The Harsh Realities of Obamacare

The headlines demonstrating the devastating impact of Obamacare continue to pile up.  The stories are starting to get old, and this is just the beginning.

Americans will begin to see the quality of care decrease, they’ll get fewer choices, and they may lose access to the doctors of their choice.

Amazingly, President Obama and the Obama Administration continue to cheer lead for the failed law. 

Have they read the headlines lately?

Alabama Family’s Premiums Skyrocketing By Nearly 300% Due To Obamacare
Woman Abandons Health Insurance Due To High Costs
Budget busting health insurance increases anger, trouble North Carolinians
Letter: End Obamacare and fund the government
Millennials should opt out of obamacare

Or perhaps they could check out the Heritage Foundation website, where they’ll find more unfortunate Obamacare tales.

Talk to Us About Obamacare: Seven People, One Message
Obamacare in Action: This Man’s Premiums Are Going Up 61 Percent

The other trend in the news now is the influx of headlines about the failed health care exchanges, and how even the Administration has no idea how many people have successfully signed up.

The Administration must have known Obamacare wasn’t ready for prime time.  Yet, they refused to delay the law because they don’t want to give credence to its failure.  Forbes notes:

The Obama administration was more afraid of delaying the launch of Obamacare, than they were of botching it.

The Administration cites “volume” as the problem.  “Volume” wouldn’t be a problem if the federal government wasn’t running health care.  The real problem is central planning doesn’t work:

 In establishing and supervising the exchanges, Washington is assuming mind-numbing administrative responsibilities. Again, as Henry Aaron, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a champion of the new law, says, “Nothing approaching the complexity of this ‘roll out’ has ever taken place in U.S. peace time history.” 

Over the past several months, the media have focused on exchange implementation: “bumps and glitches,” defective software, inadequate personnel, or managerial mistakes. These are merely “process issues” endemic to central planning. Far more important is the substance of central planning: the frustration of personal choice and the inhibition of product innovation.

Technical glitches on the exchange websites are small potatoes, compared to the actual damage Obamacare will do to personal choice and quality of care.

Of course, the Left continues to act as though Obamacare is the best thing that’s ever happened to America – like Nancy Pelosi who said it’s the fulfillment of the Founders’ promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

President Obama may be in the most denial of all.  He recently stated:

And my message to them would be, each day the wait times are reduced. Each day, more and more people are signing up, and the product will save you money. People will save hundreds of dollars – in some cases, thousands of dollars – as a consequence of being able to get health insurance that is priced for them and gives them the choices that they need. (emphasis added)

His remarks certainly don’t comport with the headlines we’re seeing about increased premiums and exchange websites that don’t work.

And “the choices that [we] need?”

As the Heritage Foundation notes, not only are premiums rising, but many Americans are paying for benefits they do not need, which is the case for Tom Gialanella, whose premiums are going up 61 percent:

Gialanella said that in addition to being more expensive, his plan includes maternity and newborn care, which he doesn’t need.

“My wife is 58 years old, and our youngest child is soon to be 18. We’ll be having no more children. That’s not a benefit that we would ever purchase nor need or be able to use.”

That’s not the kind of choice we’re looking for.  And centrally controlled health care is not the kind of health care we’re looking for.



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36 thoughts on “The Harsh Realities of Obamacare

  1. I don’t understand why Heritage Action doesn’t want people to have health coverage. Talking about increased premiums, if you currently don’t have insurance because you’ve been uninsurable, then when you buy coverage, of course your premium will go up – from $0 to having a policy in place.
    I’m sure I’ll receive endless attacks for this comment rather than a rational answer.

      • This all nonsense with scare tactics created to incite harsh judgment. I have the best coverage with Cigna Health. I just got off the phone with them. My coverage , my premiums are not affected at all. I pay good money for it. The American Health care system is spiraling out of control. With the “Affordable Healthcare Act” we should be supportive and see if it can work. I don’t see any other solutions being offered by anyone. We need to give this a chance to say the least. Its Ok to spend money in Wars but its not Ok to help our fellow Americans? Makes no sense.

