The Affordable Care Act Just Isn’t Affordable for These People

Earlier this month, we asked you to share how Obamacare has affected you.  Please keep your stories coming; we want to hear them so that Washington hears them. So far 446 individuals have responded.

Here are just a few of the stories we received.  We found that an overarching concern is increased premiums and healthcare costs as well as uncertainty about job security and costs in the future.

Tom Balek of North Carolina said:

My premiums have more than doubled, and no subsidy. Also no interest on my savings thanks to the Fed!

Ronald Nordberg of Wyoming said:

Currently, our health coverage is place and has not changed. We continue to pray that that stays the case and the threat of Obamacare is removed. My company has made other layoffs. I was informed on my review date that I should not expect a pay increase, and the uncertainty of Obamacare and continued taxes are the reason. Mean while, my cost of living continues to increase.

New York resident Charlene Nagowski’s premiums have increased $1,300.  She said:

We have full coverage until December 31, will cancel as of that date. Prior to October 1, when we called to get new insurance they told my husband and myself, that it would be $2000. a month to keep the same coverage we have, which we pay $700. a month .

Have not been able to contact to get new coverage since the first of October. They tell us to try at a later date……Thanks Obama…..

Not sure how we are gonna be able to afford to pay more than we do now..Husband has diabetes and a stent. Premiums will be high and he’s only 51. Scared we may have to lose our home or vehicles, which we work very hard for…Scared for our future..

Shellie Watkins of North Carolina is self employed, and she said Obamacare has affected her costs:

BCBS $5000 deductible plan before Obamacare cost me $221, BCBS $5500 Bronze deductible plan after Obamacare cost me $454. Everyone who didn’t have their plan in place before the signing of Obamacare March 10, 2010 loses their existing plans like I did and had to be assigned a new one. I refuse to get a subsidy or assistance so I will pay it. I don’t plan to use it, I have cash doctor and dentist. I don’t want IRS to know my medical future.

One anonymous responder told us why Obamacare isn’t working for her:

My husband and I have separate policies… Have had them for almost ten years with BCNSNC. We will now be paying almost $500 more a month. Our deductibles have more than doubled. Our HSA policy is no longer available. The justification given is that we will be receiving additional benefits with our new policies, specifically maternity and new born coverage. I am 50 and my husband, the sole owner of his policy, is not planning on having a child anytime soon. Nor am I. But we are covered just in case.

Another anonymous federal government employee told us her premiums increased, and she fears she is in danger of losing access to her doctor.  She explained:

My premiums for our family increased $2400 in 2013. the notification came in Dec. 2012 that due to the impending ACA our family had increased premiums.

Also, the medical insurance company is denying many of the medications and the procedures that we normally had provided without issue in the prior 5 years. Access to care had decreased while premiums increased.

Catherine Heath of North Carolina responded saying:

I received my letter from Blue Cross/Blue Sheild yesterday. In order to continue carrying an insurance policy with them, that ‘most closely matches’ the insurance I have been paying $202 per mo. for, I will have to pay $599 per mo. starting Jan 1.  I was happy with the insurance I had, I can’t pay the increased premium, so effectively, I’ve lost my private insurance coverage.  [My] insurance rates went up in Jan 2013 in anticipation of the Gov Healthcare kicking in in October. It was also more difficult to find a good policy. 

I am a widow on limited income.  My hours were reduced.  I work a seasonal job, and have to find employment for the winter. I’m afraid this is going to make that job hunt more difficult.  

How many more people like Catherine and Tom and Shellie and so many other Americans does Obamacare have to hurt before Washington stops this failed law?

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383 thoughts on “The Affordable Care Act Just Isn’t Affordable for These People

  1. My employer plan is increasing about 5-10% next year.

    From what I can tell, those who were on private (individual, not associated with an employer) plans now have to pay increased premiums under the ACA. I imagine those who are seeing premium increases were previously involved in plans with minimal (catastrophic, high deductible) health insurance. Those plans are now unavailable because of the requirement that all insurance plans include ‘minimal essential benefits’ (which were largely decided by Kathleen Sibelius, who took the ‘average’ employer sponsored health plan on a state-by-state basis).

      • To ProudTeabagger:
        I currently pay $1,429 for under COBRA with Anthem, individual plan, up from only $479 in 2010.

        ACA will save me $700/month or more, can’t turn me down and won’t raise rates on a whim.
        With those savings, I think I’ll buy a new hybrid or electric vehicle and still have money to spend on the economy, the Prius has over 150,000 miles on it now.

        • COBRA is not an employer plan It is a government based plan. You might also want to check the automatic increases that happen under ACA in 2015 and 2016.

          • My COBRA plan was cheaper than the Anthem BC plans I have available w/o ACA.

            Funny, costs have been rising by double digits for 12 years or longer. Am I supposed to be surprised that rates for ACA in future years might go up like the prices of everything else?

            I’m guessing that without ACA they would rise more if I could get a plan at all.

          • TeaBag,

            and the rest of you whining…lets get to the real problem with the health issue and that is the price is just too damn high for medical care. Certain medications can be around $5.00 oversees yet here we pay over $250 for the same medication…Id like to say we could try to get these prices down even for those like elderly on medicare so the states can save money….but once again in APRIL your Republican Party blocked a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for millions of older Americans, a practice now forbidden by law. here are the facts:


            Get your facts…So stop complaining about your health care if you keep electing Senators who are keeping the price of medicine way too high!!!!! You want to keep up with the prices check out Fierce Pharma:

          • So now we are changing the subject are we. The reason we pay so much for prescriptions in this country is because no other country will help cover R and D costs so Americand have to pick up the slack. Get them to change their laws and you’ll Rx’s go down in price. No one is saying that there isn’t a health care problem. ACA isn’t the answer. If it was congress the lier n theif the IRS and the rest wouldn’t be fighting so hard to stay off it.

          • Healthcare and cost of medication are symbiotic idiot so no one is changing the topic. Try thinking before you write… did you check out the Pharma website listed in the comment?.. they have facts. Did you read Crains paper article a couple weeks ago on Pharm Spending budgets.. One Pharmacy alone like AstraZeneca spent $99-million dollars last year on advertising for one drug…its not all R and D. $99-Million now how much coverage would that buy you in a lifetime?

          • Oh so now you resort to name calling. A sure sign you lost the arguement. ACA has nothing to do with the cost of medicines, so yes you did change the subject. Try reading the Constitution some time. Also try in get your so called facts from more than one source. With that this conversation is done. Add all the BS you want below.

          • you bore me..if you’re not going to bother read the articles or references provided, then your argument is baseless. ..and you are still an idiot….stir that in your tea. Sidenote as I’ve looked on these blogs, why is it when Tea-Baggers lose an argument or get upset they usually comeback with “Try reading the Constitution…”? again and again and again.

          • Too bad Teabagger is right and you are a brain dead liberal who thinks the gov will take care of you. Yes, gov will but you ain’t gonna like what that care really is. Yes, the Constitution is America, the Republic. You obviously have not read it and if you have, did not understand it. Sorry for your future.

          • o you think that reading your propaganda will change someones mind? I am sure I do not wish to have some one P-SS on me and tell me its raining .

          • Why not change your lifestyle and take up a healthy way to live. However, if you do that, I, as as health consultant, may have to close my doors. Big Pharma owns a large part of our government, so drugs will cost more, especially if you have a chronic condition, fewer choices of insurance companies and coverage. THX to all you idiots who don’t take care of yourselves and love government control which is called communism. You ain’t gonna love it. Been there, done that.

          • healthcare system as it was, needed revamping, not total destruction and government takeover. It did not have to be an all-or-nothing. Obamacare is another means to Government control and total welfare state. Big money wants bigger money and Obama wants control and current political establishment wants to keep their cushy jobs. Everyone loses. And when you see your taxes continue to increase with hidden costs built in to pay for those who don’t work, never have and never will – along with the illegal immigrants, you may see the light – if your Prius hasn’t lost its charge by then.

          • COBRA only lasts so long and then you must make a decision, live or pay exorbitant fees with little real coverage.

          • Precisely. It’s good for 36 months total, after which I’d have to find a plan that would cost whatever the companies want to charge, drop me at any time or raise rates without notice. With ACA it will be a fixed amount with reasonable annual increases and cannot be denied to me for pre-existing conditions, etc. And it’s portable.
            I wonder why tea party types want to keep a system that’s so broken and expensive and has people using emergency rooms to get their medical care, often at OUR expense.

          • Barry, just curious – are you – or were you on COBRA due to getting laid off? Have you not been able to find another job that will give you benefits?

          • Lilu: Yes, left job with insurance, now using COBRA, and I love my new job but it doesn’t offer health care.

            My attempts to get private insurance earlier have been rejected without cause, endless requests for paperwork and records from Anthem. Of course Anthem has my COBRA plan so why would they want to offer something lower? Only other option is to try Kaiser but I’d have to change docs.

            With ACA, I have 16 choices, four each under Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and coverage is GUARANTEED and portable.

          • well, then it’s working for you. however, the results for the majority of tax paying citizens is yet to be seen – so far it doesn’t look good. If you don’t mind the government being involved in your health, that’s your choice – unfortunately, it is going the direction that the rest of us will have NO choice. Private insurance will be too expensive as a result of the restrictions being put on them from the government and we will all be forced to go with government health.

          • In Canada after single payer, they outlawed private insurance, until recently it was challenged in court and they prevailed. The controllers were stunned.

          • “Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum,” Lets see out of these who will be able to afford what, oh there is no TIN plan for the middle-class.

          • When the money runs out, and it will, your premiums will increase and the quantity and quality of care you’ll be able to access will necessarily decrease. This is inevitable. And then the gov’t will get to decide whether you really need that pacemaker, knee replacement or heart transplant based on their actuary tables and your life expectancy. Rationing of care is also inevitable. The gov’t could confiscate every penny of American wealth and it still wouldn’t be enough to pay for the breadth of Obamacare. The big picture is bound to come into to your view at some point or maybe you’ll just run head on into it.

          • Name calling is usually evidence of frustration with losing an argument. Deduct is $5,000. Man, I’m going to love my new ACA plan that can go with me from job to job and never be taken away. And freeloaders will have to get a plan, too, instead of making the rest of us pay for their care through higher rates.

          • “And freeloaders will have to get a plan, too, instead of making the rest of us pay for their care through higher rates.”

            I’m simply amazed by all those who are worried about the ‘freeloaders’ yet have no concern about adding 15M to Medicaid, whose entire healthcare is totally paid with tax dollars, and subsidizing premiums with tax dollars for tens of millions more.

