrence with either innovation or someone just deciding they can sell their time/services for less than their neighbor. The current market benefits on one side (the consumer side) and suffers on the other (producer’s side). But the NET change is good because of the Efficiency Frontier Barrier for how resources are allocated to create the greatest amount of wealth possible from a given population.

        My industry is personal finance. 98% of the individuals who attempt to enter the industry fail to succeed. I’m no stranger to competition. Before that I was in the USMC Infantry straight out of HS. I know hardship.

        We must choose as a Republic to either embrace Creative Destruction for the sake of justice and prosperity or protect/conserve the way of life of our current population. Change comes with pain. Even good change. As Americans we have mostly chosen to embrace Capitalism. I pray we continue to do so. No world is perfect and we will always have hardship. This way reduces it for the greatest number (as a globe).

  2. You can’t have open borders in a welfare state. Immigration in the past didn’t have huge gov programs to come get and there are by the numbers a lot of illegals on welfare.

  3. The illegals are putting America more in debt bcse they are using our medical services for free, food stamps for free, and in many cases a check for free.

  4. We need to fix this once and for all. I say the employer pay a 25% alien infrastructure tax. Which can go up to 50%.
    This does several things, a portion goes to local school districts and heath to help pay for infrastructure needs. A portion goes to a retirement fund (similar to SS, but it is a funded pension, you only get out what you pay in).

    It encourages employers to hire american citizens before hiring non citizens.

    I would add a provision when positions, such as support are doing work overseas that is normally done here. The alien tax on what they would be paid here would be appliled, and the phone person would be required to identify what country they were calling from in the initial sentence (hi, this is Sue from Pakistan)

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