Tell Your Senators to Oppose the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Bill

The political pressure from the left to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” has been building for months. It’s time for conservatives to fight back.

Use this tool to email your Senators in opposition to the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill.

After you send the email, spread the word to your friends. Senators need to hear from conservatives: we cannot trust the Obama administration on this dangerous bill.

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92 thoughts on “Tell Your Senators to Oppose the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Bill

  1. Is it right to punch american’s that worked all there life’s and put into the system, go hungry and immigrants get a food card to get food. I value your opinion.

    • Absolutely not! Illegal is illegal, and laws are either for all or none. Enforce immigration laws and secure our borders. No benefits of any kind for non-citizens. You will see the problem fix itself if you do these things.

    • It’s not, but neither is entering the country unlawfully. It’s a lose-lose-lose-lose situation that boils down to this.

      My uncle has a Mexican employee- they’re very close friends -and the gentleman confessed that he was ilegal. He’s hard working, tax paying, and free of crime, but he’s apparently illegal.

      My uncle asked what he would do if he was rounded up and thrown back to Mexico. He said that it was simple: do it again. He never wants to be in northern Mexico again; he fears for his life and rightfully so.

      We need to make LEGAL immigration far easier and cheaper while securing the border. Once we have completely locked down our southern border, we can amnestize those who made it here and end it all.

  2. this is not the answer. Enforcing the laws already on the books is the answer, Not new laws the government won’t enforce. Secure the borders first as promised as far back as 1986 before anymore amnesty is approved. Do NOT reward individuals who have broken our laws (criminals) by granting them amnesty. This will just ensure (as in the past) more “criminals” will come in the future. Have we not learned anything?

  3. Oh how I wish I could do something – I live in Arizona – no sense in me emailing McCain/Flake – I am so sorry –

    • I am in the same boat in N Y With Schumer & Gillibrand ! I send from Numbers USA all the time , for all the good it does ! I have lived here all my life 76 years , do to Cuomo’s gun law I will be leaving `this summer !

      • Have you considered filing suit against that law? I suggest that you literally stick to your guns and shoot those who come for them. When they retaliate, counter-sue and challenge this thing all the way to SCOTUS, if you can. There are plenty of pro-gun folks that would help pro-bono.

    • Me neither, I live in Nevada…with dingy Harry Reid as my representative. He doesn’t care one wit about Americans…he’s a cancer in this country…along with the gangsters of 8

      • Great big war chest and a weak, flawed candidate running against him – there was a lot of concern by the main stream republicans that he would lose – we worked very hard against him – but money = power …. that and a lot of “low information voters” ……

    • I live in Virginia and I e-mailed McCain and told him I was ashamed of him for not standing with Cruz, Lee, Paul and calling them “whackobirds” and that he should apologize. He did send me an e-mail

  4. Given 1) the DOJ wiretaps, 2) that Sen Schumer did suggest that the IRS investigate the Tea Party/Conservative and 3) that this photo of Sen Schumer does show that ‘lean and hungry look’, I decided to simply make this comment and not write to anybody. Anyway,
    with Sen. Rubio/Ryan ads for this bill being played like a cheap violin
    every hour, and the US Chamber of Commerce also shilling for the bill, I
    think it is a done deal.

  5. I strongly support amnesty for all who have not committed a felony. However, I refuse to allow ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL, that creates any form of amnesty WITHOUT A COMPLETE LOCKDOWN OF THE BORDERS.

    We need to seal our southern border like Mexico desires to seal theirs!
    (^ Note: the picture is fake, though. The Guatemala/Mexico border is a mountainous jungle.)

    National Geographic ran a piece on border crossing in southern Mexico, and it’s porous, too. Unlike us, Mexico plans to do something!

      • We have to secure the borders before amnesty. I think you saw what I also wrote. We must totally seal our borders before taking any action on immigration.

        Besides, we can’t round up and deport twelve million illegals. That would take a full-scale military invasion of ourselves- house to house, city to city -and would break more laws than the one(s) it would fix.

        • Lets start with everyone of them that HAS committed a crime. DHS has been turning a blind eye to them. Americans have died by illegals, and the Feds. look the other way! One worked for Senator Menendez, NJ. He did nothing until “Judicial Watch” exposed him.

    • I am sorry,the worse are here in Ohio and the other 56 states.Oh,I am sorry there are 56 more in Bozo’s country !