  2. Defund Obamacare and impeach Obama. Useless, petty, mean spirited, muslim,. communist POS. He will be the death of America, and will dance on our graves. Never, ever a worse, more inept. lying POS. He needs to go before his term is up. #impeachObama

    • Connie you are just a bigot. You’re angry, sad and lashing out your problems on everyone else…if you are such an independent person get off your ass and do something for yourself.

      • I think she is lashing out at obama not everyone else. God forbid anyone have a problem with obama’s policies which are destroying what made this the greatest country man has ever known. Why don’t you get off your ass and actually read the constitution; the foundation stone of this nation.

        • TeaBag,

          and the rest of you whining…lets get to the real problem with the health issue and that is the price is just too damn high for medical care. Certain medications can be around $5.00 oversees yet here we pay over $250 for the same medication…Id like to say we could try to get these prices down even for those like elderly on medicare so the states can save money….but once again in APRIL your Republican Party blocked a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for millions of older Americans, a practice now forbidden by law. here are the facts:

          Get your facts…So stop complaining about your health care if you keep electing Senators who are keeping the price of medicine way too high!!!!! You want to keep up with the prices check out Fierce Pharma:

          • As a mother of two kids with chronic, life-threatening illnesses, I can tell you that Obamacare is destroying my family. I run a non-profit and hear from people around the world who cannot get the medications they need because they live in countries with socialized medicine. You can read how Obamacare is harming my family on my blog: or watch my video on YouTube channel: Catholicmomof3

          • SORRY PATTIE………..but your children will on the denial list!! I hate to say it, but it’s true, no money to waste on care if not cost effective.

          • I know from researching on and the official Blue Cross/Shield that a family of 2 earning 62k or a family of 4 with an income over 94k will not get any help( discount) via Obamacare. You can find a lower plan with last years premium rate but your new deductibles will be sky high…looks like mine will go from 1750 to 6000. I consider a family of 4 earning 94k to be middle class. The insurance companies are shifting the risk to the paying customer to give those without health care your discount.

          • Its ok to hurt someone if the ends justify the means. I wonder when whites really are a minority in the U.S. your take on discrimination will be the same as health care.

          • Bp, Stalin, and Obama are so proud of you comrade. You are such a good little goose-stepper. To bad that the real patriotic Americans keep getting in the way of people like you, row and rx,

            Patriotic, constitutionally grounded Americans are still a pain in the side of communism, in spite of the Obama media propaganda and the highjacking of the America’s educational system, which by the way, has worked wonders for supporters like you bp.

            Your children, if you have any bp, will thank you and all of your fellow communist, for making sure that their future is completely controlled by the government, and that they will have their future laid out for them, never having to excel in anything.

            Why should your children have to strive and work, becoming more than they thought that they could ever be, when herr Obama and his loyal supporters such as you and your other liberal brethren will make sure that they have just enough to at least barely survive.

            Obama doesn’t have to worry about his communist propaganda supporting his healthcare getting out, not with loyal supporters like you and you bp.

            And for the liberals to call it social justice, that is genius!

            Uninformed low information voters, well they do not have a clue that what looks good in the socialist package, has communism inside. By the time those people realize that they sold their soul to communism, it will be to late for them to do anything about it. They will have people like you bp, to thank for that.

          • It was the Obama administration that bought off Big Pharma and got them to support the ACA and kick in billions for its promotion.

            What did Big Pharma get in return? Hard to be sure, but I think it was an agreement to NOT negotiate lower prices for Medicare and Medicaid.

          • And you think that is why we are here because of drug prices? It may be part of the problem. Why did we not get legislation from anyone that we would be able to buy insurance like we do auto? Interstate. We have monopolies in all different states. Whose toes would be stepped on first if we had tried.

          • Sorry BP but the N.Y.T s have been well known for getting facts mixed or just not including ALL the facts just the ones approved by their King.

      • Obama is taking away Connie’s and every American’s right to do things for themselves and to make choices for themselves. He wants everyone dependent on the gov’t. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

      • Connie’s no bigot. She’s angry and rightfully so, like anyone with half a brain, working for a paycheck, – and she’s lashing out at the correct person – THE BUCK STOPS HERE person – the President. Obama wants this despite the 75% of Americans that do NOT want it. He’s an egomaniac, bent on bringing America and taxpayers to our knees so his welfare receiving constiuancy – the ones that suck off of us, the taxpayer, will keep him in power forever. end of story.

    • I am with you on the impeachment, but that has to be introduced in the Senate, we need to start by getting rid of the likes of McCain,McConnell and the rest of the dead wood, take the Senate back, get term limits passed and start taking our country back.

  3. My Medicare Advantage plan premium has gone up a lot, and benefits have gone down a lot. Further, where my deductible had been $4500, it will now be $6700! I will never meet that deductible so I am paying for absolutely NOTHING. I will wait and see if my company plan is better before I decide what to do. Maybe I will just send my bill to the A hole-in-chief.

  4. Anyone who believes “I am from government to help you” needs a new brain. Feds never help, only hinder, hurt and charge more. The only hope and change we can pray for is that the AHA/Obamacare(??) implodes and soon. We do not need it nor a fed single payer plan. If you love communism, then you love whatever the feds force on you. America the great is now America the stupid and poor and controlled. Thanks to you who voted for the empty suit and returned weak self-centered idiots to Congress. The good part is you have to suffer for your stupidity too.

  5. WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN THIS? EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO “OPT OUT” OF OBAMACARE. IT IS UN-CONSTITUTIONAL AND IS PURE COMMUNISM IN ACTION. more and more Americans will smell the coffee and begin to rebel against this B.S. as each week passes, mark my words this will eventually be REPEALED~!

    • I agree with you that it is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL and MUST be repealed! It is not a LAW when 2500 exemptions to big businesses and unions are dished out, congressional staffers are given subsidies and Nevada and NH are exempt as it was deemed too harmful to the economy of those states! The transfer of America’s wealth to Obama’s campaign donors along with muslim affiliates is beyond UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

      • I just watched a dvd called “Obama’s America 2016” which gives a deeper insight as to why the POTUS is trifling with our Constitution. He seems to think white America is the root of all the world’s problems and is destroying what so many generations died to create. Obamacare is his signature debacle, but wait it gets worse. When social security checks fade or stop altogether along with EBT food stamps then the real fun begins. Looting, murder in the streets, mayhem, martial law, more death and suffering. See if you can find the full movie, in some places it almost made me feel sorry for Obama (NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)~!

      • We the People do, who else? If we the people decide something is NOT in our best interest we have the right to change it (or at least try). The problems now are a result of the elected politicians bowing to King Obama and his heinous agenda.

          • And even if they disallow the majority they also can be replaced and nearly any lame-pushed-through-law can be repealed

          • Laws can be revised, amendments can be passed. But few realize that the basic idea behind the ACA came from a republican think tank. The basic concept is working for Massachusetts.

          • no Timbo….I put it out there. Tell the class your story…. ( yes I am aware that most posters just like to stir the pot but I am calling you out)…waiting

          • How about this limp gun. Anyone that has been paying for their insurance for years have been supplementing the non-insured all along . SO NOW , we not only still have to pay for the ones that used the ER and now get better coverage ,we also get to pay more for the same coverage ourselves or take less coverage for the same price. SO KEEP IT AS IT WAS,it cost us less. COMMON SENSE! Unless your a flaming liberal that can’t see past your nose.

          • funny thing about extremists….when you call them out on specifics they will deflect, chase their own tail and then cut & run…watch

          • the other negative…most right wingers don’t perform any research…they just blast away with no real facts…no evidence. Their message is emotionally charged/based on what they “wish” were true rather than reality. Ball is in your court…let’s see what you got.

          • I for one just go by common sense , you should try it , most leftwingnutz think just because they can google and only use parts of what they find and just blast away because it sounds good and they have a you-tube to back it up, when in the real world common sense always prevails, balls in your court!

          • I presented my families’ case…what is yours? or are one of them that just likes to read their own words…then cut & run.
            Tell the class your story….waiting

          • So Timbo….I assume you have no insurance coverage and will pay the fine and expect free hospitalization should you need it? Does God do appendectomies?

          • Who cares who it came from, a bad law is a bad law . You dunderhead. Just because Democrats blindly follow Democrats no matter what law they want to pass . If this was brought up by a Republican I for one would oppose that Rep. and any others, I follow no one blindly.

        • I have to say it also, WE THE PEOPLE!

          “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

          Thomas Jefferson
          Now with this heath control , the progressives WILL be after the guns, Its the next logical step. They have to! To control a population you have to un-arm them.

          • I somehow believe that after all the smoke has cleared there will be a standing army of American Patriots on top of the heap. God help me I would like to be there but my heart is for whoever makes it there.

  6. I find it quite hypocritical that this administration acts as if it cares for newborns when it is fighting hard to kill them before they’re born. This is just a dastardly scheme to get everyone onto a single payer system as they work to control and reduce the population as they prepare for their new world order.

  7. Why does anyone think obama or the rest of the ruling elite gives a rat hair about them? They have their insurance and they don’t have to worry. Celebrities have their insurance or the money to buy healthcare so they don’t have to worry. Union members get deal after deal so they don’t have to worry about their health insurance. But who care for everyday Americans? Who cares for the poor who may get insurance coverage but who can’t afford the deductibles? Who cares about me? My family? My community? No one that I can find. Absolutely no one!

    obama and his minions be damned!

  8. Me and my wife are very worried that when this miserable obamacare kicks in that we are in trouble. After years of working hard this gov, poised to give us the shaft.THEY WANT OR WILL GET YOUR PERSONEL FINANCES AND MEDICAL INFO. My wife is buying her med.ins. which will be taking a big hit and I am eligible for medicare which is also in obozos sights. Remember he has already TAKEN OVER 700 BILLION OUT OF MEDICARE TO FUND OBAMACARE .WHAT A DISGRACE THIS PIMP OF A POTUS And HIS SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY HAS DONE TO AMERICA. We are in for a rough ride with these communists in charge.

    • Frank, if your income is below 62k/year…you will qualify for a discount under Obamacare, if above 62k your deductibles will close to triple.

      • It was quite alright for those that did not CHOSE to get health insurance under our old system and they did make that choice, but now we that payed all along even some that had to struggle to pay it have no choice. The ends justify the means. Why strive to achieve just sit back and let someone else do it ,you will be taken care of , you can be a protected class to go along with the rest of the protected classes. It will be ok until there is no one left to pay .
        Nice set up.

        • I disagree….who paid for the medical bills for those that decided to gamble & get in a wreck? Yep, we did via public aid & Medicaid. Now, at least, the idiots who decide to fly now and pay later have some accountability. They either insure up and pay the freight or get fined. That is one good feature of Obamacare.

