Obamacare in Critical Condition as House Votes to Defund, Fight Moves to Senate

Today the House of Representatives voted to defund Obamacare on the continuing resolution by a vote of 230 to 189.  Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham said:

“Today’s vote is a victory for the American people, who should not be forced to spend another dime on Obamacare. Opponents of the law are, and must remain, united in their opposition to funding this unworkable, unaffordable law. Senate Democrats must now make a decision: will they stand with President Obama to protect Obamacare or will they reject partisan politics to protect their constituents.”

Obamacare is a hazard to health care in America, but now the law is in critical condition, thanks to this move in the House.  Defunding the law in its entirety would bring its implementation to a screeching halt – from the complicated Obamacare bureaucracy to the onerous rules and regulations.

This is clearly a victory for America; simply look at the recent polling on how the American people view Obamacare:

But this debate is not just about polls.  It’s about people. 

It’s about the people who are losing their jobs thanks to Obamacare, like the 950 jobs lost at Wake Forest Medical Center, the 400 jobs lost at Orlando Health, as part of an effort to position the hospital system for Obamacare rules and regulations, or the 7,386 full-time jobs turned part-time in Virginia – and that’s the low-end estimate.

It’s about the young people who can’t afford to pay for expensive insurance plans because they can’t find work in an Obama economy.  It’s about the low income people who will increasingly be trapped in low-wage and part-time jobs and stuck with Medicaid, a failed program that is often worse for health outcomes than having no insurance at all.

It’s about the people who are losing their health care coverage thanks to Obamacare, like the 15,000 working spouses of UPS employees who will lose their coverage if it is offered through their own employers.

It’s about the people whose religious freedom is being trampled on by Obamacare’s coercive HHS mandate, which has elicited more than 60 lawsuits by religiously affiliated institutions, organizations, and companies across the country.  Think of Hobby Lobby, which employs 13,000 individuals across the country; the company could face fines as high as $1.3 million per day because of Obamacare.

It’s about the people who will not have access to the doctors of their choice and the physicians who will retire prematurely because they would prefer to leave the profession they love than have the joy sapped from it by Obamacare’s oppressive, time consuming rules, regulations, and paperwork.

It’s about the people whose relationships with their doctor will be damaged, which is what Dr. Shepherd, a doctor of 20 years, fears the most.

It’s about the people who President Obama falsely led to believe that if they liked their health care plans they could keep them, like the millions of Americans who have lost their coverage because of Obamacare already, and the millions more who will lose it if Obamacare isn’t stopped.

It’s about the people in Congress who, from the beginning of this debate have been trying to treat themselves like an elite class by exempting themselves and their staffs from Obamacare.

Congress Obamacare exepmtion

If the Senate fails to follow suit, they will be dropping the ball in the most epic fashion, and they will be responsible for limiting our freedom and prosperity in a lasting way.

The House of Representatives deserves praise for standing up to the entrenched big-government special interests in Washington.  Opponents of Obamacare – regardless of political party – must stand shoulder to shoulder.  We must defeat Obamacare before it is too late, and the lawmakers in the Senate – particularly Obamacare supporters – need to check their pride at the door. It’s not too late to get it right.

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332 thoughts on “Obamacare in Critical Condition as House Votes to Defund, Fight Moves to Senate

  1. Thank you extremely very much for your courage in going through with this vote. I am sure all of you realize the incredible importance of what just happened in the House of Representatives today.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Dan.

    Mr Boehner/Mr. Cantor: In the event that Reid allows a vote on this bill, in which case the partisan Senate will vote it down and send it back to you–DO NOT CAPITULATE. It is within your power to uphold the will of the American People against these special interests bent on “Fundamentally Changing America”. Do not betray our (shaky) trust.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Rep. Daines.Your support for American freedom of health care ‘choice’ for each individual is greatly appreciated and admired for the right of freedom.

  4. Thank you Steve King! I knew you wouldn’t let down your constituents. I had called Latham’s office and was told he would vote for defunding. I hope he did.

  5. Thanks to Jim Jordan (OH-4).who has been a leader from the beginning on defunding Obama Care!

    Now the House needs to stay resolute and insist on defunding Obama Care when the CR is returned from the Senate with defunding removed. Must win this fight to protect the country against this disastrous bill.

  6. A big THANKS to Rep Randy Weber from District 14 in Texas. Stand strong for us. Continue to show your courage. Let’s get this bad bill out of our lives.

  7. Thank you for representing my interests Congressman McCaul, and also those of the majority, by voting to pass a continuing resolution to fund the federal government, but “closing the purse strings” on all funding for Obamacare implementation…diverting the speeding deficit/debt
    locomotive onto a siding before the “trainwreck.” We must do everything possible to hold the line on the egregious spending by this administration; and that begins by not letting Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats blame Republicans for any shutdown or a failure to raise the debt ceiling that would only permit them to borrow more billions…and hence, raise our national debt AGAIN!

  8. Thank you Thomas Massie! I’m so proud to have you as our congressman. You actually care and listen to what the people want.

  9. Thanks to Rep. Kevin Brady for his vote against this disaster of a policy. But the Republicans do not need to offer any alternative plan that puts any government entity in charge of healthcare. Instead, they should reform the laws that restrict insurance companies from operating across state lines. What does it matter if the insurance company I choose to do business with is in Texas, Florida, Rhode Island or any of obama’s 57 states? They should bring to the table a plan that allows American citizens to have a tax free health savings account and insurance companies to offer catastrophic plans Those tax free dollars can then be used to pay cash to doctors for their services for things such as physical exams, minor injuries, colds/flu, and other relatively minor ailments. The catastrophic plans would be used only to cover the most serious problems such as cancer, Hepatitis C, heart disease, serious injuries, etc.

  10. A good start but this is far from over folks! The CR runs till Dec 15, then, while people are busy preparing for and celebrating Christmas, and a lot of our elected representatives are not in DC, those for Obamacare will try to get funding for it through in the dead of night. That’s how the idiotic thing was passed in the first place. STAY AWAKE EVERYONE!

  11. Thank you Rep. Reichert for voting to defund Obamacare and for staying strong and true. The majority of your constituents are completely behind you.

  12. ITS ABOUT TIME. about time some one listened and opened their eyes now will reid alow it with his reckard thus far and his big mouth i have my doubts

    • Reid said he would shut down the government if Obamacare was not funded so now it’s up to him. One thing about it if the government shuts down this time it will be on Reid and the democrats because the republicans in the House have now funded the rest of the government spending and even raised the debt limit. So Harry it’s put up or shut up time!

