Obamacare Battle Shifts: House Pledges to Defund

This morning, House leaders announced they would pass a continuing resolution that funds the government but defunds Obamacare this week.

In many ways, today’s announcement represents “a victory…for the GOP’s conservative wing and its tea-party allies.”  (Wall Street Journal)  However, it also represents a victory for the tens of thousands of workers who have seen their hours cut thanks to Obamacare and to the patients searching for new doctors.

It is also a reaffirmation that Americans outside of Washington can have an impact on the legislative process. According to National Review’s Robert Costa, Heritage Action’s nine-city defund Obamacare tour “drew huge crowds and inspired backers across the country to ask their representatives about where they stood.  ‘A lot of members were put in a corner,’ says a House Republican insider.  ‘They were caught by surprise.’”

In August, Bloomberg’s Josh Green predicted “the August town hall meetings could end up being the sleeper events of the political season and major factor in the fiscal and budgetary showdowns soon to come.”

Conservatives cannot afford to take a victory lap, though.  As Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham explained, the hard work is just beginning:

Now, Senate Democrats and President Obama must make a decision: shut down the government to protect a destructive, unpopular law or acknowledge Obamacare has failed and cannot be salvaged.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s supporters will not come to a reasonable conclusion on their own.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Obamacare-defenders will swear the law is helping those in need and keeping things the same for everyone else.

The House will vote this week, probably on Friday. Ensure they know you support defunding Obamacare.

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Conservatives cannot afford to take a victory lap. The hard work is just beginning. #defundnow

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91 thoughts on “Obamacare Battle Shifts: House Pledges to Defund

  1. Perhaps just sour grapes but this Republican “leadership” has shown itself,
    time and time again, to be weak in the knees, without the gonads to risk the certainty of the slings and arrows from Obama’s media machine. I predict they will make a big show of resistance then quietly fold as the pressure to avoid a government shut down builds; a shut down they would take the blame and offer no defense for. That the democrats will be responsible for the shut down will never be
    mentioned by the press or the gutless republicans. It will all be done to avoid the “disaster” resulting from any cuts in a bloated budget chock full of unmentionable, sacrosanct waste and fraud that both political parties are responsible for and refuse to discuss much less do anything about. These political Neanderthals are in desperate need of being put out to pasture. They were not elected to admission in an exclusive, self contained, club run for political posturing, self serving pursuits and avoidance, at all costs, of their campaign promises of responsibility and purpose.

    • They should tout the new RSC legislation to provide a much better alternative to OC (not that we should have to, but …). Say “Hey, Dems, you want to shut down the govt over a disastrous law, esp. when we have a better law that will work and get a lot of the govt out of the way? Really? How about doing what’s right for the American people instead of trying to control us and drive our country to ruin?”

    • I sadly, sadly agree with you. The republican leadership is not only out of touch but terrified. They are so afraid of Obama’s media they will do anything to avoid their arrows. After they collapse again–and I so hope I am wrong–but after they give in again, the only thing left is to vote for the challenger. No matter who it is, vote for the republican running to replace your incumbent. At the very least, they’ll be private citizens again and forced to live under the laws they created. If they vote to fund obamacare, vote them out of office in 2014. It’s that simple.

    • Republicans just need to take a crash course in propaganda that the Democrats learned long ago. It’s really easier when, like the Democrats, one can lie, cheat and defraud without any qualms of conscience.

  2. Donald you’re making an excellent point, however, if Boehner actually does lead the Congress to a vote to defund, I’m thinking we must step up and step up in a big way to congratulate them and overwhelm them with support……if we do it, I’m thinking they will follow through and be encouraged to take the lead on other matters such as illegal immigration issues, requiring work for entitlements, and maybe even move toward impeachment unless the prez starts to play ball…….
    we can deal with them accordingly during elections next year. My personal focus is on seeing the Senate get turned around….I really think it can be done….momentum is building!!!!!