  9. I am 85 years old and with ACA- my best hope is to be taken to my Home with The Lord very soon. We are promised we will have none of these worries there. I have children who will be devastated by this so we all pray for THE Rapture .

    • I totally understand you Arlene. My late mother’s best friend (like a 2nd mother to me) is 86, fairly healthy, lives alone and is so worried. I too am praying for THE Rapture! God Bless you!

    • Arlene, are you not on Medicare? Your supplemental plan, if you have one will not go up much under Obamacare. If your income is below 54,960 (family of 1) Obamacare will lower your costs.

    • It is all in what you think success is. Is success to you is that some people that didn’t have health care will now have it better and others that had good insurance now mediocre insurance, excluding the Rich and politicians, and we will have two classes of people. Thats exactly what you have with socialism. And if socialism is what you want , then this ACA should be a BIG success

  10. The Affordable Care Act, from the beginning, was intended to fail. The ultimate stated goal of the progressives is single payer healthcare. Do the liberals in charge of our government already have a plan to implement single payer healthcare? I’ll bet they do. Can it be stopped? I don’t know. Free market people need to know their oppositions plan. Free market people need to have a plan of their own.

  11. It deserves a chance to fail??? Or succeed?
    It has already failed, not a single promise has been kept. Remember, it will not raise your costs one dime? Remember, if you have a doctor you like you will be able to keep him or her?
    Please….give it a chance? Premiums are up, work hours are being decreased, spouses benefits cut, general benefits cut, deductibles up, costs up, layoffs for many. Shall I continue?
    It is a complete failure already.
    Complain next year at the ballot box, get the “progressives” out of power, they are the root of the problem.

  12. If you are a legal, documented and cerified citizen of America – you have to pay attention now. Until immigration is controlled, until those who are illegally in our nation are denied resources funded by taxpayer dollars there will be nothing affordable about health care, nothing affordable about housing, nothing affordable about what is costs to educate our children. It is not in humane, but rather is compassionate in that in honors those who contribute towards their country, honors those who protect our country and starts to return us back into a mature country, one which has boundaries and which honors and promotes the welfare of its people’s. one which sets standards. One which leads other developing nations.

    I understand that sounds like a dream, like some new world in Narnia – but it’s what has to be reality. This can no longer be argued about or denied. This elephant has been in the room for a long time. A remarkably long time. Engage your government. Hold our government accountable to fairness.

    • AMEN! Pat Buchannan was for closing the borders years ago and he was labeled an extremist. He saw where we were headed with the illegal issue. This is Obama’s next push. Illegals will not only be filling our schools and breaking our hospitals (as they already are), taking over entire towns and neighborhoods, they will soon be able to vote. When we put up a fight we will be blasted for it. We’re already labelled racists, wonder what we’ll be considered then?

      • Thanks for your comment. When it comes to trying to ‘label’ me, my respectful response is ‘as long as you’re labeling, make one for everyone’ yourself included. Labels are a flash bomb to the issue at hand.

        There simply is no truth in the taking from society without contributing and expect there is no negative consequence. It’s really basic. Look at our deficit if you need a horrific example. I know you know. Hang in there and let’s continue to project truth.

    • It is also not a bit legal. It was signed into law by an illegal so called president who was born in Kenya. I have his original birth certificate right here. Type in CatholicBook/Baronius Obama birth certificate and see for yourselves. Any law he signed is null and void, and he should be arrested for the fraud he is. Every thing he has done is not constitutional.

  13. Maybe it’s time for some peaceful civil disobedience. Tell Obama and rest of this crowd the hell with you we aren’t signing up for this crap. If for some amazing fact all of us that are being hurt by it stick together what are they going to do. Time to send a message. If this crap is so good everyone including Obama, the senators and representatives have to take it too. Oh that’s right they are much to good to do that. We are the stupid ones.

  14. The ACA was designed to fail. After enough people complain the only solution will be to go to a single payer system and this will come before 2016. No one should have a problem with our government running health care. Have you been to a VA hospital lately?

  15. I would like to go back to pay for my healthcare with cash. We have the best healthcare in the world. The Current Systems was not broken, The Affordable Care should not ever been pass in the first place
    Jocelyn Gallant, Salem, NH

  16. It has not hurt me at all!!!!! But what parts I’m interested in is not their. I would just want two things out of it anone is the radiation treatment coverage. If CIGNA does not cover alot of it. I might need that an that is a high treatment that I hope I do not need one day I just want to know if the need ever comes I will be coverd. Right now I do not have Health Ins. but CIGNA will be my main Health Ins. cause they been dealing with preexisting conditions for a long time. Like I said before If the profits are going here (VET’S THAT ARE INJURED, SENIORS THAT ARE ON FIXED INCOMES, AND OUR DEPT) I would have no problem paying for coverage that I want an I mean what I want specific.

    • You will get what a government run health board DECIDES you get. If you are sick & unable to work then you are either getting Medicaid or if a veteran, VA health coverage. If you are currently receiving care from either of these programs then you know how horrendous they are, if you aren’t then the coverage you THINK you are getting is going to be quite a rude awakening.
      Unless you are DISABLED & can’t work NO ONE, especially not strangers, should be FORCED to pay your way.

  17. My current policy can not be renewed
    The premium is going up 44% while our out of pocket jumps
    from $5000 to $12,000 a year. A policy comparable to my present policy
    will cost 157% more. My wife and I are healthy our last claim was in 1983
    Jeff Barber El Paso, Texas

    • Yes, a family of 2 making over 62k/year will take a hit. I have seen premiums go up 10-20% but the real hit takes place in the deductible department. Basically you get less insurance for the same money you paid last year.

      • Leftist troll, no one cares to listen to your leftist PROPAGANDA. We are not your MSNBC crowd, we can actually read & think for ourselves.
        Until Barack ObaMAO is FORCED onto the EXACT SAME MEDICAL SYSTEM WE are being FORCED to use, you have no argument.

      • 62 K/a year is poverty. A single mother with 2 children collecting would have to get a job making 69/k a year just to keep equivalent in Pa. And your ridiculous claim that 62/k is middle class.

          • if you make 45k a year in Utah you can comfortably support a husband and two kids so what’s your point? :p stop naming stupid shit and printed statistical crap and listen to people who’s lives are going to Change for the worse BECAUSE of obamacare!

          • What has that to do with anything? It was 47 percent after this President’s first term. So what you are saying and agree with is that you are a liberal and want to take care of the poor,poor people and in doing so, it is fine with you that the wealth be spread around , HEY WE GET IT !
            What I and other’s agree on is that we don’t agree with you. Do you get that?

          • filth….you have nothing on the score board….zippo…nadda…post it up or put your head in the toilet and giv yoself a swirllie

      • Its just as they did in the education instead of bring up the non-achievers you bring them down to you, we now have the ACA that gives you less coverage at the same expense . So much for the promise that if you like your healthcare you can keep it. He didn’t mention of course you would have to pay out your aZZ for the same coverage.

  18. I respectfully suggest each of you carefully consider supporting the Common Law Grand Jury movement, now in 47 states. Go to Click on COUNTY ORGANIZERS to see if you can find an organizer in your state or county. Most promising move I have seen in 50 years.

  19. I won’t get health ins. Is because of obamacare. I refuse to go on obamacare.I don’t even want to go on Medicare or buy health ins. Until we get rid of obamacare. I won’t pay no stupid fine either!!!!

  20. Land of the free, Ha, thats a laugh. Governed by the people for the people, that another laugh. We have a political class that is “Dictating” to us, forcing horrable laws down are throats and spending us into bankruptcy. Something needs to be done and fast

  21. People, listen carefully. This “government” has been illegitimate since 1917. The Fed is illegitimate. It has no Constitutional authority to issue our money. It never has.Their authority comes from US and what WE give THEM. Our rights are UNALIENABLE, and they come from GOD. They CANNOT be circumvented by ANY human law. We don’t have to obey ANY of the laws we did not specifically grant to these robbers and thieves. The main authority of governance belongs to the states, not the Federal government, no matter WHAT they say, and the Income Tax is, and always has been unconstitutional and was never ratified anyway. Especially since everything they have done to exempt themselves from the law has nullified the laws themselves. We can make our oWN jobs, and cut ourselves OFF from the government completely. They have no authority over us unless we give it to them. You get the government you tolerate. What’s wrong with virtual currency? What’s wrong with doctors treating people under the table? They don’t like it, arrest anyone, and the arresting offices and judge’s houses and offices will be emptied of everything and thrown in the nearest swamp. Some smart people with calculators start figuring up how much these thieves–particularly Obama–and JP Morgan and Rockefeller and his ancestors–have cost the American people, like the Democrats bankrupting 5 America cities and impoverishing the black race and JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Rothschild not only secretly forming the Federal reserve, but the UN, too. Which we should not belong to, since it is pagan, the despots outnumber the free nations and it has engaged in numerous violations of human rights and atrocities, and when has it ever stopped a war, or done anything else it has ever said it was supposed to do? it’s violated its charter a thousand times over, its null and void, and screw ’em. They get up there and invoke prayers to some earth goddess, and we willng OT have any truck with that nonsense. Why do the Muslims do since they’re so picky about Christians and Jews? Maybe we don’t bribe them enough?

      • Old enough to spot a brain dead, pathetic leftist troll. Answer my questions, troll, WHY did ObaMAO choose to EXEMPT HIMSELF, HIS FAMILY, CONGRESS & their STAFFERS from ObaMAOcare & WHY did he give his Wall Street buddies & union pals a 1 year exemption & NOT MIDDLE CLASS TAXPAYERS?

  22. There is a lot of misinformation on here. The best thing to do is find out where you stand with premiums costs. If you are a family of 1 making over 45.9k a year you will not get a break on insurance costs. Same for a family of 2 earning over 62k/year. Same for a family of 4 making over 94k/yr. You will get insurance but your deductibles will be sky high, which is less coverage you had in the past. Obamacare has allowed the insurance companies to shift the risk from paying customers to cover the new non-insured into the system. That doesn’t mean I have to like it but I know 70% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical bills. The couple working minimum level jobs will love Obamacare. If we all had insurance that might help cover those hospital bills accrued by those that gamble on never needing health care and we end up paying their bill via public aid. I consider a family of 2 with an income of 62k as middle class. Obamacare turns out to be a medical tax…sadly.

