Jason Smith Wins Missouri Election, Opposes Food Stamp and Farm Bill

Conservatives outside Washington oppose the so-called “farm bill” because it is actually a food stamp bill that also happens to funnel billions in subsidies to agriculture interests.  Fortunately, another outsider is coming to Washington.

Yesterday, Jason Smith won a special election to replace Rep. Jo Ann Emerson after she resigned earlier this year.  Representing Missouri’s 8th district, Smith has already expressed his opposition to the “farm bill.”

(Thanks to Sentinel Darin Morley of Reboot Congress for recording and posting the original video. Discussion of the farm bill begins at the 3 minute mark.)

Smith explained the farm bill became a multi-billion dollar vehicle to fund the food stamp program.  It’s not about farms anymore, he said.  Bills like this are the reason people can’t stand Washington.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Smith Wins Missouri Election, Opposes Food Stamp and Farm Bill

  1. The “Farm Bill” ended up to be a holy unity between both parties that enabled each side to get what they wanted. Thanks Jason, for understanding that these are separate items that need to be separated – for the sake of transparency! 80% of the cost of the “Farm Bill” is devoted to food stamps. PLEASE stay in constant contact with the citizens of Missouri and don’t drink the water in DC – apparently it rapidly breaks down brain cells!

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