  6. Your email concerning the opposing of the Amnesty Bill was marked as “Junk Mail”.
    Is the government now determining what is junk and what is not ?

  7. Send them ALL home. Include obummer in the mix. These illegals are taking jobs from Americans and obummer is as worthless as a box of rocks.

  8. Amnesty = surrendering to the invaders. No need for us to feel guilty or responsible for these people who clearly had no respect for America, Americans or our rule of law. We are supporting these people to the level of begging them to make fools out of us. Our own citizens are struggling and it will get much worse. Do not think this is not about reducing the cost of labor. With the amount of future taxation at the hands of the thugs in Washington together with the lower wages because these invading immigrants will work for far less, how do you think this will impact your life. It won’t be pretty. You’ve been duped in believing we owe these people Amnesty. All public policy and legislation today is a Ponzi scheme against we the people.

  9. ccupy movement placard said, “I’ll believe that Corporations are people when Texas executes one.” I agree.

    So, what do we do?

    I see NOTHING about the people who profit from illegal aliens being prosecuted. Aren’t they soliciting the commission of a crime? Why aren’t they being prosecuted? Politicians just want to be re-elected and keep their $$$ flowing in. They play power games while the rest of us pay the price. That is NOT right!

    I don’t like the thought of sending illegal aliens back home but just giving them amnesty is WRONG. What kind of message is that sending to ALL the others who want into this country? All the others who are trying to do it legally? What about those whose lives are in danger where they are now? The message is that our laws mean nothing? Is that right? Giving them all access to what few benefits remain in this country just waters down those benefits for those of us who have worked hard all their lives. I’ve been computing for over 45 years and have been out of work for over a year. I’m competing with people from off shore. Corporations claim that they can’t find qualified people here in the US. What’s wrong with that picture? Wall Street and big banks, backed by Congress has stolen my 401K and now they’re looking at our homes too. Now they want to get rid of Social Security? We are forced to use Medicare and welfare while they (Congress) have their own retirement and healthcare systems. They often break the law, our laws, with impunity. They get rich from their positions in power. Until recently they were allowed to profit from insider trading, something that if you or I did would cause us to be prosecuted. Before the 2008 crash, Bernanke told select members of Congress of the pending hits in the economy and those members told their friends and maneuvered their financials to avoid taking the hit along with the rest of us. Too big to jail? Are you kidding me? That is NOT right is it?

    Enforce the rule of law without favoritism would be a good start. Compassion is NOT excluded from enforcing the laws. Putting more corporate big wigs and members of Congress and bureaucrats in jail ought to send a clear message but is that happening? Will that happening?

    • Sorry, corporations request through valid visas. We are talking here of invaders on our soil, which is an act of war. Has nothing to do with corporations or small businesses. Think and reason and know the facts first, please. If they want to work here, then reinstate the Bracero Program which worked marvelously well and my workmates in Mexico liked it. They could here earn some money, return to family in Mexico and get some unemployment.

      • Rosech,

        I disagree with you when you say it’s not about corporations or small businesses. It has everything to do with them. They use their $$$ to influence legislation OR the lack of legislation (and enforcement). How many members of Congress or the Wealthy have cheap labor in their homes? Hmmm… Self interest I think.


  10. you know what I don’t understand – we have a son in law who is on the list to be allowed in the country to join his wife and 2 sons – he has spent thousands of dollars for the priviledge of being on a wait list – why don’t we allow the people who have applied and are waiting patiently to be allowed into the country now – and after the backlog of legal aliens being allowed in – then we can discuss all of the illegals – this should give us time (I would think) to secure the borders ….. comment?

    • That is an incredibly sensible, logical and intelligent question. That *is* the way it should be . . . used to be.

      The reason this is not the way the democrats and RINOs want to proceed is the above described method will not buy votes. Immigrants, like my family and millions of others, were quite willing to proceed within the constraints of the laws of this country, in order to enter this country legally and to start establishing the kinds of lives this country can give, has given, to immigrants for decades.

      Those who are supporting the “comprehensive” method are not interested in growing the immigrant population to become productive, integrated *residents* and ultimately *citizens* of this country. These folks only want one thing, in my estimation: to allow as many *people* into this country to be immediately registered as democrats — even without having attained legal resident status — thereby allowing them, as far as the democrats are concerned, to vote — democrat, of course!

