Email Your Representative to Defund Obamacare

Now is the time to email your Representative.  They need to know that you don’t want to spend another dime on Obamacare.  Congress needs to act fast to stop the massive spending and expansion of entitlements caused by Obamacare.

Conservatives cannot vote to fund the law’s massive entitlement expansion (and mandates), which will take effect on January 1, 2014. Instead, they must lead the charge to deny funding for the law’s  implementation using the forthcoming year-end spending bill.

Encourage your Representative to co-sponsor the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013. Co-sponsoring the bill is a crucial step to stopping the full implementation of Obamacare. Then conservative lawmakers must attach the bill to must-pass legislation, like the year-end spending bill.

Use this form to email your Representative with the critical defund message:

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99 thoughts on “Email Your Representative to Defund Obamacare

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  4. My Representative in the 2nd congressional dist. of MS would vote for Adolph Hitler if he had a D after his name. E-mail solicits an automated reply thanking me for keeping him on the Govt. teat.

    • I don’t have any representation. I live in NYS and am forced with Demorats. There’s that gem, Schumer, his shadow Gillibrand and the useless Rep.Paul Tonko who does whatever he’s told. Sure, I still email, phone and all that but,like you, I get the same bullsh*t message that can be given to anything.

      • I hear you. I’ve been faxing, phoning and writing Lindsey Grahmn about Obamacare and Amnesty. Jim Demint was smart to get out while he could. He was a man of integrity, which is lacking in most politicians. I keep getting generic responses from Lindsey Grahmn which have nothing to do with the issues I’m concerned with. In 2014 Lindsey Grahmn will be history. His constituients have had it with him.
        The only reason he is still here is his term wasn’t up for vote. RINO’s beware. We know you are Democrat Republican possers.

      • I am a Native born Texan and moved here to be near wife’s family.
        Since they are mostly progressive I am considering moving back, at least Texas has the option to secede without protest. If anyone thinks Detroit is a disaster they need to visit rural MS.

        • I was born in California, lived in Texas for 20 some odd years then went to Michigan for a few years and now settled in Florida. I have to say, after living in other states, Texas has the most common sense laws regarding government that I’ve encountered.

  5. with all the higher taxes coming out of our checks and now you want to force us to have insurance that we can not afford! Our families and our elders will be doing without food if we pass this! STOP THIS FUNDING NOW!

  6. With the Obama cabal, and all the democrats in the Senate, it is a never ending litany of new taxes, new requirements, new charges no one ever thought about. Today Harry Reid announced that he will no longer go with the plan agreed to with the Republicans to reduce taxes. He says he is going to make new taxes. The Obamacare has a requirement to strictly control medical care to seniors, which is identified as anyone 50 or over, by using “death panels” sitting in Washington. These panels would pass judgement on whether a senior received medical care or not. The Obamacare plans to use the money saved, 500 billion dollars, to fund medical care for all aliens in this Country, legal or not. Obama and his cabal are destroying the United States. Reid and all the democrats in the Senate are traitors.
    When we take back our Country these people should be tried.

    • I think they know they will win in 2014, they seem so sure and with the riches behind them how do the people even count any more, I believe God has been trying to tell us something for years now, but no one other then Christians are listening. So much easier to disc God then to live within his laws

      • I agree with you. Since Madelyn Murray O’Hare, that atheist who started at this “get God out of our life”. we have seen a continuing lowering of social mores and values. Just look at our society today, it is sickening. The dregs of our society are in control, no doubt about it. Most sickening of all the US Senate is full of them, starting with Harry Reid. Just look at what that bunch of misfits has done to our Country.

      • Ted Cruz was not given a chance to win the Republican senatorial primary against his Texas opponent (who I think spent $8M of his own). But many of us got out and hung door hangers and talked to our neighbors to spread the word about this constitution loving son of Cuban immigrants. Sen Cruz got into a run-off. So,we repeated the process (walking and talking). This time Sen Cruz won and went on to win the Texas seat.

        The point is grassroots efforts can and do work.

