Action Alert: Tell Us How Obamacare is Hurting You


At Heritage Action our goal is to ensure that your Members of Congress hear directly from you. That’s why we want to hear how Obamacare has affected you.

If you want to share your story, make a video that’s under one minute. Just use the camera on your computer, upload the video to YouTube and send us the link in the form below. We will use you’re your story to tell Harry Reid that he should shutdown Obamacare, not the government.

Start your video by saying “This is how Obamacare has affected me” and end with “Harry Reid, shutdown Obamacare, not the government”.

If you don’t want to make a video, feel free to write out your story and submit it that way.

Thank you holding your Members of Congress accountable.

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157 thoughts on “Action Alert: Tell Us How Obamacare is Hurting You

  1. Not
    a video, but a comment: Just got our renewal notice from Blue Cross
    Blue Shield of NC. Our current insurance does not comply with Obamacare
    so they are giving us the closest plan to what we have. The monthly
    premium only went up 127% ($518 to $1,176) but to make up for the
    increase in premium, the family deductible when up too ($10,000 to
    $11,000)…nothing like paying more for less.

    • Feel your pain, the same thing happened to us only it’s not so much that your plan didn’t match the “new regime” but rather they had to fit you into the new cost profile which your other plan didn’t fit due to the rate not being high enough.

    • It’s the same thing over and over from family to family. You see all of the trolls here proclaiming how great Obama*care is but they are either people who simply don’t work (Obama*’s main base.) or haven’t gotten the news yet about what their premiums are going to be. Obama*care’s passing is going to be the undoing of the Democrats in 2016. The senate races are heating up in many of the states where Dems have been in office for some time, Republicans have numbers now that they haven’t seen in senate races in decades in some states. All of the BS that you hear about Republican approval rating is worthless, it’s the actual races that one has to look at to realize that The Tea Party Republicans are on par to succeed in 2016 in greater numbers than we did in 2010. It’s a time to be excited and a time to hold out hope because the future for the country is looking up. All of the people that are used to sitting back playing video games all day without even trying to find or CREATE WORK are going to be in for a rude awakening because able bodied people will not be living on our dime much longer.

    • I just love the surveys. The questions automatically guides people to think of the worst with no fair choices. Obama care: lost my job, layed people off, reduced hours at work. Its obvious they don’t give people the freedom to a wider and open selection. Tainted.

      • That’s what the text boxes are for. I know, it’s pretty complex stuff but at least you’re here so you’ll know where to come back and say you are sorry when all shit breaks loose and you see what is in store for your grand-daughter who will live in a tenement house with rats and cockroaches because of the debt you idiots are in favor of. Shame on the Democrats and some of the Republicans for doing this to our descendants. Thank God I will not have to lie to my descendants when they ask why my generations government was so damned evil to put them into debt before they were even conceived. Are you people so stupid that you have completely forgotten about morals and the I WANT MY CHILD’S LIFE TO BE BETTER THAN MINE human sense of all that’s right with life? IT WOULD APPEAR SO.

        • Downgrading (if not destroying our economy) is not a smart way to improve your child’s life… thank spineless Boehner and the TP for that.

        • Ditto, remember your talking to the parents of the ME generation. We cut back now the kids will suffer and OH MY gosh, it’s hard to learn to live within your means as this Spoiled Brat Lazy welfare people are doing…… welfare: food stamps, wic, and AFDC. And let’s not forget the morally challenged freeloaders who recently went on a spending spree when their EBT cards had a malfunction. Stop welfare! Make people work even if it’s picking up trash in the National Parks.

      • I’m neither a taker nor a non-working American. I work 40+ hours a week and I’m a full time college student. I have coverage through my job, which has not changed at all due to Obamacare. What has changed is several friends of mine who work at a plant nearby can now afford insurance. Before Oct. 1st, the cheapest plan available to them cost, on average, about $600 a month. This was the employees share, and doesn’t include what the company paid, which was considerably more. When you only earn $13/hr, this comes out to 1/4th of your income. However, no other insurers will cover the plant due to several expensive cancer patients over the last few years. The owners literally apologized to the employees, and told them that after extensive shopping around, no other insurance company would offer them coverage. This is a facility that employs about 120 people. Now these people can actually afford healthcare. Don’t get me wrong, we could have done much better than Obamacare, but the people you are bitching about – non working freeloaders – have long since been getting health care.

        • No they still can’t afford insurance. The rest of the Country is supplementing their insurance. Without reaching into their friends wallet and taking his/her hard earned money they would still not have coverage. They also have the option of finding another Job. After all $13?

      • That’s where Obama* and Reid have been hanging out since about the fourth bill the house sent over that Harry Reid will not even put up for a vote…


        Responding to the people’s will, House Republicans first voted to fund all of government — except Obama*care. Obama* refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it.

        Then the Republicans voted to fully fund the government, but merely delay the implementation of Obama*care for one year. Obama* refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it.
        Finally, the Republicans voted to fully fund the government, but added a requirement that everyone live under Obama*care. No more special waivers for Congress and their staff, and no waivers for big business without the same waivers for individuals.

        Obama* refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it. So as you can see, Republicans are the big holdup here.
        Ann Coulter — DEMOCRATS TO AMERICA: WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT — October 9, 2013

        • you have no idea what the “people’s will” is
          that’s the gop’s will.
          seems like the people re-elected the founder of “obamacare” and not the moron that said he would ‘repeal’ it.
          how is that??????

          • The People also re-elected and elected for the first time Representatives from the Right. So they must all do their JOB’s and Negotiate a solution. When Obama was elected he and Reid were not elected as a Dictator. Is it possible that the will of the People has change since Obamacare was passed. Would be Good to fix the problems since we finally get to read it after it was passed to see what we get. After all just the website was estimated at $93 million and we have spent over $500 million to date and what did we get?

        • The Right that whines about their life in the ‘wood shed’ should think about why they are there. The did not receive the ‘people’s’ support and now want to bypass the democratic process and attempt to ‘rule’ by temper tantrum. For those who tend to ‘wrap themselves in the flag’, the far right tend to have the least grasp of the Constitution and the democratic process.