      Once we accept that simple truth: that the democrats want nothing more than warm bodies whose votes they can buy with ultimately empty, destructive promises (such as those given to the black community for eons), we will never have the ammunition to fight the continued destruction of our laws.

    • We do not nee invaders (illegals) here at all. I agree those on the wait list should get first choice and invaders removed NOW! along with ALL family members. We are tired of supporting them on OUR TAXES via the dole, they insult us, they don’t want to learn English, and many of Mexicans think this is still part of Mexico. Wrong! Santa Ana was too busy bonking his mistress and didn’t defend Mexico at that time. So, we won.

  11. No one should be rewarded for violating U.S. laws. Nor should they have an advantage over other applicants who properly follow the rules.

  12. Tell your two Senator’s and Representative that if they vote for this amnesty bill that you will vote against them. Tell them to enforce our immigration laws and to secure our borders. Your elected representatives in Washington are interested in one thing and that is being reelected. So let them know in no uncertain terms where you stand on this issue.

  13. What do they not understand about securing the border first, then discuss what to do with the illegals that are already here. No promises of securing the border in the future either. How about a double fence with bob wire top and bottom the entire length of the border? No one believes a word this administration says or promises or what Homeland Security says or promises especially.

    • Protect the borders and ship the invaders out! Lived in Mexico for years and there are jobs there, just no freebies! Also, so many of those here have a family in Mexico and one here. And they want us to support them all. Sorry, charity begins at home with our legal citizens. Deport them now! Please represent us, the majority against amnesty in any way, shape or form. Let’s just recall them or force them to resign and live like a real person with no benefits of any kind, i.e., insurance, pension, free college for their children, and any other perk or pork that they gave themselves and which we did not have input. Wrong, we ARE THEIR EMPLOYERS and they are merely EMPLOYEES and employees can be fired, thank you and we need to do it now!

  14. If this amnesty becomes law, it will ruin the United States of America, as we know it!
    This will mean Washington has no respect for the laws they make, and the oath the President and the rest of our elected officials means nothing. It is against the law to enter the United States without proper documentation—-and the law does not say anything about a person’s age. So the DREAMERS are criminals also, their parents made them criminals not the United States of America! Respect our laws, our citizens have too!!!!!!!!!!

  15. All we have to do is recognize the current laws and our Constitution, illegals are not welcome to this country, we have a system in place for people from other countries to come here legally, if they can not abide by our laws they must be taken by force and removed

  16. Find it interesting my correct email for the petition is not accepted as real! Stupid. We, the People do NOT want amnesty at all. The majority of citizens are against it, yet these supposed “representatives” ignore us for their benefit, and not ours or America. These are invaders on our soil and that is an ACT OF WAR. So, why are we allowing them anything at all, except deportation for them and family members, none of whom belong here!

  17. We need to clean house folks. I find it frustrating that we have to keep begging these traitors to do what they should ALREADY be DOING! (if they weren’t traitors we would not have to!)

  18. We have laws. Stop breaking them! Illegals says it all. They ARE braking our law. Obama and anyone else who allows this is committing a crime. Who do they think they are? They do not represent “We The People”. They want these people as citizens so they can vote another far left socialist in to the highest office in our land. These people have no honor and lie out both sides of their mouths. Take an oath to uphold our constitution? What a lie!

  19. Congress is wasting on gun control, amnesty, and they should be doing their job of cleaning up corruption like is in the agriculture bill. An example is the Pigford incident. A friend of mine was in the Agriculture dept and retired early because of the pressure to give 50,000. to any black who felt they had been discriminated against, no proof required. Obama supported that bill as a Senator. Congress is complicit in the corruption.

  20. Supplying our current Administration ,by allowing this to pass , will prove to be yet another lethal dose to America …Everyone wake up and take a step back and look at the entire picture….What do you see ? I will tell you what all of you should see…America destroyed !! Take a stand now ,or I promise you , Everyone of you will regret it ….and soon !!!

  21. I oppose S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act because…it will cause great economic dismay to the tune in the trillions. It will burden the Health Care facilities with financial burden as the immigrants can’t afford to pay their bill. They will tax the Welfare and Unemployment system, the Social Security and Medicaid system. They come here unlawfully, often times, they are criminals, stealing and murdering Americans. This bill is totally Unconstitutional, as these people are breaking the law and also taking jobs away from Citizens. It would be a slap in the face of people who became citizens legally and it is not the right way to fix the immigration system. This plan does not actually secure the border, as more and more illegal immigrants are crossing by the thousands every month. Vote No .

