Are Your Members of Congress Co-Sponsoring Conservative Legislation?

In the past week we have added two new cco-sponsorships to our Scorecard. Both of the bills, each with a version in the House and Senate, protect the freedoms of the individual and the states. Here is a summary of each bill:

The Transportation Empowerment Act (S.1702/H.R. 3486)
This legislation would turn back control of the federal highway program (including transit) to the states by incrementally decreasing the federal gas tax and the size of the federal program, and in turn empower the states to fund and manage their transportation programs and priorities.

The Employee Rights Act (S.1712/H.R. 3485)
This legislation would protect workers from union pressure by putting power in the hands of employees and making union leaders more accountable to their members, restoring the balance of power in the workplace from unions to workers.

Your Members of Congress need to co-sponsor this solid conservative legislation and protect the freedoms of workers and states.

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Are Your Members of Congress Co-Sponsoring Conservative Legislation? #haction

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One thought on “Are Your Members of Congress Co-Sponsoring Conservative Legislation?

  1. Our challenge regarding Health Care is what set of policies we would advocate that would address criticism that conservatives don’t care about the less fortunate. What if we took a market approach. If we were to have a strategy that recognizes that a policy of competition for those who purchase insurance or have employers who provide their insurance is one group. That group needs a liberalization of rules related to the creation of “groups” that can get better rates. Second, let’s advocate simplification of the medical records by trimming back anti-trust regulations to allow the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY to form a committee to find the best technology and reduce paperwork laws. We might have to revise HIPPA Act to allow for an industry based consistency. BUT we must SIMPLIFY and plan for the future – simple things like allowing space on forms/data to incorporate future diseases, cures, incorporate alternative treatments, etc. Then let’s address those who lack funds. Maybe we should consider that federal funding of medical schools should extract from the beneficiaries a tour in public health clinics to address those most in need? I hate creating a new entitlement, but we have already created a constituency of those who will vote against what they perceive as a potential loss of service. There are other ideas, but I am afraid we are not going to be successful simply saying “Repeal Obamacare” Instead we need a new slogan – Government can’t cure you, only medically trained personnel.” What other ideas can we incorporate into a more positive campaign?

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