    • No kidding. Harry Reid needs to stop his BS and get the government running again. I’m about sick of The Obama*-Reid Government Shutdown at this point.
      *President Obama* will forever go down in history as the asterisk president because of the campaign laws that he broke with the help of top level IRS employees in illegally aquiring information about and having the IRS deny Tea Party and other Conservative Groups with the tax exempt status they were fully qualified for. Had these laws not been broken, the outcome/winner of the 2012 Presidental Election may well have been different. We will never know, thus PLEASE, WHENEVER YOU WRITE THE WORD OBAMA* BE SURE TO ADD THE ASTERISK. I did not start the Obama* Asterisk movement, I believe in it, therefore I spread the word about it and I ask that my fellow Americans who believe in free and fair elections will spread the word about “The Obama* Asterisk Presidency” too. Thank You, my fellow American

  2. Washington state exchange is great. Competitive, not socialist. I am 60 and lost my job, not because of ACA, but a crazy boss who was fired. Now II can get much better insurance that I can afford on UI.

    • YES SOCIALIST. You really should put a sign on your front lawn that says, “Thanks to those of you working Americans that are paying for my health care, I appreciate your hard work greatly!”

      • Exactly, only the people who need the free coverage are liking this which is what 47% (if i quote Romney correctly) of the country? lmao. Don’t people know you CAN go to the doctor and pay with cash? Sometimes I think that people think they can’t even go to the doctor if they don’t have insurance.

  3. My premiums are set to go from $621 to almost $1200 per month with no increase in benefits. It’s very similar to robbery, the thieves are in my home and I can’t close the door to kick them out but rather have to watch them take what they want!! It’s also a very clear discrimination lawsuit. You see, if you have used the same insurance company since 2010 and have not changed companies your premiums will not change, hmmm, seems they are discriminating against those that make their own decisions to use whatever insurance company they wanted over the past few years.

    • Sorry ALB. I just don’t believe you. You can continue to carry your same insurance and NOT have your premiums almost double. I have heard from too many folks currently insured receiving better deals in their premiums and, getting their choice in doctors with a dental care rider to boot!The cost? $60 dollars less than they are currently paying. Go to the web site in your state (for sake, I hope your state has a web site) you should be able to find a good price. Good luck!

      • Before questioning someone’s integrity, it would be good to be better informed!!

        CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: NC Human Resources Consultants Say Obamacare Is Causing Double-Digit Percentage Increases In Health Care Costs.

        “Overall costs are continuing to rise, with double-digit percentage increases in many cases. Health care inflation and new provisions of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul are the reason, human resources consultants say.” (Andrew Dunn, “Charlotte workers’ health benefits more costly; companies focus on wellness,” Charlotte Observer, 10/2/13).

          • A baby? How do you figure? You must be blind and deaf, or you have a great need for the “free” healthcare and you need LM’s money.

        • NC has an all Republican government, who have done everything they can to sabotage the ACA here. We have basically one primary choice in insurance providers ( a few folks here have one other company to choose from). I do not think you can take the NC experience in costs to be applicable across the country.

      • If you didn’t change your plan since March 2010, then yes, your premium increases will be 5 – 10% HOWEVER, if you changed your policy the slightest bit, the increases are devastating in NC. The NC insurance commission has already acknowledged such.

  4. How to shut down a government 101

    You get your Koch (Heritage Action), and Club for Growth manifesto, wrap it in religious speak (Obamacare/End Times), sell it to a few religious zealots (Tea Party), manipilate them into thinking they are on a mission from God, fund them and let them loose in congress, and threaten anyone who doesn’t follow your manifesto with a primary challange. Then just let them screech like Westboro Baptist drama queens on meth until they get their way.

  5. How ’bout this:

    A) I’m a 55-year-old non-smoker in decent health. Let’s say my after-tax take home pay is $500 a week, obviously not a ton of money but more than a bare-bones “living wage.” Let’s say I volunteer to have $25, or maybe even $50 of each paycheck deposited into a restricted account. Whatever I deposit, my boss matches. If I deposit $50, my boss deposits $50, and after week 1 I have an account with $100 in it. After a month, I have $400 in the account.

    B) “Knock wood” I’m in fairly good health, so I don’t need to do any health care spending. So after a three months, I have $1200 in the account. I start feeling out of sorts, maybe a flu or low-grade infection, I gotta see a Doc. I make an appointment and ask the Doc office how much for a visit. Let’s say the Doc’s office says, $150 not counting meds…” I got $1200 so paying $150 is practically a trifle. The Doc gives a shot and prescription that maybe brings the full cost to say $225. I still got just under $1000 in my account.

    C) A few months more go by, another 3 months say, and now my account is almost $2200. Now’s the time to start thinking about buying a high-deductible “catastrophic” plan that pays 100 percent of costs if I’m admitted to a hospital. Let’s say that plan is $4000 a year, even $5000 a year. I can’t buy it yet, I only have “just” $2200, so yeah, it’s risky, but I have to wait until i build up enough deposited funds to buy that annual catastrophic plan. I just have to wait. Or, maybe I decide to contribute a bit more each paycheck to the account with the employer match to build the account faster.

    D) the overall point is, though I have to wait – and admittedly “knock wood” “stay healthy” eventually mine and my employer contributions will accumulate nicely enough to handle minor few-hundred-dollar “appointment” visits, while also eventually funding the really-desired catastrophic coverage.

    E) It’s realized this scenario is “sketchy” and there are scenarios which would upend some assumptions. But the above scenario might be considered a “starting point,” for describing/creating a very workable, very affordable, and very COMMON SENSE health coverage scenario, even for someone who has a modest income.

    F) What’s best of all is that again, “knock wood” to the extent that one’s own plus employer deposits aren’t needed if one stays healthy. Eventually those funds are only necessary to purchase an annual catastrophic coverage while any excess keeps accumulating under one’s own control. Eventually like an IRA account, excess funds might be accessed for other purposes, but reasonably, most people might just want to keep them as a “medical rainy day fund.” Even so, since those funds are within one’s individual control and ownership, they can be “passed along” in one’s estate, should one, “unfortunately,” encounters the worst health-care scenario of all, i.e. “death.”

    America has far and away the BEST “health care product,” the finest care available. It’s the health care MARKET that’s extremely dysfunctional, and obviously adding incomprehensible layers of gov’t intrusion is not a “functional,” CURE!!!!

    Thanks for reading if ya got this far,
    DickSheppard-Jersey City NJ

  6. The Affordable Care Act has not hurt me at all. It has not started yet! Why do tpers and some republicans insist on pretending this law is hurting citizens of America?
    stop it people and get a grip. No one is out to get you or yours. You know, they have a name (and possibly a cure) for those of us worried about someone out to get them. In that case YOU need the affordable Care Act Law more than you know.

