Update One: What You Need to Know About Defunding Obamacare Now

As conservatives we are the first to explain that Obamacare is a failure.  But we’re not the only ones who know this.  Most Americans – regardless of occupation, political affiliation, ideology, or demographic background – don’t want Obamacare.  More and more Democrats feel the same way. That’s why for the next couple months, we are going to push the Washington Establishment to get on the same page as the rest of America.  Our specific task is to get Congress to understand that they must – must – defund Obamacare on the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government.

Yes, the Washington Establishment is going to whine and complain and throw a tantrum, falsely claiming that the sky is going to fall if Conservatives move forward with this strategy.  The sky won’t fall, but we do take it as a complement that they’re complaining.  They know as well as we do that it’s an effective strategy for stopping Obamacare.  In fact, at the current time, it is the most viable strategy. 

Our political director Russ Vought has provided an excellent explanation of the technical means of defunding Obamacare as well as why it’s the best political and strategic tool for Congress to use.

Where do conservatives currently stand on this process?

We are 64 days away from open enrollment in Obamacare’s new entitlements – the federally subsidized exchanges and the Medicaid expansion – which begin on October 1, 2013.  With this will come a whole new dependent class that will make the disastrous law harder to repeal.

Recall that funding for the government ends September 30, 2013, at which point Congress will need to pass a bill, likely a continuing resolution or CR, to fund the government.  This is the leverage conservatives must use.  The House has voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety three times.  They know what America wants, but now they need to deliver. The Constitution grants them the “power of the purse.”  If they choose to defund Obamacare on the coming CR, the federal government cannot lift a finger to implement the law.

Let’s not forget the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), too.  The IRS plays a critical role in Obamacare, from issuing subsidies to verifying that individuals are enrolled in government-approved health insurance – but after their indefensible targeting of conservative groups, no one trusts them to do their part fairly.

Congress can fund the government without funding Obamacare!  If President Obama and the Senate refuse this offer, they will be the ones shutting down the government just to save a very unpopular law.

We must fight right now if we want a victory for the American people.

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26 thoughts on “Update One: What You Need to Know About Defunding Obamacare Now

  1. If you could, share with us an outline as to why-then Obamacare. If all know it will not work, what is the real reason our elected want it?

    • Rick,

      IHMO, the real reason ObamaCare was passed was to set a precedent – being that the federal government could force Americans to purchase something and fine them through the tax code for non-compliance. It never mattered if the law worked. What mattered was finding out if the Supreme Court would uphold the law as “constitutional”.

      The kicker is, most people are focused on this particular law and they do not understand the true implications of the Supreme Court’s decision; which is, not only can you be fined for not purchasing a product or service that the federal government wants you to buy but you can be penalized for buying too much or too little of it.

      You see, even if the health care law were to be repealed in its entirety tomorrow, the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the individual mandate portion of the law will allow the federal government to require future individual mandates on U.S. citizens.

      This, I believe, was the true goal behind the passage of the PPAHCA. It would explain why Speaker Pelosi violated Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution to get it passed as well as her famous quote, “we must pass the bill to find out what is in it.”

      Further, if you couple the revelations that the NSA has been gathering and storing all communication data in the U.S. with the reversal of Justice Roberts initial public views on the case it isn’t hard to reach the conclusion that, just maybe, his decision was “influenced”.

      Again, this is just my humble opinion derived from what I’ve seen and read on the matter.

      • Slam, my family has already had to deal with a family member denied health insurance with life saving medicine costing $500 a month.

        What is most amazing to me is the beating of the dead horse. The ACA IS law, passed by Congress, signed by the President and approved by the SCOTUS. One would have to be completely naive to think that Republican congressmen are going to be able to “defund” the ACA and stop it from being implemented.

        • Sorry to hear about your family member, I’ve had some pretty nasty experiences dealing with insurance companies but nothing can prepare you for dealing with Medicare claims.

          So your contention is that once something is law then there is nothing anyone can do about it and that it’s naive to think that anyone can?

          • As an ex cancer patient, now with no cancer, I do understand. I ended up leaving the country for the cure. And it worked. There are going to be issues with the ACA. . so just figure them out and fix them. Here are some positive things about the ACA: In the last twelve months, insurance premiums have only increased .3 %, the lowest in fifty years. Insurance companies used to be able to charge 33% for administration fees, OVER AND ABOVE their profits. Now, it cannot be over 20%. Kaiser is 8%, Medicare is 6%. Right now hospitals are buying up hundreds of practices. The exchanges that will compete with each other, something that we all know has not been happening, will allow consumers to have lower prices despite what we hear on Fox. It is already happening in Oregon and CA. Young people will be able to get health insurance for as low as $110. The “silver plan” for all ages will be $317 a month. Guess how much families have to pay now? We’ll know in five years what works and what doesn’t work. . and just fix it.

