Government Shutdown? Americans Okay if Congress Fights to Defund Obamacare

Polls today consistently indicate that Obamacare is unpopular.  A Fox News poll finds 68 percent of Americans fear for their health care coverage under Obamacare. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll indicates that 44 percent of Americans call Obamacare a bad idea, while only 31 percent think it’s a good idea.

And according to a Rasmussen Reports poll, a majority of Americans want Congress to do whatever it takes to defund Obamacare, even if the government must undergo a partial temporary shutdown:

Some conservative Republicans in both the House and Senate are refusing to approve a budget unless it slows or stops funding for the health care law, but the president and most congressional Democrats are adamantly opposed to any such cuts. However, 51% of voters favor having a partial government shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on what spending for the health care law to cut. 

To be clear, no conservative is advocating for government shutdown — we simply want Congress to fund the government while defunding Obamacare.  President Obama is the only one threatening a shutdown over Obamacare funding.

But this poll indicates the momentum across America behind the defund effort is real.  The Heritage Action Defund Obamacare Tour was critical in building the momentum.  It’s just time the bipartisan Washington Establishment gets on board and stops drinking the President Obama kool-aid.

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32 thoughts on “Government Shutdown? Americans Okay if Congress Fights to Defund Obamacare

    • Yes we (you, I and our fellow people) owe a lot to Heritage! Such as almost destroying the global economy by following their banking pholosiphy, the massive unemployment that followed and the obscene profits at the expense of the people for the banking guilds. Yea, that’s democracy in action!

      • Again, you’re showing your ignorance. You must be a troll for the Obama party. Please describe how the Heritage Society has caused massive unemployment and the obscene profits….for the banking guilds. You did go to school, didn’t you? Must have taken history and economics from liberal profs.

  1. Obamacare will absolutely ruin medical care in this country. As a 73 year-old, I believe there’ll be a lot of, “Let Grannie die.” decisions and I’ll be one of them. I know a number of physicians and don’t know one who favors Obamacare.

    • Your statement only goes to show…
      1. You are igonrent of the facts,
      2. You are an agent peovacature well aware of the facts yet willing to cause mayhem in society for a reason I can’t fathom.

      • Michael Rush. Your response shows a couple of things about you. 1. You are “ignorant” of facts and spelling.
        2. You don’t know what an “agent peovacature” is or don’t know how to spell. If you want to respond to anyone intelligently, you should be sure your response is intelligent…and properly spelled.

  2. Government
    control of privately owned businesses is Fascism. Obama
    apparatchiks will protect their cronies from the ill-effects of Obamacre:
    hence Obamacare is Crony Fascism.

    The Republican party can rejuvenate itself by defunding Crony Fascism, or it can die on that hill by doing the UnAmerican thing and by attempting to conceal that betrayal. Everyone is watching now: stealthy political machinations are no longer a viable Republican leadership option.

      • Technically, Dianne, it will be the Conservatives who save the Nation. Some Republicans in Congress are Conservative, but not all…probably not even most. The GOP establishment has launched an all -out attack on Ted Cruz…As if the fight with the Left isn’t difficult enough. Sad that we have so many spineless progressive R’s (McLame, Graham, Ayotte, etc) in government,,,,but we do.

        • It is the Ted Cruzs of the tea party types that not only are destroying the Republican party but this great country!

          Ted Cruz is an imbasilic moron who wants to destroy the federal government. I wish you tea party types and Ted would realize that the government is us, ALL of us. If the majority of this country moves forward in their thinking the conservatives will just have to come along for the ride.

    • No Fascism is the government working in league with private industry at the expense of it’s citizenry. This is exactly what we have today. The ACA leaves the private for profit insurance industry in charge of our health care system simply requiring them to act more humanly to their clients. You know, your fellow citizens.

      Not to mention that in every state which has been working with as opposed to against the Federal government in implementing the ACA indications are that insurance premiums will be even lower than previously predicted.

      By the way, did you know this was a conservative idea to begin with?! It was only opposed by the Republican party because it was implemented by a Democratic President.

      • It became public policy under the Democrats. NOT the Republicans. Reviewing a policy proposal but choosing NOT to implement is what they did. So, please, try to be fair in your assessments.

  3. Idiots tell me that Obamacare will bring us in parity with the rest of the world. Moving backwards is the new forward in the liberal mindset.

  4. WE the people need to stop Obamacare. If that means having to shut down the Gov for a few weeks while we iron out this mess then fine. The GOP needs to show a backbone for once.

  5. i have signed every petition i can to support stopping this trainwreck (ACA)…this is not a political issue yet the washington elites treat it as such…this is about ‘we the people’ being ignored and sent into a government exchange which has “death panels”, just like sarah palin said BEFORE it was railroaded through w/o one Republican vote…now if thats not political…i don’t know what is

    • If you want to see death panels look no further than the private insurance companies denieing coverage for their clients today. There are no death panels in the ACA! You really should educate yourself on these issues instead of listening to the misinformation spread by corporate sponsored sites such as these.

      • It may be so, but your claim that they do not exist in ACA is not correct. The IPAB will decide which procedures will be covered and what cost. They will overprice procedures that will be too costly for hospitals or doctors to perform. This is health rationing. This is the death panel. They can and will deny you cancer treatment due to your age or the cost.

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  9. Defund it….to he|| with the DemocRATS, ObOzOcArE was shoved thru the House without a vote using procedural tricks from the crook and liar Dingy Harry Reid. Americans have NEVER polled in favor of this god awful piece of Socialist garbage legislation.
    Defund it and shut it all down….While they’re out, take that time to arrest OBozO for Treason.

    When the House-passed CR, funding the entire government EXCEPT Obamacare, arrives in the Senate your choices are simple and stark. You
    will be casting a vote in favor of Sen. Ted Cruz AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…or you will be casting a vote in favor of Harry Reid. Any attempt by you to “explain” or “rationalize” any vote for Reid and the Left will be met with complete rebuke by the voters in your State who care about individual and economic freedom. PERIOD! We will not accept any excuses in the interest of “political expediency”, “spirit of co-operation”, “the good of the Party”, or “spirit of compromise” should you betray the majority of your constituency by not standing with Senator Cruz and the House of Representatives in this matter. In Federalist #58, Alexander Hamilton stated that the Constitution imbued on the House of Representatives the “power of the purse” specifically to empower the branch of the government “closest to the People” to prevent the Executive Branch from acquiring excessive powers not granted the Executive in the Constitution. Further, a modern day translation of text from Federalist #58 states, “The power of the purse may be regarded as the most effective weapon that the Peoples’ Representatives themselves can ever be given by a Constitution in order to obtain a redress of any grievance”. On the matter of Obamacare, public opinion is running from 64 to 69 percent AGAINST its implementation. That, Senator, is a grievance for which the House of Representatives is demanding redress. We seek your full support for the House CR and will accept nothing less!

  11. Keep the Government’s a comic routine anyway..defund Obamacare the ‘CLOWNS’ can continue their circus acts..the price for the ‘tickets’ to attend this show are bleeding’ me FAR beyond my normal 6 qt. bodily capacity!!
    Let’s ‘CRUISE’ with CRUZ!!

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