    • Oh my word, turning the tables obviously bothered you!!! Can’t argue with the truth!! No one said it has started, actually other posts from the left say how much it has helped them (hmmm,) but with the increases hitting in less than 3 months, you are right, we are not taking it quietly. Good that you don’t post a comment because a difference of opinion obviously sends you into orbit!! Stop the name calling and simply prove your point, which you have yet to do!!!

  7. The only thing about ACA that has hurt me is the stupid stand that the GOP has made, shutting down the government and endangering our economy. The GOP is only ‘burning the house down around themselves’ and the rest of us. Great move… not very smart, but it makes for great drama.

  8. I’m a working father of a autistic 3 year old wife has to stay home and care for my son.with one income and limited services for a disabled child my wife and I not my son forego medical coverage as I cannot afford it and everything else.the unaffordable care act will penalize me and my wife for being not covered.but neithet obummercare or my employer cover autism therapies.needless to say I am not a supporter of the progressives in washington.I vote red.

  9. Obamacare has made deranged lunatics like you behave as if you have the right to destroy the world economy. However, I believe that if the President said the moon was not made of green cheese you would be willing to cause this devastation upon the Earth as well. How DARE you.

  10. I’m losing my job (11 yr career) as well as hundred others in my company due to Obamacare. Kill this law before it affects many others.

  11. Who elected your extremist organization to run this country? You should be ashamed of the way you keep this country divided with your abuse of power and short-sighted pandering to those supposedly in power.

  12. The affordable care act isnt even in effect yet so I’m not sure what type of ‘stories’ you are going to illicit from people. I know how badly you want it to fail… but lets give it a chance to do so on its own merits.

  13. I work in a Hospital as an RN. Let me tell you how this affects me and you. For the past couple years in anticipation of Obamacare my employer has refused to hire new people, instead making current nurses work MANDATORY overtime and heavier patient loads. You are the patient, I hope you live through the care you are about to get if Obamacare goes through. Think too of all he people who COULD have jobs if mine would hire instead of worry about what will happen and making us suffer through the exhaustion of working overtime or quiting and not being able to get another because of the hiring freezes going on. Just saying. What Doctor in AMERICA wants to be told how to treat patients? Americas doctors choose their jobs because the more brilliant they are then the more money and rewards there are. Stop that and our healthcare is going down the tubes.

  14. PS, because I am part of the “corporate” world that isn’t going to be affected for a year, I am not seeing a premium hike……yet. I’m sure it’s coming though. Think about that all you imbeciles who think it’s going to work. How many people like me won’t see the effect for another year? Think for a minute that wasn’t planned? Just wait, i almost hope it goes through so I can laugh my ass off whenever I see an Obama bumper sticker. I’ve told my young adult children just to pay the fine. Why should they pay $10,000 a year in premiums they will never use anyway?

  15. I am conservative. Whenever the government tries to provide a goods or service it does so by creating a monopoly…which is inefficient and costs us all more for less. So I’m against obamacare as it was written. Government can write laws that the insurance companies can “play” by. Like no pre-existing conditions. It will raise consumer costs but that’s something we can vote on. While it’s clear Obama care is a failure, it’s the law. It can be changed. The best way at this time is to mandate no one is exempted or given exceptions to that law. Unions, president, congress, staff, etc. When we all have to live with this fiasco, we will better learn how to repeal it and start over or significantly gut it with all the needed votes. I wish you would have supported the house vote for this bill tonight. The truth is on the side of the conservatives. But if we continue to allow “animal farm” exceptions, sustainable fixes that promote more prosperity for all, will evade us. Please support all under obamacare, social security, Medicare, or non at all. Thanks.

  16. Although the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, it is a step in the right direction. In case anyone has not been paying attention, the US currently has one of the worst healthcare systems of the developed countries in almost all areas, including access, efficiency, and quality, among others. In fact, it doesn’t really even qualify as a system at all, but rather a severely fragmented group of policies and plans heavily influenced by various interest groups. We also have the MOST expensive healthcare by far, and it is crippling our country. For the amount of money we spend per person, we should have great health as a nation but in fact we don’t even compare to other countries. Many people don’t realize how expensive it really is, and think that just because they are young and healthy, they shouldn’t have to pay into a system. Unfortunately for us all, we don’t stay that way forever and one day we will need some of that healthcare, which if it stays on current trajectory, will be unimaginably expensive. Has anyone even looked closely at the ACA? how can you argue with provisions that limit the profits of insurance companies, whose business model is dependent on people being sick? How can anyone argue against allowing people with medical conditions coverage when they previously could never get it? would you rather pay for their chronic conditions when they show up in the emergency room? Why does anyone think it is acceptable that insurance companies can do whatever they want, including dropping people when their medical problems start to cost too much? The current system is not working, but the politicians and country are increasingly divisive and will not allow positive change. So instead we are left with the ACA, which is the best that the president can muster up given the present situation. I just hope we can get something done for the sake of my children, and everyone’s children.

    I doubt I’ll be able to change anyone’s mind here, but I just wanted to give people something to think about. BY the way, I don’t identify myself with any particular political or interest group, I’m just another average American person trying to forge my path in this great country.

  17. Read Kayjune below. There is a lot of truth there. Stop listening to these Heritage Action extremists and their like who would rather destroy the world economy than listen to reason and make a compromise.

    • Extremist? That’s what you are, an extremist, saying the world economy is going to be destroyed. We will still pay our bills no matter if nothing is passed.

  18. Heritage Action get your nose out of this. Obama Care is bad for the public? What about shutting down the Government? Is that good for the public? Do you know air traffic controllers are going to work right now and not getting paid? That’s right while they are controlling airplanes they are worrying about mortgages, family, and credit ratings. Is that good for the public? They work days, all night, and weekends, FOR NO MONEY right now. Yes they will get it back sometime but creditors don’t care about that. STFU about Obama Care and write emails urging they open up the Government. By encouraging a no vote in the House you are destroying our economy and hurting real people. Action for America? I think you mean the spotlight for yourselves. Crawl back into obscurity and let our Congress try to get the government back open. Obama Care is the law, it has gone to the supreme court, deal with it or get the law changed without holding the country hostage.

    • I think you need to look at the WHOLE story. Reid and Obama refused to Vote and sign Bills to pay air Traffic controllers and others.

