Secret Amendment Takes Resources from Southern Border

On Monday at 5:30 PM ET, Senators will cast a crucial vote on a 1,190-page substitute amendment to the Gang of Eight’s amnesty plan.  Given the intentional complexities of legislative language, there isn’t much time for Senators, staff or the public to read and digest the changes.  For example, most probably don’t realize a tiny, 60-word amendment was incorporated into the rewritten plan that would take resources away from America’s southern border.

The amnesty bill that cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee provided additional funding through Operation Stonegarden (a Homeland Security Grant Program established in 2003) to “enhance law enforcement preparedness and operational readiness along the borders.”  The language specified that “Not less than 90 percent of the amounts made available…shall be allocated for grants and reimbursements to law enforcement agencies in the States in the Southwest border region…”

In the rewritten bill, that specific language is missing.

It appears Amendment 1255, introduced by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) on June 12, was incorporated into the rewrite.  The amendment reads as follows:

On page 903, lines 5 through 12, strike “Not less than 90 percent of the amounts made available under section 6(a)(3)(C)(ii) shall be allocated for grants and reimbursements to law enforcement agencies in the States in the Southwest border region for personnel, overtime, travel, and other costs related to combating illegal immigration and drug smuggling in the Southwest border region.”. (emphasis added)

Collins, along with amendment co-sponsor Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), are acting parochially to ensure there is no restriction on how much of that additional funding can flow north, as opposed to south.  Regardless of the merits of any of the aforementioned policies, this debate could have – and should have – happened on the Senate floor; instead, it happened behind closed doors.

Sadly, Collins’ words from March 2010 now ring hallow – “It is unfortunate that Democratic leaders have chosen to use procedures that will cut off debate and limit amendments to a bill that affects every single American and one-sixth of our nation’s economy” – as we can now add Lobster Bait to the growing list of state-based earmarks, which include Casino Cronyism and  the Alaska Kickback.

Tell your Senators the American people deserve an open and transparent process and to reject this fig leaf for amnesty.

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Tiny, 60-word amendment incorporated into #amnesty rewrite takes resources away from southern border.

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"Democratic leaders have chosen to use procedures that will cut off debate and limit amendments"

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Whatever happened to that open and transparent process? State-based earmarks riddle new #amnesty bill.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Amendment Takes Resources from Southern Border

  1. MAINE FOLKS LOOK OUT she will sell you out as 11 Million will drive down your wages!!!!!as they Chase Snowden , they will let 11MILLION Snowdens in, WTF
    WOW there it is folks ,AMERICAN get the RAFT ,and the CONGRESS PARTIES on the YACHT and INVITES 11 MILLION ,FREE OF CHARGE…….yup those too NO CHARGES AGAINST THEM its in the Bill

    Imagine what $100 Million would BUY for veterans? HEY IOWANS LOOK WHAT YOU GET TO PAY FOR? oh and this is why Mary Landrieu wanted so badly to pass these amendments in the DARK and by UC ,so no one would see them? and she said what on the floor ,sure some may have spending in the amendments BUT ITS MINOR? so mary when is $100 MILLION MINOR ………lets get her state to pay for it , will she think its minor then? better yet WHY NOT LET NEVADA BE TAXED ,surly that will send a message ,they SHOULD PAY THERE OWN TOURISUM for THERE OWN STATE ,WHO ARE THEY GOING TO TAX? oh wait this is BARROWED MONEY ,PAGO DOES NOT APPLY…….REALLY maybe that’s why theres no budget? #Reid, #Heller Slip Las Vegas Tourism Handout into #Immigration #Bill THROW UM in #JAIL Wonder if SENATORS GET FREE TRAVEL TO VEGAS ,the GSA Dept Got To Go ,IRS got $50 MILLION Parties and and SECOND $70 MILLION ,the first was $90 MILLION ……seems all that is MINOR SPENDING TOO

    CASINO CRONY KICKBACK: Reid……HEY CHUCK GRASSLEY and TOM HARKIN OPPOSE THE DEBT CEILING INCREASE , ADD UP THIS $100M the AFRICA VACATION $100M the CONNETICUT $100M this list goes ON and ON and ON and ON ……no wonder there is no BUDGET , with PEGO Rules you have to rob peter to pay paul …….well lets just not pay paul

    I thought the Trough is EMPTY ,there job is to TAX the PEOPLE to pay for GOVERNMENT ……..why in the hell do they keep Barrowing ……..and then spend that on $50 Million Parties ,and $90 Million Bonuses GSA Party,State Dept SEX CAPADES ,,,,,,,,What and Where does it say debt ceiling in the constitution

    WWTF = where or when WTF

  2. Fight back these are the days we must call our traitor senators and give them hell. We need to fight back . The founding fathers told us this day would come. These traitors could care less about us. I promised this , if this bill passes in 10 years we will be a 3rd world country

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