Shockingly Rich Recipients of Corporate “Farm” Bill Welfare

We’ve explained before that the recipients of “farm” bill subsidies are big, rich farmers – some of which don’t actually grow anything.   These big, financially stable farms are reaping record-high profits and have record-low debt.

Heritage’s Diane Katz has investigated and dug up some very interesting information about who’s benefiting from taxpayer money.

But if we asked you to guess just who these recipients are you probably never would have guessed:

1. Former President Jimmy Carter – His family collected $272,288 in subsidy payments from 1995 to 2012.
2. U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack – He received $82,874 in USDA benefits for his family farm from 1995 to 2012.
3. USDA Under Secretary Michael T. Scuse – He “owns 20.8 percent of a farm upon which taxpayers have lavished $1,051,107 from 1995 to 2012.”
4.  The Rockefeller Family – Two members of the family have received $356,018 and $591,057 respectively.
5. Beverly Hills comedian Jack Benny – He raked in $18,120 for his farm in CA.
6. Former Miss America of 1959, Mary Ann Mobley — $142,933 were given to her for a farm in Mississippi.
7. Riceland Foods, Inc. – This farm — self-described as “the world’s largest miller and marketer of rice” – raked in $554,343,039 between 1995 and 2012.
8. Members of Congress and their families – House Agriculture Committee chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) must be pretty pleased with the pretty penny taxpayers paid to his wife, Lynda L. Lucas, who collected $40,613.

And the cherry on top:

9. Environmental groups — though these groups claim to be concerned about the environmental impact of subsidies on land use, claiming that such payments promote the conversion of natural habitats to cropland.  Yet, the Nature Conservancy and the National Audubon Society received $4,795,786 and $932,801 from 1995 to 2012 respectively.

Let all that sink in…

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Former President Jimmy Carter's family collected $272,288 in "farm" subsidy payments from 1995-2012.

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USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack received $82,874 in USDA benefits for his family farm from 1995 to 2012.

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Beverly Hills comedian Jack Benny raked in $18,120 for his farm in CA. #farmbill

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3 thoughts on “Shockingly Rich Recipients of Corporate “Farm” Bill Welfare

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  3. There’s something missing here, the reductions in the value of farm production that precede the giving of subsidies. Rice subsidies started in 1977, but the reduction started in 1977. US farm prices (x production, then added, i.e.) for a sum of 8 crops were below full costs every year 1981-2006, and on to 2013 for 5 of those crops (excluding corn, soybeans and rice). We’re subsidizing foreign countries. So all of the people on the list here had huge reductions below “living wage” price standards, below “minimum wage” price levels, and/or below zero vs full costs. So they had a need before getting subsidies. The real scandal are those who had no reductions at all, and no need at all, but rather got the benefits of the farm bill (of Congress lowering market prices,) even as they had repeated record profits and returns on equity. Cargill, ADM, Tyson, Bunge, Shuanghui, Kellogs. And even some of the smaller ones (Tyson & Smithfield,) got more than five times as much as the Riceland co-op (of thousands of farmers), very conservatively, and without first showing any need.

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