  23. Over 60% of Americans will benefit from Obamacare. That group earns less than 50k/year (49.5% of Americans). The next group up earns 50,000 to 75,000 totals 18% of Americans..some of this group will benefit from Obamacare depending of how many make up the family. I am a family of 4 earning over 100k.yr. I will now pay 24k a year for the same insurance that cost me 12k this year. I am taking the bronze plan ( the lowest in premium cost) which will cost me 12k BUT my deductibles sky rocket from $1750 to $6000 for each family member. So I have resigned myself to the fact that due to my hard work and earnings, I am helping the other 60% of us out. I much rather pay for health care than another wasted war in the middle-east. Yes, I am real. I’d like to call it my Christian charity in action.

    • By benefit do you mean they will have fewer doctors of lesser quality, longer waits & a health board that DICTATES the medications & procedures they will be allowed to have? Apparently you have never been on Medicaid or VA health care. That 60% is in for quite a rude awakening!

    • Your Marxist messiah set this up to bankrupt the insurance companies & FORCE completely socialized, 1 payer government run healthcare on the masses. It is MEANT to be a colossal failure.
      Also, brain dead leftist TROLL, if this is such a great benefit to mankind, WHY doesn’t ObaMAO put HIMSELF, HIS FAMILY, CONGRESS & their STAFFERS on it?
      How come ObaMAO gave his Wall Street buddies & union thug pals an exemption for a year & not American taxpayers?
      There is no rational, reasonable explanation for either of these FACTS.

    • you are a fool who has been drinking too much progressive Obama koolaid. They’ve got you believing that a socialist country where those who want to work and strive for better should cover the asses of those who only want the minimum out of life. You have resigned yourself when you should be fighting this. very very sad. I hope and pray there aren’t too many out there like you who are willing to roll over and give up.

      • The entire insurance industry is built on socialistic principles and they work effectively. A group of customers all put money in one big pot and take it out when certain condition/s meet an agreed upon set of criteria. What does a police officer ask for should you be pulled over? The fact is socialism can be blended into capitalism and said system will thrive….ie…the good ole USA. In terms of success we lead the world for a reason. Just look at the countries in the middle-east who have been around since the creation of sand and ask yourself why a nation only some 250 years old is top dog?

        • Christian charity. You make me sick. I don’t want charity, until this crap sandwich passed, I could care for myself. I don’t expect or desire other people to carry my load.

          • You seem to rely on “party” incessantly in your comments. I’m a serious person, this is REAL to me and my family, and your support for this tax is appalling.

          • Lilu…I posted my story on here…I’m not happy with me paying about the same premiums for less insurance. Yes I see Obamacare as a medical/insurance tax. Tell us your story….

          • Well Top G, my story goes like this…It ain’t my job to work for the benefits of others. They sure as hell ain’t doing it for me. What incentive do they have to lift a finger when they make a comfortable living with all of those entitlement privileges. It’s a privilege because they don’t deserve it. FDR did not give everyone a bunch of free entitlements. He gave them a leg up and mad them work for it. The conveniences of modern Society like roads, bridges, parks, most of DC, schools, hospitals and such would have never happened the way that they did. You would have been reading about the Boulder (Reagan) Dam being built in 1986 and the I-10 being completed in 1995. My Father grew up in the real Great Depression so I know from someone who lived it. Obama’s laughable attempt to call his Economic disaster the “Great Depression of our time” because someone lost money on penny stocks or failed to pay their mortgage just proves how much of a gaff he is.

          • Sam….your comment is a generalization about ” It aint my job to work for the benefits of others”. See that comment could apply to many programs pre-Obamacare….ie… stamps…free phones…Medicaid….farm aid…foreign aid. This thread is about how Obamacare impacts your life…Ca’pish.

          • I would call being forced mandated to loose my current insurance to
            pay substantially more has a huge impact on mine and my Family’s Lives
            noodle brain. Being spanked by the IRS for not doing so just makes it
            more the sweeter, right?

            So how about we get back
            on topic here about why a Liberal is trolling Conservative and other
            non Liberal websites debunk the Truth and extolling the super magic
            unicorn fairy dust of how sublime Obamanutcare is?

          • I would call being forced mandated to loose my current insurance to
            pay substantially more has a huge impact on mine and my Family’s Lives
            noodle brain. Being spanked by the IRS for not doing so just makes it
            more the sweeter, right?

            So how about we get back
            on topic here about why a Liberal is trolling Conservative and other
            non Liberal websites debunk the Truth and extolling the super magic
            unicorn fairy dust of how sublime Obamanutcare is?

          • Because conservatives never use facts, data or evidence to back up their positions. The fact remains your comment per ” It aint my job to work for the benefits of others” can apply to the inception of welfare back in the Truman days….do you see that hard head?

          • Sam….it sounds like you are over 65 and receiving Medicare benefits…no? So you are sucking from the government tit and still bitchin.

    • Ha you dumbass! “Christian charity” I suppose your “Christian charity doesn’t know there’s a charge on every American in every plan through obamacare that forces you to pay for abortions, abortion inducing drugs, homosexual fertility treatments, and sex change surgeries. If your a Christian then you follow the bible and know all those things go against God and our beliefs, and the beliefs of millions of other Americans in various belief systems, but Obama doesn’t care that he’s taking that away and apparently neither do YOU. Also I personally do not want to reward American slackers and other people that make much less then me by pickin up their slack. Charity is one thing but taking my freedom of choice away to pay for a whole new bill every month that doesn’t cover as much as my first is ridiculous. I am NOT paying for the slum of America that wants to feed off my paycheck.

        • waiting for the name calling fool to post up their personal position using last years costs versus this years…watch them bail cuz right wingers base their decisions on emotions not facts.

          • K first off my expenses are MY business, no one elses. Stupid ass everyone knows that. :p And I don’t need ANY healthcare nor does my married into family (my mother who’s almost 60 does though and she’s getting the shaft on hers because of the high deductibles with little coverage), so even getting as cheap as I can it’s making it hard to put food on the table cause we lived slightly frugal but not struggling before, with this extra cost every month we don’t need (that is strictly paying for those who won’t get off their ass to make their OWN comfortable living since our last claim was in 1999) Now we are struggling. Also the fact that you just blew past the whole TAKING AWAY PEOPLES FIRST AMENDMENT automatically tells me you aren’t Christian nor do you know what the word unconstitutional means. And yes emotionally, spiritually this affects me. Paying for this insurance means I’m going against God, and my bills (since we had no insurance before for a few years by choice) have now automatically gone up by a few hundred a month.

  24. Here’s a real example for ya: A family of 4 earns $52k a year. He works at Wal-mart and is covered. She works at a day care center and earns 20k/yr. She has no health insurance neither do their 2 kids ages 6 & 9. They can not at this time afford insurance for the wife & 2 cute lil kids.Will Obamacare help this family? ( I know the answer…now you guys go fish and present your case) Funny how posters on here fail to use facts and figures.

    • So you resort to a straw man? Why could they not afford health care? As for the “cute lil kids” comment would it be better they were ugly? You libs think you can just trot out the children just as Obama does . They are only good to you libs to USE. You want me to bring up some

  25. so sorry…until I read your own personal insurance stories, the discussion ends with me a winner and you all losers. Talk amongst yourselves if you wish. None of you can back up one word you say with data, facts. figures. You act like brainless attack dogs…so sad are you filth…Sam Houston and ilk.

    • Winner??? Are you stupid??? Facts, figures, data, and testimonies by everyone below prove obamacare is doing wrong to good hardworking Americans. Even your getting the Obama shaft down your throat in deductibles for little coverage and stomping over your self proclaimed Christian beliefs. You’re a loser AND a sellout!!

          • HA! Oh my God you are an idiot! :] So because I, like most people, are not stupid enough to write every detail of my bills online am automatically mooching off daddy??? HAHAHAHA you are so stupid!!!!! XD I haven’t taken a cent from my mom or my grandma (who raised me) since 17!!!! Hell I’m even the only paycheck in my family because my husband went back to school. :] I know I work harder then you, I know I deserve the life I’ve worked for and I know that you are a sad pathetic person that is sucking the governments dick instead of facing the reality of how America is being affected. Or in terms you can understand – nana nana boo boo I’m smarter then you-hoo!

  26. you lost in 08 & 12….you will lose in 16 as well. Reason: self inflicted stupidity. It’s not that the dems are that decent…it’s that the right has lost it’s mind.

    • We all have “lost.” It is too bad the Left hates us so much that they must stay blind to what is crashing down all around them and persist in defending this fraud and his failed policies like the useful imbeciles that they are. “Top Gun” why do you use that I would be disappointed if you were actually affiliated with MCAS Miramar- You honestly sound like you are 12-

  27. look Kylie….I told my insurance story. Go read it. Use general terms but be specific about the coverage you are paying for now and what your coverage will cost you after Jan/2014. Is it that difficult for you to comprehend?…ghessh! are you guys dense

    • look gun… my costs are my business. I already wrote so apparently you cant read. I also wrote my monthly bills go up by hundreds to pay for stuff no one in my family has need since 1999, that was middle school for me, my husband even farther – 1995. Why should I have to pay for something I don’t want/need? Especially if I’m not going to use it? Is that difficult for you to comprehend? You bulldozed right over the first amendment comment and how my mom had the same thing happen to her as you so I guess it IS difficult. Of course I already knew that cause as you demonstrated before you cant read…. ghessh, are you dense?

      • You have no insurance story to reference…all you are is a hot head who needs to swallow a jar of open safety pins. ( bada bing!)

        • At least I’ve put down points that affect mine and others lives negatively ON TOP of telling my costs have gone up by hundreds every month for insurance we don’t need that’s forced upon us by the government that also goes against our religion.

    • What is it with you that you want everyones insurance story? I am fine and so is my wife. We pay for insurance ,SO what.
      I will be waiting for the mail because someday it will come. I call it Obama’s surprise.
      Why the unions don’t want it? Because their members will be hit with the cadillac excise tax and their employers are NOT going to pay that tax.But you can bet your azz the taxpayers will pick up the tab for the politicians excise tax
      Employers WILL dump people onto the exchanges. Do you need a explanation why?
      Employers are already not hiring and cite ACA.
      The ACA is responsible for millions of jobs,,,,part time that is.
      You care so much for spreading wealth . Instead of giving the poor everything how about give them OPPORTUNITIES to work and buy the insurance themselves, and I don’t mean Obamas solution for jobs, MORE government jobs. Which is what he creates with this ACA, IRS jobs, NSA jobs(we have to know about everyone).
      Just think a few buildings in each state for NSA .

  28. and Kylie will be getting a tax credit ( government pay out) to cover her & hubby. Some people have a mouth like an alligator and Kylie is one of them!