  3. Called Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Dist. 3, Ohio; her assistant was very polite and took lots of notes….I referenced Trumpka and Buffett as being against Obamacare now; as well as employers moving employees to part-time status. She asked for my “links” and I said listen to the radio and read the headlines on the web! It’s right there! Mainstream media!

  4. I’m getting excited!!!!!!! I’ve been hearing reports about truckers organizing to shut down DC with their presence in Mid October for three days, now what if some other groups got together and piggybacked with them to keep the shutdown going for a couple of weeks!!!! …..LET’S ROLL……

  5. orthodox…..I’ve been getting in touch with all my contacts and encouraging them to call their reps, set up a link to the defundit.com…..the petition effort has reached over 1.3 million!!! You’re doing great!!!! If this Graves act passes, O-Care is done……it won’t come back, there are too many people who want to keep their jobs next year…

  6. This is just the first shot over the bow, this is going to get really ugly, fast, I hope the guys like Cruz keep the pressure on Boehner and force the Democrats to finally stand and be counted. It’s time to pitch the tents on the White House lawn.

    • Republicans need to take a page out of the Democrats playbook. They need to be on every public source to explain it is Obama is closing the government. It will be doubly hard because of the ‘Pro(re)gressives and mainstream media but it is imperative to not let up until all but the truly brain dead understand.

      Putin put Obama in his place and now the aware public must do the same.

      • why are the Republicans so wholly inept at using social media and alternative communication channels? Why can’t they take a page from the Dems? Yeah, I know the media is against us but most of the uninformed don’t read the WSJ or NYTimes anyway. They watch Leno and Entertainment Tonight and ESPN. Put the message there, where they are.

      • You’re right now it’s up to us. I think that the guys like Cruz will do the whatever they can and anyone who has an idea of what is going on needs to call, write, tweet, and do whatever they can to put the pressure on their representatives, 24/7. We need to make sure everyone is aware that this bill is bad for America. Friday should be tie up Washington Day and the phone lines should be jammed.

  7. Why hasn’t anyone seen the very obvious fact that obamacr**p is anything but a beneficent program? Already, it is causing immense harm to our nation’s economy and citizens, as companies are dumping employees by the hundreds of thousands. Doctors are resigning and leaving medical fields. The malafarious effects are being toted everywhere, and yet these schmucks are still seriously considering funding this abomination?? Also, they forget that Gen. “Jerry” Boykin, who seems to be the only person on earth who has actually bothered to study this beast, warned a long time ago of its pitfalls, including six I believe he said, presidential orders that would go into effect once Obamac**p was implemented, and they were of a very sinister and tyrannical nature, as I recall. Socialized medical care has never been a boon to any of the nations it has been instituted in; in some parts of Canada, they have to draw lots to see a doctor. In England, they wait months for even urgent surgery. This piece of garbage is even worse for it has been deliberately designed to be as harmful as possible to the public and to the country. I urge congress to revoke it immediately and go over it with a fine-tooth comb,, which they should have done in the first place. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to sign something you haven’t read? Nancy Pelosi and Reid need to be put out to pasture. They are both brain dead.

    • No benefit in evaluating ObamaNOCare before passing it, they didn’t need to waste the time. The sole purpose of the bill is exactly what you said: to get votes. This is an entitlement program aimed at further dividing the country and increasing the number of democrat voters. If they cared about anything else, all they have to do is, as you suggested, look across the pond.

  8. We need democrat congressmen/women to realize Obama cannot get them re-elected in 2014. They need to know the unions will not subsidize their campaigns if ObamaNOcare stays on the books. And all of congress needs to know they cannot force this on us, take our money to subsidize their premiums, then expect us to believe their “I’m here to serve.” speeches. That isn’t serving us, THAT is the epitome of SELF SERVICE. And the Republicans need to learn to stand up to Obama’s national press. It’s simple, they just repeat this mantra: I voted to fund the government and to defund Obamacare. I voted with the American people. The rest is up to the democrats. All they have to do is repeat it and repeat it and repeat it.