      You might also look at Obama Care. You think a Government Shutdown is bad for the Country. What about the people with Mortgages and bills that are being cut from 40 or more hours to under 30 hours. Are you willing to support “Obama Mortgage”. The Government could take money out of every ones pocket and pay for the Mortgages that people can’t afford. Where would it stop!!

      • It will never stop on Socialism’s slippery slope… This is unfortunately the beginning of the end for US democracy / economy in general, beginning with my job being sacrificed on the altar of Obamacare Socialism.

      • I did look at the entire picture. Air traffic controllers are just a snapshot. I am not saying either side is right. By the way Obama and Reid did approve them to be paid at a later date. It is groups like this (Heritage Action for Themselves) that siphon money from people as they fuel the fire and prolong a solution. We don’t need groups like this. They WANT and encourage bi partisanship at the expense of us, the people. If you want to help move the country forward and try to solve our problems you would be better served by groups like No Labels or other such groups. They want the pain to stop they want to get things done. This group just wants the pain to continue so they can APPEAR relevant. As far as Obama Care is concerned, it is law. Vote out the lawmakers that don’t make the laws you like.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t come to the Heritageaction website if you are going to be so angry. Go over to CNN, or wherever the far left hang out. And once again, it is law but was passed without any Republican votes and based on a bunch of lies told to the American people. You worry abou ATC pay, what about all the pay everyone will NEVER get back because they got their hours cut to part time, so you should STFU. I have emailed and called my congress and told them to make the DEMs and Obama negotiate or vote no.

  19. When China takes priority over social security ,in about 2 weeks after those disabled with mental health issues have gone without their meds, the suicides and violence will begin.Where you going to house these folks?Thanks to Saint Ronald Reagens cutting of funds Years ago bed space is limited.And do you actually think the poor man will peacefully except starvation as his patriotic duty.Apparently your blinded by your founding father worship and if anything you are uniting the poor and opening the doorway wider to socialism.We are poor but don’t rub our noses in it.After all y’all may have the money but we got the votes.

    • No, the REAL mentally disabled will just end up in prison being taken care of there where most of them have already gone. The rest will get up off the couch, quit watching cable and playing video games, put on some work cloths.and realize the cause of their mental illness was watching too much CNN and Jerry Springer.

      • Likely spoken by a person with no hands on experience with the mentally ill. Hell instead of jail put them in Nazi style concentration camps. If not fit for the cheap labor force, well send them to the showers quickly so your tax dollar want be used on a meal for them.
        As a poor man I’m thankful for President Obama’s effort to put in place health care for all. And the problem ain’t the poor folk, the problem is the filthy rich in the medical field with their exorbitant prices.

        • I was just saying to you, an alarmist, that IF the mentally go crazy like you say they will, they will just end up in prison where many already went when our Government closed the mental hospitals in the past. You obviously don’t know much about that, now do you?
          As for being a poor man, that’s your choice. I fall into the poverty level and I am a single mom raising kids without child support or ANY government assistance so stop feeling sorry for yourself being poor and get an education and or a job. Not sure how old you are, but check with your parents about the Great Depression, they didn’t whine like you.

          • My dad is 89 and my mom is 82. Both were children of South Georgia share croppers and the entire family was required to tend the rich mans fields. Mama said if it hadn’t been for the Democrats share cropper kids would never had attended school because the rich man always considered working his fields more important than a poor child’s education.
            I’m 61 and I’ve worked since age12, only drawing unemployment for a 6 month period back in 98. Presently I am semi retired working 24 hours a week and drawing a pension from a good union job I held for 17 years. I am no dead beat as you seem to be presuming, just an old hippie who has always avoided the enslavement of capitalism that comes with credit. I am not a rich man but I am a free man.
            As for the mentally I’ll, I worked with the Dept of Corrections for 8 years as a correction officer supervising mental health inmates. Inmates who should have been patients in a mental facility instead of inmates in a state prison. I have supervised paranoid schizophrenics who had murdered family members and I have witnessed their panic after days of refusing their meds. I’ve witnessed men in the pit of depression slicing their forearms with razor blades and I’ve held men upward while nooses made with sheets were removed. I’ve been assaulted,spit on and had urine and feces thrown on me by inmates in various states of mental conditions. But through it all I only felt pity for these tortured souls. For it was they who were the victims. The victims of a uncaring system. A monster who chews on them and after swallowing may eventually shit them out, in a worse state of mental health than when first incarcerated.

          • You said “as a poor man”, trying to imply you are poor, how shameful. You said you won’t accept starvation. You Sir are the one who said you were poor. You are a whiny baby and Not poor. Your dad must be proud of his 61 year old son being retired and getting Obamacare, which IS an Entitlement. If living on a pension from a good union job makes you poor, then I am fricking dirt poor. I hope your grandchildren will get all the opportunities your parents gave you but it’s not looking promising and I think you know it.
            Good for you and your job, but why is that important for this conversation? Obamacare isn’t opening up the mental hospitals again. Or are you just clarifying you aren’t lazy? 61 is young to be retired, looks like you need Obamacare since you are too young to collect Medicare and you don’t want to go back to work full time. Now I get why you like Obamacare…lol. Let’s get this clear, I am very much poorer than you, I have worked since I was 12 too, my grandparents were also sharecroppers, and I don’t want socialized government nor do I want socialized medicine. This is suppose to be a free country. You do realize you are almost at the age you will be deemed too old for some treatments under Obamacare don’t you? We haven’t even gotten to the juicy part of the Obama panel telling us IF we can have a treatment. Good day and I hope you find Obamacare affordable. Hope and Change…lol

          • Do you buy health insurance?I’m sorry if you are living at the poverty level. The America I want to see would make eliminating poverty a top priority. You say you don’t take any handouts. If you are working, you do get some tax relief which is a form of a handout in the eyes of many tea partiers. If you don’t have health insurance, who will pay for you and your kids hospital bills if you get cancer or your child gets a bad injury, one which you can’t sue for reimbursement ? The medical costs can easily reach $50k, $100k, or a lot higher. How will you pay this if you won’t take a handout?

          • And by the way, I get my medical care through the VA. If not for that I’d have no problem with Obama Care. Its a righteous thing our President is doing.

  20. I’m a pragmatic small business owner who has been in business for 30 years and always accepted the responsibility to provide health insurance to my employees.