          • I am truly glad you found your cancer cure.

            However, I can’t help but notice that you did not answer my question.

            Do you really believe that it’s naive to oppose something that negatively effects you and your family just because it is law?

          • Of course not. But when we see the Republican House vote 37 times to overturn the ACA, it makes them look foolish. Only stupid people actually believe that means anything. When we see Republican congressmen, including Rubio and Cruz, spending countless hours attempting to defund the ACA, again, it makes them look foolish. The GOP does not have enough votes to overturn anything. So, why not find productive ways to improve out economy, etc. I used to be a Republican but am now an independent. It is embarrassing to see the party I used to belong to, break the all time filibuster, trying to stop Obama from doing ANYTHING. They openly said “we are going to shut this government down.” Wow. And they’ve been obstructing things for the last five years. At what point do we do what is best for the country and not just the party?

          • It’s interesting you mentioned obstructionism because since Jan 1, 2011, the Senate Majority Leader has not allowed any duly passed legislation from the House onto the Senate floor for discussion or vote. Yet, the House has not reciprocated because, to do so, would cause the government to shut down.

            How do you expect the House to do anything productive when anything they send to the Senate is DOA or is it your position that the House should concede the nation’s purse strings to the Senate or President?

            House members, by virtue of their two year terms, are far more accountable to the electorate than the President (who serves a four year term) or Senators (who serve six year terms). Therefore, when you remove control of the nation’s the purse strings from the House, you remove control of the nation’s purse strings from the people.

            I liken the Republican’s continued demand that the health care law be repealed to that of an adult correcting the behavioral problems of a child. Just because you’ve told them 37 times to stop misbehaving, it doesn’t mean that they’ll stop but neither does it mean you should not keep trying to correct the misbehavior. Eventually, if the problem persist, as an adult who recognizes the dangers of what the child is doing, you must put an end to it.

            If House Republicans feel that there is sufficient public support for H.R. 2682 then it is their duty to the constituents they represent to pursue it.

            … and, as a side note, what is “best” for this country is a return to the constitutionally “limited” federal government that it was founded on.

          • I’ll spare you my response except to say that the Republican House refused to even sign our debt ceiling increase, causing our country to lose it’s credit rating. The debt ceiliing is coming up again. It has been approved dozens of times during the tenure of Dem and Rep Presidents, but now that Obama was elected, they refuse to pass it. The ACA will NEVER be changed. It is law, It will be modified. Your analogy of ‘an adult correcting the behavioral problems of a child” may sound great to old guys, but is condescending and irrelvant. The GOP does not rule the roost anymore. As Rush said in December, “Republicans lost, elections have consequences.”

          • The credit rating was downgraded NOT because of the debate but because of the OUTCOME, no reduction in spending….and the problem is the debt and deficit has NEVER been this high….
            On August 2, President Barack Obama signed legislation designed to reduce the fiscal deficit by $2.1 trillion over 10 years. But that was well short of the $4 trillion in savings S&P had called for as a good “down payment” on fixing America’s finances.
            It only takes two dem terms for the nation to realize that tax and spend does not work….

          • Sedated, I live in Massachusetts. My plan in 2001 was $657 for a family of 4. That same plan, today, is $1950. In 2009 that plan was $1100. And this is going on all around the nation. I have had to change out to a lower cost plan with higher deductibles. This is not “what we hear on Fox”…we have a national news media that is OMITTING reporting on anything that is negative despite the studies and realities, of CBO. The problem is that the Government runs NOTHING on profit – look at Amtrak, USPS, or Medicare/Caid. They mandate what they will pay; and they can run deficits; thy can operate on ponzi unsustainable and unfunded liablities; but private industry cannot. There are not gross profits in healthcare; the very evaluation of the 20K page law requires significant resources of incorportating, modifiying provision, practices, and for the government to assert these costs cannot exceed a manated amount; is fine for the government. but it is not private sector for profit works. If your model costs more; those costs will be passed on to the consumer…Nothing in the ACA has dealt with the cost drivers of provision of healthcare because insurance provision in this country is really risk based estimation. To MANDATE that costs, as we can see with Medicare; to which there has been no estimate that has been met with capping the percentage of growth.

