ACTION ALERT: CALL Your Senators to Support Defunding Obamacare

Last week, the House acted on the message that the American people sent them. Now it is the Senate’s turn to do the same and vote to defund Obamacare.

This week the Senate will move the continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government and defund Obamacare to the floor for discussion. There is no question that Harry Reid will do everything he can to remove the defunding language from the House-passed CR.

Now is the time to call your Senators.

There are enough currently enough votes in the Senate to fight back against any Reid attempt to remove defund from the CR, but 41 Senators must vote together to stop his procedural tricks.

Cloture would end debate on the CR in the Senate and allow Harry Reid to get what he wants by getting only 51 votes to take out the defund language from the House passed CR. Please call both of your Senators and tell them to support defunding Obamacare by opposing cloture on the CR.

Call your Senators and tell them to oppose cloture on the CR.


Call Your Senators

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I called my Senators and told them to oppose cloture on the CR. #defundobamacare #defundnow

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I told my Senators to support defunding Obamacare. #defundnow #stopobamacare

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If you oppose Obamacare, tell your Senators you want it defunded. #defundnow #stopobamacare

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2 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: CALL Your Senators to Support Defunding Obamacare

  1. I live in florida I am a middle class american I cannot afford Obama care the cheapest policy is $531 a month I was told that Florida is not extending mediciad
    I cannot afford to pay this premium so I guess I cannot get health insurance they
    did not think of the middle class american when they did this I only get $1,200 a month and do not qualify for any excemptions. I will be better off going to a walk in


    • So your Republican Senators turn down money to help you get healthcare and chose to have you suffer.
      1200 a month is not middle class, you are poor. So now you want to go back to a clinic for “free” so I can pay to help you get better ?
      You need to vote out the people who are not there to help you, but to make you life worse.

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