    • Did I say I was getting a pay out? You seriously need to learn to read, I promise it’ll help you in life. I wrote that I’m now paying for insurance I don’t need, it doesn’t break the bank but it does make us struggle since I pay for all the family bills, and because of this insurance we are forced to get but don’t need or use I’m using MY hard earned money to pay for slackers/druggies/poor people etc. that are complete strangers while not getting the benefits I know I could get even just last year cause I would get my mothers insurance and hers now covers less while costing more. Also it’s not just me and him, we have a baby. Only 1 kid but we have one and she might as well poop on dollar bills but we still afford/take care of her just fine. My story is bad, more so the fact the Obama is violating my first amendments and beliefs, but many MANY people are having horror stories of money and costs through this horrendous bill.

      • Kylie …did you know that a family of 3 with an income under 78k your will get a government discount and all 3 will have health insurance on the cheap. Look at the chart >>















  29. Kylie….I am asking you to share what insurance costs you now…and
    under Obamacare in 2014 what will it cost you then? Please include size
    of family & income as I did. You may proceed or not. If not, I have nothing further
    to discuss with you.

    • Why only 2014? Oh ,you’re another that doesn’t know whats in it. It does get worse in succeeding years. Why do you think the liar put off the employer mandate for big Corp. and gave exemptions to unions till after the mid-terms, He can cover his base for 2014.

    • Gun.. seriously, learn to read. I wrote hundreds more. And it will increase in 2014 through deductibles. My bills aren’t your business, and yours aren’t mine. Nor are they impressive since depending where a person lives and works 12k breaks the bank or is hardly a dent. Again reading would really benefit you in life. I already wrote there’s the 3 of us. Also my income, is enough to singlehandedly pay for a full grown man and an expensive baby AND ALL HER PRENATAL CARE without insurance comfortably enough to have just a small bit of money after bills going into savings every month. This bill has made us tighten up other costs including food to now pay for insurance we don’t want need or use. My story has almost nothing to do with numbers but much to do about God. You would know that if you could READ. And you’re right there is nothing further to discuss because as I and others below me have demonstrated in numerous different way you are wrong. So sorry, thanks for playing, but I guess you.. oh what was that term again? Lose. :]
      So good day my dear “dumb dumb”, pleasant deductibles to you and your family, and good night.

      • oops…sorry I missed your family income…and your current costs and what it will cost you in 2014? Please fill in the gaps before you prance away.

        • oops.. sorry I missed the part where your my husband and actually need to know that stuff. Please take Obamas dick out of your mouth sweetie, I must be hearin you wrong with all that muffling ;]

  30. In the state of Illinois….the exchanges have now 5 insurance companies selling plans. Those companies are Blue Cross, Humana, Health Alliance, Coventry and Land of Lincoln. I could not get thru to so I went directly to the sellers for my costs. Kylie, if your income level is under 78k a year( fam =3) Obamacare will benefit you after income verification per premium costs. Ya see?

  31. Kylie….where ever you work…from your writing and trash mouth…no
    employer would pay you anywhere near 78k/yr…you are too stupid. Thus
    you will get assistance via Obamacare…and again are too stupid to realize
    you are biting the hand that feeds you!

    • Have you seen what you write sweetie? And if you “must” know because I simply want to brag – I’m a self employed artist and I work part time on a computer help/virus removing site, and comfortably (without obamacare) singlehandedly pay for me, my husband, and my kid. So I could have the iQ of 12 and I’m still laughin my way to the bank.

  32. Report away Kylie! Report away! I asked for no personal info…just the same info I and several others reported. It’s called sharing…duh

    • Sharing where they live, what they make a year, what insurance they’re using or being converted to, their cost of living vs their bills, and how that will change over the next year? How in the hell is that not personal information? :p you are just dumb.

    • You know artist doesn’t mean starving right? that’s a myth. granted those who don’t have business skills on top of art skills don’t get much but ya. Again back to your reading ability I can afford my 3 bedroom apartment in the rich part of my state all alone and paying for a husband and kid. you have NO point and this is just pathetic, but because my families napping I’m bored and showing you up entertains me.

  33. Kylie…..what is being shared here is NOT personal data….it’s called demographic info….got that? and you lost by 10 miles!

    • Actually it is personal and not your business. And askin once and having people tell you to back off is one thing but having it be the main event of the night? That’s dangerous, that’s someone who’s putting their nose where it doesn’t belong.

  34. I’ll make a lil prediction here: Kylie will be divorced in 5 years or less because she is hard headed and unreasonable. ( bada Bang!)

    • I’ve been happily married since 17. 😛 I think I’m safe at my age. Especially on top of being STUBBORN, I’m RIGHT. So call me all the names you want, my below information says otherwise. You however have most likely never been married, or did and got divorced because they couldn’t stand your stupidity and same shit as you wrote above. :] It sucks when no one can stand you doesn’t it outcast?

      • Kylie…I wasted my time with you. You are an idiot. Just read from the very post you were commenting on>> What kind of stories start the article? Do they contain number in family, income levels? insurance costs? You are just a very stupid person.


        CATEGORY: Defund Obamacare


        Earlier this month, we asked you to share how Obamacare has affected you. Please keep your stories coming in.

        • Stories. And if you could read then you would see below I wrote my story. WITHOUT giving out info that you think you deserve. You are a dangerous asshole BEcause your fishing for info you do not need, deserve, ad is personal. So as you have demonstrated for like the 12th or so post on here YOUR the idiot, and I’m right.

          • Kylie. you don’t earn anywhere near 78k as an “artist”. You just don’t have the skills. First you claim to have it “bad” then turn around and say you earn over 78k a year. You are a liar.

          • Seriously you and the reading. :p Where I live 78k a year is barely in rich zone to filthy rich depending area of state. Also I said I do art part time, only 30% of my income comes from art, full time I work online fixing peoples computer problems. Also you have not a clue how much I make or about my skills stupid ass so stop making up crap about me. You are the idiot of the year sweetheart and everyone on this forum is disgusted by you. Also, I didn’t say I had it “bad” which you would know if you knew how to read. Financially we’re struggling but others have it far worse because of Obama Care. As I’ve said like four times now my main issue is going against God since Obama Care goes against the first amendment with its hidden costs. Now as everyone can read from everything I’ve written below and you have I’m in the right, your in the wrong. I actually have a brain, you probably didn’t make it past 8th grade. Now I have nothing further to say except that I have a family to take care of and your boring me. :p goodbye.

  35. well Catherine….. if you as a family of 1 earn less than $45,960 Obamacare will give you a discount so you can afford your insurance. What was the quote you received through the web site?

    >>> “Catherine Heath of North Carolina responded saying:

    I received my letter from Blue Cross/Blue Sheild yesterday. In order to continue carrying an insurance policy with them, that ‘most closely matches’ the insurance I have been paying $202 per mo. for, I will have to pay $599 per mo. starting Jan 1. I was happy with the insurance I had, I can’t pay the increased premium, so effectively, I’ve lost my private insurance coverage. [My] insurance rates went up in Jan 2013 in anticipation of the Gov Healthcare kicking in in October. It was also more difficult to find a good policy.

    I am a widow on limited income. My hours were reduced. I work a seasonal job, and have to find employment for the winter. I’m afraid this is going to make that job hunt more difficult.:

    • Utter lies you speak. Word coming out now is that the quotes giving out by the HealthCare.Gov exchanges are not only misleading, they are flagrant lies. Tubro G, the NSA has a record of who you are. When this all collapses, we while be indicting before a court of law to explain yourself.

      • Sam you are too dense to conduct a reasonable discussion. I am not happy with Obamacare. I agree it should be shut down and fixed. I am aware that some plan pricing are in error. The best thing is to window shop and wait.

        • I will not respond to your drivel anymore but this was simply Wrong. If you window shop, wait, and accept this it’ll never go away. If people don’t rise up against what’s wrong in the government then it will Never change and this is a country run by the PEOPLE. If the country rose up and revolted when we had an issue with something it would not happen! Again why I am talking with my congressman. To make my voice heard.

        • Preach on choir boy. No one is listen to your dribble anymore. We all know now, from the evidence that the WH ordered the roll-out with about a week’s worth of testing of all the components after order last minute changes. Not even a fool would set a hard deadline, order last minute sweeping changes, and push their programmers up against the wall with no out-of-Beta testing. This ain’t the Feds first rodeo when it comes to Enterprise software. They run several of the World’s largest enterprise networks, invented the Internet, built the 2nd Internet, and now working on the 3rd. BTW. Those are not versions or upgrades of the Internet. They are disparate networks that take the nuts and bolts part of the Government and Institution out of the consumer Public Domain. The 3rd Internet is developed for NSA still activities. Look it up and do some research before you spout your mouth off boy. I used to work in the IT industry with a company that silently built the 2nd one.

      • Sam, you have a screw loose. All of you right wingers respond so faithfully to fear..seems like you all love to be scared about something. You feed off fear….sorta explains the Fox news viewing audience. I can tell my opponent is weak when they go into name calling instead of explaining their position. I see that in this thread and every thread from the right. After awhile and proving my points, jus for fun, I return the favor and use some funny name calling myself. I would not call’s errors lies but Obamacare has too many mistakes in it to roll out. A huge error by Obama. I came on this thread to share and learn. This thread as many others I have been on demonstrates that it is healthy to hear from others who hold positions different than yours. Keep an open mind and put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

        • We all welcome conversation but when you start tossing out Liberal talking points that we have heard since day one of the Obama Administration. Those same talking points that have no substance, not based in facts, and have proven to be erroneous. I tend not to do the name calling but in response to the Liberal diatribe using George W. Bush as a scapegoat for all problems and reasoning why President Obama can’t do his job effectively. We just returned the favor. When the call to arms in Syria came like a resounding trumpet from the White House, all those eviscerations seemingly ceased. No doubt to prevent the parallels of Obama’s reasoning for war with that of Bush’s in Iraq. We stopped the taunts. Then, the Leftist Media started up eviscerating any Conservative Congressmen/women and Conservative groups so we reciprocated in kind. You reap what sow.

  36. “Another anonymous federal government employee told us her premiums increased, and she fears she is in danger of losing access to her doctor. She explained:

    My premiums for our family increased $2400 in 2013. the notification came in Dec. 2012 that due to the impending ACA our family had increased premiums.

    Also, the medical insurance company is denying many of the medications and the procedures that we normally had provided without issue in the prior 5 years. Access to care had decreased while premiums increased”

    well anonymous… Rates did go up slightly in 2013 but had nothing to do with Obamacare. The rates went up because the cost of health care went up. Rates have steadily climbed over the last 10 years for me. Your comment misses the target.

    • By $2400? Seriously? You KNOW that’s a rate based on Obama Care, not normal rates. If that’s what it was it would go up $2400 every year or close to that.

      • wrong Kylie…the ACA does not become active until Jan 1 2014. I doubt this anonymous person can provide a letter proving the lie..of “impending ACA our family had increased premiums”. Contact them and ask…since you think you are so damn smart….ha!