    • If we don’t get voter ID we will never take back the senate, there are more dead voters than live demoncrats, & they all vote 8 ~ 10 times per election.

      • You are absolutely right. And the Republicans, as of now, have no plan to counter that adverse practice of the democrats. We should already be planning on having poll monitors at all polling places in the next election. Yet nothing has even been discussed.

        • I suggest looking at ‘True The Vote’, as they have been doing just this (“having poll monitors at all polling places”) for a while in Houston.

  7. If we don’t stop ObamaCare, we won’t stop Obama!

    It is dangerous not to draw the comparison of the Great City of Detroit’s bankruptcy to the Liberal – Socialists governing of the Obama Regime. Detroit is a vacated city because it’s voters could “vote with their feet”. Their is no place to go when the USA fails…where do we go? There is not another “shining city on the hill”.

    I was in Detroit a few weeks ago. No words, no pictures, no heart felt cries can describe the ugly failure of the City’s politics. The same corrupt, angry socialist leadership was there for 50 years…only 50 years. Our federal government has been the same assault from the same committed collectivist for 100 years and counting.

    Many of my friends, informed patriotic American friends, and most of our politicians are either unwilling or unable to recognize how close we are to this abyss. They still believe “it’s just politics”; there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, free market capitalists and crony capitalists. We are losing our Country, our freedom to the later.

    So there, if we don’t stop ObamaCare, we won’t stop Obama or the liberal bureaucratic depots in place.

    • “Many of my friends, informed patriotic American friends, and most of our politicians are either unwilling or unable to recognize how close we are to this abyss.”………………………………………….

      I see the same thing and wonder why they can’t see – numbers (effectively) do not lie. And, the clincher: interest rates are at zero. What happens when they simply return to normal on the curve?

  8. Benefits For All Need Contributions From All

    The divided United States is broken, fiscally, financially, culturally, politically, regionally, and morally. No matter the issue, half are for something while half are against said something. Half the population pays no income taxes and most of those pay no payroll taxes but seemingly receive 100% of the benefits. No matter the issue, half are for something while the other half are against it.

    Everything is disconnected as government divides the people, multiplies regulations, adds bureaucracies and caveats with contradictory “Ifs, Ands, or Buts,” while subtracting constitutional rights, refuses to enforce legitimate “Law of the Land,” and refuses to protect the border while it spends massive American blood and money to protect borders of rogue terrorist nations that are in fact enemies of the US.

    Congress refuses to defend its constitutional turf from dictatorial Executive Orders and arbitrary policy, conceding excessive powers to whoever happens to be President, while SCOTUS makes law instead of ruling on constitutionality. Every new 1,000+ page solution creates two new problems ad infinitum eliminating any effectiveness from solutions that in turn need to be fixed, causing another two new problems. Consequently nothing fits, causing gears to grind uselessly.

    A real fix for the perpetual related problems of HealthCare, Taxes, Deficit, and Debt, is to change the tax structure in a way that treats all legal residents alike in conformance with constitutional intent. Something must be done, and quickly as the National Debt now stands at an official $17 Trillion, closer to $100 Trillion according to real accounting standards. Barack Obama’s presidency has had four consecutive years of $1 Trillion+ annual budget deficits, unprecedented in American history.

    Foundation to fix the problems is installation of a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) with NO exemptions or exceptions, not even for non-profits, government, religious, medical and education. Dedicate 1% to current budget; 1% to National Debt; and 1% to Universal Medicare (UMC) to cover all legal US residents.

    All residents, legal or not, having income or not, would be required to file an annual tax return to be used for census as well as to determine eligibility and amount or percentage of co-pay. Medicare is an established bureaucracy with its superstructure in place, so new departments would not be required.

    To insure there are sufficient funds during the transition, a revised Income Tax Table applying to business as well as individuals would reduce income taxes to a graduated 20% maximum. Stock market Wall Street type transactions would be subject to a 1/2 percent transaction tax. That might put the brakes on High Frequency Trading (HFT) that adds to problems connected with artificial volatility that gobbles up normal investor profits in the blink of an eye, while causing havoc in the market. This tax creates a cushion enabling small investors to buy and sell on an even par with professional traders.

