White House Wrong on Cost of Amnesty

It comes as no surprise that the Obama White House supports the Senate’s amnesty bill, but their new report on the economic impact of the bill is disingenuous and misguiding.

The White House released a report Wednesday called “The Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System,” which erroneously suggests the Gang of Eight Bill would benefit the U.S. economy.  The White House report depends on a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that only looked at the bill’s cost over a 10-year timeframe and moved costly items off into the future on purpose.  Amnesty supporters in the Senate misused the report to try to fool the American people about the true costs of amnesty.

Now the White House is running with this same narrative.

But Heritage’s Derrick Morgan explains why the White House is wrong. 

First, a bigger economy or gross domestic product (GDP) would necessarily result from an increase in population, but that is not the same as more economic well being for Americans.  He states:

The proper economic goal should be increased after-tax income for those who are in the United States legally. This bill appears to fail that test in the years following enactment, since even the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) shows that the Senate bill would lower per-capita gross national product (GNP) all the way out past 2030. 

The White House report also fails to provide an economic analysis of amnesty.  It would be extremely costly to taxpayers “to the tune of trillions of dollars over the lifetime of illegal immigrants.”  Any GDP increase would be consumed by illegal immigrants themselves.  Morgan explains:

Heritage has long maintained that proper reforms to our immigration system, particularly those that emphasize high-skill immigration, could lead to economic growth that is fiscally responsible, because those with a college degree pay significantly more in taxes than they receive in benefits and services. Under the Gang of Eight’s bill, only 15 percent of new immigrants would be skill-based. The CBO also predicts that as a group, new immigrants would have below-average skill and education levels.

Finally, the report ignores the CBO’s plain measure of the bill’s ineffectiveness.  The CBO found that the amnesty bill would reduce illegal immigration by only one-third to one-half.  Translation:  The bill doesn’t fix the system, and the White House conveniently ignores that fact in its report.  

In light of this information, the House must kill amnesty.  We’ve explained how they can do so and why it’s so important a bill does not make it to conference:

Democrats are already preparing for an amnesty-first bill to emerge from conference.  In a memo obtained by the Washington Post, Democrats are targeting 99 House Republicans with the goal of flipping at least 20 to support an amnesty-first bill.

Conservatives must be clear in their opposition: they will oppose any House immigration bill  until the amnesty debate ends because it will lead to a conference committee that will produce an amnesty-first bill.


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4 thoughts on “White House Wrong on Cost of Amnesty

  1. It scares me that we have so many brain-dead people in this country.First, there’s the citizens that despite all the lies and deceit that barry has been caught up in, they still act like a bunch of obama zombies, accepting anything that he says and refusing to face facts. By the way, for you obama zombies, barry is our presidents(?) name. Yes, I am intelligent e nough to know that a name begins with a capital letter. But, that would show a sign of respect and I don’t want anyone to deceive anyone into thinking that I have an iota of respect for this individual that is in the process of setting himself up as the dictator of his newly formed Marxist Regime, formerly know as the greatest free nation on earth, the United States of America .Then, there’s the politicians that are aware of so much more of the lies and corruption that is going on, yet they are willing to turn their backs on the people that they are supposed to serve. I can only conclude that they in some way are serving themselves. Perhaps the aisle-crossers are wanting to assure themselves an apointment of some sort in the new muslim oriented regime. I’m in my 60’s and not in real good health, so I don’t expect to be around much longert, but my heart aches for what my grandchildren are in store for. PLEASE people, wake up and face facts before it’s too late!!!! Take our Constitution back!!!!

    • Frankly, I believe aisle crossers were paid off in different ways. “Communist Party USA, Socialists and Progressives working within the Democratic Party and the radical left activist network for the purpose of using amnestied illegals to build a ‘permanent progressive majority.'” From blogger Trevor Loudon forthcoming book, titled “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” In other words, they will have a governing coalition. visit http://wnd.com/2013/07/gop–immigration-plan–devised-by-communist-party/
      “Gang of 8’s amnesty” Indonesian citizen Barry Soetoro, (alias Barack Hussein Obama) is bringing his jihid warrior from Afghanistan and Iraq. two sections od the amnesty bill were planned by Barry, Valarie Jarrett and Imam Mohammad Gahed to facilitate getting the jihad warriors here more quickly. Get this, they were trained by the U.S. Military in the effort to help those traitors.
      Third evil: Barry Soetoro’s amnesty allows slavery to continue in America. The Federal government stopped tracking crimes against humanity coming across the southern border the moment Barry set foot in Oval Office. Numbers of Mexican women and girls have multiplied. They are being used to “service Barry’s jihad warriors. God help them.

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