Conservatives Force House Leaders to Put Defund Gimmick on Ice

The most recent development on the defund Obamacare effort is that House leaders have punted the continuing resolution (CR) until next week.  This is good news considering the “cynical ploy” they originally intended to use this week.  And what was the ploy they had in mind?

They were planning to allow House members to vote on a “clean” CR that included a separate House concurrent resolution defunding Obamacare.  The Senate could then simply kill the concurrent resolution and vote on the “clean” CR, leaving Obamacare funding untouched.

That’s not good enough – they weren’t going to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

AP described the would-be ploy in the following terms:

But in an unusual twist, the measure would be decoupled when presented to the Senate and is designed to permit the Democratic-led chamber to advance the must-do funding measure to the president as a “clean” bill that’s free of the assault on Obama’s signature health care law.

As it stood, though, Republican leaders would not have been able to garner the 217 votes that would pass the measure through the House:

The complicated plan landed with a thud among many tea party conservatives seeking to use the must-pass funding bill to spark a last-ditch battle with Democrats and Obama on the health care law. Health insurance exchanges are slated to begin functioning on Oct. 1.

That would have been a symbolic vote that would not have met the needs of the American people.  We need our representatives to stop Obamacare, not just to pretend to do so.

We need a real assault on Obamacare – one that defunds and stops the law completely – because Obamacare is an assault on our freedom.

Fortunately, this ploy has been delayed.  Now Congress needs to build up the courage to stop Obamacare by defunding it before it’s too late.

Congress needs to get off the ropes and put the pressure where it belongs – on President Obama and his allies in Congress who want socialized healthcare.

Heritage President Jim DeMint and Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham put it best in the WSJ (sub. req’d):

Elected leaders in both parties should summon the courage to put their political futures on the line, because the future of America is truly on the line. Politicians who oppose ObamaCare should not vote to fund it. Those who want a socialized health-care system should vote to fund it. There is no middle ground and no place to hide.

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A cynical ploy to pretend to defund Obamacare isn't good enuogh. Thankfully, that plan has been delayed.

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Congress needs to get off the ropes and put the pressure where it belongs – on President Obama. #dontfundit

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Now Congress needs to build up the courage to stop Obamacare by defunding it before it’s too late.

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5 thoughts on “Conservatives Force House Leaders to Put Defund Gimmick on Ice

  1. Here’s a posting copied directly from
    I am 53, a hospital physician who changed from fulltime corporate employment to a self employed hospital physician this year. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico sent me a letter of insurability during my last employed month, only to turn down an application for this very insurance a month later. I am taking Metformin for prevention, not even diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus. Cobra insurance was offered for more than 1300 $/per month.
    I have never been hospitalized, never took sick leave in my 18 years of employed life in the US, always paid into the insurance with very minimal insurance use.
    Obamacare will be a godsend with its Health Insurance Market Place and the faster we arrive at Universal Health Insurance, the better for us all. Its time to take the profit out of the Health Insurance business !

    • Sounds bogus to me. Why didn’t he state the reason for being turned down? I thought pre-existing conditions were not a reason for denialbilty. Second, who does he thinks is going to provide insurance from the exchanges…the insurance companies. Does he think that they will do this as anon-profit entity?

  2. Good job Conservatives who exposed this chicanery, and the #CruzMissile for demonstrating ONCE AGAIN that his FIRST allegiance is to We The People, NOT, ‘we the Ruling Class in DC’ (even tho the Deceiver Rep Pete Sessions is oh so ANGRY with him **__**)

    DEO GRATIAS for this Leader, Senator Ted Cruz!

    Thank you TEXAS!

    Thank you Madame Steel Spine!

    and thank you to Fmr Senator Jim Demint and the Patriots working hard out of Heritage to provide the information/ammo the grassroots need to stoke the anti-Obamacare funding blaze to a RAGING FOREST FIRE

    #BeClingers —————> #AmericaRISING

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  4. I agree they should put they jobs on the line and really vote to defund this law for the good of all Americans. If not now, there will be future socialized laws to detract from our individuals rights. This precedent cannot be allowed to be set for the future of our free country. We might as well move to Europe or Australia and live under their socialized systems. Since when has this country turned away from free market systems. This is what makes this country exceptional. I think our politicians now believe we should be like everyone else.

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