    Rationale for the half percent tax on Wall Street type transactions is the reality that TV Wall Street Business Programs on CNBC and Bloom refer to floor traders as placing BETS on expected up or down movements in certain stocks or groups. Therefore, by their own words they border on being gamblers rather than investors. This insignificant fractional tax is valid and based on the methodology of gambling dens that oversee gambling rather than gamble themselves, the House rakes in its allotted percent, be it 5%, 10%, or whatever the traffic will bear.

    High powered investors already changed rules in their favor when they forced changes in stock pricing from eighths of a dollar to pennies, and are now mills, tenth of a cent, and “Basis Points” that are One hundredth of one percent, that combined with High Frequency Trades executed in nanoseconds, puts investor-gamblers in the catbird seat, and these gamblers get tax breaks as well???

    Wall Street’s gambling den may well be akin to a den of thieves and a shining example is former NJ Governor Jon S. Corzine who after leaving NJ in financial shambles with what may have been illegal or funding policies not voter approved, but was rewarded with a position as CEO of MF Global Holdings Ltd which he drove into bankruptcy with ill advised $Billion investment futures bets that he oversaw.

    The beauty of the NST is that everyone would pay something whether income sources be legal, illegal, wages, fees, consulting, capital gains, interest, dividends, management, under-the-table, drugs, welfare, crime, etc would pay 3% of spending for support of the country, including automatic Universal Medicare for ALL LEGAL RESIDENTS of the US.

    States stand to reduce their deficits as UMC payments for healthcare would wipe out the bulk of State Medicaid costs. Government payments of 3% NST would revert back to government for the express purpose of reducing Debt, and not recycled back into current budget expenditures. That equates to an automatic 3% cut in budget spending that trickles down to further reduce
    National Debt.

    NST is based on an available 2008 study promulgated by Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah and touted by Lanny Davis published in The HILL, would produce sufficient revenue to handle the Debt, Deficit, and National HealthCare that would operate under existing Medicare rules and regulations, thereby containing overhead and regulations.

    Using Lanny Davis’ numbers, there were $755 Trillion of total transactions in 2008. If $312 Trillion in stock transactions is deducted, with no exemptions or exceptions for NST, that leaves a possible $4.43 Trillion in annual revenues for each phase: 1% each, or $4.43 Trillion for Budget, $4.43 Trillion for Deficit; and $4.43 Trillion for Universal Medicare. This means the proposed NST by itself represents real possibility for eliminating National Debt within 5 years, as $4.43 Trillion allotted to Budget exceeds expenditures and Obama’s proposed $3.8 Trillion Current Annual Budget.

    Currently the 2013 Budget Deficit is estimated to shrink to $759 Billion but one thing is certain; Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Current expenditures are $3.8 Trillion, nearly $1 Trillion more than revenues that continue to be misspent and wasted with unproductive and unnecessary redundancy.

    The NST could replace the need to rely entirely on Income Tax that under this plan would be replaced by a graduated tax with higher exemptions and higher standard deduction to reduce manipulation of expenses for tax gain. The single tax-table for all entities, Personal, Business, and Non-Profit entities with a maximum GRADUATED tax rate of 20%, sample rates summarized as follows:

    Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $100,000 2.74%
    Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 Million 7.47%
    Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 Billion 19.88%

    Tax loopholes and special exceptions and treatment would be eliminated as ALL income would be treated identically, no exceptions, no tax-free income, no implied interest rate deductions for stock traders who do no work but get tax breaks for perhaps creating bubbles that eventually break the economy. The present Income Tax Code is cumbersome, complicated, confusing, and beyond fixing its over 76,000 pages and even the IRS gives conflicting rulings and does not understand its own rules and regulations.

    Revenue from lowered income tax would make up budget shortfall, if any, not paid by budget portion of the 3% NST, while excess is dedicated to further reduction of National Debt. Income Tax regulations would be programmed to expire when NST is sufficient to cover Current Budget at which time the IRS should finally become history. Everyone pulling the wagon instead of half riding the wagon is a win win situation for the country and all residents.

    Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
    128 Huron Ave.
    NJ 08201-2022

    • Mr. Maslar,
      Your thoughtful plan leaves the 16th Amendment and bureaucrats in place and in charge, neither of which we can trust. Thirty words of Progressive 16th Amendment has become 70,000 pages and the most expensive words in history.
      Further, your concept of transaction taxing investor-gamblers is antithetical to American Capitalism…or is that you point. If your concept were in place in 1620 the greedy English merchants / investor-gamblers would have less likely funded The Mayflower.

      I live in FairTax state…no personal income tax, no estate tax and soon, no corporate income tax. We don’t have a Florida April 15th and after 20+ years in CA…it is great. The cashier at Walmarts is my tax collector.

      One more piece, imagine how much more help you and your colleagues could have given your clients if all your brain power could have been focused on financial and business decisions instead of tax strategies and avoidance.

      • First: stipulate that the US is in fact BANKRUPT and the financial house is in dire straits. Money is needed every minute of every day and depending on the FED to keep printing Monopoly Money to monetize debt can go only so far before nothing can be done except a Detroit and dozens of States and Municipalities that may have no choice but bankruptcy.

        Second, stipulate that half the people do not pay any income tax, and half of those pay no wage taxes either. If everyone pays a little on their spending, regardless of the source of their income, suddenly business will be good, jobs will grow and the debt may be fully retired in as little as five years, making the US the bona fide number one economic power in the world, China notwithstanding.

        Third, stipulate that pending implementation of ObamaCare, though partially, and I might add, illegally postponed, is inhibiting job growth and threatening to turn full-time jobs into part-time jobs.

        As to your mention of people concentrating of tax strategies and “avoidance,” they are two different things. A good tax strategy goes against the Obama principle to Joe the Plumber, that “Obama wanted to spread the wealth ,” whereas “this plan wants to spread the burden.” The load is lightened if everyone is pushing and pulling the wagon through the morass.

        Also note that in return for full participation, EVERY legal resident in the US would automatically receive health care via “Universal MediCare,”

        Also note that after the National Sales Tax (NST) covers current budget, Debt, and Medical Care, the reduce Income Tax will disappear as will the IRS.

        Also note that the has NO exemptions or exceptions, meaning that Lobbyists would be shut out of the process: No exceptions means No lobbyists. Only lobbyists create avoidance with their constant exceptions for their favored clients and political donors.

        The brief Tax Summary posted has a full six-page plan behind it, “To fix it all,” but there have been many requests to separate the plan into various segments, and those list positive steps to resolve other problems including immigration and illegal drugs, etc.E-mail me at for an e-mil of the total 85-point plan.

    • ONLY LEGISLATORS CAN MAKE LAW! Obama’s Executive Orders aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!

  9. I am truly disappointed in the Republican party for going along with Obama and bowing down to all his wishes. Get on the ball, Defund Obamacare, Investigate Benghazi, investigate the IRS, Stop sending weapons to the Iraqis. Bring back God in our country and schools and stop spying on innocent people. Impeach Obama. Stop him from destroying our constitution.

    • We’ve only got one chance to stop Obamacare and impeaching the 1st black prez of the us is not gonna happen…but we can use everything he’s done as a radical to get rid of big govt…..and this is probably the last chance to do something about big govt too….and using this big govt showing govt out of control EPA, IRS, NSA, DOJ will resonate a lot with dems that aren’t totalitarianists. We’ve got to get those ads on tv and run them into the ground…..that’s the only thing that’s going to resonate with the normal American citizen.

  10. If Republicans would simply DO THE RIGHT THING and stop worrying about political fallout, we will have the victory. Recall that when Repubs shut the government down in 1995 for a just cause, we picked up seats in the Senate the following year. Let’s have the courage of our convictions!

  11. President Obama, Sequester Air force 1, Sequester your 100 million dollar vacations, Sequester your lavish parties, Sequester the 750 million dollars to advertise Obama care. It’s obvious to most Americans that you’re unwilling to fix anything, but you can start by sequestering your own foolishness!