        • have you been with them since 2010? Then yes, you are grandfathering in which is discrimination for those that may have had to change carriers since 2010 but still had insurance, get all your facts before you start telling everyone what they don’t know. The Affordable Health Care Act is not AFFORDABLE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!!!

      • The article you referenced says nothing about this man’s options available under the new healthcare law. It only says his current coverage with the existing provider would change. He could do some comparison shopping with policies that will be available under Obamacare. Also the point about his current provider dropping him does not make sense; under the new law, pre-existing conditions can no longer be used to deny coverage. What it sounds like possibly is, his current provider will not be providing coverage in accordance with the new law in his area. Also, if he can afford such great coverage now given his medical condition, he will likely be able to afford coverage under one of the new plans.

    • Absolutely incorrect, it’s expected to implode simply due to the lack of funds since so many will opt out and for many such as myself, we will reduce our policies immensely to catastrophic only and thereby reduce the incoming taxes, whoops I meant premiums so there won’t be enough to cover all the subsidies provided for all those that aren’t paying their share. You can’t say it has worked since it hasn’t yet started, wow, that was a really brilliant comment.

  2. Jack Minor and Katherine Rosario have never posted anything that has made any real sense. They seem to be copying and pasting comments they see online. I have yet to read a compelling argument from them or anyone else for that matter on the “Affordable Care Act”. They can never seem to get away from calling it Obamacare though, Trying to desperately brainwash the simpletons at Heritage? Things that make go, hummm? Tea party and its partners are paying good money to these so called bloggers to post nonsense rhetoric. Its like they all sound like if Frankenstein is speaking: Grrrrr..Obama care bad , defund good ! Its in all their postings , over and over. If premiums are such an issue, then why hasn’t my premium with Cigna gone up? You guys make it a point that it will affect everybody. I even checked in with Cigna. It will remain the same unless I add more family to it. Its seems to me the Sky isn’t really falling.

    • I normally don’t waste time responding to people like you, but since this is a really silly personal attack, I’ll take a moment. The purpose of the blog is not to be a policy paper, an issue brief, or even a fact sheet. It’s simply designed to draw attention to the many headlines showing that folks don’t like Obamacare.

      I am a blogger, not a policy analyst. If you want a more in depth analysis, I suggest you read a policy paper like the one I linked to when I said central planning doesn’t work about half way through the blog.

      But since you probably won’t take the time to read that lengthy paper — as you’re clearly spending it reading my blogs and insulting me — I’ll draw your attention to one quote indicating why premiums are going to increase: “The law’s new taxes on insurance premiums, drugs, and medical devices will ensure that Americans, regardless of their state of residence, will pay even higher health premiums and heavier taxes.”

    • Called Cigna today, the policy we could get today is just over $500 per month but in january it will change to just under 1200 for the same coverage. Before you post such comments, you should check it out yourself but if you are covered by your employer, it makes perfect sense as most covered by someone else are not aware of the true impact, especially on small business owners.

          • Oh come off it ALB, you know you dreamed up those numbers from “Cigna” to incite not inform. If you look below The_New_American_Patriot says diametrically opposed information from Cigna.

          • Again, it would be best if you understand the grandfathering of “some”, those whose policies have been discontinued and those that are simply not grandfathered into the new structure due to their policies being purchased after 2010. But I can see that you choose to believe what you want, which makes you an incredibly small minded individual. Continue in your small fishbowl of existence, it works well for you.

          • ALB, You seem to think the advantage is for the grandfathered plans because they will keep premiums low. I think you need to take a look around what grandfathering will imply. Cherry picking and whipping a dead grandfather seems to be all you have. Small minded indeed, Haha. You may not have much going for your side, but we can say you are persistent about grandfathering.

          • So sad, you obviously do not understand anything about the plan,your comments clearly illustrate that. Being the bully in the corner with your jeers and swearing is the only thing you seem to want to do, you haven’t said anything to illustrate you have read or understand anything about this pathetic plan. Well, guess what, you may get away with being the bully, but WE ARE MAD AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!

