Sorry Chairman Ryan, It Is Amnesty

Yesterday at a forum on immigration sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) said the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill “is not amnesty” because “amnesty is wiping the slate clean and not paying any penalty for having done something wrong.”

We beg to differ, Mr. Chairman.

Much of the debate in Washington has focused on how and when illegal immigrants receive permanent legal resident (PLR) status, commonly referred to as a green card, which then funnels into citizenship.  While proponents correctly note that process will take up to 15 years, it is the wrong focus.

The appropriate focus is on the process of acquiring registered provisional immigrant (RPI) status.  This legalization process begins when the Secretary of Homeland Security submits two plans to Congress, a mere six months after enactment, and is open to nearly every illegal immigrant who has been physically present in the country before January 1, 2012.  After acquiring RPI status, formerly illegal immigrants will have legal status in the United States, allowing them to work, live, and travel abroad.

Now some have suggested the inclusion of a $500 fine that accompanies the application for RPI status, which lasts for six years (and can be renewed for another six for an additional $500), is definitive proof the bill is not amnesty. Paying $7 per month for “earned legalization” seems like a bargain, especially when you consider there are more than four million people waiting to come to America to work and live here legally.

If the Gang of Eight’s bill becomes law, individuals who complied with the law – left the country when their visa expired, are still waiting in line, etc – will not be eligible for RPI status.  Only those in the country illegally will be eligible to apply for a status that allows them to, almost immediately, live and work in the country.  Not only will illegal immigrants have their slates wiped clean, they will receive a near-immediate benefit as a result of their illegal status.

Chairman Ryan offered to “debate anybody who tries to suggest that these ideas that are moving through Congress are amnesty.”  That is a conversation we would welcome.

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72 thoughts on “Sorry Chairman Ryan, It Is Amnesty

    • oh yeah ?so it was an insult when your great grandparents wandered into the street of new york? if you are not native american you shouldn’t be speaking at all!

  1. All illegals should be put in the back of the line for obtaining a green card – and the line is in their own country, not in the United States. It’s past time to send the millions of illegals back to their own countey.

    • The only amnesty I could accept would allow illegal aliens to return to their home country and apply for a work visa without being denied because of a previous immigration violation.

        • if you are native amercan feel free to speak. the rest need to stick a sock in it because history will remind you that you all are here because the mayflower docked soundly when it “arrived ” from God knows where with ‘undocumented folks.

  2. Chairman Ryan says he will welcome debate, but then he refuses to come on the Mark Levin program, where he has been several times before.

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  4. there is no way so stop the invasion of foreign invaders without taking away the rewards for breaking our laws and violating our sovereignty.

    take away ANY gain (amnesty is the biggest) they receive for being here it will stop and those here illegally will leave. it is the least expensive, easiest to implement and most obvious solution to the problem. in other words, anti-big govt, anti-rnc/dnc.

    enforce laws and fix others. no need for 1000+ page laws

    prosecution of, and loss of federal funding to sanctuary cities
    fines and prosecutions for employers of illegals
    no anchor babies.
    end chain migration
    no jobs.
    no housing.
    no schools.
    no hospitals
    no votes.
    no anything.
    everything in English and active repatriation with forfeiture of assets if caught here illegally.

  5. ryans playing the same game as rubio. hoping for “credit” with latinos for this, knowing this isnt going anywhere in the house. its all kabuki. call him on it. pull down the curtain. and forget all this garbage. nobody gives a damn about this issue.

  6. If they want to deal with this problem by giving them some type of legal status OK. But he illegals should have a separate status from immigrants who come here legally.

    They should not be elligible for food stamps, welfare, section 8 and other public benefits, and they should NEVER, EVER be eligible for citizenship.

    Rewarding them for breaking the law is insane.

  7. It’s not amnesty. It’s amnesty on steroids to the tenth power.

    Amnesty is forgiveness for a crime. If the illegal aliens left right now without prosecution, that is amnesty.

    Amnesty on steroids is forgiving the offense and letting the criminal keep the spoils of their crime. This is what we have with illegal aliens as they won’t be prosecuted and will be able to keep the spoil of the crime, their illegal presence.