  22. MSM’S, Dems and the Pubs are still ignoring several Federal
    Departments that have been issuing reports of the dire need to drastically reduce
    current annual levels (numbers) of LEGAL immigration TOO! Representatives of
    these Federal Departments even appeared in person in meetings and on the Floor
    of both Houses. The latest as of 05/20/2013 is.

    Kenneth Palinkas, president of the American Federation of
    Government Employees Council 119, told Congress and the public;

    “The culture at USCIS encourages all applications to be
    approved, discouraging proper investigation into red flags and discouraging the
    denial of any applications . . .USCIS has been turned into an ‘approval
    machine.’ ”

    “The legislation was written with special interests —
    producing a bill that makes the current system worse, not better. . . (The bill
    would) damage public safety and national security and should be opposed by

    This fits the profiling policy, pro-American and pro-Judeo-Christians
    will be found out at renewal and deported.

    Yellow dog Pubs accuse the Dems of being useful idiots.
    Yellow dog Dems accuse the Pubs of being Freddy Kruger’s. When both are the
    person they accuse the other of being. And yet both are the targets of the manipulators
    of the two philosophies. This makes all of you saintfully useful to the Freddy


    • soon very soon the REV will start lock and load / if they give these freekin stinking low life thieves criminals druggies murders rapist amnesty / i think it just might saet a free for all

  24. I’ll say no amnesty for this reason – people come here illegally or legally – what ever. They have 25 kids and that way they qualify for all the American benefits. lol They don’t make lots of money but they don’ t spend for food because they have food stamps and their kids qualify for free lunch in the schools. There the kids can eat all they want, get fat and add to the obesity problem of the American population. When they arrive, they are so very skinny and malnourished, soon they are as fat as pigs being led to the slaughter. They don’t pay drs and medical attention because they have a low income. They don’t pay an expensive rent because they qualify for section 8 and maybe they allow other people to live with them, 30 people in a one bedroom apartment! Every year I am afraid at tax time, but they are happy because they get thounsands back every year because they and their children don t make enough money. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t understand this … the goverment paying you to have children? I have a friend who gets 8 to 10 thousand dollars every year and he only has 2 kids. I can’t imagine how much you’d get if you had 25! They don’t worry too much about having good insurance on their vehicles – so pray to not be in the way of an illegal driver, haha! So even if they have a low income they are probably making more than a regular American and if it wasn’t enough- they have welfare and all possible puplic help that can get. I don’t know how they do it, but I know all those places where people get help. And that is being illegal! What would they get if they were legal ?
    So they come to work . There is nothing wrong with that if they need work. But nooo, they come to take advantage of the American benefits that no other country has. Well, that I know, lol, i am Mexican and we don’t have shit over there – just a corrupt, stupid goverment. So people come and see all that they can get and not in your dreams will they want to go back to their countries, if you can call a country those lands.
    What I think should be done is give these people temporary visas or work permits. They are needed for some jobs. When the borders are closed, it becomes very difficult to come to the United States. Those who make it across don’t want to leave, and they stay illegally. Also, the need for travel will generate more income for both countries.
    Well, that is all I have to say, that and that this is a Great Country!
    Viva México!! I still want the 7 states that were stolen from México, cabrones!

    • Happy to read your comment, Jesus! You have a deep understanding of a difficult situation.

      Remember the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Go here to read a copy of the actual treaty, in Spanish and English:
      Article XII of a great piece of paper, reads that United States paid to the government of Mexico, $15,000,000, 3million dollars annually, at the rate of 6% interest! Now just how much money with the interest total over all? And other large sums were paid to Mexico. How much would that money, with inflation, be value today? And besides money there was an agreement between the countries to retain a workable friendship. All Mexican citizens where allowed to stay where they were, or go to Mexico, as they desired. Remember, this was an agreement made at the end of the Mexican/United States War. Very generous, indeed. Everyone should read it.

      • @ vevaqus The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo … The “deal” that gave Mexico a measely $30 per square mile for 500,000 square mile of Mexico. At this time, $15 would get you a prostitute, and that is what the US did, bought a prostitute. Who would not sign a treaty under threat of more repercussions? Unfortunately, Mexican leaders did not do as their people wished either. And, so, although all Mexican citizens and Native Americans were given citizenship under the treaty, for many this did not occur until the 1930´s, about 80 years later.

