Morning Action: President Obama Would Love Congress to Forget About Obamacare

OBAMACARE.  President Obama and his Administration are eager for Americans to sign up for Obamacare, even though it’s a failure.  But the law is already impacting Americans negatively across the country:

Americans are already feeling the impact of Obamacare. Some are being forced to find new insurance plans and new doctors, or can’t afford the higher premium costs.Others are losing hours at work because employers can’t afford to provide the government-approved health care.

Despite the evidence, President Obama has chosen to ignore the American people and their concerns.

But we know these problems are real and we’re listening. It’s crucial every American understands the future of health care under Obamacare. That’s why we continue to ask you to share how Obamacare has affected you.

The Heritage Foundation has compiled stories of people who have one unified message on Obamacare: it must be stopped.

SUPERCOMMITTEE.  There are reportedly low expectations for success coming out of a newly formed supercommittee in the House to work out a deal on the debt limit and government funding – in reality, it would likely only serve to distract from the issue of Obamacare:

With Democrats deriding the premise and some Republicans doubtful at the prospects for success, the House voted to create a new Bipartisan Working Group on Deficit Reduction and Economic Growth on Tuesday evening.

Just hours after GOP leaders floated the concept with rank-and-file Republicans at their weekly meeting, the House approved, 224-197, the bill to have 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans from both chambers hash out a litany of disagreements over government spending and debt.

Two Democrats voted with Republicans on the creation of the working group, while five Republicans broke party ranks to stand in opposition.

President Obama is not going along with the GOP’s idea of creating a supercommittee to deal with the budget because he does not want to make any concessions:

President Barack Obama dismissed the House GOP’s newest idea of creating a supercommittee to deal with budget, suggesting it was a ruse to force Democrats to agree to concessions in return for reopening the government and raising the debt ceiling.

But he indicated he is open to signing short-term extensions of the debt limit and government spending.

Heritage Action’s Dan Holler explains:

The idea [of forming a super committee] has resurfaced because, after near-constant negotiations with Republicans over fiscal issues in 2011, President Obama has decided he will no longer negotiate.  According to an official read out, “The president called the speaker again today to reiterate that he won’t negotiate on a government funding bill or debt limit increase.”

Americans understand this is an unreasonable position, which is precisely why the process should not recede behind closed doors in the Capitol or the White House.  Doing so would hide the Obama administration’s obstinance and congressional Democrats’ obstruction, both of which are on full display right now.

Equally concerning, a backroom process would only serve to push Obamacare to the margins, an outcome the President and some in Congress would welcome.  But as Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham explained last week, President Obama’s “reckless behavior should not breathe life into misguided dreams for a grand bargain.”  The goal, Needham said, remains the same: “Congress should ensure not another dime of taxpayer money is spent on Obamacare.” 

OBAMA & HOUSE DEMS. The President is currently refusing to negotiate with Republicans, but he is taking to the time to talk to House Democrats:

President Barack Obama has invited House Democrats to the White House for a meeting to discuss the government shutdown and the debt limit today at 4:30 p.m., and he will invite other caucuses in the coming days, according to a White House official.

The meetings come as the president has refused to negotiate concessions with the GOP as long as the government is shut down and with the threat of default looming. The president has come under criticism for not talking more to members of Congress in recent days, however, even as he canceled his trip to Asia to deal with the crisis, and that appears to be starting to change.

WIND FARMS.  Federal wind production tax credits are set to expire on December 31; while conservatives understand there should not be a wind production tax credit at all, those who stand to benefit from them in the wind industry are concerned:

Several energy tax incentives — including the production-tax credit that has helped the wind power industry grow — are scheduled to expire on Dec. 31.

The production tax credit for renewable energy power production has its fair share of vocal boosters and detractors. In January, Congress changed how project developers can claim the credit, allowing them wiggle room to “begin construction” on their facilities by the end of the year, rather than requiring them to start delivering electricity to the grid by the expiration date.

The language change takes some of the pressure off lawmakers to ensure an extension before Jan. 1, though industry observers say a lapse would still curtail the number of wind farms — by far the biggest beneficiary of the production tax credit — built next year.

Heritage explains:

As the federal budget debate continues to heat up, one of the contentious energy policy battles is over the extension of the wind production tax credit (PTC), a 2.3-cents-per-kilowatt-hour handout that is awarded to wind producers and other qualifying sources and continues for a decade after initial production.

Proponents of the subsidy are yet again calling for an extension or a multi-year phase-out, but Congress should refrain from extending or phasing out the preferential treatment for wind and instead remove all targeted tax credits for all energy sources and technologies. And Congress should broadly lower tax rates to create a competitive environment that allows the best technologies to provide affordable, reliable energy for Americans.