    Here’s how it works now. My employee gets sick, goes to the hospital and gets his bills paid by our coverage. Then an uninsured person gets sick, goes to the hospital and does not pay his bills. The hospital still pays their doctors and nurses and buys medications. They cover the financial loss by raising their rates for everyone, which in turn raises my insurance rates, and by asking the state for financial help, which raises my taxes. Our insurance rate increases have far outpaced inflation for decades.

    So people like me who take responsibility voluntarily are, right now, paying for the deadbeat companies and people who do not have insurance. ACA fixes that. Those who don’t take responsibility voluntarily will be forced to do so. The ACA’s only impact for me is to give each employee a form at the end of the year stating that they are insured. The deadbeats are screaming because they want me to keep paying for them, and not pay for themselves.

    Sure, there is some savings because hospitals sometimes turn patients away if they can’t pay for their care. Not treating people reduces health care cost (but creates lots of other costs).

    I would like JUST ONE Tea Party apologist to stand up just once and say what his plan is for an uninsured sick person who shows up at a hospital. Say sorry – go home – not interested? Say come in and we will have our staff work unpaid? Treat the person and then let the costs trickle back to me? All you ACA evaders, what is YOUR plan for an uninsured person?

  21. People, if your premiums haven’t gone up yet and you already have insurance through your job, don’t say you are unaffected, you are probably just part of a company covered by “corporate” America and you are still a year out from seeing either your rates go up or your hours get cut….. Don’t feel so lucky yet, it’s coming.

    • Yes. And those dagnab “flying machines” will destroy the world!! Ok grandpa – keep your ignorant “end of world” rants to church on sundays, at least then you are surrounded by like minded ignorant folk.

      • I am not a grandpa, I am an RN and work in a hospital. I’m seeing it first hand. Go back to CNN and your couch and don’t worry your welfare check is in the mail soon.

        • I’m not sure if you’re really an RN, but you certainly are not seeing insurance rates change due to
          the ACA. Policies sold under the ACA are just now entering the
          marketplace. Rates have been going up for years because of our existing
          system, not the new system. And what do you mean “first hand?” Do you
          buy your own insurance? Do you really work for a hospital that does not
          offer health coverage?

          • Yes I am an RN, yes I do work in a hospital and yes I pay for my insurance. I wasn’t talking about how ACA has affected my rates. So, Kalder, my rates haven’t gone up in two years now so are you guaranteeing ACA won’t make them go up in a year? According to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare I can expect them to go up between $650-$1000.
            FIRST hand I can tell you how my facility is preparing themselves though. I am now required to do Mandatory overtime for 2 years now and the hours of mandatory overtime just doubled 6 months ago forcing people to go “part-time” to be able to only work full time hours. Pretty sly how they are making full time people become part time. And you have to be kidding if you think covering the 60 million uninsured isn’t going to costme a penny.

  22. I do not see the problems that your group sees. Instead one young friend of mine can now afford healthcare for herself and her two teenage daughters. Another young friend can finally get healthcare after years of being declined for a minor pre-existing condition. If everyone signs up as you do to have auto insurance, the costs for all will be fair!

    • People are required by law to buy auto insurance but many don’t. Who pays for that? You and I in increased premiums. How is we will now be footing the bill for the 60 million uninsured? Why through more taxes and increased premiums, that’s how. Now that’s what I call fair….

      • You are paying for their unmanaged care everytime they present themselves at the emergency room. Those costs are incorporated into your health insurance and hospital bills.

  23. I am very grateful for the Affordable Care Act. Because of it my husband, who has are existing condition that made health insurance unobtainable before, can now purchase an affordable plan. Obamacare means the difference between life and death in our home.

    • Really? How is he surviving now and surviving until January 1st when you can start using the insurance? You did say Obamacare is the difference between life and death.

      • He was able to keep insurance (from a previous job) for awhile through COBRA. And by carefully purchasing his meds through Medco, where he could get 3 months worth at a time, he will just make it until The ACA goes into effect in January. so yes, we are glad someone finally decided to help people in situations like his. It seems like the Kochs would prefer people like my husband just “die and decrease the surplus population” to paraphrase Scrooge.

  24. Ok, I can no longer keep up with the paid Obama Trolls. Some of these comments are obvious outright lies. How do real un supporters of Heritage Action even know this site exists or even want to come here? The answer has to be Paid Obama Trolls.

  25. Pingback: The Affordable Care Act Just Isn’t Affordable for These People

  26. Listen to what Dennis Kucinich has Revealed in the Foxnews link, basiclly he says Why Obama is not negotiating with
    Republicans , because all he has to do is threaten to veto anything he doesn’t
    like and force the Congress to change our Obama will say it was the Republicans
    fault he has to do what Dennis Kucinich says Obama can do , so this is a Great
    tool to use to get what he wants like a KING without being one !!!!

    And I bet the President will use this same tactic to get Immigration reform just the way he wants it too by backing the republicans into the corner over the debt ceiling again in 3 months !!!!!

    Would a default give Obama unprecedented presidential power?

    The Only way to Counter the Power that the President has

    with the threat of Default is to pass the Legislation in
    this Next

    Link. It has
    Bipartisan support and would take this Power away from the President and make
    the Congress a better working body for we the people and stop Ideology from
    changing the Constitution .

    Sequesters, Shutdowns and Defaults

  27. I had flawless open heart surgery this year insured by an early entrance into Obamacare in Illinois. Picked my hospital, surgeons, etc like with “regular” insurance and cost arrangements were like my old Blue Cross. policy….Very very pleased.

  28. So I have looked over this website reading comment after comment. You teabaggers and tea supporters truly sound like a bunch of whiny bitches. If you dont like the conversation you tell others to “go read the constitution” or make claims that they are paid supporters of any side you don’t like or tell them to “get out and go watch CNN or MSNBC” all so you can stay insulated in your small minded thoughts. You pen yourself in and cover your eyes and ears to anything different than you… Look this is America full of different ideas and different strengths and its truly amazing! If you want everyone to think and feel and act like you do YOU are NOT American and should go live someplace else where diversity is destroyed. Anyone need a Kleenex to catch your whining?

  29. I have a niece with an autoimmune disease. Thanks to Obamacare, she is now able to stay on her father’s policy for another year as she graduates from university and seeks her own employment. And then, she will not have to worry about being excluded from a future policy as having a “previous condition”.