  12. We Americans do not want this socialist program because:
    * We cannot afford it at this time in our lives
    * Polls show we do not want it
    * A program of assistance should begin with something we might be able to afford, viz.,
    0-5 years of age, because they need inoculations, etc. And the 65-and-up elders because they have not been able to take care of their needs while younger.
    * These are the two most helpless segments of Americana. These are the segments we can begin to consider. We must NOT offer universal healthcare at this time at all. Only Democrat Party members supported such a preposterous bill. Business and labor both are now showing their honest convictions and are rejecting the program.

  13. The REPUBICAN PARTY needs to stay conservative and strong. STAND YOUR GROUND! The liberal leftist Communist Party is now coming apart. Look at Detroit. A city run by democrats for 60 yrs. Look at the candidates i.e. Wiener a pervert, the California mayor I can’t think of his name but he can not be alone with any women. Look at Colorado they are recalling democrat congress men there. Thousands of people want them out. MY REPUBLICAN PARTY THE TIDE IS TRUNING & THEY ARE BEING EXPOSED. Start working some with these unions that are against obamacare. Start reaching to some of the business people against obamacare.
    Reach out to the Black conservatives and the different patriot groups like the Tea Party, Freedom Works, Grass fire, etc . We will help you keep the House & Take the Senate Back. We will work to take back the WhiteHouse.
    Put the pressure on the IRS, BENGHAZI,FAST & FURIOUS & the helicopter crash that killed our seals. Stay strong on conservative values NO MODERATE.

  14. Need a Medical Bill that is beneficial to all Americans…..etc. USA needs a new president that is concerned about this GreatNation “USA”

  15. Folks, it’s time for action. The GOP old guard should all resign and go home. The GOP needs to stand up for what is right and quit worrying about what everyone else will think. Stop spending, decrease the size of government, implement TERM LIMITS for ALL elected officials, make sure that all government employees abide by the same benefits and tax rules and regulations that the rest of us have to and if these same employees don’t work and uphold their responsibilities, then they can be FIRED just like the rest of us. Abolish IRS by simplifying our tax codes. Stop appointing Supreme Court judges for life and elect them for limited terms. UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION! AND stop telling me and the rest of the country that these things take time….JUST DO IT!!!!!!!

    • Just a little to add to Donna’s NO lifetime pay or Jobs for anyone in Washington. I agree with you Donna everything you said.

      • I don’t remember which Founding Father said this but one did….he warned that once we began paying elected officials, honesty would become a thing of the past. Wonder what he would say if he could see what’s going on today??? Imagine what a better world we would live in if we could only take the word GREED out of any language!!!!!

        • I believe term limits will eliminate the need !! If there were no pay involved only the rich would be there!! Come to think of it, the rich are there !!

          • You could be right, however, regardless of how rich or poor an elected official is we have allowed them to facilitate personal wealth through kickbacks, etc. at the taxpayers’ expense and that is just plain wrong! If we made term limits mandatory for all elected officials and made elected positions a part-time responsibility (which if we pay attention to the number of days they are not in DC compared to the number of days they are…part-time is already in place only at full-time rates) there would be far less incidents of corruption.

          • Donna, don’t forget that although they are in DC for a short time, they are rightly ‘back home’ to hear from their constituents.

      • I’d also add no pension for any Representative or Senator. Perhaps then they won’t be so hell bent to stay in office. (OR local and state ‘double dippers’ – that really upsets me)

        I don’t think it’s all the GOP though Donna. We have to remember that they are up against Harry Reid’s Senate who won’t schedule a vote or go to conference, but will blame the GOP, even though it’s his job to do both.

  16. All representatives are elected to do the will of the people and they should start doing it. America does not want ObamaCare, illegal amnesty, our government spying on us, the IRS hand in hand with the Democrats. We want you to follow the Constitution!

