Morning Action: The Budget Battle Continues

MIKE NEEDHAM.  Michael A. Needham told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Friday morning that Heritage Action is the iTunes of politics, and that conservatives are interested in good policy, not the silly inside Washington games Speaker John Boehner is playing.

BUDGET.  The House voted Thursday evening to pass the Ryan-Murray budget, which increases spending by $63 billion over the next two years.


CQ reports (sub. req’d) Senate Minority Whip Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) 47% predicted the budget deal will also pass in the Senate:

Cornyn’s prediction came before House Republican leaders pushed the deal through that chamber Thursday night by a 332-94 vote. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other top Senate Republicans have taken a much different stance than their House counterparts on the agreement, with leadership displaying little more than cool indifference and leaving it to Democrats to marshal support.

They also made clear, however, that they had no plans to try to block the agreement or offer their own alternative, for now.

OBAMACARE.  It doesn’t look like Tweets like this and other efforts by the White House to get people to sign up for Obamacare are working… and no, it’s not just because of the typos.  It’s just that Obamacare doesn’t give people peace of mind — it gives most of them higher premiums and higher deductibles.

According to CNBC, Obamacare enrollment will fall short of the White House’s goals in 2014:

The lingering effects of the troubled rollout of may result in enrollment on the exchanges falling short of the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of 7 million people for 2014. Because some of those problems will stretch into the New Year, I think we’ll see 4 million to 5 million people signing on for exchange insurance plans by the end of the open enrollment period in March.

January marks another big deadline for the federal health exchange. That’s when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) must complete the critical financial management system. That’s the back-end part of the site that reconciles enrollment numbers and subsidy payments for premiums to the insurance carriers.

OBAMA.  President Obama is responding to his abysmally low numbers in the polls by moving further to the left:

President Barack Obama wants to sound like a different kind of Democrat.

He’s connecting to progressive populism with an aggressive, spending-oriented, activist government approach to the economy personified by Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio. Obama’s already backed raising the minimum wage, the start of what White House officials say will be a 2014 domestic agenda — including his State of the Union address and budget — that centers around income inequality and what the government is doing to increase economic mobility.

That means changing how he talks about some familiar items, including the Affordable Care Act and the universal pre-kindergarten plan from his 2013 State of the Union, as well as pitching an array of new proposals flowing from this new emphasis.

Obama needs his base invested to help him recover from his low poll numbers and give his party a platform as Democrats try to make the House competitive and hold onto to their majority in the Senate. And those in the coalition that won Obama two elections — young people, African-Americans, Latinos, single women and immigrants — are precisely the ones hit hardest by the doldrum economy.



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  1. sad to note the entitlement mentality that looks down on the working class. Most persons on government programs do not qualify, for example “addicts” with career criminal records get SSI, or the women who have children they can’t support from multiple men, who are not fathers. These children suffer,when all this could be stopped by mandatory birthcontrol for these mentally ill women, who are not mothers, but sociopaths who live of their children’s income from the taxpayers and look down on the lawabiding working class. Many of these children are on the street, in shelters and commit crimes against other children and adults. It is despicable that these women get $3000 or more a month, free religious charities, free CPS(which doesn’t do the job) free programs, HUD, and their children get free education, free College programs. They can’t get fired, the know how to game the system, scam, hustle, beg, steal. I know one case about a drug addict with a felony who had a $million baby, gets SSI, her birthfather is a mental patient for violent schizo, personality disorder, her mother is a “judge, the addict is mentally ill.Her name is Alexandra.. got pregnant in the mental hospital were she was for street drug addiction which made her paranoid.Alexandria has a “trust fund” never paid taxes, or lived a decent life.She now got a scholarship to go to College were she can get access to normal, law abiding people. That’s trouble. These people get lawyers to defend their sociopathic lifestyle, and they bully people people. There are victims. Her baby Savannah was “cared” for by a schizo-alcoholic also a felon, who gets SSI,, $1000 a month, is a shelter hopper, and violent. I have been the victim of these psycho-schizo drug addicts. They are out and about in the community with their SSI checks, programs, religious sympathy, and have a “good” life on drugs. So why would they want to work in the fields to pick crops fort their food??? They are American citizens who look down on working immigrants and law abiding Christians. What a mess of waste of taxpayer hard earned money. SSI for drug addicts, alcoholics, felons and their children who are anti-social criminals, and mentally challenged. Nothing but pain and hurt. Birthcontrol is needed to stop these Welfare crimes.. and gaming the system. Welfare should be a loan, to be worked of in community service. Work in the fields,.. pick up trash, clean the streets, work in the ghetto to remove trash, recycle,,sew cloths for the poor, plant your own food, and learn to be responsible and be of service to the community and the world. God Bless the poor in the USA. Taxpayers are on the hook for poor, drug addicted mentally ill mothers who birth $million babies without a father to pay for health insurance or child support..These poor people game the system by using babies to get free medical, anchor babies to stay in the USA,free housing, free education, (we should make people pay for K-12 like in Mexico and Europe), also we need “church tax” to ease the burden of tax exempt 505(c)3 who are filthy rich with properties, private schools and pensions.All this needs to be changed. All these church”religious” employees are rich. Want examples?? They are in politics yet they never paid taxes, or had a “real” job. They are a drain on the GDP, and economy of the producers of products and services. They perpetuate the poverty of the overpopulation, example the POPE.That is social irresponsibility.. preach birth control and celibacy for you flock of faithful.

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