Republicans, Don’t Cave Again on Obamacare

Throughout the debate about how to stop Obamacare — or for the Left, how to keep it on proverbial life support — liberals in the media have offered their unsolicited, generally terrible advice to the GOP about what Republican lawmakers need to do the keep their party afloat — or rather, for Congress to reemerge from their historic low approval rating of 12 percent.  All of their outlandish notions can be boiled down to a simple suggestion:  Republicans, cave on your principles.  

Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham recently explained on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers that Republicans should act on principle and honor the promises they made when they were elected to stop Obamacare:

Needham notes that Republicans have continually relied on somebody else to stop Obamacare.  They were waiting for the Supreme Court to rule the law unconstitutional.  They were waiting for President Obama to lose the election.  He added:

At the end of the day, Republican lawmakers, who have all pledged to their constituents that they’re going to do everything they can to stop Obamacare, now have a time for choosing. On October 1, sign ups start; on on January 1, the premium subsidies start going out. And a day before those sign ups start, they have to fund the government, and so I think this is the time for them to lay down a marker and say we’ve told our voters, we’ve told our constituents, that we’re against this.  We’re not going to fund it. And I think passing a CR is a a concession from Republicans.  There’s lots of stuff in there that conservatives have problems with, and the challenge is to lay down a marker and say no we’re actually gonna do what we promised we’re gonna do and cut off the funding for this law.

Similarly, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said at a Heritage Action Defund Obamacare town hall that thousands of Americans attended to support defunding Obamacare:

A significant amount of Republicans assume, with an impasse, that President Obama will never ever ever give up his principles, so Republicans have to give up theirs. If you have an impasse, you know — one side or the other has to blink. How do we win this fight? Don’t blink.

Sen Ted Cruz Dallas Defund Obamacare Town hall

If Republicans want to boost their terribly low approval rating, they can listen to the advice of principled conservatives rather than that of principled liberals.


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5 thoughts on “Republicans, Don’t Cave Again on Obamacare

  1. Republicans need to put on their “BIG BOY PANTS’ and put the American people and our constitution before their GREEDY SELF INTERESTS!

  2. Defund,
    Defund, Defund!

    How the heck can anyone (informed) believe Congress can pass a law and not fund it; replace it, repeal it or simply not enforce it. Three of these
    remedies are legal, one is not.

    Moreover, A Supreme Court is not supreme; remember Dred
    Scott? We the People are the sovereigns in this nation, not 9
    unelected, politically appointed judges.

    The Fact is; The House has budget power, appropriations power and
    legislative power. We’ll soon learn if the Senate and The Obama
    Administration’s demagoguery continue to prevail. It could,
    again,determine, as President Lincoln said “a new nation,
    …that nation, or any nation, can long endure.”

    What should any good people do when the law of the land is wrong?
    Stamp Tax, Tea Tax, King George III’s Tyranny from 3000 miles away
    was enough to form this nation but it took “with a firm Reliance
    on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge our Lives,
    our Treasures and our sacred Honor. to Secure It!

  3. Please be persistent in calling your representatives and demanding that
    they do what the American people want! Defund Obamacare! Anyone who
    knows what is going on doesn’t want it; so get rid of it NOW! If these
    idiots think it is not good enough for them; then it sure isn’t good
    enough for hard working taxpaying people like you and me!

  4. Obamacare is Crony Fascism. Any Republican guilty of funding it will go down in history as being on the side of Fascists against the American people.

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