  13. Thank You, Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus for standing firm against the mis-named Affordable Care Act. Your strength to vote with your state’s wishes is appreciated.

  14. Thank you Steve Chabot for standing for freedom! Let us pray there are enough brave people on the senate to stop this disaster.

  15. Thank you, Justin Amash, for voting to defund Obamacare. I hope that the House of Representatives makes it clear to the American people that there are better ways to overhaul our Healthcare system. Stay strong!!!

  16. Thank you, Congressman Frank Wolfe of VA for standing with the people! So proud to have you represent our district and for your continued fight to get answers over the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012.

  17. I am proud of all who voted to not fund Obama Care. I do not want republicans bringing forth a health care bill either. I do not want Gov. involved in health care what so ever. Put it back into the hands of the public: This should be our, the American people, goal.

  18. Thank you, Georgia Representative Doug Collins for voting to defund Obamacare!! Everyone I know, including several relatives who work in the health care field, feel it is the right thing to do, as I am sure the majority of other right-thinking loyal Americans agree.

  19. Thank Good TOM COTTON for standing up for the everyday citizens in Arkansas. We can’t just keep spending money that we don’t have ($16 Trillion in DEBT now and climbing). All spending needs to be reduced and several government agencies need to go the way of the dinosaur!!! JESUS is OUR Wisdom & Strength!

  20. Thank you to all who voted to defund Obamacare… It took guts to vote with the people and you did now just keep up the good work and stand behind it.

  21. Thank you Ron DeSantis, Florida congressman, for voting to de-fund Obamacare.
    Universal Health care may be a good thing BUT The Affordable Health Care law is not the way to implement it. We should be looking at the best of the rest of the world and THEN deciding how to (or if) we can provide it in America.

  22. Thank you, Representative Stephen Fincher. We must defund Obamacare and then start to look at entitlements for businesses. Our businesses must reconsider whether they really need or want government help. We need to review all of the duplication in our 501(C)3s. We need to look at, fix and support the programs that offer help to those truly in need. We don’t need 1.8 million organizations doing random acts of kindness.

  23. Thank you Rep Kay Granger for voting to defund Obamacare.. Now, lets see how many in the senate are listening to “We the People”! Integrity is a lost art in the senate or just isn’t practiced by the democrats and the RINOs.

  24. Obama care can go down the DRAIN, this Obama will hurt a lot of our great Citizen and a lot of Family members thru out are Country the United States of America. Obama care should be put off the Books for life and Obama also.

  25. Honorable Doug Collins, today you have demonstrated that you are worthy of that manner of address. Your full cooperation in defunding the insurance reform monstrosity proves that you meet the standards deeming you worthy to call yourself a Republican. Thank you.

    • amen when the chip wour down the reps. steeped up thank you all any any dem.that are helping save american god bless no if we can just beat reed and his thuggs pray for gods help

      • I’m sure Carol is aware that she has trouble with spelling words correctly, however she made a good effort to be informed and involved – a patriot!

    • Dittos. Since they’re Democrats and therefore supposed to listen to the people who wail about not being able to pay their own medical expenses, I recommend working to convince them that fiscal conservatives WILL support government continuing to bail out hospitals that provide emergency care, with some guarantee of compensation from government…so long as it pays only the actual cost of care and doesn’t force everyone to participate in a long-term gambling scheme.

  26. Democrats want to shut down the govt instead of negotiating with republicans ,,, rather then defund obamacare , With Dems , its their way or no way as usual

  27. Thanks to every Congressman and -woman who voted in favor of this CR. But your job has only started – DO NOT CAVE WHEN THE SENATE REJECTS OR AMENDS TO FUND OBAMACARE! There shall be no passing the buck, or allowing funding until “next time”. This is the place to make a stand.

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katherine Rosario! Now THIS is how we should be communicating. Clear, concise, and with emotional and symbolic impact. Not just facts that most Americans have been numbed into ignoring. We must show America the consequences of this terrible law using anecdotal examples of the hardship and misery that it is going to cause.

    Next step, go on the offense and talk, talk, talk – not only about the pitfalls of Obamacare but also and ESPECIALLY the new solutions that are just around the corner when Obamacare is GONE. We can DO BETTER should be the THEME!

    Any new plan MUST and WILL include solutions for the four primary Obamacare positives that Americans want – coverage for pre-existing conditions, coverage for college age students under their parent’s plan, cost containment, and a safety net for people who have no insurance and need it. Hammer this home again and again. Say it, say it, say it. The details can be worked out later.

    Lastly the new plan must provide an iron clad guarantee that Americans will always have freedom of choice to pick their insurance and pick their doctors. Under the new plan there will be no need for Americans to worry about loosing their current insurance plans and primary care doctors.

  29. I knew the Affordable Care Act was un-affordable as soon as I read it…Yes, I did read it!! I’m neither an attorney nor a politician, but I have been in business for 40 years and I knew at first glace it would kill jobs, stagger the economy, and damage health care.

  30. Amazing that our representatives decided to vote the Obamanoncare into law without any reading of over 2000 pages of which we have been learning the consequences bit by bit, but soon full force! Stupidity begets stupidity, as we found when they listened to plastic-face Nancy!

  31. Thank you Honorable Congressman Cory Gardner of Colorado, for having the Courage to Vote to Defund Obama Care.

    Best Regards,

    William Lucas Harvey, Jr.

    Longmont, Colorado


  33. Many many thanks to Congressman Jeff Denham from CA. Continue to stand up for the conservative majority here in the Great Central Valley!!!

  34. Thank You Kay Granger For Standing Up For The Little People Who Don’t Have Anyone In The White House LookiNg Out For Us! They Won’t Be UsinG Obamacare So What Do They Care If It Destroys HealthCare Or Costs Jobs! The Democrats Are Destroying Our Country…I Hope The Senate Has Enough Guts To Stand Up ForUs As The House Republicans Have Dome. Then, In 2014 We Need To Vote Out Anyone Who Didnt Vote To Defund Obamacare…We Will Not Forget!

  35. Now that the definding vote has been successful, lets put the monkey on the leftists Democrat’s backs and let them shut the government down and try to blame the Republicans. I kinda hope the government does shut down — it can’t be anymore painful than it has been for the middle class.

  36. Thank you Gus Bilirakis for listening to your people who asked you to vote to defund Obamacare…..You care and we care and will vote you back in. Thanks

    • Representative Bilirakis has always voted for what he knows the American People want and need. He is a defender of Freedom. Thank You Rep. Bilirakis, and God Bless You.