        Mexico was a new country, it barely had 10 years of independence. The US took advantage of a developing government and raped its people, paying a pittance for their acquiescence and virtual silence and cooperation. $30 per square mile,

        Let us put this a bit more in perspective. In 1848, an acre of land cost about $1.25, and there are approximately 640 acres in one square mile. Therefore, if you can do the math, 1 square mile should have cost around $800. The US paid $30. And the US citizenry wonders why there are border issues. Mexico is just reclaiming what was stolen from it earlier!
        But never fear, all these states are filling with Mexicans and becoming little Mexicos. Legal or not they are here!
        And just another side bar … Only in the US do Mexicans celebrate the Cinco de Mayo … or Mexican-Americans I should say. It is not celebrated in Mexico, but here, have another Tequila … another gift from down south.

  25. I watched these hearings for several hours and the votes. With the exceptions of Mr. Grassley and Mr Sessions not one person cares one ounce about the american workers. All they want is to pass a bill to make Obama happy, there is nothing good in this bill for americans when they are agreeing to bring in and legalize over 30 million within ten years and all studies show this economy and country can not afford the expense and the jobs are not there. This does not include the unlimited number of muslims that are coming in everyday under political assylum. Dearborn Mi is over run with muslims to the point they are assaulting american citizens on the streets and the cops tell the americans they have no rights, leave the area or be arrested. now the real question is do we allow the muslims and mexicans to take over and own us or do we fight back and put a stop to Obamas takeover plan?

  26. Government screwed up IRS, Health Care and you really belive they can seal the borders????? I have a bridge to sell you if you do!!! We just had a policeman killed in the line of duty by an illegal… no license, no insurance, with drugs in his pocket… and you want more???? They are on the welfare rolls, in our houses, taking our jobs…. and you still want to grant them a place in America OVER Americans??? Don’t buy that garbage about they do jobs an American won’t…. check E-verify… I know about 20 college bound kids looking for a job… any job…. there aren’t any… they are filled with illegals and phony social secuity nunbers. CA should get them all.. they created sanctuary cities!!

  27. the gang of 8 are annoying and nothing more than a elected gang of destroyers of our constitution ,who should be horse whipped then tar and feathered , in the beginning of the birth of our country this would deflationary happen . in the Muslim ( in the past and now ) countries they would be beheaded / when are these freekin Americans going to pull their heads of . and breath to see where in the hell they are ???

  28. cannot get message sent – “CSRF check failed: incorrect value”
    I oppose S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act because it will REWARD illegal aliens for breaking our laws by sneaking into our country or overstaying their visas.

    NO AMNESTY!!! How many times do we have to tell you this?


  29. Why is Heritage making this difficult to send an e-mail out? Why can’t you just fill in the blanks, and hit send? Why do you need a password? More of these pre-written responses would be sent out if this encumberance did not exist.

  30. I cannot believe all the fear – mongering here. I would think that someone would be educated and not comment based on personal fear, rumor, or hearsay, but noooooo, that is just not the case. AND I had a lovely response that Heritage ERASED when I sent it! Must not want any opposing views!!

    • if your a legal resident why in the h— would you want to give amnesty to people that dint wait in line but broke our immigration laws. maybe you should return to where ever you come from or are you another one wanting everything handed to you on a silver platter?

      • You are an idiot, who needs to learn grammar and how to spell. I am not a legal resident, I was born here. But I do not have my head up my a** and a mind closed to the world around me. There are so many aspects to this issue that you obviously know nothing about. There are children, and hard-working people who only want the opportunity to do things correctly, but do not have the opportunity to do so anywhere else. There are elderly who have no where to go, but who are NOT dependent on social services, like many citizens are. Or are you afraid that these people will work harder than you and take your job because you refuse to put out the effort to do it well? I did not write anything insulting here, just questioned the thinking of people. Or do you want to go out in the heat or cold, work for almost nothing, and suffer discrimination? Go to school, learn something, broaden your mind, and learn how to THINK!

