Monumental Conservative Victory: Food Stamp and Farm Bill Fails in the House

Today the House rejected the $940 billion food stamp and farm bill by a vote of 195 to 234.  Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham said:

“Today is a victory for the taxpayer and the free market.  Now is the time for the House to recognize what so many others have: The unholy alliance that has long dominated America’s agriculture and nutrition policy must end.”

We have long opposed this bill for many reasons, not the least of which is that it maintained the unholy alliance between food stamps and farm policy.  For decades, costs have been escalating for taxpayers while farmers have grown wealthier and food stamp participation has skyrocketed.

That is why we have called for these issues to be considered separately — only when they are separated will real reform be possible.

Today’s vote was a major victory for consumers, farmers, and especially taxpayers who would have been on the hook for another trillion dollar bill we cannot afford.

Conservatives in Congress, together with Heritage Action, played important parts in this victory.  But YOU, the conservative activists, were the driving force. YOU motivated your representatives to do good by America.

Of course, this is one battle in a long line of conservative battles to save the country from decline into liberalism.  We look forward to working with you to save American values and ensure America’s prosperity.

>> See how your Representative voted on our legislative scorecard.

Help us keep the pressure on

Defeating the farm bill was a big win. But big-government lawmakers are sure to bring it up again – and the fight over amnesty is right around the corner. Help us keep the pressure on Congress to stick to conservative principles and ensure future victories.

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A monumental conservative victory on the farm bill!

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Today the House rejected the $940 billion food stamp and farm bill by a vote of 195 to 234.

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17 thoughts on “Monumental Conservative Victory: Food Stamp and Farm Bill Fails in the House

  1. Please make it easy – for any vote – to quickly and easily learn the officially recorded vote of any of the 435 (or 100 or 535) Congressmen voting.

    Thank you.

    Lew Pringle

  2. It looks like more Democrats than Republicans voted against this monstrosity of a money-wasting bill. These Republicans are pathetic.

  3. 198 Republicans voted FOR the bill. Including my rep, and he will hear from me. This was no conservative victory. It lost because of certain food stamp cuts that were included. So the Dems boted against it. Expect it to resurface with the cuts removed, and expect that bill to pass. We cannot count on the GOP to hold the line on spending any more than the Dems.

  4. boehner again pushed something that requires dems to pass. how about making it something conservatives can support, then it will pass.

    do not trust boehner on amnesty either.

    call your reps, tell them NO amnesty, and demand a vote to codify the Hastert rule.
    Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the house of representatives office you request.

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  8. 6/21/13, First it’s “Obamacare,” 1/6th of our GNP, then “farmcare.” these gangsters must be stymied @ every turn.

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  13. It is appalling when I hear on the radio an ad paid for by Heritage to take down one of the most conservative members of congress. Mike Conaway, probably the next House ag chairman, needs your support, not your criticism. Republicans need to unite or we will have another democrat in the White House in 2016.

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