  17. Our conservative leaders don’t seem to have a backbone and the low information voters don’t care about anything except themselves. You say we can’t/won’t impeach the first black president and so we sit back and watch while he continues to destroy the greatest Nation on the face of the planet. We all seem to have a lot to say but nothing gets done while he fundamentally transform America.. I have a suggestion, why don’t we impeach the white half? This man is half white and half black, which should mean that he represents all of ‘We the People’ but he, his lamestream media and followers only focus on the black half and if we criticize his anti-American policies, we are called racists. I am so sick of the divisiveness of this person and I’m afraid America won’t survive another 3 1/2 years under his leadership? No, this man is not a leader. A leader loves his Country. He is only doing what his supporters are doing — taking all he can get while he can. I love America with a passion and my heart breaks more each day as I watch our decline.

    • He is totally incompetent based on his lack of experience. There is absolutely no doubt about that. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the Lame Stream Media. Our founders set up the Fourth Estate for a reason – to keep ALL of the branches of government accountable. They certainly are not doing their jobs. If we could simply boycott each and every media outlet for a year or more, perhaps we could choose those that are best to represent us by our own research. Imagine how the media would come around and again be unbiased and finally get back to reporting NEWS (north, east, west, south) without the need to play ‘entertainment meisters’ to the lowest information voter amoung us.

  18. I have emailed my representative and I don’t believe this is our last chance to defund Obama care. Listen it won’t happen. House shouldn’t waste their time.

  19. We would do well to take the example of the pro life movement. They have been winning battle after battle against abortion. They have been doing it with prayer, perseverance, fasting,witness and peaceful protest. We can do the same to lead our country to liberty once again.

  20. It appears that Mr. Obama has no intention to change the process of stopping Obamacare. The fact that I have not seen any real effort on the part of Congress to stop it shows me that we do not have any representation at all within that 10-mile square area called Washington DC.
    I seems to me that these individuals answer to a higher power, and I do not mean, God by any name used. And it sure isn’t us either. The fact that they have their own medical and health program, why should they? They are exempted by their status. It is a shame that they haven’t fought to provide us their program, or take out Obamacare entirely. Either of these options would be acceptable to me. Had not Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, former, House Speaker told the Congress not to read it before voting for it, it might not have been passed. But it was her intent to see that it made it. The sad part is that it has more destructive elements in it than beneficial ones for the likes of us. It is not a health bill, it is a destructive formula for destroying our lives and that of all who will be required to follow the process.
    The sad part of this is that we want to trust our representatives, regardless of party affiliation, but it appears that it really makes little or no difference. All it would have taken was that Speaker Boehner call for a new vote and saw that Obamacare was defeated. He is as much a traitor to our lives as was Pelosi. But then, why eliminate it? They don’t have to participate do they? They are Exempt.

  21. I hope our representative have the good sense to defund this monstrosity. It is unworkable, unmanageable, and the irs is going to run it? Are you nuts?????
    It has to be defunded, it wont work,reduces choice, does not help anyone except enriching some by taking from others. Our health system was not broken and did not need to be replace with this ( ). Did it need some tweaking? Sure, but this is not it!
    It needs to end up in the dustbin of history as it needs to be defunded. Even the guys who created it and pushed for it are now against it. Is it not obvious to us all?

  22. Stop and defund Obamacare. Regulate the insurance and medical. Remember the ’70s when gasoline was regulated before the idiot Carter did away with it? Now, we know and see where gasoline prices are now.

  23. I have emailed my representatives and have sent the information out to most of the folks on my email list. If we all do this just maybe we can start our own peaceful revolution by bombarding Congress with our opinions and requests so they can no longer pretend to know what we the people want, but will have concrete evidence of what we want. We certainly have an uphill battle on our hands but with perseverance and sheer numbers we can make a difference. I am almost 70 years young and want all my Children, Grandchildren and Great-Granddaughter to know that their Grandmother did what she could to make this Country as good for them as it has been for her!!!

  24. I’ve done all I can with my particular Representative and Senators. That’s my voice largely opposed to ObamaCare three times. I wish everyone would do that and truly make us a Republic again. It’s so easy, everyone should do it. 🙂

  25. This is precisely the kind of action that is required of ALL concerned conservatives. To sit back, complain, then do nothing is not the answer. The people obviously do not favor Obamacare. Support them in opposition.