    • The problem is that we have an unsustainable system. Our country needs immigrants. Many wait anywhere from 5 to 10 years for the privilege of immigrating. Often these people bring significant savings or skills that strengthen our country and society. Why should someone who breaks the rules and jumps to the head of the line be rewarded? My wife is an immigrant. She did it the legal way. Many of her family did the same – and yes they waited over 10 years to do so. Bottom line, fix the border first, and then come up with some process that is at least somewhat fair for all immigrants, and make the process easier. But those who cheated should not be rewarded for doing so.

  31. I oppose S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and
    Immigration Modernization Act because…because this is another mammoth 845
    page monstrosity that no one in Congress has read AND most certainly does not
    understand. By law the average citizen is required to know every law, rule, and
    regulation put out by Congress and every agency and department that comprises
    the federal government. There are already over 500,000 of these legal trip
    wires that unfairly punish us. To add another 845 pages of legal crap and
    hundreds of untouchable government employees on our backs is asininely idiotic.

  32. Doesn’t matter what we do, we have shifted so far left in the last decade that we are now destined to be another venezuela. Our government is all in for itself at this point, every law passed further strips our rights and grows the government. This administration has been the most lawless bunch i have ever witnessed in my short 50 years of life thus far.

  33. When you wrestle with pigs you get filthy and the pigs love it. Republicans get filthy while Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, Leahy love the slime they created it.

  34. Immigration, Amnesty, Open Borders they are all the same. When has the Democrats, liberal Republicans ever been serious about closing the borders and obeying the laws already on the books? Never! No on S-744 period!

  35. It is with a very heavy heart for me to admit I not only voted for Rubio I went to rallies waved signs and made phone calls, only to learn he is just another politician willing to sell his soul to raise campaign money. The only purpose of this bill is to kill America and turn its workers into slaves to both big government and big business.

  36. This is the letter I sent:

    I am astounded to find that you actually voted “yes” to grant amnesty for foreigners who snuck into our country to pillage and plunder it economically and otherwise.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

    The L.A. Times poll last month showed that even over two-thirds of their left-leaning subscribers are OPPOSED to amnesty. The poll was here:

    Apparently you put the interests of foreign nationals here illegally ahead of either America’s best interests or the wishes of the majority of your constituents. So don’t be surprised if next election you find yourself looking for a new job.

    • How stupid can you be?? Not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico, and emm, if you want to say that, then about 90% of all Americans should leave because their families came here illegally as well. I do not recall that the Native American peoples invited Europeans to come over and take over and destroy their ways of life. Amnesty is amnesty, not an invitation for more to come. And even more idiotic, who would want to come to a place where before-hand you know that you are going to ttreated badly and discriminated against. Fear, Fear, and more fear … educate yourself, go visit somewhere else in the world and remember that we are ONE PLANET, one world. Different peoples, and different ways of life, but one.

      Oh, and I could get “religious” here, and remind you that Jesus said, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me …” But I will leave that for you to remember on your own.

      There is much more at stake here than fearful people think about, and much less to be fearful about than they claim. We all will reap benefits of a much healthier society!!

      Now, go get a life!

    • Here’s the problem. It’s the same as making laws banning something, and realizing all you did is create a black market. They’re not going to self-deport. You can’t make their life that hard without also doing the same to citizens. And you’ll simply drive them farther underground by trying. Especially with the GOP in Congress working overtime to cut government aid programs, forcing more to turn to private charity, which by and large won’t discriminate based on being a citizen or not. It’s not being done as a reward. It’s a way to get everything out in the open so it can be dealt with. This bill doubles the number of border security guards currently stationed along the southern border, reform our legal immigration system to assign visas to immigrants based on employment history, educational credentials, English proficiency, etc. The number of visas assigned would be determined by situational factors such as unemployment. It also denies Registered Provisional Immigrant Status to undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes here in the US. Also, since undocumented immigrants are guilty of a crime no more serious than a traffic ticket, they pay a fine and get on with life, just like a traffic ticket.

  37. we need the inmigrants or all the people who works at the inmigration deparment will need to look for a job picking grapes or doing yard work lol

  38. It’s going to be difficult for “we” the citizens of this country to take back control. Americans don’t understand that there is nothing “free.” And our hard fought freedoms are under attack. Government was supposed to be the servant of the people. Now, there are as many people employed by the government as there are citizens. No wonder we can’t make any progress. Pretty soon, the people who are dependent upon getting instead of giving will outnumber those who are providing the money given to the welfare recipients. Isn’t there something wrong when businesses are forming to take our tax money and distribute it to the poor. Now, we have to support that industry too. Every time I see the ad for free cell phones and free incontinence supplies to medicaid recipients, my blood boils. When my husband looked into buyiing supplies online, the company called to sell us back braces. “Do you or someone in your family (who is on Medicaid) have back pain?” This country is in big doo doo.