  30. Katharine/Katherine: Your work is very sloppy. Perhaps you are still an unpaid intern, still trying to learn the ropes, yet that is not an excuse. Your name is appearing on the Heritage Action site spelled in various ways, and on another page you identified Senator Manchin as being D-IL instead of the correct D-WV. On the page where you told the sad story of someone worried about their kidney transplant and Obamacare, making it sound like her healthcare is all in jeopardy, you were not apparently aware that people in need of kidney dialysis and transplants remain uniquely qualified cases in the U.S. healthcare system, automatically eligible for Medicare, no matter their age. Katharine/Katherine, there is just not enough time in the day to fact check all your singularly disappointing screeds.

    When one fact is misrepresented, all your work is called into question.

  31. Because of the ACA my two daughters both under age 26 will not have to worry about where to find health insurance as they grow and change jobs in this changing economy. Nor will pre existing conditions be reason for denial of coverage.
    I’d like to ask the Heritage foundation one question.
    What exactly did your group propose during the healthcare debate of 2009 that came even close to providing the two small yet crucial benifits I’ve listed that would have helped my family?

  32. Obamacare has not hurt me at all. I still have my employer-provided, employer-subsidized health insurance.

    I’m looking forward to my costs going down because I won’t be paying for deadbeats getting very expensive (but free to them) healthcare in the Emergency Room.

    But kudos to the Heritage Foundation for inventing Obamacare / Romneycare.

    • No, your premiums are going to now go up to cover the 60 million uninsured that currently exist. Seriously, you think employed people are the ones running to the website and signing up? It’s the unemployed ones who want a free ride that are signing up.

      • Also, because of obamacare, Obama will steal your EYES and make freedom illegal, and make all patriots gaymarry!!! That’s kind of the point of the ACA is to ensure those that didn’t have access to health coverage now do. People with jobs wouldn’t be running to sign up anyway, because they’re already covered. I think you accidentally attended Lying About Obamacare 101 instead of Obamacare 101.

  33. I am self-employed and I currently pay for a catastrophic policy which is all that I can afford. With The Affordable Care Act I will be able to get a much better policy for a premium that is lower than my current cost. I know this bill is not perfect but it will certainly help me.

      • I am indeed. There are several policies available here in Chicago which will be much better than what I currently have. I will admit that the website is driving me a little crazy but I have completed the application over the phone. I am sorting through the choices and their networks, deductibles, copays, etc. before choosing one.

  34. I am very happy that Obamacare has caused me to raise my premiums to $7500pp instead of $5k. I’m thrilled that my husband gets to be on the hook for higher deductibles for the same cost as the last few years for no benefit to us even though we are “the working poor.” We qualify for food stamps and Medicaid and WILL NOT STEAL FROM OUR NEIGHBORS to take care of us. We own a small business that DIED after Congress forced banks to allow people who could not afford mortgages to have them. So we have lived off of our savings for the past five years and that is almost gone now. I stay home to care for and educate our three boys and we’re raising them to work hard and take care of not only themselves but others. That it is their personal responsibility to privately (through church & charity) take care of others because the gov’t is fraught with abuse and waste and never works to help others but to keep them in their place with their hands out. Shame on you Trolls!

  35. These stories need to get out to main stream media and to the professional politicians too!

    Since this Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obamacare) law was signed by Barack Obama, I have lost my job at Blue Shield of California. The Manager specifically cited the law as “the reason” our Executives determined they needed to dramatically cut the company budget “to prepare” for the unknowns, to be included in this law. Truth be known, Nancy Pelosi could not read the law until after she voted for it, because the law wasn’t written at the time they voted for it. This flawed law was written after it was passed, and is still being written today! Funny how that works!

    So, I’ve lost my $75,000.00 annual income, and my Wife and I lost the Health Insurance that came with that job too! Okay, we lost our home in Los Angeles too! My wife and I had to move in with my 80+ year old Mother. Yes, we (two 50+ year olds) lived in one bedroom of my Mother’s home for over a year.

    We did sign my Wife up for an “Individual” Aetna Health plan in California, BUT she lost that coverage when Aetna announced it would no longer cover Californians because it did not want to participate in Obamacare’s California Exchange.

    By the way, I am still looking for a job to replace the $75,000.00 salary I lost originally.

    Total “things” lost due to Obamacare:
    1) Job
    2) My Health Insurance
    3) My Wife’s Health Insurance
    4) My Wife’s second Health Insurance plan, bought as Individual
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I wonder exactly how much money this completely flawed “Democrat” law has cost me in real dollars? Oh, lest we forget the cost of money lost due to the devaluation of the dollar resulting from these Quantitative Easing sessions (endless printing of dollars) put in place by Obama’s Treasury Department.
    I’m certainly sad to see how America is turning out as a result of Liberals brainwashing the student body of America. Truly a shame that Americans have grown up not realizing how obtrusive this Liberal “progressive” governing can become!

    Oh yeah, I’m nearly losing my Marriage now!

    Isn’t life sweet in the Obamanation?

    John & “still” Stephanie
    Roseville, California

    • Alas, a third real person on here, not a paid Troll… Sorry for the loss of your job but all you have to do is sit back a couple months and watch as ACA crumbles. At least then you can have one small smile. You could apply at ACA, but only if you are an illegal immigrant.

      • Thank you for your thoughts. True, the ACA will fall. Either on its own or with help from newly elected Conservatives in 2014. I really do hope the House can find some fortitude and impeach this idiot President we are all suffering from. If not, I might immigrate to a Pacific Island very soon. Good luck to you!

  36. One thing I nearly forgot to mention…..
    I’m also losing my sanity due to Obamacare!
    Losing my hope due to Obamacare!
    Losing my Doctor due to Obamacare!
    Losing my future retirement due to Obamacare!
    Losing my life due to Obamacare!
    I’ve suddenly realized I better do something quick to avoid losing much more!
    Any ideas on what I can do?
    I used to be a productive member of society, helping businesses communicate by designing effective and economical marketing and business documents, that were either mailed directly to consumers and clients, or documents that were made to reside on websites to be accessed by consumers and clients. Communicate?
    I suppose Obamapeople don’t want me to communicate, because I might have something to say that they don’t like me saying!?!?!
    Well, they can’t take away my mouth, can they?
    I suppose I can keep on saying things with my computer keyboard. That is until they take away my access to the Internet. I suppose they can do that by making me homeless!
    Okay, I had better do something, fast!
    John, aka I.M.Hughman
    Northern California

    • Yes, paranoid guy. The big bad government is going to scramble the helicopters to silence you and keep you from telling “the truth.” Do you have any idea how comical you sound?