  37. Thank You Congressman Labrador for heeding the Peoples call to slay this monster legislation. I am sure Senators Risch and Crapo will also stand tall and listen to We The People.

  38. Every news program keeps sayig “the Republicans” want to defund Obamacare. It’s not “the Republicans” it’s the AMERICAN PEOPLE. I have friends and family members who are hard-core Democrats and Obama supporters and EVEN THEY DON’T WANT IT. My brother-in-law is a union electrician and he (and his union) hate what’s coming down the pike…he will lose his awesome “cadillac plan” he has had for years. My neice lost her healthcare already (wonder how she’s feeling about Obama now? Funny she has’nt been talking him up lately) and hr husband had his hours cut from full to part time and his boss specifically said it’s because of the health care issue coming up.
    The problem as I see it is the Repbulicans are listening to the people and the Democrats are NOT!

  39. Now we move on to the Senate which is still in Control of The Communist Party formerely known as The Democrats ,Whorehouse Harry Reid will cry and whine like the DimRat Scumsucking Invertibrate that he is !!!! Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

  40. Thank you Vicky Hartzler for your vote to defund ObamaCare ! This is supposed to be “The United State’s of America” Congress and the House are supposed to work for “We the People” and NOT Obama and his madness !

  41. Thank you, Congressman Weber, for your vote to defund this monstrosity. However, the fight is not over, it is just beginning and I hope that we can count on your support going forward.

  42. A short aside. If the Government was to shut down does that mean all lawmakers, White House residents and the rest of questionable people ru(i)nning our country will no longer receive a pay check??

  43. Thank you, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, proudly serving CA’s 48th district, for voting to defund Obamacare. Fight, fight, fight on!

  44. I want to Thank the house for voting to Defund obamacare. Now lets see if the Congress will get some back bone to them and stop bowing down to Obama and do the right thing and also vote to Defund Obamacare. Which I doubt there are very many in the congress that have the back bone to stand up yo Obama like Harry Reid and Micth O connell and a few more. But we well just have to wait and see if there going to do what the American people want or coward down to Obama

  45. I’m very glad to see that the house passed the budget that defunds Obamacare and we need to vote out as many politicians as we can who support this socialistic law! We don’t want government imposed socialism to ruin this great nation!

  46. Thank you Rep. Bill Posey for voting to fund the government without providing funding for Obamacare. Now hit every news outlet available to you and repeat the following, “my colleaugues and I have voted to fund the government in its entirety with the exception of Obamacare in accordance with the will of the American people we represent.” In the face of rising hysteria from the liberal media, calmly repeat this over and over and over again. And, for God’s sake, DON’T BACK DOWN!

    • Thank you Bill Posey. You were my congressman til gerrymandering resulted in my getting Alan Grayson. I miss you, you are a great man….Thanks so much for voting with us….Thank you sir.

  47. Thank You Congressman Reed, your constituents and the American people Dont want or need this train wreck called Obamacare. Keep up the good fight we are proud of you.

  48. Thank you members of Congress from Minnesota for voting the correct way on this “train wreck” called Obamacare. If this bill is so good for the American people, why then has Congress pulled out of this bill for themselves? Let’s hope that the Senate will do the will of the American people and defund Obamacare.

  49. Vote to defund, or get ready to hunt a job, that is what they need to hear and know. We are your employer not Obama, and we are tired of you not paying attention to what we want. This health care bill is a train wreck, and you my dear democratic senators and rhinos are the engineers. Wrecks are not suppose to be planned, so we are going to be watching carefully at the way you handle this. Fix all the loopholes, and let it cover everyone no exceptions or defund it. That is the options, time is running out, so your best bet is to defund it and work on it, know what is in it and the details before you pass it or any other bill ever again, I know all of you Doctors and Lawyers can read. You have intelligence so use it. I assure you I am not in the minority in telling you we are watching closely.

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  51. Thanks to all the Representatives who had the courage to vote to defund Obamacare. Now hold the line and do not back down no matter what Obama, the Democrats, or the liberal media does or says. We the informed American People are behind you. I’ve called Sen. Reid’s office and although I didn’t get through to one of his office people, I was able to leave a voicemail to please heed the voice of the American People and get this atrocity off our backs!

  52. Thank you Mr. Boehner!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! For standing with the citizens….We are behind you. Please keep doing the right thing. There are many more fights down the road. We are with you sir. THANK YOU!!!!

  53. Thank you Rep DeSantis and all the Representatives who voted to put a stop to this disastrous health plan…Speaker Boehner, stay tough!

  54. Thank each & everyone that worked hard to stop this worthless Obama Care, step one, now to get Reid,Senate to do what the American people want … keep on fighting until we WIN, doing away with Obama Care all together !

  55. To those who voted to defund this awful bill – THANK YOU!! First step. Stay on track! Do not allow the DC liberal bullies to cower you – fight for America!! WE THE PEOPLE deserve the respect to be listened to. To those who still refuse to understand how damaging this bill has been and will be – if you don’t live by the same junk you deal out neither should the people who must.

  56. Thank you Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jim DeMint for keeping the fight going. Don’t give up! Millions of Americans support you!


  58. Thanks to all my TEXAS representatives that voted to defund this awful health care system. Sam Johnson, thank you sooo much for standing for the People’s cause. I am one of your constituents and want to thank you very much. Also any other Texas Representative that did the right thing and voted to defund this thing and get it off our necks.
    Resident of Lucas, TX

  59. My sincere thanks for all of you that stood up for Americans, our Liberty & your Principles. That is exactly he kind of Leadership our Country needs, not the wishy-washy phony poll-takers. By standing firm, we will all gain and the Country will be grateful!

  60. Yet again, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has proven herself to be a valiant, thoughtful & effective representative of the interests of her constituents & of all true Americans. A thousand blessings on you, Ileana!

  61. Thanks Michael Grimm for voting to defund Obamacare. This law violates our fundamental right to make our own decisions about our own lives.

  62. Thank you Rep Erick Paulsen and all of the rest of the Representatives that voted
    to defund Obamacare. Your effective representation of your constituents is applauded and appreciated.

  63. A big thank you to Representative Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming and her fellow Representatives for bravely standing up to ObamaScare. You acted to preserve liberty and to protect your fellow citizens from a socialist nightmare. God bless you!

