Conservatives Should Sign Meadows’s Letter to Defund Obamacare

Yesterday, Heritage Action announced it would key vote co-sponsorship of the Defund Obamacare Act, introduced by Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA).  In the key vote, we said “Representatives should co-sponsor the Defund Obamacare Act AND tie it to a “must-pass” bill, such as the year-end funding bill.”

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) is circulating a letter in the House to that effect.  The letter urges Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) to take the steps necessary to defund Obamacare in its entirety, including on a year-end funding bill like a continuation resolution (CR).

Heritage Action supports the Meadows letter and urges all lawmakers to sign the letter.

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23 thoughts on “Conservatives Should Sign Meadows’s Letter to Defund Obamacare

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  4. We need to bring back good old competition by allowing citizens to buy health insurance across state lines. This idea has been around for more than a decade and has fallen onto deaf ears of our lame stream media.

    • 1) Remove state borders for health insurance 2) Allow foreign health insurers 3) Remove restrictions on hospital construction 4) Allow the free flow of competitive drugs from foreign manufacturers. When Republicans complain about socialism, tell them to make the health insurance market a truly competitive free market.

    • You are right, however the health insurance industry and suppliers are intertwined like unscrupulous unions and companies. As with many things, private ownership may be the only financially stable option – but mention this on national political programs, and your are snickered at, and ignored, quickly going to another topic – the media should be exposed to people – conservatives (if possible) need to write to national TV when distortions and lies are seen.
      Just a proposal – thank you.

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  8. America is getting controlled by a bunch of progressive sustainability bullies and liars; people wanting Obamacare defunded need to be heard. It may seem there is no way to stop the progressives, but some people in high places will listen, especially when the voice is loud/many people in support of a bill. Many people still think America is dealing with politics as usual – us citizens’ that know differently must be heard.

    • Health insurance is a monopoly now. 1) State borders restrict the number of insurers 2) No foreign health insurers 3) Regulated hospital construction. These are the roadblocks to a free health insurance market, and these roadblocks will be removed. If you’re a true capitalist, you’ll agree that the market needs to become a fair and open competition. Right?

      • Right, markets need to be fair and open, How does Obamacare remove your stated roadblocks? Competition is destroyed when the demands are onerous – insurance companies become social services with Obamacare – pre-existing conditions are covered, so why would the disadvantaged buy insurance unless they are sick? Of course we will be forced to pay a penalty for not buying the mandated coverage, but for now the tax apparently will be less than buying Obamacare.
        The unAffordableCareAct is full of authorities given, and dictates, hospitals, individuals, companies, are severely taxed and/or regulated.

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  10. Obamacare is not about healthcare. It’s about control. Control of every American in this country. The end game of socialism is communism.

    • ObamaCare is the start of a free market economy for health insurance. 1) Allows insurance from across state borders 2) Opens the door to possible foreign insurers 3) Opens the door to hospital deregulation 4) Opens the door to more competition in the insurance market.

      • Sorry, I try real hard to not insult people, but your own words are too appropriate – “Hahah! OMG this is so funny. What an unfortunate post. HAHAHAh. Oh my fucking God so funny.
        Again, sorry, you’re probably a nice person.

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  13. Heritage voted for ObamaCare before they voted against it.

    “Here is some of what it says. “Under the Heritage proposal, it would be illegal not to buy basic catastrophic insurance…” When you file your taxreturn, “If the proof of insurance forms were not attached, or did not indicate that the family was insured throughout the year, a financial penalty would be imposed.” (See page 13 of the report.)

    It’s amazing what being conservative can do to your mind.

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  15. The Republican Party is a party of traitors to both the United States and to the Living God. They are worse enemies than al Qaeda, and like al Qaeda should be killed wherever they are found. May Jesus Christ speed the day these false Christian pharisees and bankers’ whores are dispatched to the Hell they deserve.

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