        • How on earth does one lose their retirement or their life to frigging Obamacare?!! Hyperbole doesn’t fix this man’s life, and blaming Obama for every boo boo doesn’t help. If this person’s former career was making print documents for business, that’s why he is in need of a new gig. The market for this kind of service changed massively, with most going online, and several self-serve options starting up. Traditional print is not a viable. eLancing replaced many graphic designers because of a global marketplace. You can be outbid for pennies on the dollar by some kid in Romania. See, as much as a Fox Faithful hate to understand, I’m not a troll, I just can’t stand it when people blame every sniffle and booboo on Obama, because the refuse to see what the issues really are.

        • Isn’t it truly sad how some fools just eat up whatever the liberal talking point of the day is. Straight from the purple lips of one man, down to the fingers of these “puppets” who spend time looking through comments for people they can call names and fling obscenities at? Very sad.

    • There seem to be lots of jobs available through the Heritage Foundation. You should register and see if there is something that looks right for you. Your communication skills look to be an excellent fit for their like-minded acolytes, such as George Mason University, the Freedom Foundation, Michele Bachman’s office, and many more.

      • Thank you JGC for the advice. I just came to conclusion that I must be open to relocation if I want a chance at earning the same kind of income I used to. In fact, I’ve just started looking at conservative job boards because it seems the liberal job boards discriminate against older people. That is unless you have long record of working with liberal organizations. Cheers!

  37. Oh, god, you’re all so full of sh it. That dead-eyed rapey dude who speaks for “Heritage Action” is nothing more than a paid shill who will steamroller your interests to please his corporate overlords. This is nauseating. This garbage, Citizens United and corporate personhood are far bigger threats to America than anything even the rapey dude could dream up. Seriously, do your own research. These people have no obligation to tell you the truth, they just want to motivate you so they can achieve the goals they are being paid to achieve. So much money is being made off tricking bitter, gullible xenophobes into supporting their own undoing. It’s ridiculous. Shame on all of you.

  38. Katharine, you seem young. Probably just finishing college, or maybe a few years ago. Is this REALLY a job to which you aspired? Do you remember being a kid, before your social network, church, parents, whoever, trained you to believe that “they” are bad and are hurting America, and must be punished so “we” can take “our” country “back”? Do you remember what you used to want to do with your life? It can’t be this. At the end of the day, is the paycheck worth dumping your soul in a ditch to do the bidding of rich sociopaths who want to reinstate an oligarchy? Having to listen to the self-righteous, dead-eyed, rapey dude assert himself in meeting after meeting must make you insane. Maybe over the holidays, spend some time with your family, and try to get in touch with the decent person you once were… we all once were. This “war” between “Americans and Liberals” is a tool developed decades ago so that travesties like “trickle down economics” and Bush’s wartime tax cuts would be approved, and not laughed off the floor, like they should have been. Your country used to be a model for the world. The people you work for have turned it into a laughingstock.

  39. I have to drive a Nissan and the family up the street get to have a Mercedes. I demand that everyone gets a new Mercedes, If I get in an accident I may not survive as well as I would in a Mercedes. It should be a right, Mercedes for all ! It should be a law that the workers should make mercedes for free for all, it is our right, they should do their fair share and give us free Mercedes. If you will not give us free Mercedes you are despicable, a hater, you all have Mercedes for yourselves and we have Nissans, the children have to be in nissans too ! You hate children, you want children to die. Grandma has to have a nissan, she needs a Mercedes too ! You hate grandma, you want to kill grams, you are a monster. We hate the guy with the Mercedes, he earned it, but he doesnt deserve it, we must take it……yes… for all.

    • That is a BS analogy dreamed up by liars with no conscience. Why not focus on what this law really does? It takes just as much effort to not be a barrier to your country improving as it does to be a cancer. Why be cancer?

        • Another cliche from the right. No, you lying, clown POS, I am not a parasite. Paid my own way for decades. Go make up some new BS analogy about Obamaphones now. You people are ridiculous.

          • You may have serious problems, rooting for your own demise and all. I do hope you work it all out, and don’t need to see a Doctor in the future. BTW, exactly where would you find a Doctor willing to work for free ? Or do you not understand that socialized medicine doesn’t work, never has anywhere, even though the voices you hear always say it does ?

          • I live in Canada, you imbecile. It’s working great and has for decades. Not perfect, but our outcomes, cost per citizen and so on leave your system in the dust. Besides, the ACA is NOT socialized medicine. Why do so many of you uninformed/lying skids keep talking about “you should have to get the Obamacare” like its an insurance package. There is no single payer, because you jackals whined and screeched about getting rid of the public option. The ACA is still based on an private insurance model, with major controls so that insurers can’t exploit and hurt people anymore. Of course, your kind of Ayn Rand jackal likes that, so I know why you’re upset.

          • Indeed you have mastered the language of the left and replaced thoughtful discourse with rude and abrasive name calling. you offer zero basis for your arguments which only attracts those of similar mind. we will just leave it there, I am an imbecile because you are Canadian, For some reason you have determined that I am a Jackel, I am not sure where Ayn Rand figures in, but I havent read her book. So all that personal attack to what end ? How about you enjoy your health care system in Canada that you love and we here in The States try to keep our freedom. Now go annoy someone else.

          • Really, and calling me a parasite was the high road? You conservative weasels are all the same. You do your garbage and then if someone comes close to giving it back to you, you scream like someone killed your dog. Pathetic. You’re an imbecile because you’re spouting off about socialized medicine, but you have no clue what you’re talking about. I live in a country with socialized care, so I do. Get it? Wow, you people just twist and twist and twist and use the same tired “arguments” once you’re shown to be clueless. You should expect people like me to attack people like you in these boards. Your BS is counterproductive and doesn’t help your country at all. You want to be outraged about something? Maybe get mad at the US model for its monetary system. You think Obama is going to bankrupt anything? Look at how the banking system… the shareholders of the fed… are bankrupting you, and you lapdogs just keep thinking that’s a-ok, don’t you? You actually believe the US is free?!!! You people are owned by a small group of very wealthy people. It’s comical how conservatives will fall all over themselves to give another tax break to these same people, and then complain about FOOD STAMPS?!!!! Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up, its just too absurd. Enjoy your cluelessness. You will hear from people like me again and again. We’re tired of your kind ruining everything for everyone else.

          • Simply defining what you promote, fits perfectly, but I am confused, first I am a Jackel, now I am a weasel, If you were an animal, what would you be ?