  64. When I hear about all the jobs lost, many who cannot afford health care and/or penalty imposed, likely loss of family doctors and outright costs to the taxpayers of this country I think it is insane to continue down this path to implement this health care bill. Thanks to all the brave Representatives who voted “no” on funding and especially to my congressman Ron DeSantis of Florida who has consistently voted the way his district has requested. We stand behind you all the way!

  65. Can’t thank my NM house members, but I call them for defunding anyway. Perhaps they will eventually get the message that if it is no good for them it could not Possibly be any good for me. Go figure!

  66. Hooray for the few Patriots standing against the hordes of Marxist-Socialist-Communists in Congress. In particular let’s give a very large shout-out to Senator Cruz and the largest “Bronx Cheer” imaginable to Reid, Pelosi,Schumer,Durbin, McCain and especially Peter King. If this guy loves Obama so much why doesn’t he move in with him?

  67. Thank you Mike Coffman for doing what you said you would. Now you and the other House Members who showed good sense need to convince our misguided Democrat Senators to vote the right way!

  68. I guess I’ll just die. I’ve 2 strokes in the last 2 months for a total of three because I have a hole in my heart and need a simple surgery. However the last stroke has left me unable to work and I have no money and no insurance so I can’t get the surgery.

    I qualify for Obama-Care, but thank you so freakin’ much Mr. and Ms. republicans for causing me to become either vegetative or maybe even killing me. I’m so angry right now, but I need to calm down before I ‘throw’ another blood clot into my brain.

    I’ve worked for 40 years and paid into the Social Security fund. Now they’re fighting me. Not denying, but delaying approval at this point. I don’t have time to wait while the republicans play games!!
    Obama-Care might save my life. The republicans might murder me.

    • ObamaCare will send you to a death panel. The “Complete Lives System,” developed by Rahm Emanuel’s brother, “Doctor” Zeke Emanuel, drastically rations healthcare to those younger than 15 and older than 50. The Communists called those folks “Useless Eaters.” If ZeroCare is put in place, you’ll get to wait MONTHS for an appointment only to be told you’re too old to bother with.

      • That’s a lie and a scare tactic. I already have a cardiologist ready to do the surgery as soon as I get insurance. The neurologist says as much as she doesn’t like Obama-Care, it’s people like me that will be saved because of it.
        I don’t care what it is or what you call it. I don’t want to die because I’m poor, but not poor enough.

          • Why would you attack me because I want to live? There is NO state hospital where I live. Shame on you for being so mean. I will send you prayers

          • Shame on you for being a mouth piece for O’bama. I have seen the same posting all over the place–seems every democrat supporting O’bama care is dying. They all started dying yesterday. You are the one that needs prayers-after all you are lying.

      • Bob you have and empty hole where your heart should be. I agree with you. Artificial intelligence will decide who lives and who dies under Obama care but that gives you no right to talk to this person in such a manner.

    • SpiritToU, Obamacare won’t help you either in the short term, the mess gets underway in 2014 with full implantation in 2015. So either way looks like you can’t catch a break. Have you filed for Medicare or Medicaid? Best of luck to you. The republicans didn’t murder you genetics did.

      • angryplbr:
        Thank you for answering in an intelligent polite way. I appreciate that.

        According to Medicaid, I’m not under 21, over 65, pregnant or have been declared by Social Security to be fully disabled … so I don’t qualify. The case worker also told me that on January 1st, 2014 (a little over 3 months away) when Obama-Care is implemented, I will qualify because the Medicaid rules change. I don’t know how and I don’t care how or why. I just want to get the help I need to live.

    • Sounds like Obamacare may be the culprit-not the savior. Why is S.S. refusing to help? Sounds like Obamacare death panels to me.
      Both my wife wand I were cut from our Doctors-you know, the ones Obama promised we could keep?-because they refused Medicare and Medicare advantage-because they stopped taking them with the advent of Obamacare.
      In searching for new doctors-from list my ins. co. said should take us. 7 out of 12-doctors retired or left their practice, 3 were no longer taking any new Medicare patients.
      Seriously, I do wish you the best but doubt if Obamacare would really offer you much help.

      • Either way you look at it, it’s a flawed system. The way it is now and the way it will be in the future. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I just know that I have a reputable well known cardiologist ready to do the surgery as soon as the rules change with Obama-Care. And I know that if the republicans are successful in de-funding it, I will die.

        • Makes no sense you can sign up for charity care at the hospital. People do it every day. And for a doctor to say that he is waiting for O’bama care rule changes, he is not following his oath as a doctor.

          • If I were that doctor and I knew your condition the surgery would be free. If I did not do that I could not sleep at night,
            That is really really bad.

          • These are O’bama supporters paid to say they are dying-thousands of people have been hired by O’bama’s communist arms to blog that they are dying, and that they have been paying doctor bills for over a decade–they are all over the place. It isn’t really bad-it is a lie.

    • Spirit ToU
      Obamacare is a very bad law. It needed to be defunded.
      Go to the Governor of your state and ask her/him to find medical care for you. You will be given medical care. You also need to be on a blood thinner which is essential. I will pray for you every day. You will live, and America will be a better place without Obamacare. Most people who have had blood clots are treated with medication. The Republi-
      cans have a new plan, so we will soon have an excellent Health Plan. God Bless You.
      Delores Smith

      • Thank You Delores. Prayers are greatly appreciated. I am on blood thinners already and still had 2 blood clots that caused both a left and mid cerebral stroke. I’m now on a walker, partially blind in my right eye and so much more. I’ve contacted my Congressman (who’s a republican) but so far, no help. I didn’t think of contacting my Governor. I don’t speak plainly anymore, so I’ll have my husband contact them now!!
        I really appreciate the suggestion.
        God Bless you too

        • SpiritToU
          Thanks so much for your reply. Think of your Health Plan as being God. He will get you through this. My daughter had open-heart surgery at 4, a pacemaker implanted at age 5. Today she and her twin sister are electrical engineers. My husband had open-heart surgery, and a pacemaker im-planted also. He then had Parkinsons. You will get well, Spirit. I know it. God Bless You again. You will even speak clearly again. Get audio books from the library and play them and repeat some of the words.
          Delores Smith

        • Ruth1940
          I received a very nice e-mail from Spirit, thanking me for my e-mail. I do not have stock in insurance companies, but I have had a family with many illnesses, so I know a lot more than you do. I did not address you in any e-mail, so find someone else to insult.
          Delores Smith

    • My friend you will be in my prayers. Remember one thing. God loves you. No matter what you do he will always love you. Do as Delores109 said.

