Cloakroom: Both Chambers are Out for Thanksgiving Week

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One thought on “Cloakroom: Both Chambers are Out for Thanksgiving Week

  1. We the People are facing one the most dangerous political threats in our history.
    In one week, before Thanks Giving, Harry Reid’s Senate democrat majority passed the “nuclear option” of ending filibuster rules, a 200 plus year Senate Rule that guaranteed a minority voice – as long as they could endure the filibuster.

    Then the Obama Administration dropped the other nuclear shoe… this one included true fissile material and an Extremist Islam state President Bush described as part of “The Axis of Evil” -along with Iraq and North Korea.
    President Barack Hussein Obama’s State Department engaged in a nuclear agreement with Iran; to the detriment of our only ally in that region, Israel, and maybe a lot worse.

    Almost no one is connecting the dots citizen and now President Barack Hussein Obama has, himself, laid out. The smartest man in the room has said: “my Muslim faith” and “visit… 57 states” and “I will fundamentally transform the United States of America”, United States; a President who bows to a Saudi King, whose childhood was spent as a Muslim in a Muslim family in a Muslim country (not a quote but a paraphrase of his speech in Mecca),” I have known Islam in three continents”; a President who will not say “Islamic Terrorist”; a President who has avoided “under god” in inauguration and Gettysburg Address recitals; a President who is completely willing to lie and continue to lie about Fast and Furious, Benghazi and ObamaCare to mention a few of “the dots”!

    This Heritage Action for America site may not, in your opinion,be the place to begin the awareness of these facts. These are all facts, except the dots allegory. However, I believe this is precisely the place. I have commented on Heritage blog sites literally hundreds of times; Many times I have finished in the following manner.
    God Bless Heritage

    God Bless America

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