Cloakroom: October 14 – October 18

House Cloakroom

Analysis:  Over the past several weeks, the House passed several bills to fund the entire government while defunding/delaying/undermining Obamacare and then nearly a dozen bills to fund various government agencies and functions like Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the national parks.  These solutions have been rejected by President Obama and the Senate each and every time.  Things remain up in the air this week as the Senate continues to negotiate, but there is some evidence to suggest the House is once again beginning to focus on Obamacare, which is the reason the government remains shutdown.

Major Floor Action:

  • TBD – likely multiple bills to address government spending, the debt ceiling and Obamacare.

Senate Cloakroom

Analysis: According to press reports, the deal making is focused on the Senate.  Even so, President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13%’s refusal to acknowledge Obamacare is hurting the American people remains a sticking point.  Over the weekend, a moderate Republican Senator complained “I have bent over backwards to try to listen and accommodate and modify my plan” only to have it rejected.   Action on a potential deal could come as early as Sunday evening, though some are now predicting it could linger into the middle of the week.

Major Floor Action:

  • TBD – likely multiple bills to address government spending, the debt ceiling and Obamacare.
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4 thoughts on “Cloakroom: October 14 – October 18

  1. Harry Reid and Obama to not care about the people they care about getting their way. Why would it hurt to delay Obama care for one year until the kinks are worked out?

  2. I should have added that I don’t want Obama and Reid’s medicine and will work 10 jobs if I have to, to pay for my own insurance or pay the fine. Oh I forgot it is a tax!

  3. Obvious Obama & Reid more interested in the politics of using Shutdown to harm Repubs & bring them to their knees in submission hoping to break any attempt to ever challenge them again. No interest in doing whats right for the country. GOP needs get a strategy & go on Offense.

  4. The permanent Shutdown and Overthrow of the United States government by American and foreign Nazi Party Ideologists has been executed in various stages since President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order No: 12333 on December 4, 1981, Ref: – Part 2 – Conduct of Intelligence Activities at 2.7 – “Allowing” Contracting Out- National Intelligence and federal law enforcement functions to private contractors who became aligned with organized crime vendors – Mobster controlled companies, like Paragon Security, Southern Security Specialists, D.S.I. Security, and L3, et al. – now in control of guarding the NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, Social Security and other U.S. agencies.

    These very private (offshore companies) with $500+ billion in annual contracts control the security apparatus of the United States and are aligned in lock-step with the Russian Mafia from the Ukraine and we have been compromised.

    These thugs are the people who smuggled cocaine through Tepper Aviation and other companies into the United States,committed hundreds of murders, bribed state and federal judges, politicians, government employees, looted the Treasury 3 times and destroyed the moral fabric of America starting on that date in 1981 when Attorney General Edwin Meese requested Reagan to sign off on his order. Mr.Meese is now on the Hill and issued the fateful call to Ted Cruz and the true believers.

    Their master-plan to revive the “Third Reich” was foretold in advance by KGB defector Anatoily Golitsyn and it is now complete and “the match has been lit by young Nazi Turks” inside the U.S. Senate, the Heritage Foundation and allies. My fellow Americans are about to witness the public trials and hangings of the many co-conspirators. This is not politics it is treason against the people of America and the world.

    Their plan was put together by Nazi survivors of World War II, “Hitler’s Children” who still believe in racial purity, closet pedophile behavior, money and unabated hatred in sellable forms.

    President Obama is no fool he has sent his enemies and their co-conspirators home to watch their comrades in arms die at the hands of the United States Army who he has retained in place to defend the Constitution of the United States and the notion that democracy is alive and not for sale. It has been a long journey for me to witness this plan up close and very personal.

    By John Burt Caylor – Investigative Journalist

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