    • It’s true that America has the greatest healthcare system in the world. However, 30 million uninsured Americans do not have access to that system! What would you do to help them?

      • I am unemployed and my premiums rose to 1400 a month so I cannot afford to be insured. All I can do is pay the penalty for not being insured; too bad (being such a great plan) that congress and Obama all exempted themselves from it.
        By the way, why are 30MM people who may choose to have no healthcare my or even our government’s problem to solve? Those here illegally are not entitled to our citizenship benefits. This is NOTabout compassion, sadly. It is about political control over the rest of Americans. If that were not the issue, why does the POTUS need to lie telling us we all want it, it is cheaper and ‘affordable’ and you can keep your doctor and carrier, none of which is true?

          • He is that and a very sad little boy desperately seeking his dead father’s approval. If he can realize the “Dreams of my Father” (that book title isn’t a coincidence, it was fair warning) then he will finally believe he is worthy—despite his father abandoning him and his mother sending him to live with his grandparents (but keeping his two half-siblings with her). I feel sorry for him on a psychological level but I am furious at the people too foolish or lazy to care about the calculated damage his narcism brings. I can’t even find words for the people who willfully CHOSE his narcism, especially those who voted for him TWICE??????

        • I am employed and my premiums are increasing over $5000. Congress will tell you they are not exempt, they have to use the exchanges. Don’t let your representative or senator off that easily: they have to use the exchanges but they are PAYING for that insurance with our tax dollars. They will receive a subsidy equal to the value of their former insurance premium so there’s no cash out of pocket for them. They make $175,000+ a year and cannot handle a $5000+ increase in annual expenses? However, they are happy to force a family earning $70,000 (or less) to pay the same increase. How do they not realize that when you take away discretionary income, people stop shopping, dining out, traveling, visiting national parks, repairing their homes, buying stock,…..?? How is it liberals cannot understand the interconnectivity of our economy?

      • Most could probably be sent back to the country they came from and any left could be sent to a system patterned after the Veterans Administration. That was good enough for me for 13 years.

        • EXCELLENT point. Too bad our president and our congress won’t enforce the immigration laws already on the books. They need laws they like better—a.k.a. laws that create more democratic voters.

      • First: I would admit I don’t know it all and seek expert input from DOCTORS and care providers and business people who have weathered all kinds of economic storms. Second: determine how many of the uninsured–whatever the number–CHOOSE to be uninsured. Third: develop a market-based solution including allowing policies to be sold across state lines, providing individuals the same tax breaks for insurance premiums enjoyed by employers, incentivize insurance companies to provide affordable individual plans that divorces healthcare from an employer, remove debilitating and infective gov’t regulation that only serves to drive up costs, and perhaps most important, establish a ‘looser pays’ tort reform to discourage the stupid lawsuits and absurd awards from anti-rich jurors that have exploded the cost of healthcare. Accessibility is tied to cost and you cannot fix accessibility until you fix the cost drivers. The liberals want to use tax dollars as bandaids the symptoms. History proves over and over again, and even a 3rd grader knows, that eventually the bandaid falls off and you’re left with the same wound if it wasn’t properly treated BEFORE applying the bandaid.

        • I like the ideas here. What if providers set up free services suported by charitable group to offset costs. Also limiting the costs of medications by capping the length of time a medicine can be patented.

      • Fix the program so that there are no exemptions for Congress, their staffs, Unions and Corporations. If it’s not good enough for them it’s not good enough for us. Equal treatment under the law and any other programs they pass for us. No one, not even those without healthcare will be able to afford this once they actually see what it is going to cost.

        They need a BI-PARTISAN committee to take a year to actually read the Bill and scrap 90% of it that will be a curse on the American people. No Bill will be acceptable if ANY exemptions are made.