          • Do you realize that health insurance companies have been able to raise rates uncontrollably to cover their 34% administration costs and profits for the past 50 years? Again, I have two close friends who are insurance brokers, both making well into the six figures just being the middle men. They are both lamenting the hits they are going to take with the ACA. And they should. They are part of the problem. . skimming money from rate payers. And they do.
            It used to be that we had a glass ceiling, where we could see the health insurance companies but couldn’t connect to them directly. Now we can, and do not need the middle men, which will be fostered by the ACA. For decades, the delivery services have also been suspect, charging high amounts . . .only to negotiate down. Example, for someone with prostate cancer who decides on robotic surgery, the posted cost is $75 K. But that amount is always adjusted down by whim of the hospital.
            One can go into a restaurant and find out the caloric content of the food as well as the cost. Just try doing that with any doctor/hospital. But that is about to change, due to the ACA. Overt stupid tests, over and over that jack up our health care costs will now be managed, similar to Kaiser. And if you have seen Consumer Reports a couple of months ago, you know that Kaiser was one of the top rated health care organizations in the country. Their admin. overhead is 8%. We have been getting hosed by insurance companies. . who also are very good at being death panels. They have either denied health care to people like those in my family with pre existing conditions, or raised the rates so high that families cannot afford the insurance. It has been happening everywhere for decades, as I have said before. But as of January, that will not be happening anymore. Managed health care will be slow to take hold, and again, will be implemented by those states that want it to work, like OR and CA. It is a fact that nationally, health insurance rates have gone up on 1.3% in the last year, the lowest in the past 50 years. We can have discourse on this all day/month/year, but the point is. . .we’ll know by 2016 what is working and what doesn’t. But for 30 million Americans with no health insurance, who we still pay for one way or the other when they become sick, raising all of our rates, it is about time.
            The exchanges now will be self managing, because they will be competing with each other for business. . .they will develop a standard rate to pay hospitals, doctors, so they can compete. . for procedures instead of the current willy nilly way it is done now.

          • E – we don’t HAVE a National healthcare system – YET. That is the goal Further; rates are regulated by the states and typical profit rates run around 6 %.

            I am sorry for your health issues; but it is telling you say you left the US for treatment; why? And do you really think if we have a state run health industry, that we will be any better than Europe or Canada? What are the cancer death rates? People needing care must wait often months and sometimes years. Access to drugs are not approved – yes, death panels….do you really think that poor, subsizided are going to be cart blanch covered for expensive treatments? Do you think the aged are going to enjoy what they have enjoyed in the past? The nation has never had this level o both personal and PUBLIC debt ever. Businesses are dropping hours to avoid this mess. The plan is law and it never should have been because every measure that received a vote was based on a lie. This is not the 1960s, with a returning economy, or a smaller population, or a culture of personal accountability. The culture today has wrangled that out, has povertized whole swaths of our populations, unions have secretly and on the backs of the private sector taxpayers, created an unfunded model. I don’t know where you are E – but you are wrong.
            From the article: 2009
            Ledgers tell a different reality. Health insurance profit margins typically run about 6 percent, give or take a point or two. That’s anemic compared with other forms of insurance and a broad array of industries, even some beleaguered ones.

            Profits barely exceeded 2 percent of revenues in the latest annual measure. This partly explains why the credit ratings of some of the largest insurers were downgraded to negative from stable heading into this year, as investors were warned of a stagnant if not shrinking market for private plans.

            Insurers are an expedient target for leaders who want a government-run plan in the marketplace. Such a public option would force private insurers to trim profits and restrain premiums to compete, the argument goes. This would “keep insurance companies honest,” says President Barack Obama.

            …. Health insurers posted a 2.2 percent profit margin last year, placing them 35th on the Fortune 500 list of top industries. As is typical, other health sectors did much better – drugs and medical products and services were both in the top 10.

            …. were the Bush years golden ones for health insurers?

            Not judging by profit margins, profit growth or returns to shareholders. The industry’s overall profits grew only 8.8 percent from 2003 to 2008, and its margins year to year, from 2005 forward, never cracked 8 percent.

            Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2009/10/26/aps-woodward-fact-checks-health-insurance-company-profits-finds-them-ane#ixzz2bxkOgO00

            ; http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2009/10/26/aps-woodward-fact-checks-health-insurance-company-profits-finds-them-ane

            Futher, this notion that administrative costs are the problem; and Private insurers are death panels? Try again –
            Another claim of statist health care fans is that the government won’t heartlessly reject claims like insurance companies do. Oops: As noted in early October (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog), the American Medical Association found that that Medicare’s claim denial rate is higher than that of any other private insurer, and almost 70% higher overall than the private insurers’ average denial rate.

            Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2009/10/26/aps-woodward-fact-checks-health-insurance-company-profits-finds-them-ane#ixzz2bxkdo08A

          • Another nice one. For me, I left the US and went to Bermuda for HIFU (high intensity focussed ultrasound) to treat prostate cancer. It worked. And what is significant is that I have no side effects like impotence/incontinence like many of those who use surgery or radiation.
            I am heavily involved nationally on this have been a panelist on CurePanel Talk Radio in the past and on national forum last night. Urologist don’t even agree with each other on prostate cancer, and what is so annoying to many is that the radiation doctors recommend radiation. . while owning the radiation machine! Wow. SAme thing with surgery. HIFU is being used in 30 countries. . for prostate cancer, renal cancer, breast cancer, etc. and yet is not approved in the US although there are over 400 doctors trained in HIFU and the machines are made here! (See International HIFU) It is the least invasive prostate cancer treatment, killing the cancer with heat. .and it is outpatient. The urology community is just hosing Medicare right now. . financially, with expensive proton, surgery, radiation. . .times a gazillion.
            I was in Canada for the Olympics and it is almost impossible to find any Canadians who do not like their state sponsored health care there. The only issue they have is if you have something that is not immediate, like knee replacement, you may have to wait a few months, but still I interviewed quite a few people there and everyone is happy with it. And if you are in Toronto, they DO have HIFU!
            Regarding the elderly. . we had an elderly mother. . who was admitted to a top hospital with UTI. . .which created other issues. They asked my brother if they could do a battery of tests, which he acquiesced to. Three days and $38,000 later. . .this 90 year old woman was treated for the UTI. . and did not need any of the “tests.” My brother and I have a tiny disagreement with each other on this waste.
            I think I read 90% of the Medicare costs for patients are realized in the last two years of life. It is not death panels,. . .but rational approach for the elderly. I mean, do we spend $50,000 on multiple stents/heart bypass for an 88 year old man with heart disease? Not an easy choice when it is one’s parents. . but then again. . .

          • and yes, the Bush years WERE the golden years of health insurance industry. They are finally being made to compete, as is the delivery system. . .and that 2% in profits for insurers comes from billions in gross revenue. . and STILL have been charging 33% for admin. costs, which pays everyones salaries. . .and all overhead. . .and gives my friends hundreds of thousands of dollars just to link the customers with the providers. And you add the fact that there are thousands of those independent agents in the US.

          • BTW, mom, I don’t understand if you have had such unregulated health insurance rate jumps fo the past decade, why you dont’ call a spade a spade and call out the insurance indsustry and delivery system we currently have?

        • Elucidated1, what I don’t understand is; though this is law; what makes you think your loved one will “receive care”? I mean; yes the law will “cover’ you but what does that mean? The problem is; that the law was not signed into effect by Congress; it was signed into law by Democrats; who have unable to vote on the repeal law passed by the Congress because Harry Reid will not take it up for a vote; but faced with the unpopularity of Americans who are finding out the impact to their current healthcare plans if implemented; the economy once employers are going to have to pay the increase in premiums and lack of options in coverage; and to job opportunity, and to providers who are currently dropping Medicare/caid patients because their reimbursal rate; already NOT ENOUGH to cover the care they receive, will be cut by an addtional 25% in 2014…So, though the PRESIDENT is delaying so that people and employers won’t have to realize before the 2014 elections, exactly what the law means for them, WHY is the Congress, doing what is right and constitutional despite the SCOTUS, taking the heat?

          • 1. Uh, not only was the law signed by Congress. . it was validated by a right wing SCOTUS. If you try and disaggregate the Democrats from Congress. . it is a little silly. Just like Patriot Act was approved by a Republican majority. Same thing. So, maybe getting over your bias might be a starting place since it will NEVER be overturned/defunded, even though the Republicans wasted time and money voting to overturn it 40 times while knowing it can’t. Only someone stupid would believe that Obamacare will not be enacted.
            2. In Oct. the exchanges will be sharing their rates. Already in OR and CA the exchanges are showing a 12% dip in rates from this year. You seem to be believing the Republican mantra that this will ruin businesses and job opportunities. And we’ll know by next year if that is true or not. But don’t bet on it. The ACA WILL work for those states that want it to.
            3. Cite your source that “Medicare/medicaid patients will have an addtional 25% cuts. If you mean, Texas, Perry has already cut Medicaid as we all know. But it is not because of the ACA.
            4. Hospitals are buying up hundreds of practices right now and putting them together. . and are already competing for business. In San Diego County, for example, the rates for a 40 year old for Kaiser will be $248 a month. Health Net will be $290. In Oregon, the cost for someone under 30 will be as low as $110 a month. The exchanges are going to have to complete to survive, where in the past the health insurance rates went up on a whim. Insurance companies charged 33% in Admin. fees OVER AND ABOVE PROFITS. As of Jan. ’14, that will be no higher than 20%. Medicare is 6% and Kaiser is 8%. What is significant for my family is that no one can be denied health care. .. something we’ve experienced and has cost us dearly to keep someone alive with prescription drugs at over $500 a month. As I shared, Obamacare is the law, it will not be changed, and it will work for those states than want it to.