        • God damn are you stupid or what? Everyone on here has been affected financially, you yourself had deductibles be the big thing to go up. Some people have gotten THREE letters bringing up their premiums, deductibles, and rates. They have been preparing for obamacare for a while now and if you say different youre in denial

          • Kylie, wrong again. When someone buys insurance you usually enter a contract on a yearly basis and the rates remain the same during that year. Produce the 3 letters as I want to see them. I will give you my email addy so you can for once prove your point…mkay? ( get ready for some monster excuses out of poor widdle Kaylie)
            I received 1 letter from BCBS stating my policy is being terminated and offering me options for 2014.

          • I didn’t write that they were my letters. Also the term usually shouldn’t be used when you’re trying to prove all. They might not be a usually, not to mention by rates she could be talking about the fact that the insurance coverage she now has has skyrocketed in price for the same coverage, which it has. My friend who’s a special ops war veteran not a letter stating his insyarance had gone up by over $1000 for the same coverage. Before you accuse like the heathen you are, maybe you should read and actually study this stuff. :p

          • Kylie’s words>> “My friend who’s a special ops war veteran not a letter stating his insyarance had gone up by over $1000 for the same coverage”….1) who>> NOT a letter? 2) learn to spell>> “insyarance”….. you are as thick as a box of rocks! Seriously!

          • Haha so because I write not instead of got, and misspell insurance on accident Once vs all the times below and above where it’s spelled correctly you attack me? :p :] haha you are dumb.Not to mention people only bring up grammar and spelling when they have no point to rebuttal because they know they’re wrong. :] so you just helped defend my point, and you proved my earlier remark that while I’ve provided useful information you have only attacked me. :] Thank you.

  37. “Shellie Watkins of North Carolina is self employed, and she said Obamacare has affected her costs:

    BCBS $5000 deductible plan before Obamacare cost me $221, BCBS $5500 Bronze deductible plan after Obamacare cost me $454. Everyone who didn’t have their plan in place before the signing of Obamacare March 10, 2010 loses their existing plans like I did and had to be assigned a new one. I refuse to get a subsidy or assistance so I will pay it. I don’t plan to use it, I have cash doctor and dentist. I don’t want IRS to know my medical future.”

    Well Shellie, the cost for a single healthy female for coverage is about $200/mo. I checked Blue Cross and they offer a Bronze plan for $186 and if you earn less that 45k/year you could get a discount thru Obamacare. Refuse if u like but shop around or pay that high price of $454.

      • My god those costs and wage limits aren’t global and no one on here but you is from Illinois. Go pollute some other site or topic

        • Kylie…you crack me up. It’s really unbelievable how truly stupid you are. Scroll back up to the top and read the topic of this article out loud. duh… 2nd sentence>> ” Please keep your stories coming; we want to hear them so that Washington hears them.” This is a public forum. If you want to add a thoughtful contribution,then do so. Your posts are nothing but childish gibberish.

          • STORIES, not personal information. And I wrote mine. I’ve made way more contribution to this forum then you just as many others below me. I mean seriously have you read your posts??? And you call Mine childish gibberish? HA! :] You went from boring and old back to laughable. Just sad and pathetic. :]

          • Yes Kylie… a few people posted helpful information on this thread. They posted demographic information and are anonymous to all. You, however, decided to go attack dog. I would be willing to bet that YOU will benefit from Obamacare. Contact, find out how much Obamacare will cost your family, then post that information on here. Kylie, provide some useful information for once and grow up.

          • They asked for STORIES. Not your personal/financial information. If people feel safe enough to give it then fine that’s their choice but when your pushing and pushing people like below it crosses a line. Not to mention Obama Care has not just affected people financially. Again they are forcing many people to go against the first amendment since its pay abortion funding, etc fees or get fined by the government increasingly by year starting at over $400. That’s the biggest issue I have. The struggling to get by is how a lot of families are so mine wasn’t super super negatively affected that way. We were affected spiritually because America has freedom to practice/exercise your beliefs but has the awful bill that goes against that. So why don’t YOU grow up and actually read this post and all my comments? :p Again you and the reading… Just awful….

          • if you don’t want an abortion…then don’t get one….your choice. My neighbor has NO business telling me (or anyone) what they should do about what’s going on inside my body. Just like it’s your choice to not provide your insurance story…see how “choice” works? Why don’t you pull up your pants and go work to change the Roe v Wade Supreme court decision? ( you are a joke, kid!)

          • Ok first off if you’re pushing choice on stories you’re a hypocrite because you’ve done nothing but push people to give personal information they do NOT have to put down. Then for abortion I would never! That is MURDER!!!!!! Also when you first posted on here you said you were christian and they don’t believe in abortions so for like the forth time you’ve proved to me you’re not. On top of that its not just the idea of abortions in general and people getting them, its being forced through the government to fund, which is against many religions but Obama doesn’t care! lastly saying I can’t tell you what to do your body is like saying ‘if you don’t want to abuse your child then don’t, but don’t tell me I can’t abuse mine.’ People jump out of their seats in horror that kids get abused but when an innocent baby is beyond abused to MURDERED no one bats an eye. Its an injustice and a crime, people need to see that as well. Just because a baby isn’t born doesn’t mean its not a baby.

          • Also the only reason Roe v Wade happened is because they claimed that because its a woman’s body (14th amendment) that means she controls the baby too. But that isn’t true, they are still their own person with their own future and their own potential and life to live, it shouldn’t be the moms choice to decide if that child will get that future or not. And seriously let’s be honest 90% of people that get abortions do not do it because they will die if they have the baby (which even I’d die in place of my child,its not their fault and they have a whole generation to be apart of and affect) 90% of the time its just selfish stupid people who think of abortion as adoption ‘oh they’re still my kids just unborn and came at the wrong time in my life.’ But that’s not your choice to make if your having sex and prancing around town being a slut, ultimately its Gods choice. But I digress because not only have you proven you’re an idiot and can’t comprehend issues of morals but this isn’t a forum for abortion its a forum to get rid of obamacare

          • Correct Kaylie….this is a forum about insurance….but YOU brought up abortion, no one else but dip stick Kaylie and her big trash mouth!

          • You really think misspelling my name makes you big? :p :] haha ok… And no its a forum on Obama Care and how it affects. Read the top. So the fact that Obama Care takes away my first amendment makes it applicable, and where I started delving to deep in it because You told me to explain the Roe v Wade I let it go because the morality and logistics apply to Obama Care while the details fall closer to an abortion thread. You know just because you don’t read all of my replys doesn’t mean others aren’t, and they know how stupid your posts and replys are.

          • You are so immature… :p are you 12? Seriously, cause you act like it.. And abortion as I stated above applies here. Just the details are better suited for a different forum, which I already said.. So ya, you are seriously stupid…

          • Kaylie = still shits her pants & wears a helmet
            ( I defeated you on the intellectual level and you called me a dumbass, thus I will shut you down on the street level for further satisfaction)

          • Who brought up abortion and strays off topic? Kaylie
            Who writes like a 5th grader and can’t spell? Kaylie
            Who has a trash mouth that they can’t back up? Kaylie

          • I brought up abortion in relation to the first amendment. I write well enough to get my point across and prove I’m right, you’re the one that trash talks and attacks And rants, and can’t read cause I never said I had the letters. Others did. So sorry my dear 12 year old but no one on here takes you seriously and I’m done trying to talk to an idiot. Good day.

          • You lost Kaylie….I kicked your ass, now run along with your tail between your legs while I laugh at you.

          • Kylie you are so far off base it’s ridiculous. The intent of Rosario’s article is to get people to post actual stories about Obamacare impacting their lives. As I have told you 10 times before, if you don’t want to tell your story fine, then read the other’s stories. Your posts are off topic. As I told you before, if you don’t approve of abortion work to change Roe v Wade. You are as dense as a white oak. I wonder how many times your special teacher told you to stay on task.

          • Wow you are dense. I wrote my story quite a few posts back, and my story does NOT have yo meet your standards or be completely financial. You are an idiot and still have not learned how to read. My posts have always been exactly how Obama Care is negatively affecting me and other Americas while your posts simply attack me and give people useless numbers that they can’t use or benefit from. Also, because I’m so off-task as you said the densest wood in the world (not counting petrified) is black ironwood. Part of my art training is carving wood. Then back on topic to your reply – it is without a doubt incredible and pathetic that you would consider the ACA to only impact people financially. Above finances which some aren’t even having an issue with, like the catholic church for example, are all being targeted and struck down religiously through this bill. Because of the things they will be forced to pay for their first amendment is then taken away, and the first amendment is the whole reason we fought for our own country under our own rule so the idea of taking it away with no one stopping them is appalling. Me personally I have a meeting to set up speaking with my congressman about how Obama Care has affected me and many other people in hopes that I am not the only person to exercise that right and talk to him. Also for your Roe v Wade remark – just because a few people deem something ok doesn’t mean it it. Many wormy lawyers have twisted morality and rights in laws to get their way weather they were right or Wong. For example when someone goes through a divorce and wins the case even they They were the bad spouse/cheating drinking whatever. Or in custody battles where a very bad parent still gets visitation rights because they play the biological card. Both cases happen often and don’t end fairly. Not because the court is right but because the lawyers twist things in just the right way to win. Thus your “Roe v Wade” point is invalid on grounds of being the rule for all morality and law when it’s not.

    • It’s North Carolina!!!! – How long have you been living in the RED? Of course you will be paying more than Blue states!!! Premiums are based on by the insurance companies in your state!!!

  38. Many of you don’t understand that BC/BS has several states, each states has its own premium rate. So in State X the premium for BC/BS maybe $454 with ACA/Obamacare and in State Z it maybe only $200.
    Funny how all we heard was how this was going to help people and lower cost. I hve not heard the first story of someone it has helped or someone that has said their premium and deductible decreased. It is constant increase and/or people losing coverage and having to check out ACA/Obamacare which is what the Democrats of big govenment want, they want everyone to be onthe government healthcare (thus making more and more people dependent on the government so that those people can never improve their qualty of life).

    • I agree rates differ from state to state…and even county to county. My premiums stay about the same for a family of 4 but my deductibles went from 1750 to 6000. With 50% of Americans having income of 50k/year…and 18% in the 50-75k range…and according to the estimates I saw from Obamacare there should be $$$ help for some 60% of Americans. If your income for a family of 1 is below 45.9k, you will get some discount via Obamacare….family of 2 is cut off at 62k/yr….family of 3 at below 78k…family of 4 at 94k & below. I posted that estimator chart under this thread. That info covers Sangamon co, Springfield,IL. I think it prudent for people to check out the ACA….btw…I’m not happy because I will now assume more risk for the same money but I will get by.