        • Amen and here’s a surpise: I’m 99% certain the constitution already prohibits Congress from exempting themselves from national laws. In this case, they are following the law by using the exchanges, they’re just paying for it with our tax dollars instead of their personal income.

          Here’s the problem: Obama’s goal is to financially ruin America; to punish us for the [historical] colonialism his father hated. Socialized medicine is a proven route to individual, institutional, and/or national bankruptcy. He cannot let his signature legislation fail, at least not until someone figures out how spin it for him to save face. That’s what they’re scrambling on now, how to claim success while taking credit for supporting the families, employers, unions, and all kinds of usual opponents that have joined forces to unravel ObamaNOcare.


  9. I’m sorry, but I believe this when it is signed. Many of the Rino’s are still talking about delaying the implementation for 1 year, just like the terrorist in the white house did with the business implementation.
    These bills coming out of the corrupt political elite atmosphere are all designed to replace Americans with “global citizens.” it is the only way they can continue with their big government schemes. They get enough cultures colliding along with elimination of the typical American and they can eliminate the constitution and be more like Putin and his gangle. That is the pupose for the ultra-high legal immigration rates and the uncontrolled illegal migration. All the countries that are allowed to emigrate to the US are peoples already used to a dictatorial form of government.
    We need to eliminate all federal give aways. They are totally unconstitutional. Social Security is the only program that does not violate our constitution because it is a planned program paid for by the participants over their working life. All forms of welfare are against the constitution. These have been traditionally supported at the local level by charities. It is mandatory for our form of government that the federal government not be allowed to facilitate these programs.



  11. The House must stand their ground & defund Obama CARE… It will be on the Democrats if there will be a shut down or not… we Americans know who caused it… the Americans have spoken & want you elected Politicians to do what we want…DEFUND, DEFUND !

  12. Pelosi said we will not know what Obamacare contains ‘until the fog clears’. Well as soon as it began to clear Congress looked and saw that it was NOT GOOD. They quickly exempted themselves and their staffs and rescued themselves from the plan.

    The Unions and Corporations quickly followed suit. The end result is only the ‘little people’ are subject to this fiasco.

    Let OBAMA shut the government down. He loves to play big shot and like Syria he will lose more credibility. It’s taken a while but Americans are waking up to the fraud perpetrated on us in multiple ways.

    • For 90% of USA citizens, a “government shutdown” will not be
      noticed. Also, military, social security recipients and others that the
      president likes to scare will receive their checks even with a quote,
      shutdown. Fellow citizens, we need to encourage those in congress that
      will push for the de-funding action or significant-delay action regarding the
      “affordable care act.”

      The truth is Americans cannot afford it. The president has only one
      piece of legislation as his legacy (SEALS got Bin Laden even after Valerie
      Gerard’s advised delays. Barry did not!), OBAMACARE.

      President Barrack Obama will likely go down in recorded history as the USA’s
      worst president on almost every measure. Barry makes Nixon look honest and
      Carter look competent. He has single-handedly hurt the USA’s reputation with
      enemies and allies. AND, it is not about Race. His color means nothing to
      people like me. Those that call all opposition bigotry are absolutely wrong. If
      what they accuse us of was true (and it isn’t) then logically, Barry would be
      the USA’s first and last black president.

      In reality, he is a man who was raised by Marxists and his fathers, at least
      the acting ones we know of, were all followers of Islamic teaching and
      tradition. As recorded interviews with Jeremiah Wright revealed, Barry’s
      “Christianity” is/was a political convenience. His actions demonstrate a man
      with no fear of God. He certainly does
      not show the fruit of the Spirit. And as Jesus said, “you shall know a tree by
      its fruit,” his is the fruit of a godless Statist.

      We must stop and reverse Obamacare.

      • Thank you. I love posts like yours. They are so well thought out and written with knowledge instead of just bashing which I too often am guilty of.

