Do You Support Tax Hikes?

The Washington Post has a provocative headline this morning: “Poll: Majority of Republicans OK with revenue increases.”

After asking a series of questions about the debt, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation poll conducted by Global Strategy Group asked respondents: “If both parties were to agree on a long-term solution on the national debt, I would support it, even if it includes revenue increases that I don’t agree with.”  54-percent of self-identified Republicans agreed.

Word choice matters here, and the decision to use “revenue increases” as opposed to “tax increases” was intentional (every word in a poll is carefully chosen).  Peterson’s spin on the poll was that everyone wants “a majority of voters in both parties are willing to give ground on key issues in order to achieve a much desired, long-term fiscal solution.”  To arrive at those polling results, the questions whitewashed the policy prescriptions being discussed, i.e., tax increases.

Pollsters understand “tax increases” are unlikely to poll as well as “revenue increases.”  This is not controversial.

In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find an Obama surrogate talk about “tax increases.”  A couple weeks ago, Vice President Joe Biden’s former chief economist Jared Berstein argued on CNBC that the Obama administration is “not interested in raising tax rates.  We’re interested in closing loopholes.”  Proponents of big government understand the word “tax” is met with reflexive opposition, so they try to sell their increased confiscation of private property in more glowing terms.

Witness the debate over the internet sales tax.  The legislation is dubbed the Marketplace Fairness Act.  Big-box retailers are pushing it through the Marketplace Fairness Coalition.  Yet, when Gallup asked about “a law that would allow each state to collect sales taxes on purchases its residents make online over the Internet,” only 39-percent are in favor.  That includes just 34-percent of Republicans and just 27-percent of adults under 30 years old.

Make no mistake, this poll is part of an effort inside Washington to put tax hikes – what the ruling class dubs revenue increases – back on the table.

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Left tries to sell increased confiscation of private property in more glowing terms. #haction

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Pollsters understand “tax increases” are unlikely to poll as well as “revenue increases.”

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There's an effort inside Washington to put tax hikes back on the table. #haction

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7 thoughts on “Do You Support Tax Hikes?

  1. NO! Giving Washington more money is the same as giving drug addicts more heroin, they will simply use it for their own satisfaction.

  2. Online sales tax collection is NOT a tax hike.

    Online sales tax collection is simply an effort to minimize tax evasion.

    FACT: Sales tax is already due on all internet purchases (in 46 states). If an online retailer fails to collect the sales tax due at the time of sale, the consumer is expected to self-report and remit the equivilent “use tax”. Unfortunately, but understandably, most consumers do not know this.

    Despite Heritage Action’s portreyal, online sales tax collection is a non-partisan issue, as demonstrated by the coalition of more than 300 businesses, industry organizations, and municipal governements calling for action by Congress.

    The Marketplace Fairness Act is sponsored by almost 100 members of Congress from both sides of the aisle. The time has come for members of Congress to ensure out-of-state retailers (non-constituents) are no longer allowed to exploit the decades old supreme court ruling allowing them to not collect sales tax while local retailers (constituents) are required to collect sales tax on sales to the exact same consumer for the exact same product.

    To put this issue in very simple terms: The only think worse than taxes, are people evading taxes legitimately due. Surely, Heritage Action does not believe tax evasion is good public policy!

    • Use tax is due. And the states may feel free to enforce their own tax laws. States have made very little effort to follow up on this because it’s unpopular to go after their own citizens.

      Real-world, it is a tax hike if a tax has never been collected then suddenly is. The money still departs the consumers’ wallets the same way.

      The Marketplace Fairness Act is rapidly becoming useless revenue-wise as so much of e-commerce is dominated by big box retailers with physical presence. Amazon now collects tax from a majority of the population and will continue to increase as they build more warehouses.

      Your business model depends entirely on this intrusive and burdensome legislation passing and is only the first step in being a toll collector for remote sales. Your recent pitch to investors tells the real story, the market for your services is 3.5 million remote sellers…a tidbit certainly not mentioned by any of the Pro-MFA camp. The definition of rent-seeking.

  3. Cutting unnecesary spending is good, but after cuts in place we must raise taxes on upper income earners while lowering income taxes on low and middle-class earners. Low and middle income earners will always spend their income and boost the economy. Millionaires and billionaires invest much of their income in Treasuries which only add to our debt, don’t help economy at all.

    • Hi low income person
      Not knowing anything about financial workings is one way of staying poor. I know my father was the same way,

      • John, my income is roughly in the top 10% and I have 2 degrees in engineering and law. My degrees are not in economics but most economists will tell you that the high tax rates in the 1950s and 1960s were instrumental in leading to the large middle class and the lesser degree of income equality. We need to go back to those days. If you want to discuss this off-line, I’ll send you me e-mail address and we can discuss in more detail.

        • Hi
          I am really confused now, if the Treasury did not need the money, they would not offer notes. So how is the fault of millionaires?
          YES high tax rates, but JFK was going to lower the rates, but he got shot before that happen. Then you have the war on poverty, by LBJ, it started the enslaving of people. My family was part of that enslavement, and it ruin a few lives. Everything that LBJ touch turned to failure, the Vietnam War, and the War on Poverty. We have spent TRILLIONS on poverty it worse than any other time. So when people ask for tax dollars to keep those programs going it drives me crazy.
          The real problem is the Federal Overhead, when I hear some person saying that we need to have the Feds run a program, and not the state, I know that they do not understand economics.
          You are adding 50% or more to the program, just having the Feds run the program. “It’s the Overhead, Stupid”, for anyone that insist that is a good Idea.

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