      • Come now, the religionists are anxious to have true believers go to heaven. (If there were any god wanting to relieve suffering, he/she wouldn’t have created suffering in the first place and/or certainly would have had Jesus discover germ theory so he could cure ALL the lepers with antibiotics rather than a few by casting out demons!)

    • Do you think they will murder you before the next election or will you still be blogging on all these different sites for the next democrat election. It is really funny all these democrats supporting O’bama started dying yesterday. What a crock.

      • They will make the really ill patients look bad in any light…just thinking of themselves.I don’t know how old ‘guest’ is or why he doesn’t have ins….but, depending on his age…55 or older: they would have a death panel determine whether or not he ‘merits’ the COST of the surgery….and they are 15 NON-professionals taking a person’s life into their “know-nothing hands”….therefore , it’s rather immature to hold Republicans responsible, which is stupid to begin with. Seriously, I think he’s telling a fairy tale!

    • And this is our fault why?? Maybe your lack of dietary smartness has something to do with it…or smoking…or many other things. I have a suspicion that you are propagandizing…but, I hope things work out for you.

      • And I suppose you’re one who claims that those out of work don’t want to work, that the children who will be hungry if SNAP funding is cut should get a job, that people should have known enough to choose affluent, healthy parents, etc.
        (Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if in the next breath you’d claim to be a Christian, even though your stand is exactly opposite! Many of us don’t think a system of lords and serfs is American.)

  69. Thank You: Rep Jeff Duncan, you are really listening the South Carolina, maybe you can help get RINO Sen Graham to listen too. Again, Than YOU

  70. Thanks to those House Members who showed courage in voting to de-fund this dangerously misguided socialization of our health care system. Very Proud of my Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas. Sorry that our Senior Senator John Cornyn is a coward, and continues to follow the self serving histrionics of Karl Rove and his neo-con lackeys in the Senate. Fortunately, Cornyn will soon be up for re-election, and his fellow Texans will NOT forget his cowardice on this issue and on illegal immigration and amnesty!

  71. Thank you, Randy Forbes (VA-04), for voting to defund this monstrosity of socialism!

    Now we’ve just got to watch HYPER HYPOCRITES Sens. Warner and Kaine vote to keep subsidies for themselves and their families while Virginians suffer. Remember, Sen. Warner, you’re up for re-election shortly.

  72. Thank you Congressman Waldon for voting against this huge, massive- deficit, over rated, shoved down out throats, inane healthcare bill. Please stand firm and don’t give in one inch to obama. It’s about time for him to go down as a so-called leader of our Country. You democrats will never see yourselves in your current positions again if you don’t vote against this monster. We, the American people, are watching you and elections are around the corner. You work for us, not the other way around. I’m proud to be a Conservative. Thank you Heritage, for the great effort and fight against this inept bill.

  73. Thanks to Representative Steve Palazzo for voting “aye” on the CR and defunding of Obamacare. That was a vote for liberty, people, and American sanity. Hoperfully my two Senators will hold true to the cause.

      • I agree, but we have to at least try to keep the nation from enduring another failing Federal Government program, they have screwed up social security, medicare, medicaid, postal service, education, housing, banking, agriculture, labor, healthcare, and destroyed our freedoms. The government has done more to make irresponsibility the norm in society than anything else, execpt drugs! So with this track record where do we start but here and now?

  74. Thank you all so much for defeating this bill.
    It is not needed, it is bad for us all, and our doctors do not want it either.
    Thank you ,Senator Collins for all of your phone calls, town hall meetings, and all of your hard work on this. It will not go unnoticed.

  75. Thank you Congressman Reed (NY) for voting with concern for the people against the statists. Whether it succeeds or not, this shows that some elected officials are willing to take a stand against the democrat run media, The media will report that Republicans are trying to shut down the govt when it will be democrats and Obama who are willing to shut it down. We KNOW the truth.

  76. Thanks, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, for voting to defund Obamacare (Unaffordable Obamacare,) It is good to see that the Republicans are standing up for us. Please try to talk some sense into Senators Warner and Kaine to support the defunding. If they don’t listen, perhaps we can replace them when their current terms are up. They are not that well-entrenched. They do not do anything that is not Obamaized. Thanks again!

    • Yes, we understand that there are people that actually believe that the hungry children dependent on food stamps should get a job, but most of us do not!

      • I did not make any reference to hungry dependent children getting jobs. I was merely favoring the House’s decision for reforing the Food Stamps program to get the deadbeats out of the system. If I had to guess, I would say you are on Food Stamps.

  77. Thank you to Greg Walden – OR for voting to defund ObamaCare. I looked into having to switch my insurance to ObamaCare and the amount funded by the FEDS (American Tax Payers) is going to be more than it is now. Not only that, but Americans will have huge fines (Less than $100 the first year, but jumping to around $800 per adult the third year) for not allowing to be FORCED to comply with a our RIGHT to accept or deny healthcare insurance? What a joke!

    • If you end up in the ER at a hospital, they are required to give you care, whether you can pay or not. Freeloaders are penalized under the Affordable Care Act.

  78. Thanks to the three pillars of government this bill is going nowhere. Thank you Sen Reed and the Democrats for keeping this law in effect.

    • What a loser…..so very unaware and don’t care, what b.o.care is all about…nothing to do with health as much as rules, laws and demands. READ it for crying out loud!

  79. Thank you House of Representatives for doing the right thing. This should have never become law. Harry Reid needs to take this to the floor of the Senate and make the changes needed. There should be no exemptions and if that happens this law wouldn’t last a minute.

  80. Well we know that the Senate will not go along with defunding Obama Care. Basically everyone knew despite all the work, that it wouldn’t go through. We have a very sick government with an even sicker leader. This man can get away with anything he wants because no none will stand up to him. With all that Obama has done and is doing , he is a candidate for impeachment. Obviously no one in government will follow through with that move. We are stuck and soon to be broke. May God forgive us for what we have become as a country. I still want to thank all those that supported defunding Obama Care even though it probably is a lost cause.

    • The senate is the mechanism, because the dems hold the majority, that allows the executive branch to overreach without a check from the legislative branch. Elections have consequences. Hopefully the senators will have to vote on strip’g out the defunding of Obamacare and then we’ll have a list of those to vote out of office.

      • If we can vote them out. 178,000 registered voters, 230,000 voted, all votes were for Obama, and no voter ID was necessary. Read that some where.

        • Very little fraud has been discovered, practically none which voter ID would have prevented. It’s a ploy to make it harder for certain factions to vote, not a lot different from poll taxes and literacy tests.