        You are correct. Obama’s race has nothing to do with the disgust people are feeling for him. He has a lot of psychological problems qnd covers up in inferiority with bluster. He is a narcissist with two things going for him: 90% of blacks will support him no matter how much he screws them and the liberals will support him because they are really closet Socialists/Communists who are willing to stay ‘on the plantation’ and be taken care of by their master.

        It’s all really very sad.

  13. I was disappointed with Sturat Varney and Dana Perino last night on Hannity.They both said that defunding Obamacare was the wrong thing do do. They both said that it would be the Republicans that would be shutting the Government down which is wrong.

    • Do not put your faith in anyone in the media business. They are just trying to make a buck, because they are not qualified to produce anything. They all just repeat what they are all saying. Even the conservatives are as progressive as hell. Just remember, if they work for government they are not qualified to do anything constructive. It is in their DNA and used to be called worthless.

    • I was disappointed too because I like them both. That being said, capitalists and Wall Streeters like the deals they can make with big govt. Perino worked in the Bush admin which did plenty of crony capitalism, not as bad as Obama, but still. These 2 are conservative elites who like big govt because it means more opportunity for them and people vote their own interest most often. You see it even in Fox and I value Fox tremendously.

    • Because they are afraid of the Obama media train; they believe the press will make everything the Republicans’ fault and then we’ll loose the House and the Senate in 2014. Now, that could happen if the Republicans cave in, or if they FAIL to use the power of the people and social media to communicate the true message. It will be up to the Republicans to remind voters, constantly between now and November 2014 of what REALLY happened. It’s that same mantra I wrote before: “I voted to fund the government. I voted to defund Obamacare. I voted with the people. Obama and the democrats did the rest.” The real test will come AFTER the Senate and Obama reject the continuing resolution and the House has to stand strong. I’m afraid they may not have that courage.

  14. Obamacare is “too big to succeed”. Defunding Obamacare is critical to begin its final extinction. The Declaration says, “…it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it”. Defund & end this “Obamanation” Obamacare now! It has also been called the Unaffordable Careless Act. This victory will be achieved by a renewed “spirit of 76” in Republicans, disaffected Democrats and to a large degree independents.
    Wrote a poem, stapled it in my pocketsize Constitution for ready reference. Well rec’d. Serious but fun effort. Each line is a factual reason “to alter or to abolish” Obamacare. Now up on you tube. Search for “Dad on Obamacare”

  15. Our beloved family doctor (one of the few still existing), closed his practice and is working at a hospital. He was literally forced to close; the cost for installing new computers etc., in order to comply with the new healthcare laws, was over $75,000. A one-man family doctor just cannot afford to continue his/her practice. It is probably impossible to find a private practice now. He was an amazing doctor; so caring and so knowledgeable. It is a shame that he fell victim to Obama’s maniacal ideas. This should not have happened.

  16. Let ObamaCare do just that !! …die on the vine, … and get Democrats & Republicans to sit down and fix our health care without a mandatory socialist tax and penalty on select bussiness, groups or people who are not favored by Obama and Democrats

  17. There has been alot of collateral damage done in the name of “progress.” In the end, people will see what a sham has been achieved by this president. My husband, as a financial fraud investigator, actually came across O’s name back in 1998 when O. was an illinois senator. My husband refused several attempts made to sell fraudulent loan applications from Mr. O. Of course then, My husband did not realize this man would later become president or he would have made copies of the paperwork.

  18. Libs can spin it how they want to. But in reality the fact is Americans win but we MUST continue to fight and not drop the ball as a Tech football player did last week before crossing the goal line therefore not really scoring the TD!

  19. Some of the posters here apparently want a “fix” or a “replacement” for Obamacare. The less that the government is involved in any issue, the better. The “new” plan that should be followed is the “old” plan as set forth by the Founding Fathers: Freedom. Each individual should be free to choose whatever healthcare provider they like and pay the costs as they like; either directly to the provider or by way of an insurance policy that they choose to buy. No mandates. No subsidies. No bureaucrats, No rules and regulations. No problems.

