Morning Action: Protecting Educational Freedom

Heritage’s Lindsey Burke explains how some states have acted to protect educational freedom and why educational freedom is so important for students:

Common Core is an effort to establish national standards and tests to define what every child in public school will learn. It has been heavily incentivized by the Obama Administration and is an unprecedented federal overreach into local school policy. But recent moves in several states across the country could mean that curriculum freedom remains alive and well.

Some states, including Alabama and Oklahoma have opted to use their own assessments but to follow the Common Core standards nonetheless.  Other states, like Indiana and Pennsylvania, have paused implementation of Common Core altogether.  More may follow suit and reconsider their own Common Core involvement.

Burke concludes:

The Founders placed the important job of educating America’s children with states, localities, and, most critically, parents. The Constitution does not contain the word education, even though its architects believed in its supreme importance. “I look to the diffusion of light and education as the resource to be relied on for ameliorating the condition, promoting the virtue, and advancing the happiness of man,” wrote Thomas Jefferson. The Founders would have likely seen the prospect of a national curriculum as a monumental government overreach.

As we celebrate our Independence this week, it’s a good time to recommit to restoring the educational freedom our Founders envisioned.



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One thought on “Morning Action: Protecting Educational Freedom

  1. American conservatives-Constitutionalists-libertarians have for decades watched the federal government assume roles and responsibilities that are not its business. If I were to say to the average American that, according to the Constitution, it is illegal for the federal government to establish a Department of Education, they would look at me (1) with a blank expression having no clue what I was saying, or (2) roll their eyes in their head thinking I was a throw-back to the 1950 John Birch Society.

    I spent a fortune sending my two children to private Christian schools in order to escape the propaganda mills run by the government. Was it grotesquely expensive? Yes. IF you must send your children to the federal propaganda mills (public schools) then please spend a great deal of time letting your children know the difference between truth and what the schools teach them.

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