      • You had a list last November, but lost some of those seats in Congress and President Obama won a second term, clearly validating the public will for the Affordable Care Act. Democrats got more than a million more votes in the House too, but because of gerrymandering, Republicans are still in control by 33 seats. That clearly is NOT the will of the people!
        You’re right that elections are supposed to have consequences. Let’s fix it so they actually reflect the votes. (Here in Iowa we have an exemplary method of redistricting which everyone agrees is fair. Make it a national law – likely requiring a constitutional amendment.)

    • Just don’t give up hope…I had lost hope with the HOUSE…but, they came through for Americans….! If, in the aftermath, and they do vote for what is right, I hope someone will release all the crapola in that ‘law’ so that the liberals will begin to see and believe just exactly what kind of an evil person b.o. is…..they have too much trust in him..that’s how the evil succeed. But, truth and honesty will out in the end!

  81. To Mike N: You have lost all credibility, if you had any. One pillar, the House, has already passed the bill. The Senator to whom you refer, spells his name Reid not Reed. You need to do more reading and listening before commenting. If people were better informed,, we would not be in this mess.

  82. Thank you Congressman Terry and your fellow congressional representatives for standing with the vast majority if Americans in defunding ObamaCare, or the Unaffortable Care Act. Don’t be swayed by the the drive-by media in the weeks ahead. Americans stand with you.

  83. Thank you Congressman Frank Wolf, for voting to defund Obamacare. Also, a special thank, Congressman Wolf, for all your efforts to find the truth about what happened in Benghazi in September 2012.

  84. As I read the comments I have mixed emotions. I can only speak for myself. I am 78 yrs. I have not had health insurance for over 40 yrs. I made a choice many years ago to take responsibility for my own health. I have friends who run to the doctors constantly and take medicines that only make them worse. I smoked one cigarette in my lifetime. I eat natural foods, do not drink (maybe once in a year at a celebration). I exercise regularly and exercise my brain by learning, reading and taking courses. I focus on body, mind and spirit.
    Each month (for 40 yrs) I have put aside 10% of my income toward health and pay for any health needs myself. I use medicare only for my chiropractor. Some say I’m lucky and some say I’m crazy, but what matters to me is that I have the dignity of making my own choices. I wish everyone the best in health. Just sharing my experience.

    • God Bless you, granny! What keen foresight you had! Young people should take a lesson from you! Take good care! And best of Health to you.

    • I’m glad that you (and any dependents) were fortunate enough to avoid enormous health problem, especially before you’d saved much money in your fund. Everyone is not that lucky (and it is luck, as you really had no control over your genetic makeup, hormones, etc. that in large part determine your health, let alone the exposure to education that caused you to decide to live what you consider a healthy lifestyle. EVERYBODY does what the brain processes and ALL the input is from sources outside oneself. In light of that, consider adding some gratitude and modesty.


      • Ruth, You live by your beliefs and I live by mine. You are the result of your beliefs and I am the result of mine. I believe we make our own “luck”. I have studied Natural health and have lived that way. I am grateful every day for good health and al that I have. I gave information about my experience and my choices. My intent was not to brag but to show an example of a way that doesn’t throw me into fear over the decisions of someone else. The difference between a liberal and a sensible person is that if they disagree, they don’t attack and try to demean the other. They just go about their own business and do what they believe in. I will do that and wish you the same.

        • I accept what evidence shows, and as better methods and tools for finding evidence are discovered and invented, change what I accept — quite different from belief without evidence, which causes friction among people.

          “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” ~ Steven Weinberg

          • Ruth, you make as much sense as Obama. After 8 days of my ignoring you, you had to come up with some senseless comment to make yourself feel superior. I’m not impressed by your bitterness nor your need to fight. I enjoy discussion where people give their ideas but not when they want to fight and hurt. Is your birthday on April 1st? Good by

        • OK Granny, explain exactly how you make your own luck, when it is clear that everyone’s actions result from processed in their brains which are a result of genes, hormones, and envirement, none of which an individual controls. Recognition that consciousness is an illusion makes us humble, not arrogant. Those immune to education are the problem!

    • Hi Granny! I love the way you have lived your life. It is never too late to change one’s ways. Just like tithing, 10%. Very wise. We should exchange pics of our grandkids, heh, heh……I’m a grandma, too. :o)

      • Hi MurryBlue, Thanks for your comment. I believe in tithing also. I respect each person’s beliefs and religion. If each of us would look into our own mirrors we might make a little more progress. I disagree with Ruth1940 but accept that she believes her way. I have a saying on my refrigerator that I like “If someone understands, no explanation is necessary. If someone does not understand, no explanation is possible.” These forums are most interesting. I wish or hope the members of Congress would read these forums, but I doubt they even read their own mail.

        • Ruth1940 appears to be a rather bitter person. I could not help but see all of her posts; wow, who does that. Anyway, your way is best…..each to his own and as you say, can’t change those who won’t open their eyes.. Let’s keep on keeping on and knowing life is in hands that are way bigger than ours. :o) Keep on believing and enjoying yourself!

    • Obviously some health problems are nobody’s fault. Birth defects, for example, can run up huge medical bills before the infant had a chance to save up 10% for enough years to fund it. Many other problems are genetic. I’m another healthy granny who has not needed to use many of the benefits in my health care plan, but insurance helps to spread the cost. A healthy society is a benefit to all.

  85. My Congressional Rep is Grisham, a die in the wool loony liberal. She voted against the defunding.

    My two senators, Heinrich and Udall are expected to vote against the defunding also. There explanations in the past have been pretty lame and mostly down the party lines. I have expressed my dissatisfaction and outrage on their snowjobs which are about as deep as Obama’s. It’s a lost cause until election time and I hit the local news blogs. There just is not any other good outlet to debate from in NM, land of Dem entrapment.

    • That’s deplorable…I think we all had better keep our lists going to help us decide WHO is working for Americans and who are not…recall works! Voting SHOULD work…It’s up to us because it’s a cinch that the liberals/Dems have NO idea what b.o. is up to at any given time. I feel bad for the people/voters of NM,,,,hang in there, Scottar.

    • I’ve lived in NM for three years now with a yearning to return to the motherland ( NE ). I feel lost in a sea of liberal stupidity. Conservatives need to organize at the grassroots. I’ve tried to find a Tea Party group in NW New
      Mexico w/o success.