          • And if you notice, The New American Patriot has not responded to the very clear questions, which would identify why he is not getting much of an increase (grandfathering) thereby increasing the rest of those that are receiving one!! Grandfathering into the system is clearly an act of discrimination for anyone that chose to change their policy or insurance carrier between 2010 and October 2013.

  3. It’s funny, the complaints about coverage that people don’t need. Their example is a guy who has children, the youngest is now 18, and he says they don’t need maternity coverage. Well, those children are covered on his policy until age 26. So, maybe he intends that they will not be having any children? Good thing contraceptives are covered!
    In any case, that’s how insurance works. You get standard coverage that goes with the package – just like car insurance, with minimum coverages. The basic plans all include the minimum coverages. You can buy add-ons (like road hazard in car insurance) by opting for a higher rated plan (such as gold or platinum) at a higher cost.
    Have any of these anti-healthcare people actually read how the plans work and what they include? Good grief.

  4. Obama told the American Medical Association in 2009: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.” He also said the average person would save $2.500!

    Obama lied! And he is malicious! It’s the truth, but Obama’s acolytes can’t take the truth. Instead the push back retorts mimic Obama’s guile, hurled personal insults that declare war on “Advise and Consent”.

    Let’s see what happens when the sticker shock sinks in, and the Obama minions start to feel the results of all the lies and prevarication.

    • So I still have my health care provider and same doctors same hospital and same coverage. My premium increased by $16 per month. Your outrage is outrageous.

      • You are one of very few. You most likely are a resident of one of several northeast states. I am happy for you. Unfortunately this will not be true for most families in most states. In addition the co-pays and deductions will be very high throughout, bringing up the total cost to Barry-care.

          • Your comments illustrate how much you don’t know about Obamacare and the thousands of people being hurt, primarily small business owners.

          • It is all a part of owning a business. Man-up or get the hell out. You built that business, part of building it is paying for the infrastructure you did not build and Obamacare is part of that infrastructure.

          • Hilarious and ridiculous!! Thankful to say Obamacare had nothing to do with the infrastructure of my organization!!

      • It’s only because you had the same coverage with the same company since 2010, obviously discrimination in that you had a small increase and others are getting large increases, we are actually paying for you too!!!

  5. I don’t believe that using the Tea Party as a scape goat is going to work. Anyone with eyes to see knows that the Democrats have an agenda that they are unwilling to negotiate on. If it is important for citizens to balance their budgets and live within their means, certainly we should expect our government to do the same. Pouring more and more fiat money into the system will eventually bring the entire system into ruin. We simply cannot afford Obama Care. Federal workers have been furloughed but I know they’ve all been told to go on unemployment and will get back pay when the furlough ends. This is a much better deal than we had at the top of the recession when hundreds of thousands of us lost our jobs in the private sector with a lot us never again being able to move beyond part-time temporary work thereafter. We all also lost huge amounts because banks gambled with our retirement incomes, and yet we had to bail out the banks. Now we are being asked to bail out the government so that it can pay it’s debts. Government spending on the Democrats health care agenda does not help the American people. This program does nothing the curb the outrageous costs charged by the medical and pharmaceutical companies. The costs of maintaining and keeping this program legitimate will be too much to afford

    • It’s become known that not only will the government employees currently “at home” will not only receive back pay for these days but also double dipping into unemployment. So, if you are a laid off government worker, you will get a huge bonus from BHO, Harry and their minions.

  6. I asked my 27 year old son how many times in the last three years he has been to the doctor and he said none. I asked, are you willing to pay $8000 for that? He looked at me in dumbfounded shock, guess he won’t be getting Obamacare.

    • He’s betting he won’t become sick or injured. Kind of the whole purpose of insurance, don’t you think? If he dose get sick or hurt, he goes to the VERY EXPENSIVE emergency room and I pay for your son’s care. Now, try to use your brain a little…..wouldn’t if be a little more equitable for us all to have some insurance. And to keep that cost fair for EVERYONE, EVERYONE should be responsible and participate.

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