    • Amen. And it is just awful. A lot of people sadly generalize that just because a site says this is the that it spans nationwide and this isn’t the case. Because of such many from where I live thought they would get hall and even more coverage because they fell under “the line” but they didn’t realize its adjusted to cost of living per area. And I agree I have yet to hear a story of costs going down or coverage going up, and the people that Obama claimed would be benefitting from this are now feeding off my paycheck while me and my family get less coverage. It’s a tragedy, especially when many people have kids with braces or illnesses, or have gotten into an accident and they depend on the coverage that they work hard to pay for.

    • It depends on your state. If it is RED…then will pay more. They don’t want you to share in this great concept called Community or “Civilization”

    • or better yet…try to figure out if the story is real. Most comments on this thread are not factual…but a few have merit except for anything Kylie says..she is total bs.

      • Tops just mad because everything he’s written I’ve come back on and been right about. While he gives no actual information as to how Obama Care is truly affecting people. Also everyone on here has written how it will affect them or that its awful that this is still going on when they know how it will affect others.

    • Also along with many of these stories being personal many people don’t want to divulge things they don’t need to. Because well they don’t need to. This isn’t a forum of put down your numbers and see how your bills rise while your coverage goes down, it’s simply stories of how Obama Care is affecting you and Americans as a whole. So tax payer they can be as anonymous or private as they want, and with you not even giving a name you have no room to talk.

      • Meanwhile…the libs are living better quality lives in flourishing blue states that they run. Not the other way around. Republitard-god fearing bitches! But go ahead…keep praying to god that the republicans will finally come through for you…go on..take as much time as you need. AND as the years trickle on by..and soon you are old..and haven’t reaped the benefits of responsible voting….it’s your own damn folly.

  39. I’m a freelancer, so I’m offered no health
    insurance by any of the companies I work for, sooo I signed up for new
    insurance for myself today. $60 more a month than I WAS paying, but
    where before I had a $3000 deductible, now I have a ZERO dollar
    deductible. The math seems pretty good to me. HealthNet on

    • Nice. But that tell me you fell under the income line for your area. Which isn’t bad, you have gotten better costs somewhat, it seems. Although, just so you know, if the cost has lowered it’s because of two kinds of people. People like me who are now forced to get insurance when they didn’t want it beforehand, and people who have been paying for insurance for quite some time that now have to pay much more money for the same coverage (usually in deductibles, a few in raised monthly costs.) Now I’m all for a positive story, as I wrote before in reply to a woman that I had not seen a lot of positive outcome from the ACA. And still what little I have seen is like you. Now it’s not bad that your care is now more affordable since your deductible is gone. What is bad is that the government is using mine, and other hardworking Americans paychecks to fund your healthcare. Now most people think this is better for Americans because the rich pay for the poor but this is not so. I am above my state’s line by about $2,250 yearly, that’s it. I’m no richer then the next guy. What really happens is they take oh so much from everyone’s paycheck from just under middle class and above (tailored to family size) and use it to pay for people who either are honest good Americans that do their best but truly can not afford health care, or, sadly, mostly, people that just don’t want to do things like finish school, or pursue a higher career, or are into drugs, drinking etc. There is also many, Many other things wrong with Obamacare but you brought up costs so I’m trying to just reply to that. I mean as I said, the fact that your deductibles went away is great, but it went away because other hardworking American’s are paying for you. If you’re ok with that there isn’t much I can say to that effect except that I don’t Want to pay for you; or anyone. I mean if I was one of those very well off people that could effortlessly pay for my husband and baby then ok great cause because there are many people at that income level and they hardly get taxed vs middle class and below that gets the brunt of costs. So for very rich people they can pay and it’s just a swipe at their greed, but those over a certain amount are exempt because of loopholes so they aren’t paying your way I am. My class is. Millions of people that work hard to make enough for their families without being, well… extravagant. I had maybe 100 or 200 after my bills every month to put away for our baby or emergencies, etc., and now we have had to cut back and struggle slightly to break even. I should not have to pay for you, and neither should anyone else on my level. But because I barely go over my state line I have to. That’s not right, and if you made just over the line or above like millions do you would have to pay a lot more to pick up the slack of people like you that are barely under it or below.

      • I fell way ABOVE the income line. I make about $60k per year, I’m 40, and I’m healthy with no pre-existing conditions. And healthy people paying more so that sick people can get care? That’s the definition of “insurance.” And although I’m non-religious, I was raised Christian, and that to me means that the right thing to do is help people who have less than you have.

        • You aren’t helping anyone. :p if you’re so far above the line that you pay less then you’re one of those “extravagant” people I was talking about. You sit back and pay less while people who are middle class pick up the poor people brunt AND the cost YOU won’t pay for because you’re exempt. Wow, you’re just as bad as the poor people sucking on my paycheck. Also, for the record, poor does Not mean sick. We didn’t have insurance before Obama Care by Choice, but if I made so much as 2,250 less a year I’d not only be forced to get insurance I don’t need but get a reduced rate thanks to millions of Americans paying my way. That’s not right. Financially it’s morally wrong to do to the country; teaching people that if they slack off or don’t work just enough to fall under the line then other people that are hard working Americans will pay their way. And it takes away Americans freedom of choice to get it or not. Also, so you know, mister christian duties there’s a charge on every American that goes specifically to paying for abortions which Christians don’t believe in. If you want to pretend life is just about “doing what SEEMS charitable” vs following God then go be Mormon. That’s practically their motto.

          • No it’s not. And you know it’s not. Everyone knows this was designed to fail, even the numbers show it. People over so much pay less even though they are the ones who can effortlessly afford it, then people under the line do nothing and are simply poor not sick and they get discounts and paid for insurance, while the middle class worker (most of America actually.) Is paying for both the bums that won’t make something more of their life and the bums who are rich enough to get exemptions/etc. So ya….. I mean have you heard of a story of someone in working class not paying out the ass for those 2 types of people? Everyone is acting like all of America is deathly sick and poor but this is not the case. Poor does not mean sick and just because a few people happen to fall in the both category doesn’t mean that others should be paying their way for them. I know a bitch of a woman that uses her illnesses (that must not be too bad if when only her kids are looking she’s wrestling and walking around and such while her doctors checkups she can barely stand and is very weak, etc.) to get checks from the government, which she uses along with checks from her church so that she doesn’t haveto get a job. So not really sick and wouldn’t be poor if she started being an adult and get an honest job instead of playing the system. And thousands of Americans do that and worse. Just because I’m paying for your insurance doesn’t mean your a hard working American that is deathly I’ll it means you do just enough to fall under a certain income line and Maybe you’re sick but most likely only a cold here and there that you don’t need insurance for but it’s coming out of my paycheck anyway. Why do people always think poor=sick?……

          • …and if you live in a red state…your state determines your preimiums. I find it funny how I’ve asked many many people along and down this forum to post what state they are in. They do not. You know why they don’t? Becuase they are embarassed because they know their local red governments control their enbarassing premiums. These republicans are doing to to make Obama fail..and you angry at him and they consider you expendable in the process. Get it yet?

          • And yet it doesn’t. Just like every promise that rat has made Obamacare is a sham, not my problems you can’t face the facts and price tag of it.

        • not true…im very sick and they still overcharged me. I am sick without a job and they want me to pay 200 a month; whereas, my friend is only paying 20 bucks a month! and she works.

  40. I’m a registered libertarian. What I’m not seeing from any outlet is what deductibles these people had prior to switching. If they have deductibles of 10k of course they are going to pay more. I still don’t believe they (government) can force anyone to pay for a product they are offering or be fined of they don’t…

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  42. Not affordable? My wife and I just signed up for the best silver plan in NH. $106 a month! If we went Gold it would have been $392

    • I make a six digit paycheck. The cheapest plan for me and my wife was $610 per month. For my family was around $1100 per month (Bronze plan). I can technically afford it but why should I. My family and I are health, I’m in my 30’s, my wife is in her 20’s, we already have three kids and my old plan was less than half the cost. My old plan had a $500 deductible per person while the new plan has a prorated $6000 deductible this year or $11,000 deductible next year. Good for you that you pay almost nothing for healthcare but guess what … the money has to come from somewhere. I’m middle class and am being ripped off.

    • …Well New Hampshire….OF COURSE!!!!!!
      You live in the Northeast where more educated folk vote Democrat!!! You thus REAP the communal benefits of what we call “Civilization.”

      • oh..that wasn’t sarcasm by the way for those really confused people in the crowd. It was full on Legit. Emphasis from Cenk of TYT himself!

  43. My preimum has officially doubled and my deductible is virtually the same. ($5800 instead of $6,000). I’m now on the bronze plan. I HATE obamacare. Eveyrthing about this has been a nightmare, not to mention the fact that I am paying $1,900 a year more in health insurance and am a healthy 35yo male who almost never uses healthcare. Its a total ripoff for me and I am considering just cancelling and taking the penalty. It seems outrageous to pay $3,600 a year for protection from catastrophe.

    • PEOPLE – U need to post what state you are living in. UR state
      laws and insurance companies in those dictate the insurance premiums. The affordable care act does not dictate premiums.

  44. I’m a single, full-time mom on disability. Occasionally, child support comes in on time, when it doesn’t, it covers late fees and overdraft fees for our basic needs: rent, power, telephone, etc. My total monthly income for 3 people in WA State is $1770 and cannot afford $200-$400/m for “affordable care.” What part of that is affordable? I can’t afford to go to the doctor with the bills after Medicaid is paid, I can’t afford medications and have been ill for six weeks, and I am still paying a bill for physical therapy from seven year ago – I quit because I could not afford it. This is just another method to keep poor people poor. If they throw me in jail, will I get free medical?

    • PEOPLE – You need to post what state you are living in. Your state laws and insurance companies in those dictate the insurance premiums. The affordable care act does not dictate premiums.

  45. The last time i had insurance (it was through my job) I paid several hundred dollars a month and had a pretty high deductible (I don’t remember the exact numbers because it was a while ago and I have been through a lot since then). Now, through the NY State exchange, based on my income for the year, I was able to sign up for a “silver” plan that has a $0 deductible, co pays in the $10 -$20 range, and I pay a monthly premium under $60 (after subsities). This IS more afordable than my old plan!

    • YEP…this is called VOTING BLUE!!!…Historically. New York and a lot of the Northeast states are reaping the benefits of the new bill…because we don’t let our politicians rule us.