          • hey Ruthie, I am sorry that the democrats have kept you on the plantation all your life. Shame on the democrats for needing a permanent underclass like yourself. Rise up, elevate yourself. That is what G-d wants for you.

          • Welfare benefits programs have seen the most expansion in Vermont, Hawaii and Washington, D.C., in the time period between 1995 and 2013, according to a just-released report( August 22, 2013) from the CATO institute.

            For example, in Hawaii, the state with the largest welfare benefit programs, a hypothetical household that is eligible for every single welfare program and successfully manages to gain access to aid, could receive up to $49,175 in aid.

            Hey there Ruthie, how come they don’t tout that Socialist Healthcare in Hawai’i? why? because they are broke.

      • Who would want the young adults looking for work uncovered

        Who would want the return of the unfathomable donut hole of
        the (previously unfunded under the Republicans who started it) Medicare D?

        Who would want pre-existing conditions exempt again (with lame
        excuses given to avoid paying benefits to those who paid in premiums)?

        Who wouldn’t want the expensive ER short-term care for the
        poor replaced by preventive and follow-up care by less-expensive providers than

        Who would want the return of life-time limits on insurance
        coverage? (Medical bills are already the
        leading reason for personal bankruptcy.)

        Who would want to again penalize small businesses by
        requiring them to pay 18% more for the same health plan as large corporations?

        It seems to me that the only folks who want those things would
        be those who benefit financially from them and the lawmakers who take money (or
        perhaps those who haven’t noticed the huge rise in health care costs under the
        private sector or heard the horror stories of the insurance companies deciding
        on the care rather than the physicians).

        There are good reasons why other industrialized
        countries have better results with less money.

  86. Thank you Ted Cruz and Jeb Hensarling for listening and standing firm to defund Obamacare, Thanks to all the others who vote for the right reasons and did not play politics but voted because it was the right thing to do for the future of America

  87. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the House defunded b.o.care. Prayers ARE answered…Thank You, Lord! This was a mess from the get-go…promises broken (per usual)..people losing jobs, Medicare being robbed…the list is endless. Thank you Representatives!! Job well done…we have a bit of Faith restored in you for voting for our …Americans… best interest. I was not looking forward to the ‘death panel’, at 70 y.o. 😉 Thank you for restoring a little bit of Faith…NOW, if the Senate will follow through and think of Americans, instead of themselves, it will be one large victory for all Americans, whether the liberal voters believe it or not. You just don’t know what a train wreck was coming our way on Oct. 1st….woo-hoo!

  88. Thanks to all the people that voted against this for this form of communism/obamacare. For those 189 representatives that voted for it they should be fired immediately.

    • If all the 189 representatives who voted against defunding were fired, there’d only be 2 democrats left in the house! I guess that’s not a bad thing after all…

      • Who would fire them? We had an election less than a year ago and Obamacare was a big issue. The voters have spoken.
        Some people like our representative democracy only when they are in the majority and refuse to respect it when they are not!

    • http://www.factcheck.org/2013/09/obamacare-myths

      “Critics continue to make scary claims about the government coming between you and your doctor, but the law doesn’t set up a government-run system. If anything, the law comes between you and your insurance company, forbidding them from capping your coverage or charging you more based on health status. Meanwhile, Obama can’t promise you can keep your plan. Employers are free to switch coverage, just as they were before.”
      Where does all the negative misinformation originate? How did so many Americans become so gullible?

      • I’m sure whoever is writing all that crap is working for the Obama admin. I have a feeling you are too. Never heard so much garbage!

        • The Facts

          Obamacare is not a wildly popular law and negative views outstrip favorable ones. That’s a fact. But the isn’t wildly unpopular either. And Americans who oppose it do so for wildly different reasons.

          According to a CNN / ORC poll, 43 percent of Americans favor the law. With less than majority support, that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. But Americans who oppose the law are split. Thirty-five percent of people who
          oppose the law felt that it was too liberal. Sixteen percent thought it actually wasn’t liberal enough. As for whether opposition has grown, that isn’t borne out by the facts.

          It is absolutely accurate to say the law is unpopular, at least according to current opinion polls. But disapproval is for a variety of reasons and not always the ones opponents say it is. Also disapproval has not markedly grown in the three years the law has been in effect. What’s more, a lot of Americans still don’t know a lot about the law. In that same CBS / New York Times poll, 52 percent of Americans said they knew “some” about the law. And 26 percent knew not much or nothing at all.

  89. Thank you to those who listened, and voted to defund Obamacare. Shame on those who didn’t. We will remember who you are at election time. It’s about time they remembered, they work for us! One concern though, what happens now, in the Senate?

  90. Any law made and/or upheld by our Government should also apply equally to every lawmaker in America. If anyone is forced to obey any law, then those making the law should also be forced to live under that law. NO ONE should be exempt from any law passed by the Congress, as their passage is supposed to reflect the will of the people who sent them to Washington to represent their opinions. Convoluted explanation, but a law passed for all Americans should be obeyed by ALL Americans.

    • http://www.factcheck.org/2013/09/obamacare-myths

      “Since 2010, we’ve been debunking the persistent claim that members of Congress are somehow exempt from the law. They’re not. The administration’s recent decision to give exchanges leeway in how they verify suspect applications for subsidies sparked the false claim that Americans can list what they’d like for their incomes and won’t face verification.

      “Beyond these more reasonable topics, we’ve seen our share of far-fetched viral messages about microchips being implanted in patients and forced home inspections by the government. Rest assured. Neither is true.”
      Wherever do you people get your misinformation? Are the health insurance companies paying you off or are you simply lacking in critical thinking?

  91. Thank you Representative Scott Perry for voting to defund Oamacare. The Senate should quit playing politics and do what is right and defund Oamacare as well. If they are so intent on everyone having this healthcare then the American people should wake up and demand that all of Congress take the same healthcare that they are forcing on us.

  92. Guest: I am sorry for your ill health, but the country is more important than one person or even 1000’s of people. This Obamanation health anti-care fiasco will destroy our country. Why don’t you currently have insurance? If you are on Medicare or Disability, what’s the problem? When the Marxist President’s death panels kick in, there will be millions of you who will be given pills and told to shut up and die quietly. I understand and empathsize with your situation, but Sorry, our nation is at at stake.

  93. Leon: The hole will be in millions of American’s wallets very soon if this Garbage rush through legislation with not one Republican voting for the reconcilation vote stands. Our country is much more important than the very few. Again, as I said to Guest. the Death Panels will doom millions of American’s so sorry that my bluntness upset some people. Our kids and grandkids will all be royally screwed because of the damages Obummer and his merry band of Marxists have reeked upon our nation.