            Biology. An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

            One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

            One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.

          • I know what the word means, you pretentious tool. This is clear evidence that the strategy developed as part of that whole starve the beast thing has been sadly effective. Grover Norquist would be so proud of you and your kind. Without spending a single bit of effort or critical thought, you can summarily dismiss millions of people as parasites. Their opinions aren’t worth anything, because this is “war.” It’s “us” against “them,” right? Do you even understand how unhealthy you are, how damaging people like you are to the public discourse, and the political process? You probably think Ted Cruz was right to try to tank the economy to defeat the ACA, don’t you? You clearly have no qualms about repeating easily dismissed lies to sway people against the ACA, yet, when push comes to shove, most people LIKE almost everything in the ACA. How about that?

          • Dude.. the war is in your head. You stand for welfare and equal outcomes, I stand for charity and equal opportunity. In your world the result is crawling around on all fours looking for dinner, as in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and dozens of hellholes around the world. Now go away. You bore me.

          • You stand for charity and equal opportunity?! Then WTF is your issue with all people having easy access to health care? Yeah, your type talks a mean game about equality and fairness, but you’re all just selfish little libertarian poseurs. The war is in my head? Your denial is astonishing. There’s no fixing someone who is so committed to being wrong, so I guess I’m done trying to help you. Enjoy your bitter, selfish, paranoid world.

          • This is how I believe the poor should be helped, worked well for hundreds of years, this makes me in your words a selfish Libertarian ? This is not bitter, selfish or paranoid. Better to teach one to fish than to give him a fish. The way things are headed, we are all going to get poorer and poorer, not richer and richer. Poor = shortages, disease, famine, death, destruction. Prosperity = abundance, better healthcare, longevity.


            n. pl. char·i·ties
            1. Provision of help or relief to the poor; almsgiving.
            2. Something given to help the needy; alms.
            3. An institution, organization, or fund established to help the needy.
            4. Benevolence or generosity toward others or toward humanity.
            5. Indulgence or forbearance in judging others. See Synonyms at mercy.
            6. often Charity Christianity The theological virtue defined as love directed first toward God but also toward oneself and one’s neighbors as objects of God’s love.
            Welfare helps people also, but the difference is citizens are forced and taxed and fined (ACA) which translates into theft of ones possessions (money and property) and Labor (work it takes to produce wages) and the government in turn decides who gets the “entitlement”
            We both want to help those less fortunate, Government in my view is not compassionate, That’s all, we just disagree. Money in the hands of bureaucrats is coercion over the population. Come on man, put your passion in the right direction. BTW, Sean has raised millions for all kinds of causes, helps thousands of people thru his charitable works and never took a penny out for himself. You disagree with him, fine, but he is a Patriot.

          • What a jumbled, tedious mess. Do you know how insurance works? How on earth is the ACA welfare?! By the way, stop with copying and pasting dictionary definitions of things. It just makes you look pretentious and weak minded.

            Now, we should all have the ability to be healthy. This surely must be a right, or as near to a right as a thing must be that even the most polluted tea party drone can think healthy=good.

            Do you even know what the ACA does? Do you think it’s socialized medicine? Do you believe in the death panels?

            Government exists to protect citizens from corporations. Sure, they bomb stuff and sometimes do trade missions ans such, but largely, their role should be to keep the US from devolving further into an oligarchy.

            So why is the ACA evil? Should American citizens still be allowed to go broke for getting sick? Should people get denied coverage arbitrarily? Should executives get bonuses so high rates have to go up, with a decrease in service quality? Should women pay more for care?

            Shouldn’t all people look after themselves? The ACA makes it a requirement to do so, because failure to do so saddles your neighbours and everyone else with your bills when you go into the ER.

            Who the F is Sean, and why Do I care? You people need to stop using the word patriot. It’s like freedom, you’ve turned it into a bit of a mockery of its former self.

          • pn …i know what that stands for. poontang, never…this is what happens when you never get laid. poor little boy. so many sticky magazines under your bed…tisk tisk

          • crude and disgusting? yes. liberal ? not in a million years you effing jagg azz. what an idiot you are. assuming someone is liberal? just because of a reaction to your stupid idiot views??? loser buddy…. you are all about losing.

          • Don’t believe for a second he is in Canada. Why would he be here on this website wasting his time? Because he is a. PAID OBAMA TROLL.

          • I am afraid your right, goes by Hanitylies and doesn’t know who Sean is, your handle is right on Lord Help Us.

  40. 1) My father who received a heart transplant and survived for 12 years was admitted to the hospital in 2010…at one point in his treatment a doctor informed us they would not be authorizing any more treatment and suggested he be admitted to in hospital hospice…they removed all food and water, and morphine him 24/7.

    It took 10 days for my Dad to pass and it was horrific…we thought they would care for him until he passed naturally…we are convinced he face a “death” panel decision due to costly care.

    2) We receive our health insurance from my husband’s employer. For 30 yrs, Guardian was their provider…in 2011 Guardian was squeezed out of business by Obamacare. The employer went with UHC. Immediately my same prescriptions, same mail in pharmacy cost went up 90%.

    3) In 2013, UHC sent a letter stating that ALL scans need pre-approval as of 7/1/2013. CAT, MRI, PET, Nuclear, and echo cardiograms. Is this the beginning of rationing services? Who will decide if we can have a scan?

    4) My husband is retiring next year and I am not eligible for Medicare, he is. We live in GA and the head of our exchange say the premiums for health insurance will rise 100%-200%. We will be living on a fixed income and fear the cost of insurance will be more than we can afford.

    Do Americans realize UHC just laid off thousands of Doctors in CT? That in most states Hospitals are being forced to lay off personnel to off set cost?

  41. Remember if you are already covered by Medicare, Medicaid or have insurance through your employer, you do not have to sign up through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). However, if you are not already covered by these, you can find an estimate on what it would cost a person in your situation, in your state, with the insurance calculator at the Kaiser Family Foundation :

  42. The premise of this concerns me greatly. It presupposes the Obamacare won’t succeed–or worse, you don’t want it to work.

    Do we want what’s best for the counry or to see political enemy destroyed at all costs?

  43. So, because I worked all my life and am retired, with a good income, and saved…..
    I’m discriminated against, through higher costs, alot higher. While others cost’s go down. That is taking away liberty I earned. Also take away my choices and limit competition. Sounds real American. It’s like a new racism.

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