  39. if this bill passes i will become a independent voter there is now way i would stay a registered dem. or repbublican and i hope every one else that is against any kind of immigration reform would follow suit next election.

  40. I would love to become an independent in my state, but if you do so in Kentucky then you can not vote in party primaries.

  41. I too am having a very hard time remaining in the GOP. Problem in KY is if you change to independent you never get to be involved in the primary process. I believe 2014 will be the Waterloo for America and our great Republic. If Democrats get total control of DC Obamacare will be the smallest problem compared to the agenda this rogue administration is seeking to implement. He will be able to complete the Progressive wet dream of allowing federal control over every Americans life from birth to death literally.

  42. For the security of our country vote against Senate Bill S 744.This is an amnesty bill referred to as, Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, The bill is full of loopholes and would be a disaster for our country if it were to become law.

    Did we not learn anything from the amnesty law passed during President Reagan’s Administration? The border was supposed to be secured then as part of the deal however it was not and we now have anywhere from eleven to twenty million more illegal’s once again demanding amnesty and a path to citizenship at taxpayers expense.

    When are our elected Senator’s and Representative’s going to start representing their constituents instead of illegal immigrants? Stop appeasing corporate farmer’s and big businesses’ that are only interested in cheap labor with no regard for the huge expense it would cost the American tax payer to integrate illegal’s in to the system.

    Filibuster if necessary to block this horrible piece of legislation.


    I must insist that you vote against the ill conceived and unfortunate immigration bill that is now before Congress!

    The government’s disastrous immigration policy has resulted in an insidious and onerous disservice to America. Congress must place a moratorium on ALL immigration for two years. This would allow some time to straighten out our current mess. Furthermore, a moratorium of five years must be placed on Muslims. This would reduce our security problem significantly. Moreover, entry into to USA must be suspended indefinitely for all people from countries belligerent toward the USA.

    As regards illegal aliens, those who are arrested must be deported immediately, or jailed, depending on the offense. The most effective and humane way to decrease illegal immigrants is to motivate them to leave voluntarily. They have violated US law and have no claim to public maintenance. US Federal law MUST prevent illegals from receiving any aid or benefits, except for serious medical emergency. States and municipalities must be required to strictly comply. E-verify must become an enforced federal law. Congress must cull out administrators and law enforcers who do not carry out their sworn duties as regards immigration laws and discipline them! The DOJ and ICE must be compelled at the highest levels to execute their sworn duties. If necessary, Congress must convene hearings to uncover why the DOJ and ICE do not enforce the law!

    Those who claim that illegal aliens should be granted special consideration are motivated by self-interest, and do not care about the well being of America. They comprise unscrupulous businesses that exploit illegal aliens for profit, corrupt politicians who use illegal aliens to gain power, and drug dealers who need the easiest entry possible to push their poison. Supporters of illegal aliens have a complete disregard and contempt for fairness towards American citizens and those immigrants who are here legally, and regrettably for the illegal aliens themselves, who congregate into sordid ghettos that will not or cannot assimilate into American society. This results in melting-pot nature of American society being destroyed, which only leads to further strife and disaster.

  44. With all of the EAR MARKS (WASTE OF MONEY) and the AGENDAS of the Democrats tucked away in this AMNASTY BILL it turns out to be just like what was done with OBAMACARE! We DON”T WANT IT and CAN”T AFFORD IT!

  45. Most politicians, not all, but most in Washington are not working for their constituent’s they are working for lobbyist. Unfortunately we have only two parties in this country that really have any power so the voters really have no one to vote for if they oppose illegal immigration. The Republican party want the cheap labor and Democrats want the votes. They do want our votes to get reelected and then their loyalty switches to the lobbyist. At the rate our government is allowing illegal immigrant’s to invade our country and take our jobs we will shortly all be out of work and applying for food stamps.

    If you oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants then you can do your self a favor by voting against Senator’s Graham, McCain, Flake and Rubio when they come up for reelection. They are the four Republicans that are part of the gang of eight that support this amnesty bill.

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  48. You can’t even come up with a reason why people should oppose it besides, “they” want to do it? Pathetic.

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