On Immigration, Republicans Have Good Reason Not to Trust Obama

MSNBC’s Luke Russert reported Thursday that Republicans and conservatives have trouble believing President Obama would enforce any border security bills they pass, especially in light of how selectively he has enforced Obamacare.

Even if they were to agree to some kind of border security that’s more intense, than the billions of dollars that went to bumping up our presence along the Mexican-U.S. border from the Senate bill, would the President actually enforce that?  And a lot of Republicans just don’t trust the President to enforce any law they put forward, and they point to the health care law.

The Heritage Foundation explains their distrust is not unfounded:

In the same speech in which he was asking Congress and the American people for trust, the President vowed to use his pen and his phone to advance his agenda on his own, without the people’s representatives in Congress. Alas, Congress has plenty of evidence to conclude that this is not an idle threat.

President Obama’s administration has changed his signature health care law again and again. In the immigration area, The Department of Homeland Security announced it will not enforce our nation’s immigration law against so-called “dreamers” by issuing a memorandum, after Congress has repeatedly refused to pass the DREAM Act. Our federal drug laws will also go unenforced by the President in states that legalize them under state law. Even now, the President has decided to use executive power to impose carbon dioxide limits even though Congress rejected that policy during the cap-and-trade debate.

Given the President’s disregard for enforcing the law and changing the law without going back to Congress, policymakers have no real reason to trust the President to uphold any new immigration laws. 

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Americans can't trust President Obama to enforce border security bills passed through the House.

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9 thoughts on “On Immigration, Republicans Have Good Reason Not to Trust Obama

  1. There’s no reason for him to enforce something that provides a flow of his-policy-friendly voters. It’s like trying to get an I.D. Requirement law passed in California: DOA.

    • Not to beat a dead horse but who the hell can have any reasonable objection to voter ID. Anyone not responsible enough to go down to the Motor Vehicle Bureau and get even a non-driver ID card isn’t responsible enough to vote. The libs say it intimidates the voters particularly the minorities. It only intimidates the fraudsters and their democrat/socialist handlers.

      • I agree with you there! But they don’t want super responsible people voting. They want easily managed individuals voting.

  2. In the absence of any interest on the part of establishment Republicans to maintain rule of law as enshrined in the constitution, Obama’s imperial administration is free to do whatever they wish. Why does Obama do it? Because he can!

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  6. Katherine. Good article. Can you name any category or issue on which we can trust this petulant, sullen, self possessed infant clumping about our White House in the shoes of giants.

  7. I remember a clear, simple message from Nancy Reagan; Republicans may want to heed…Just Say No.

    Majorities can do that.

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