    Amnesty on steroids to the tenth power forgives the crime, allows the criminal to keep the spoils of the crime and then rewards them with extra goodies for committing the crime. Illegal aliens will be forgiven for their crime, allowed to keep the spoils of the their crimes and then be rewarded with jobs that belong to Americans, free education, free healthcare and access to our social services.

    S 744 isn’t amnesty, it’s amnesty on steroids to the tenth power. This is a treasonous affront to all American citizens.

  8. We all better comes to grip with the fact that this is a done deal. Boehner and Reid have already worked it out. It will pass in the senate and go to the house where changes will be made and passed. Then it will go back to the senate for reconciliation whereby all the changes made in the house will be redacted. It will go back to the house and a small percentage of RINO’s will vote with the democrats and voila, we have amnesty.
    I am leaving the republican party and going Libertarian.

  9. Thank you Heritage! Since I have stopped donating to the Republican party and to most individual Republicans given I was spit on by both Rubio and Ayotte I have some spare money coming your way.

  10. Ryan has proven that he is a liar and a fraud. He talks about a plan to balance the budget while voting for almost every big spending bill (No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the auto bailout, increased debt ceilings, etc.). If Ryan couldn’t even win a debate with Joe Biden, how can he win one with you?

  11. And to think half a year ago I voted for Ryan for VP. Unlike liberals, he ought to realize that when you greatly increase the supply of labor without increasing the demand for it comparably (something Obamanomics prevents), the result won’t be good for the workers (especially those rendered superfluous).

  12. The GOP leadership is absolutely running scared. Why? There is no reason to do this! They are doing nothing but alienate their voters while increasing the votes for Democrats.

    Boehner is a disaster, an absolute, compromising disaster. Ryan is no better. Can’t WE do better than these lightweights, who are sure to be remembered by history as the feckless aparatchiks who attempted unnecessary political appeasement while the greatest nation in history was lost to the anarchy and chaos of the left. The frustration at such blindness is overwhelming. Aaarrrgh!

  13. My liberal co-workers tell me it’s not fair to punish the children who were brought here by their parents. The problem with their logic is the only alternative is to reward the children AND their parents with amnesty.

    I suppose their bleeding hearts will be comforted knowing Republicans like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio will make amnesty a reality.

    • Tell your lib friends that if illegal aliens cared about their children they wouldn’t jeopardize them with their illegality and use them as human shields against prosecution and sovereignty strengthening legislation.

    • Liberals live in a fantasy world. If we live by that motto then we have to shut down all child social services and give amnesty to any criminal that has children because punishing the parent also hurts the child.

    • Ask your libturd co-workers if they’d like to further comfort their bleeding hearts by happily surrendering their jobs to these “illegal” parents so they can take better care of their “anchor baby” children.

      • Better yet ask the liberal coworkers to give a lot more money from their paychecks to support them all ?? Think their share of about 25 trillion dollars ??

    • What reasons do most people have for not jeopardizing their kids’ futures? A sense of responsibility? Not wanting to leave their kids’ futures to chance? Anyway, nothing i see operating in these parents’ decisions to enter illegally and then have citizen-children.

    • I agree. No one should be rewarded for breaking the law (but it seems to be something this administration likes to do……..look at those who targeted tea party and conservative groups at the IRS and got promotions)

    • Your co-worker may see their salaries cut or they may get replaced by former illegals at much lower wages. ObamaCare will give your employer a real financial incentive to replace your co-workers. I don’t care how white collar their jobs may be.

      Alternatively, the USA will default on it’s debts and the dollar gets devalued by 50 to 60%. They are gonna love that.

      If the GOP does not kill amnesty – the GOP is over along with America.

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  15. This will be the DEATH of the REPUBLICAN PARTY. I am not a Republican, I am an EX-Republican. I left the party over the GANG OF 14! Remember that one? Yeah, it’s like this one but with an additional six idiots. I am an independent who has no choice but to vote republican because the alternative is baby killing scum. However, one of the principle reasons that I left the party is that I developed the distinct feeling that everyone who said they were Republican, weren’t republican. I got the feeling that they were PLANTS, like that Amnesty commercial, “Americans for a Conservative Direction” sponsored by the Facebook libtard founder! I got the feeling that they weren’t really trying to BEAT the democrats, perhaps the “power-sharing” idiocy of Gingrich and McCain led to this perception. I got the feeling that they really didn’t love the Bible, JESUS CHRIST, Christians or even the CONSTITUTION!