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8 thoughts on “Morning Action: President Obama Would Love Congress to Forget About Obamacare

  1. Genius! Yes, do it. Competition, on an equal level, will prove what is best and most economical for the consumer. Unless of course, you are a wind farmer!

  2. you people are f#### in the head!!!! The affordable health care act or as you call it Obama Care is a god send to a lot of people except you rich a#$%$ holes that think you can get away with this crap!!!, but one good thing comes out of this you WILL lose next year, we will regain control thanks to YOUR STUPIDITY!….LOL

  3. Do you folks post your financial support and congressional and other campaign donation information here online? You say, among other things, that “big-government special interests have dominated Washington, D.C. for too long” and also that you focus on policy reform and not throwing money at candidates.

    Where does your primary funding come (would that be the Heritage Foundation?) and who are the special interests groups that you represent?
    I guess I’m being facetious here as I expect that you’ll give me the lame answer and point me in some other direction to get the information. Or is it that Heritage Action is the mouthpiece post-election and Heritage Foundation does all the campaign string pulling pre-election? I really don’t know but intend to look into it further.

    Two things are certain:

    1. Most Americans are fed up with all the double talk, blame game, forked tongue,
    lying, condescending vague explanations and all the smoke and mirrors that we
    get from all of you ‘guys’ in D.C.


    People ARE getting smarter and although it’s a sad testament of our society,
    some of us are realizing that we had become complacent and can no longer trust
    our news media, our politicians nor the very businesses that depend on because
    every time someone turns a corner, those with the deep pockets are putting
    through the some other legislation at the expense of the American peoples
    health, liberties and especially pursuit of happiness. I’ve been trying
    to educate everyone I know to stop listening and start looking it
    up. Look for the real data and information before you buy into any
    of the ‘stories’ that the media, organizations like yours or the
    politicians try to feed us.

    For example, Ms. Rosario taking the President’s comments out of context in her ‘article’ above. Please show me the ‘official read out’. Sorry to blow your
    cover but most American’s know and accept and support that the President isn’t going to ‘negotiate’ any more components of the ACA which had already been prostituted out to appease the Republican Party to get it passed. Now you want to delay after you passed it? Really? I don’t even think this is about the ACA. I think
    the Tea Party wants to undo democracy. Most Americans realize
    that the latest tactic of demanding ‘equal treatment’ with big business is just
    that…. a tactic to delay. Certainly not anything any of you cared about until you pulled it out of your…ummm….hat a week ago. And most of the people in the U.S. won’t have to do anything or will find it better just as we found Romneycare better. It wasn’t the end of the world. The ACA may not be perfect but it’s in its current form thanks in part to the contributions of the Republican Party. The penalties are
    really insignificant and wish the media would do their homework but
    again we need to do this ourselves because none of you care about the people
    really want or the truth. To me that’s clear. If you’re so concerned about
    policy, then why not encourage the House to do their job and work with the
    Senate later to make the ACA better. If you’re so concerned about the
    people, why not tell your cohorts to extend the Medicare portion in their
    states which account for the biggest drain on the healthcare systems due to the
    large number of uninsured poor. But hey that’s not what you want is
    it? AND finally,

    2. The American people are getting fed up with the blatant
    ineffectiveness and hypocrisy of Congress and those influences upon them mainly the special interest groups such as yours and who those groups really represent.
    For example (from various sources, Think Progress, Huff and other not so left sources ‘Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham conceded, “We should raise the debt limit.” “We’d give the speaker some flex on a short-term debt limit increase,” Needham said; though he went on to say that Heritage will oppose a budget continuing resolution that does not defund the health care law. “We’d be opposed to anything that would be considered a long-term debt limit increase, anything that goes beyond the 2014 election.”

    Who is the ‘WE’ in that statement? Certainly
    not ‘We the People’ And WHO are YOU to be telling Congress what you’ll allow
    them to do?!

  4. Not true at all. Americans love the ACA according to polls. Do you actually even know what it does? Most people don’t, but love it when they do:

    ACA allows young Americans to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26 – as they pursue graduate degrees (which they should) they can reduce overall costs – polling says 75% of US likes this element

    ACA bans insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions – been a horrific problem for years. Some companies even drop people for gaining weight – 83% approve this

    ACA requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance – 75% approve

    ACA offers tax credits to small businesses (less than 50) to buy insurance – 88% approve

    ACA provides State-based health insurance exchanges – didn’t the GOPs want honest competition among insurance companies? 80% approve

    The GOPs urgency to defund Obamacare is because they know what will happen when people actually learn more about it – they will love it!

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