    • I have been under the impression that the states demand that insurance companies include certain ‘benefits’ in their policies thereby forcing the citizens to include/pay for things they do not want or need. Is this correct?

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    • uh oh then they might have to cut back on the extravagant vacations every other month. Although when he is on vacation, we don’t have to hear the blah, blah,blah, and the blame game rhetoric.

  22. Great news! Now for the Senate! A greater effort needs to be made to emphatically explain that it is possible and perfectly legal to defund one particular item in the budget (in this case Obamacare) without shutting down the Federal Government. The Libs are doing everything possible to make it look as though the two acts cannot be separated and thus when Obama, by his own choice, shuts down the government it will be blamed on anyone else but him.

  23. I will think it is ok when it is forced on ALL people in Congress. NO exemptions, No NONE. Maybe when they have to live with rules they set for us they will realize how stupid they are.

    • I had signed a petition to shut down/defund Obamacare, received back a reply from all, including Bill Nelson, whose response seems to contradict that there are substities and exemptions for Congress and their staff. I have to fish up that email response and read it again. I was quite surprised


  25. We must keep on working to defund Obamacare. Thank you for organizing this effort and keeping the issue before our politicians. Americans have come close to giving up as their voice seemed to fall on deaf ears. You are appreciated!!

  26. why is it the the demicratis cant under stand what obomancare is going to do . why cant they get it tought thir hard heads that the people dont want this outragus health care scam . they know it but refuse to show comon sence and seems hell bent on dong any thing that oboma wants regardless of what is right for the people and the people big bussiness big goverment interfearaince and controol seems to bee all the care about AND TO bee exemtp from the verry laws they force on the rest of us THEY should bee froced to live under and by the verry laws they force on the rest of us wake up congress get your head our of your ass and your nose out of the air and pay attention to what hte america people are saying

  27. I have signed dozens of petitions to defund Obamacare but am afraid he will never be forced to do what “We The People” want. Those who are supposed to corral him and not allow him to go against the Constitution and the people’s vote seem to be completely fogged or under anesthesia. I cannot figure what is wrong with these people we have sent to DC to take of our affairs. I just know they have not physically died.

    • Obama will reek whatever damage he chooses because the press worships him. When the media STOPPED being the people’s watch dog, the liberals won. If the media ever becomes a neutral watchdog again, the people will win. Our only power now is to say what the press won’t: to tell the congressional democrats that Obama cannot get them re-elected; to tell the congressional democrats the unions can prevent their re-election. The only possible silver lining is that if the Republicans cave under media pressure (as I suspect they will) then Obama realities will surface. So many people will loose their jobs, spend thousands more in premiums, see their doctors retire that we will win the house and senate in 2014. The economy will collapse again and we will finally be able to say “have you had enough yet? Ready to try it our way?” Norway and Australia, generally RNC is every bit as clueless as the liberals.

  28. Remove all republicans that capitulate to defund or that are considering to vote for Obamacare NOW! we don’t need them there (traitors is what they are) We don’t have to accept this, why is it that when we want something the Dems say “NO” and we say “oh, ok, I’ll just go away then” and when the Dems want something that is totally out rages we capitulate to their whims because they cry and cry and cry, call us bad names, tell lies about everything and we say “OK HAVE IT YOUR WAY THEN” If we had true conservative republicans worth their weight we would not be in this situation. Remove them NOW!

