Americans Were Misled on Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill, An “Enormous Disappointment”

As the Senate prepares to vote for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) wants to remind everyone the American people were misled and the process was rigged from the start.  Sen. Lee succinctly laid out what occurred in the Senate throughout the process, why the bill is flawed, and how the procedural fix was in:

Among the many flaws in the bill, Sen. Lee listed some of the more egregious ones:

1.       “It’s full of promises to beef up border security, but it makes no assurances.”

2.       “It remains grossly unfair to those who have languished in our current legal immigration system.”

3.       “It transfers enormous authority to the executive branch, exacerbating an already widespread problem within our federal government.

4.       “According to the Congressional Budget Office, this bill will reduce illegal immigration by a mere 25 percent over the next ten years. This should be reason alone to scrap the entire bill.”

Not only is the bill flawed, but the process was reminiscent of Obamacare, although this time some Republicans were complicit.

Sen. Lee explained:

As a matter of process, members of this body should be embarrassed about how this bill has moved forward through the Senate.  From day one, the country was misled about what was in the bill. The talking points never matched the reality of what was in the bill.  We were told that if we didn’t like what was in it, we’d have an opportunity to fix it.  But that wasn’t true either.  During the committee Democrats and Gang of Eight Republicans vote as a block to defeat virtually all substantive amendments proposed to improve the bill. They said there would be regular order on the floor of the Senate, but that turned out to be a false promise as well. 

So much for an open and fair process!

He went on to explain that for a 1,200 page bill, the Senate, including the members not on the Gang of Eight were allowed a mere 10 roll call votes before the process was shut down.

As the process moves to the lower chamber, House members should know that Americans deserve better solutions, not this gimmick full of sweetheart deals and crony kickbacks.  The good news is that – even if the legislation passes in the Senate – the House does not have to follow suit; moreover, it seems unlikely that they will.

National Journal reported earlier today:

The Senate is poised to pass comprehensive immigration reform this week with upwards of 70 votes, an impressive majority that sponsors of the legislation have long hoped will compel the GOP-controlled House to follow suit.

Don’t count on it. This set of House Republicans has ignored supermajorities before, and is ready to do so again now.

But as a final vote nears on the biggest immigration overhaul in three decades, House Republicans say the Senate tally will have no bearing on the opposition across the Capitol.

Speaker John Boehner told the House Republican Conference on Wednesday morning that the Senate bill remains “a nonstarter” in the House, according to Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz.

Nevertheless, conservative activists have to keep the pressure on both chambers to oppose amnesty, because, as we’ve explained, amnesty can come in many different forms, but it always undermines the rule of law.

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3 thoughts on “Americans Were Misled on Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill, An “Enormous Disappointment”

  1. “Americans were misled…” But not by the likes of Lee or Sessions or Cruz or Heritage for that matter. Many thanks!

  2. Senator Lee spoke articulately why we were misled and why this bill should not go to congress to be voted on. I have listened and read several sections of this bill and there is no mention or assurance that more of the fence will be built, that overdue visas will be revoked. DHS is releasing violent criminals which are illegals aliens weekly. Coming over the border is not only latinos, there are a huge number of chinese, middle-eastern people and the middle-eastern people assuredly wants to do us harm. Why would anything change if left to DHS, vis.a.vis President Obama? I have a huge concern for employment as well. There is an incentive for employers to hire newly “legalised” illegals that pre-empts the employer for having to pay for Obamacare if they hire the new “legalized” immigrant. h iThe construction industry is flooded with illegal immigrants and those jobs would naturally go to citizens of this country. This is such a double-cross on the side of our senators who voted for the bill and I am as one person sure to vote for the “other” candidate next election. Unfortunately my senators won’t be up for re-election until 2016. My congressman has a choice to make follow the crowd of senators who double crossed us or listen to his constitutency, the legal ones.

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