    If someone breaks into your house and hides in the basement for a number of years, I know, just go with it, does their simply waiting eventually put them on your LEASE???? That’s how stupid this whole debate IS. Someone who broke into this country should NEVER get to become a citizen. If we forgive or decriminalize their presence here, that’s one thing, but THEY should NEVER be able to become citizens nor should they be able to bring their whole family full of welfare recipients here!

  16. When 11,000,000 unwanted people enter your country illegally for 25 years and you give them a pass, by any name it is not a rose. Weaklings in congress from both parties are too cowardly to call it what it is-amnesty. Try to enter Mexico illegally and you will be beaten, raped, abused, used as drug mules, jailed, extorted they have no pretense of “amnesty” nor does any other nation on earth it is another plan in the progressive arsenal, of destroying America by tearing down our culture it has been going on step by step for 50 years and the end is close for these fools who will have made us a third world country, like Mexico for a few votes and a short time.
    Destroy Christianity, extol homosexuals and lesbians, open the borders, allow 60% of the people on government handouts and payroll, unions dictating to all governments with unfunded mandates, rewriting history making Wilson T. Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ, and Bill Clinton as heroes and lying about Washington, Lincoln, Coolidge, Reagan and making American children believe not in the greatness of America but in how dastardly we have been……..You have allowed this, shame on you.

  17. And the plan is to add the amendment to close the border which the republicans want to get to vote to pass the bill, and then, when the committee meets to iron out everything between the house and senate vote, it will be removed and by stealth, and a lot of democratic votes in the house along with a few republicans Rinos, it will pass and we will be stuck with another immigration bill that legalizes millions and fixes nothing. The republicans must hold firm not to pass this bill period, because the democrats have no intentions at all of ever securing the border!

    • If the Republicans play this game – they will lose big in 2014 and forget 2016. Conservatives will stay home and it is time for a new party.

      A Rule of Law or a Constitution Party.

      • I think the republicans have forgotten this has already happened once and with closing the border as an after thought to amnesty, the border will never be closed (no effort really was made before either). Now, with the Obama administration totally ignoring the immigration laws in place at this time which are far more stringent than what they will pass, they want to weaken the law by allowing amnesty first and some vague rule about closing the borders brought to us by (of all people) McCain when others proposed similiar amendments to the bill. As we are telling our people, this is not an immigration matter, it is a matter of national security and the refusal of the Obama administration to close the border for national security reasons, and I do not want any kind of amnesty even discussed until the border has been secured. And you are right, if the republicans do this again, they are finished just as Obama wishes them to be. They just have to be smarter than that!!

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  20. I wonder what would happen if the date in the bill for the cut off date for amnesty of 1 Jan 2012 was changed to say…..November 2, 2014.

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  26. These illegal aliens were invited to come to the USA by our federal government (dept. of agriculture) and told how to sign up for free benefits , food stamps, education, health benefits etc !! They are not going to let the opportunity slip away !! They are trying to change America from a dominate world leader to a “bottom of the heap” third world nation. This is being done by drowning the country with a massive burden of debt !! Being overrun with a multitude of uneducated cultures feasting on the hard work of our citizens benefits !! Destroying the identifying language, customs, lifestyle and goals !! It is more of an invasion , a prelude to disaster ??

  27. I am so done with Ryan. He sounds like a fool. If this Amnesty somehow gets through the Senate and it is not killed dead by the House. Game over GOP and game over America. The Senate bill and amndements are sickening and so anti rule of law and anti American citizen it is disgusting.

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  29. “Now some have suggested the inclusion of a $500 fine that accompanies
    the application for RPI status, which lasts for six years (and can be
    renewed for another six for an additional $500), is definitive proof the
    bill is not amnesty. Paying $7 per month for “earned legalization”
    seems like a bargain, especially when you consider there are more than
    four million people waiting to come to America to work and live here

    OK, now I get it…there’s a sale price on American citizenship. Well, that changes everything doesn’t it?

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