  94. Who would want the young adults looking for work uncovered

    Who would want the return of the unfathomable donut hole of
    the (previously unfunded under the Republicans who started it) Medicare D?

    Who would want pre-existing conditions exempt again (with lame
    excuses given to avoid paying benefits to those who paid in premiums)?

    Who wouldn’t want the expensive ER short-term care for the
    poor replaced by preventive and follow-up care by less-expensive providers than

    Who would want the return of life-time limits on insurance
    coverage? (Medical bills are already the
    leading reason for personal bankruptcy.)

    Who would want to again penalize small businesses by
    requiring them to pay 18% more for the same health plan as large corporations?

    It seems to me that the only folks who want those things would
    be those who benefit financially from them and the lawmakers who take money (or
    perhaps those who haven’t noticed the huge rise in health care costs under the
    private sector or heard the horror stories of the insurance companies deciding
    on the care rather than the physicians).

    There are good reasons why other industrialized
    countries have better results with less money.

    • ME…if I have to pay for them. Why is it my responsiblity to pay for YOUR kids? You liberals are SO GENEROUS…with other people’s money. You always have your hands in other people’s pockets. THIEF!

  95. Remember that many who answer polls that they don’t like the Affordable Care Act want a reasonable single payer system and have been unhappy for a long time that President Obama didn’t even try to push for that!
    If it were not so, the Democrats would not have gained seats in Congress and the president won reelection last year. Surely “ANYBODY can understand that!

  96. Obama leftist kool aid drinkers can find no fault with this fool and his blind followers. The Death Panels are alove and will determine who gets care and who doesn’t. IT’S WRITTEN IN THE BILL CLEAR AS CAN BE DUMMY!!

    You are forgetting that there are many ideas on the table re: improving the current healthcare plans. Listen to ben Carson and others………Health savings accounts, buying insurance anywhere offered in the country, paying a premium to have pre existing conditions covered by joining high risk pools etc. Why the hell shoud 26 year old ADULTS be covered under their parents HC Plans? Why should there be NO charge for physicals? You think that care is FREE? Why do up to 47% of Americans pay NO income taxes and many collect government benefits and get income tax refunds when they paid ZERO income taxes? How can OBUMMER put off provisions on the HC law on his own? Is he a Dictator? Why don;t all Americans get “Exemptions” to the HC law like many government workers, muslims, unionists etc. etc. You Liberals HATE America and your idea of a great America is to have 20% pay for 80%. You would make Karl Marx proud ! Am I angry. You bet! I can not stand spongers (Lazy “Takers”……..Obamaphone and food stamp idiots who know noting about our government but know who Jay Z, Beyonce and Brittany Spears are), and dumb butt people who are simply sheep and listen to the crazies who hope for total income redistribution and enslavement of free people. We get Obozo-uncare shoved down our throats and damnit we are not going to stand for it. Obama is a Narcissist FOOL and the chickens WILL come home to roost, believe me. M advice to CONTRIBUTING Americans is hide you money and stock up on ammo !

  97. Ruth1940, Get off the bottle and wake up to this socialist in our White House.
    He took an oath the uphold the Constitution. He has violated this so many times that he should be impeached. This phony bill was pushed through with a procedural vote without one vote from the Republican membership.
    How can this phony President pick and choose who is in and out of the bill?
    Why are both house members not included in this disaster. Why is he allowing his corporate friends a waiver? This is a sad day for all true Americans if this is allowed to continue. Do you know anything about DEBT, 17 Trillion dollars plus another 75 Trillion in UNFUNDED liabilities. Did you get pass the grade school education?

    • If President Obama has committed impeachable offenses, why hasn’t he been impeached? When Nixon resigned, the bipartisan votes were there to vote him out of office.

      It’s amazing how many people vote against their pockebooks, keeping the filthy rich in charge of our government. Why don’t you help them obtain the kingdom of heaven?

      Matthew 19:23-24, Mark 10:23-25

      But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. — Luke 6:24

      Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon
      you. — James 5:1

  98. Ruth: IF 1940 is your birth year, you are or were probably either a Government teacher, Leftist Dumbocrat activist/60’s Hippie, or simply a kool aid drinking Drone follower of the “Messiah” who reads good teleprompter speeches. He must have misread it when he said there are 57 states and pissed all over himself before pulling down his zipper at the urinal. Either way, Obummer the Marxist is pure evil and his “sheeples”, including yourself, WILL NOT lead the rest of us to the slaughter. We will rise up and crush this Marxist fairy tale Presbo and government. The people WILL be speaking out and you will need to go back to work to earn your own living and quit sponging off of the “Makers”. Obummer phone dummies/welfare & food stamp bums will also have to get off of their lazy dead a–es and get jobs !! Income redistribution is isn’t even good for Socialists let alone the US of A.

  99. The majority of the people have spoken. These are the people who read, think, capable of making good decisions. It is time to listen to the people and stop threatening a government shut down because a certain someone or someone’s do not get their way even if it hurts America. Enough!!!!!

    • The majority of the people spoke in 2012. And the Supreme Court upheld the law. Or is the concept of constitutional government too much for you?

  100. Thank you Ted Cruz for successfully leading the battle to defund Obamacare. We now know who has the backbone to stand up for the American people and a deep thanks you to all who joined Ted Cruz in this battle. Now let’s see what Obama and Reid do, if they shut down the government it should come back and slap them both in the face and maybe we can finally rid the United States of Amercica from both of them.

  101. Pingback: READ: Why is Obamacare so unaffordable? | 3rdeyeviZion

    • Anyone at any time can go to a state or county hospital. If they need help. There has always been charity care. What the hell do you think these people were doing before? There are going to be more people uninsured now than before the democrats decided to force people to buy insurance. So according to you, they are dying in the streets because of O’bamacare.

  102. Wake up America. We are about to lose our right to make our own choices, our own decisions. It going to be their way or no way. You will no longer have the choice whether you want insurance or not. You will be forced or you will be penalized for each month that you do not have insurance. Your physician will soon not be able to have the right to give you the best treatment of choice. He will be forced to give the treatment that he is told to give or be fined. You will be told what medications you can or cannot take. You will have no more freedom to choose. People of America, please study for yourselves, look at the fine print in Obamacare. Educate yourself before its too late. You have the right to informed of the whole truth. The quality of healthcare is about to change for the worst with the hands of the healthcare workers hands being tied and restricted.Please, Please

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