Morning Action: Data Shows GOP Should Not Fear Shutdown Over Obamacare

OBAMACARE. NBC News reports on a Heritage Action poll indicating that the GOP should not fear government shutdown over Obamacare:

Heritage Action for America – one of the conservative groups leading the charge to pressure Republican lawmakers against voting to continue government spending unless they can defund President Barack Obama’s health care law – said its new poll of likely voters in 10 relatively competitive congressional districts showed that forcing such a shutdown would not be fatal for the GOP in 2014.

The poll, which was conducted by Basswood Research from Aug. 7-8, also found that 28 percent of respondents in the 10 districts would blame Republicans for a shutdown over Obamacare, while 22 percent would blame Obama himself, and 19 percent would blame Democrats in Congress. Seventeen percent of respondents would spread blame among all three groups. 

The poll also found that almost 60 percent of respondents would support a “temporary slowdown in non-essential federal government operations, which still left all essential government services running” in order to extract an agreement from the president to at least slow health care reform’s implementation.

The GOP should consider the wishes of the American people rather than concern themselves with a political fallout:

Still, Heritage Action’s survey isn’t meant to reflect broad, nationwide support for a government shutdown. Rather, the numbers are intended to assuage Republican lawmakers who worry that such a hard-line strategy heading into this fall’s fiscal debate would have disastrous consequences for the party.

“Americans – including 57 percent of independents in ten critical congressional districts – favor defunding Obamacare,” said Michael Needham, the CEO of Heritage Action. “House Republicans should be much more concerned with the fallout of failing to defund Obamacare than with the imaginary fallout of doing so.”

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10 thoughts on “Morning Action: Data Shows GOP Should Not Fear Shutdown Over Obamacare

  1. Republicans should trust the American people more, the left is just loud….we should get louder……. Tell the TRUTH

    • When you consider the “American people” elected Obama twice their skepticism and mine to be honest is understandable. Get loud and tell the truth? Oh yea, you nailed that one.

  2. I’m not sure Heritage is pressuring JUST Republicans. My impression is they’re putting pressure on Congress. Which is one of the core values of the Heritage Foundation. Core values, party agnostic.

  3. The Republican establishment (AKA the go along to get along gang) is terrified of the PR that happened during the Gingrich/Clinton shut down. The dems have a built in PR machine in the lapdog press. The GOP has some avenues that did not exist in the 90’s. The internet, more conservative talk radio shows and FOX news being much bigger helps. As Susan stated the left is loud and we need to be louder. 24/7 news every half hour on the half hour becomes an ad campaign for the democrats. How do we “get louder” outside of the conservative echo chamber? Even if we are successful at that, how do we get the the under educated / over indoctrinated crowd (i.e.moron voting bloc ) to actually think for themselves and understand that it is the party in power shutting the government down NOT the party that has only one branch of the government?

    • We need an honest news media alternative which rejects the crooked agendas of “liberal” jounalists. Can any of you rich guys out there find a few honest reporters and re-establish the Fourth Estate as a government watch-dog?

  4. I am a strong supporter of Heritage and I certainly want no part of ObamaCare. BUT:

    If the House votes to defund Obamacare, the CR will be amended in the Senate to include ObamaCare, and sent back to the House. That will leave Republicans with two choices: either capitulate, or else shut down the government by doing nothing. Then the press can win the PR war for Obama.

    Playing a little chess, what do you, Cruz, Rand Paul, et al plan to do then?

    • The House’s duty is clear: let Obama shut down the government and accept that the news people will blame them. But the American people will praise them for doing the right and courageous thing for principled reasons, and for not doing the wrong thing for weak, self-serving, politically expedient reasons.

  5. Shutting down the government can only happen if the president refuses to sign. Refusing to include certain things in the -continuing resolution- that is substituting for a real budget DOES NOT shut down the government!

    We learned this summer that the President and liberals are willing to PUNISH citizens who disagree with them when they chose to shut down White House tours, and insisted that sequestration cause the most havoc possible

    Thus it is clear that the President and liberals area willing to be punitive to ALL citizens to “punish” Congress if Congress does the people’s will instead of the President’s will.

  6. Obamacare is going to collapse into an impossibly complex, administratively futile twisted heap of contradictory law and regulation. Any Republican who doesn’t see that and funds it anyway, will be remembered in American history for not-so-American behavior.

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