Who Is George Soros, the Liberal Billionaire Funding “Conservative” Push for #Amnesty?

What if I told you a liberal philanthropist investor worth $20 billion wanted to do something to help conservatives after a lifetime of donating millions upon millions to progressive causes?  You would probably question his motives, or perhaps you would question just how conservative these alleged conservatives truly are.

The staunchly liberal billionaire to whom I am referring is George Soros, and according to reports, the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) is planning a “fly-in” of so-called conservatives from across the country to pressure Republicans to pass an amnesty bill.  President Obama – strongly supported by George Soros when he was candidate Obama – recently asserted that he will push Congress to pass an amnesty bill before the year is out, so it’s not too surprising Soros’s money would be funneled toward this effort.

Overall, the Soros-funded Foundation to Promote an Open Society, has donated over $5 million to NIF.  In fact, Soros’s Open Society Institute is the largest single donor to the NIF, surpassing giving by the liberal , progressive foundations of FordCarnegie, and Rockefeller.

Of course, amnesty is not in America’s best interest, and it is certainly not conservative, but this won’t be the first time George Soros has funded causes that are detrimental to the American people.

Upon President Obama’s reelection, George Soros stated his win meant Americans had “rejected extremist positions.”  Soros donated $1 million to the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA in 2012.  If his dedicated support of President Obama isn’t enough to demonstrate his progressive ideology, he has invested heavily in the promotion of other things that would make most conservatives cringe.

When Soros married Tamiko Bolton earlier this year, the couple asked that their 500 wedding guests make donations to a number of organizations, including Planned Parenthood, in lieu of gifts.  Planned Parenthood “celebrated” 97 years in the lucrative abortion business this October – and over that time they’ve killed 6,300,000 babies.   In 2010, Planned Parenthood killed 329,445 babies, raking in about $550 per baby, or $181 million.

Apparently, Mr. Soros wants to ensure that number continues to rise.  But Planned Parenthood doesn’t get all the attention:

The liberal group Human Rights Watch, which advocates for “gay rights” causes but also actively promotes abortion, will soon be a recipient of $100 million from left-wing activist George Soros. The billionaire announced yesterday he is donating the money so HRW can expand its efforts globally.

While he has a clear interest in the baby-killing industry, he’s remarkably less keen on the free market.  He’s spent a pretty penny promoting alternatives to free-market economics.   In 2009 he spent $50 million to found the Institute for New Economic Thinking, which was created to counter “free-market zealotry.”

He would prefer America to adopt European-style socialism and in 2008 said it “is exactly what we need now.  I am against market fundamentalism.  I think this propaganda that government involvement is always bad has been very successful – but also very harmful to our society.”

The American Spectator noted in 2009:

Only in the twisted fantasies of the septuagenarian billionaire philanthropist whose demeanor is that of an aging James Bond villain on sedatives could such phantom armies of marauding free market fundamentalists wreak havoc on America. Perhaps these were the same laissez-faire legionnaires who brought us Sarbanes-Oxley, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, various government bailouts of private industry, farm subsidies, ethanol mandates, smart growth, and the Community Reinvestment Act in recent decades.

One thing’s for certain: Soros’s answers to the nation’s problems almost invariably involve more regulation and more government intervention in the marketplace. If a policy increases the power of the state and diminishes the power of the individual, Soros is for it.

His “charitable” organization, the Open Society Institute, has donated millions of dollars to anti-American groups and progressive think tanks and organizations.  In 2012, he pledged $2 million to progressive causes and President Obama’s re-election campaign.

His story brings to mind Lord Acton’s statement, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” But on that point, little speculation is required.  In 1993, he allegedly stated:

‘It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.


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12 thoughts on “Who Is George Soros, the Liberal Billionaire Funding “Conservative” Push for #Amnesty?

  1. He isn’t even and American citizen so why is he so involved in our political system? He should be ashamed of himself. All that money he donates could be used to help feed the hungry in the world and send medicine and help to areas needing it. We don;t want his crap here.

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  7. For you to bring up Planned Parenthood, and not once mention all of the great things they do for underprivileged women is just disingenuous. It is apparent, and obviously so, that you are the stupid one! This article is an embarrassment to journalism and education, a result of naivety, and a blow to humanity. Overall disgusting!

  8. Also, where is your funding coming from? Oh yeah, you admitted that you are not transparent yet you write articles like this? There’s some irony. You are the same organization that asked the House to stop legislating and instead focus on attacking the current admin – just another group of pretenders and hypocrites that are really the biggest traitors in the country, and the biggest threat to our democracy. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Look up what Grover Norquist said about the single payer system and how Republicans have to vote it down because he thinks it would help Americans. So why not help Americans? Oh yeah, because then Americans would realize what Republicans were trying to hold back from them and never elect them back into office. Like I said, traitors – a party of them followed by more traitors just like you!

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