    • Unfortunately the constitution doesn’t allow recall votes for Congressmen–we have to wait for 2014 to vote them out. My plan is to vote for any Republican NOT currently in office. Incumbents must go, especially the establishment, weak-kneed political class that

      • The
        constitution doesn’t allow them to do what they’re doing now, yet they turn a
        blind eye when it gets in their way and preach constitutional rights when it
        suits them. So, now what, we sit and watch them take us out? Make us do what
        they want us to do? We are in SHOCK! And PARALYZED! We can’t move, we just
        watch this happen in AW and wonder why we didn’t JUST STOP IT NOW!.

        these guys want is power and they’ll it have too, because we sit here and watch
        this happening before our very eyes as if hypnotized. We have been hypnotized
        in mass, with the exception of the handful who are in this fight (all law
        abiding citizens) who wait for the constitution to save us, because we won’t
        STOP THEM NOW! We will be there surfs or die fighting the regime. We need to
        tell them who pretend to be on our side that should they vote against the
        majority that put them in office will be removed immediately, or ask politely (cause
        that’s who we are, or just grab them by their ears and show them to the door) to
        step down and let someone with the courage to press forward with the crusade of
        getting back our country.

  29. As the American public directs their frustration on Republican, its time to notify people; democrat and Republican alike the problem is not with the House, it Harry Reid and the Senate that has stopped everything coming from the House. It doesn’t even make it to the senate floor! Because of Reid!

    • Much of that is true and we need to fire harry the pimp pig reid, he has to be voted out if we stand any chance to win anything. Without reid pelusi wouldn’t know what to do, because she is his tramp and big mouth piece.

    • If they read it prior to passing it, on the advice of Pelosi who urged they pass it then see whats in it, should be a lesson learned. Most of these guys are attorneys, who would advise all clients never to sign anything without first at least understanding it, seems they should have taken their own advice.

      • You must remember what applies to others do not apply to politicians.
        They are special, they can do as they please, is their motto.

  30. Been. Hearing for the last months that Cruz and Lee were going to fight and now they say it is all on the House. Needs to pass both houses and they are in the Senate

  31. Yeah but don’t forget that follow on bill that completely funds O’care ! Reid will use his power to deflect the defund bill and pass the full funding bill. Sleight of hand that is not so transparent

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  33. The
    constitution doesn’t allow them to do what they’re doing now, yet they turn a
    blind eye when it gets in their way and preach constitutional rights when it
    suits them. So, now what, we sit and watch them take us out? Make us do what
    they want us to do? We are in SHOCK! And PARALYZED! We can’t move, we just
    watch this happen in AW and wonder why we didn’t JUST STOP IT NOW!.

    these guys want is power and they’ll it have too, because we sit here and watch
    this happening before our very eyes as if hypnotized. We have been hypnotized
    in mass, with the exception of the handful who are in this fight (all law
    abiding citizens) who wait for the constitution to save us, because we won’t
    STOP THEM NOW! We will be there surfs or die fighting the regime. We need to
    tell them who pretend to be on our side that should they vote against the
    majority that put them in office will be removed immediately, or ask politely (cause
    that’s who we are, or just grab them by their ears and show them to the door) to
    step down and let someone with the courage to press forward with the crusade of
    getting back our country. I am so livid with these RINOS.

  34. Democrats do everything they can to ruin America,..what is wrong with these people
    If they did not have the lying media and was unable to brain wash through academia and was unable to engage in voter fraud there would be very few democrats elected.
    We need to focus on these three things,.The .Media,Education and voter fraud if we want to save America from liberal destruction

  35. I hope the Senate goes along with voting to defund this. Its crucial we get this Obamacare thrown out. And after all this, I would like to see Obama and all his coherts thrown out. He has been a disaster on us all, and never should have been elected in the first place. Fraud, and his talent using the power of words and gullible people who’s minds were twisted and they could not see through obama. He’s now working on the minds of immigrants and illegals to keep democrats votes going.
    we must vote all incumbents out in the next election. Every single one of these same old greedy politicians need to be replace..And that includes the career seeking money grabbing clintons. Good gosh, enough is enough of the same people just into this for the money,
    Lets all vote every single one of these politicians out. PLEASE.

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