  46. My husband and I are both over age 55. Together we make 85,000 a year but pay 26,000 in child support. Yet our healthcare premium is based on income we don’t actually have and certainly can’t afford even the cheapest coverage at around $800. We very much need health insurance. If we were allowed to reduce our income for child support our premiums would be about $250 a month which we would be very happy to pay! it seems really frustrating to have no way to get affordable healthcare and have to pay 1% of our income on top of that as a penalty. We have had no insurance for the past few years as my husband is self employed and I am not eligible for my employer’s health plan. We are so disappointed and had really been looking forward to getting insurance.

  47. I may be in a minority here, but, the small business that employs me has always provided healthcare insurance at no cost to me. No premium, no deductible and it is very good insurance. at 53 years old, and with chronic IBD, I make several trips to my doctors each year to maintain my medications, screenings, etc. While the company offered insurance to everyone that wanted it, they don’t pay for everyone as they do me and many of my co-workers that have been there for 20 years as we have. I was told by our VP that later this year, we had to go into the local exchange for our insurance, as the company cannot provide insurance for everyone and will have to reduce the number of employees, pay the fines and most likely lay people off to try to stay in business. After going on the ACA website, I found that I make too much to get any subsidies and that my premium will be nearly $800 a month as an individual (I am counting the monthly premium and the deductible, as I will use the entire deductible with my health problems) I am single and have no children, so I wouldn’t be on a family plan. Even though I make a good income, I will not be able to pay my mortgage and pay for the insurance along with my other monthly expenses. I am curious to see how many others will be in the same boat when everything is implemented for business nationwide later this year. I expect that I will be without insurance, or without a house to live in. I feel doomed either way.

    • What state are you in? Have you been voting Democrat in your state?
      The answer is in both of those questions.

  48. Just received my Kaiser Renewal package for 2014. $ 1608.00 for me and my spouse. In 2008 I paid $ 335.00 for just myself. . Since OBAMA and Hillary mentioned this plan, my rates have only increased. Affordable ? My ass,

    That is nearly HALF of MY take home pay. Then I have Rent (2) rents, Parking, Utilities, Food, Fuel, Car Payments, Auto Insurance . SO What is affordable about this people ?

  49. The health care in America is very expensive and irrational.US need to see their health care which is getting wors day by day.My husband and I are both over age 55. Together we make 65000 a year but pay 15,000 in child support.This is very annoying really.

  50. I signed up for Obamacare around Feb and the website directed me to get disability due to my illnesses of IBS, GERD, Hiatal Hernia, Gallbladder Disease and sores in my mouth. After I sent my information in I was turned down. I understand that has to do with the state; however, after I received the letter I tried to sign up for healthcare and I do not have a job and my premium is around 200 dollars for a Catastrophic Plan. How can I pay for this? I dont have a job! I need health care but i cant afford this! It seems the companies found out my ailments and jacked up the price. The person I talked to from Obamacare said it had to do with my taxes. I didnt file taxes for as long as ive been out of work. I dont know what I am going to do. I have all these ailments and noone to help me.

    • What state are you in? If it’s a Red State…then a lot of people historically have voted against your own’s a problem there because your congressmen and governor are probably working with the Koch Brothers and Insurance companies against something that is supposed to work for you. The less people that are in the insurance pool….the more expensive it is…so that is why states and your representatives need to get on the bandwagon with it. The more people are sharing the costs..the less it is for everyone. I’m are probably in one of these states. There are plenty other states enjoying the new benefit. I have a colleague in NYC that was paying $800 a month for his family…when Oct rolled around..his insurance company called him and were forced to offer larger coverage at half the price. We are mostly democratic/Blue here in NYC..therefore we have more public services, coverage and backup plans for our citizens.

  51. You all need to let us know WHICH STATE you are in so we can guage who is naughty and who is nice to it’s own citizens!

      • …and in that statement alone….you just told the WORLD that you have no basic understanding of how presidential powers work, nor how congress makes a bill into a law AND basic civics 101 for that matter. Not to mention how policies are made in your state. It’s now time to go back and watch your SchoolHouse rock.. “I’m just a Bill….”

        • You still haven’t told US which state you are in. YOU can start a movement in your state! But you have to admit FIRST that your communities have fucked up and voted for the wrong party over 30+ years…ONLY Then can you begin to heal and fix the problem.

  52. Michigan what I don’t understand if I’m insured by employer X and money is removed from a pay check to pay for and have this insurance and I get a job with employer Y also why do I have to also get other insurance with employer Y and have more money taken out of this pay check. My opinion I am being forced to double insure myself or getting double billed. And I did not need Obama Care the same employer and Insurance coverage for 28 1/2 years.

    • Thank your fuckin lucky stars you are on TWO plans. Real poor poeple who don’t even have access to jobs in their ares in Tennessee can’t even afford one! You practicaly will pay NOTHING for any ailments you end up having. WOW. And you are complaining?!?! WTF.

  53. Insurance increased more than double since Obamacare went into effect. My deductible went from 2500 to 7500. This is a travesty for the American people. The only ones winning are those that are on welfare or are lower income. The middle class Americans are getting screwed once again! Thanks President Obama!

    • Maybe in YOUR state. If you are in a RED state..then YES….your politicans are against you. Health insurance is on a state to state basis. The Affordable Health Care Act states that you cannot be denied insurance due to an existing condition AND that a percentage of monies collected as premiums MUST be spent on Actual Health Care. Sounds like you need to start looking at your problems in your own state’s back yard!!! New York, Vermont, Massachussets….have dirt cheap and more comprehensive health care BECAUSE of our LOCAL reprsentatives that we voted in. We made sure they are NOT on the side of the corporation. Now…get to work in your own back yard!!!

      • blew… I looked at all your posts. What, do you work for Obama or something? Drop all the politics and get real. Not everyone lives in a state that is populated by more than half the Midwest. Those in smaller states may never have the numbers to get your kind of prices. Don’t you see, THAT IS THE PROBLEM. It serves big population states (where Demoncrats can get more votes), and hurts your down-to-earth, everyday hard-working American. I just want my group insurance back like it was before. I’m so mad I feel like we’ve all been FACE f’d by Obama… He sure shoved this down our throats, didn’t he? Enjoy New York you freak’n yuppie.

          • DUH! Everyone knows republicons have been trying to get rid of the Affordable Heath Care Act. That’s not’s only been repealed in over 40 attempts on Congress… BTW do you know who the Heritage Action for America is run by? Talk about ignorant!! These people don’t want you to have ANY BENEFITS and would love you to have NO social security when you are old….or even no sense of ANY security. They would care less if your grandmother was starving and dying in the street. Why do you think social security was started? Because people were dying and sick in the street. Gee! I wonder why Heritage Action wants people to be sick and not have accesst o affordable heatlh care? Go ahead and roll that one around in your head. Take all the time you need.

            Oh by the way..I was born in Michigan. Grew up in Novi. So FU!

          • You are obviously either a paid troll, or the lowest of voters. Obamacare has NOT BEEN VOTED ON 40, or 50 times for REPEAL. I know Obama said 50, but he lied again. And your HUFF POST, POLITICUS, SALON, and ALL THE OTHER low information PROPAGANDA sites, repeat the LIE! Then you people think you know what your talking about. Actually it’s been voted on 6 times for Repeal., there have been other votes to FIX parts of Obamacare, but HARRY REID ( the true obstructionist) in the Senate won’t allow any votes on any of the over 300 bipartisan bills the house has passed. You should find alternate new sources, you really need to know the truth and facts, you look foolish.

      • No true I live in CA! Too expensive and don’t qualify for a subsidy, yet I can’t afford the premiums, let alone the Deductable or Out of pocket. So either way I would be forced to file medical bankruptcy if something happened. Why PAY????

  54. We would like to have another child. When we had our first, our hospital bill for the delivery, after insurance, with no deductible, was $450. Ever since the ACA cancelled my old insurance and I had to pick a new one off the exchange, our maternity coverage has a $20k deductible… which we just don’t have. It’s a little frustrating that, because some employers don’t want to cover their voluntary workers’ birth control, that means they’re trying to control womens’ bodies. But, when the government creates a sweeping reform that makes it financially impossible for some people to have children, that’s okay.

    • We want to have one child. Just one. But because of the same reason, we can’t afford to physically have it. It’s like they are trying to prevent births.

  55. My husband and I are 55 worked factory jobs for 33 years,but because of plants moving out of the country or out of state or closing the doors,its been (4)different places in that time.All had outstanding insurance very little deductibles,this year my husbands employer closed the doors after 20 plus years and 5 weeks vacation earned my husband had to start from scratch! “This is telling you something about our economy people”
    So back to “insurance” his new job now (2014) he took $9.00 cut in pay,travels 4 times the distance and will never climb to what he was making and started from scratch on vacation (what a kick in the stomach). Insurance just started being deducted for the two of us and the increase from what we were paying has increased us by 24% and our deductible to $2000. We are a hard working family,even on hard times always worked our way through it,never asking for help and thank goodness we didn’t have to. But our system has to change,we are not even middle class,never between the two of us made $50k a year! And raised a family! I hear more and more people’s companies raising rates and deductibles ever since Obama care! and now its come reality for us.Why doent the government make it so employers who offer great Insur with affordable deductable some kind of tax break or something! I’ve also heard people say I just wont go to the Dr.!See whats happening. And the people receiving assist, I get it but I know some who will never try to get off it ,they know the system and are playing it, lets make it work,why do we not ask them to volunteer (a requirement to receive it) you must volunteer at a soup kitchen or salvation army or what ever to receive!!!!! I don’t want to hear from the government, well then we need to pay some to be in charge of that,well so be it! I guarantee if you make it a requirement to volunteer,they might change there mind and work. Just fix the system!!

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  57. Hey I’m a young man who is fresh starting his life and i recently found out about this thing i mean the only bill i ever paid was my phone bill been on my own since 17 and i still dont have my own place i live in my friends backyard for sake never filed taxes before finnaly finding out how to do that but when your young the world doesn’t take you seriously so how can i get somewere in life i was depending on my tax return this year to finnaly get my own place and lice comfortly

    • Sorry accidentally hit post… Now I’m not even sure what I’m getting back i mean i can still get insurence i guess but i thought that was my choice i mean personally i hate doctors but one day i see myself with a family of my own and makeing enough to support my own i dont even know why any of this is in place i mean homeless people arnt getting help they need in other countries doctor’s are free why because the entire country pays for it i mean taxes may be high there but anybody can get help tho i mean that coud of been done here sure people would complain at first but all in all our money would be well spent but this is i can’t make heads of any of this the point I’m trying to make is why do I have to pay if I don’t have the insurance that you guys want me to have I’m struggling enough just to keep myself alive I don’t know what to do I just don’t know that’s all I have to say long as somebody who is this I guess

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