          • Eleicidate; I am for AMERICA not Dem or Repub. So stop with the division. Cite my source for the additional cut in Medicare? Try the ACA, it is written in the law….IT is the source. And it is called a “savings”. What do you think is going to happen to California providers; when 3/4 of the market; who cannot afford the cost of care and will need either total subsidy or partial, and the State, already struggling with unfunded liabilities, cannot get the tax base or the Fed Government, to maintain this subsidy? And as far as the “Conservative SCOTUS”? Ah, they challenged the CONGRESS to address not that the “mandate” was constitutional they specifically DENIED that but they did advise that CONGRESS has the right to TAX and they called the penalty, a tax and they challenged the Congress to deal with that reality. And that is why DEFUND is being targeted; because the outcome for the nation, in te debt we are in, and in the private debt the US Consumer is in, wage stagnation? Healthcare is not blank coverage; what is provided in this nation is a product of RISK. And by the way, it is hardly a conservative tenet to grant the Federal Government power it previously did not have, to mandate commerce or else penalize, especially against religious freedom. Controlling the masses in the name of the “common good” when in fact, power and control is the outcome; and care and conern neither the goal or the actual outcome, is the Progressive Socialsit mantra. Lastly, California “hopes” the exit of Aetna and United Healthcare will “create the opportunity for competition” yet what will really occur with the flood of participants to Medicaid; and many not even legal citizens; will be rationing, because it will NOT be sustainable. Already the funding ACA has collected for states to implement exchanges is already woefully inadequate; and the National Posse hired (in true Acorn like form) to roll out the information and infrastructure of the exchange is but a quarter of what is being touted as needed to even set up the exchanges. IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE; it was misquoted in its cost to implement; and once America finds out by just how much, it will be clear.; http://www.californiahealthline.org/road-to-reform/2013/aetna-and-united-are-out-of-california-whos-moving-in

          • Uh, mommy you were the one who originally said this wasn’t passed by Congress but Democrats, as you know. You provide no citation for your source on Medicaid so I think we are done here. You are dealing with Republican talking points and yet not facts, I’ll look for you next year and you can tell me how bad/good it is. But it will never be overturned or defunded.

          • Right, so mr Sedated; you “don’t accept” that the law cuts the Medicare? This was a partisan law; that couldn’t be passed on a regular up or down vote; so was rammed in through reconciliation, and you are calling my facts on the debate – talking points? Typical. Good luck with that. With the delays the President has unilaterally proclaimed in executive order; while not constitutionally in his power to do but the Congress, it won’t be enacted in a couple of years. At the moment; though the nation has assigned spending to this law; through taxation over the last 3 years, and THAT funding isn’t even sufficient to fund the exchanges in the states. California was assigned $900 million and the exchanges aren’t even complete and they are asking for more…One state. Cite a source? The lazy low information status of this nation, knows no acceptable source to their IDEALS. I guess you were sedated then too.

          • mom, you seem obsessed with this “partisan law’ thing. The cuts of $50 billion a year to Medicare were a drop were only cuts to reduce overlap and waste that was previously going on. And there was a lot of it. Here’s a cute fact for you: These exact same cuts of $50 billion to Medicare were also in Paul Ryan’s budget. . I think he’s a Republican, right?!

          • Sedated, I know being low informed this is a tough concept for you, however as Ryan explained, right or wrong, his budget was proposing changes to the law “as it was written” because it is law. So keeping what ever cost assumptions; was necessary and amend as a begining in the debate to correct. Secondly, the $718 B cut was removed “as a savings” but then re-applied to the amount to cover the influx of new Medicaid. there is an “assumption” they will cut, fraud and waste; but there is no focus or plan. You can “react” with your “opinion” of how “your perception” of information “you heard whereever” but if the tactic by Harry Reid to vote on reconciliation was done; because they did not have the up/down votes to pass the law; so reconciliation was used to circumvent that….tough for YOU to understand, but fact, nontheless…Have a nice day. Your silliness is tedious.

          • Mom, although I do love your condescension, this is all going to come out in the wash, no matter how much you complain about it. Maybe Hillary will change this to a single payer system in 2016, since the Republicans are going to be under the gun to find even one candidate who can beat her.

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