  26. So while we delay or eventually repeal Obamacare, millions will remain without basic coverage and preventive care, will continue to flood our emergency rooms, will delay treatment of illnesses until they become life-threatening, and will not be able to get coverage with pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile, those of us fortunate enough to have employer-based coverage continue to see our premiums increase. Why are we the only industrialized country on earth with no basic healthcare coverage?

    • Millions will remain without coverage anyway. The fine print says that if you earn over $15,000 per year you get no help with premium payments. If the company offers health care and you don’t take it, you probably will not get help with any other and will be fined by the IRS. So, how many people is that helping?

      • Helping the people by “taking their money?” If they have no money anymore they are able to get obama care!!

    • I have met people who have free health care from the state of massuchessetts Canada. They came for six month (snow bird ) vacations to Daytona beach Florida. They generally were restricted from getting doctor appointments . Had to settle fir a nurse practitioner ! For the most part yearly appointments were the norm . Coming to Florida they could get more appointments than back home.

  27. Heritage is RIGHT! Obamacare will ruin this economy and take our privacy and every detail of our Medical Life! I do NOT TRUST ANY ONE OF THEM WITH EVERY DETAIL OF MY LIFE! Who doesn’t GET THAT! Detroit is only the beginning for LIBERAL POLICY ABJECT FAILURE. Do the right thing for AMERICANS! For a CHANGE!

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  29. Good people reading this:

    SHOULD Obamacare fail to be defunded,, all of us should NOT sign up for it. Without our own support Obamacare cannot succeed either. If necessary all private citizens and companies private & public should withhold paying taxes if need be.

    If you don’t have the guts to do that, you can still join one of the eligible Christian healthshare programs which exempts you from signing up for Obamacare under this Unconstitutional law.

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  31. I have never been more scared to be an American in my entire life as I am now. With our country facing a possible war, a failing economy and starin a possible depressionI feel that Obama Care is a total disaster and I wish we could have voted on this “issue.” I beg you, please to not let this be implemented! I talk to people about what they think about Obama Care and they either are just as scared as I am or they don’t really know anything about it!! I feel as if my arms are being tied and I am being forced to accept this. Please fight for us. Please do not let the country step blindly off this cliff! If I can do anything to get this to cease, please contact me. I filled out my contact information.

    One terrified American

    • You are being forced. Its a bad idea that has come at a bad time just like prohibition back in the 20’s, A few people got congress to pass a law that was a bad idea and everyone hated. That is why it was repealed.

  32. Would anyone care to comment on this posting that I copied from

    I am a family practice doctor in the MidWest. I am self employed currently. My COBRA coverage from my previous employment expires tomorrow. I have been unable to purchase an individual health insurance policy from any commercial carrier in my state, at any price. I have no option but to wait until I can purchase coverage on the federal exchange (my state is not participating). Isn’t it ironic? The system is so broken the people on the front lines taking care of everyone’s health can’t even get coverage. I can’t wait for “ObamaCare”! I will be able to sleep at night again.

    • James, don’t know what his problem is but I’ve had commercial insurance for 65 years without a problem. Now I’ve got a problem my premium went up 25%. My out of pocket went up %400. Now I have a problem and it started With Obamacare.

  33. I just lost my job after 12 years, and am unemployed for the first time in 24 years. I am losing my home, putting my furniture into storage and moving back in with my parents.(thank god for them) Now I contacted my state’s health department for assistance…wait for it…and was informed I could not receive financial assistance for health care. Wait what? So I have 0 income, mounting bills, losing my home, lost my job…if obamacare isn’t helping me, ladies and gentleman who is this helping? Forget about the unconstitutionality of this law, forget that the IRS will unlawfully collecting fees and PENALIZING people just like myself who simply cant afford health insurance. If this law isn’t actually helping the poor and dispossesed,which I currently am, WHO IS THIS HELPING? i KNOW WHO IT IS HURTING, everyone else!

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