Senate Gang of 8 Legislation: Amnesty Now, Citizenship Later Without Border Security

Background:   The Senate will soon consider the so-called “Gang of 8 bill,” a comprehensive package of reforms to the nation’s immigration system.  The legislation (S. 744) provides amnesty to roughly 11 million illegal aliens within six months of enactment by granting them temporary legalized status.  The Heritage Foundation defines amnesty as follows:

The term “amnesty” is often used loosely with reference to aliens unlawfully in the United States. Sometimes it refers to converting the status of an alien from unlawful to lawful, either without conditions or on a condition such as a payment of a fee to the government. Sometimes it refers to granting lawful authority for an alien unlawfully in the U.S. to remain in the U.S., become a lawful permanent resident, or even acquire citizenship by naturalization, either without conditions or on a condition such as payment of a fee to the government or performance of particular types of work for specified periods. Amnesty comes in many forms, but in all its variations, it discourages respect for the law, treats law-breaking aliens better than law-following aliens, and encourages future unlawful immigration into the United States.      

Amnesty Now:  Within six months, S. 744 affords almost everyone who entered the country illegally prior to 2012, the opportunity to apply for “registered provisional immigrant” (RPI) status.  Each individual would be required to loosely demonstrate that they were in the country before 2012 pass a background check, pay a $500 fine and “back taxes” (taxes “assessed” based on submitted tax returns, not all that is owed).  They would obtain Social Security numbers, be eligible for drivers’ licenses, and can work freely in the country immediately.  The Homeland Security Department (DHS) would only be required to “establish a strategy…to identify where fencing…should be deployed” to achieve operational control over portions of the border (“high-risk sections”).  This broad grant of amnesty would include individuals who were previously deported and criminals with up to two misdemeanors (not including the illegal entry).

Citizenship Later:  After ten years, these newly legalized aliens will be offered green cards or “legal permanent residency” if they pay a miniscule $1,500 fine.  Within three years after receiving a green card, they are eligible for citizenship.  The DHS merely has to certify that their strategy to secure the border is substantially deployed in “high-risk areas,” employment-verification is implemented, and a visa exit-entry system is in place at air and seaports (it is not required at land ports).  If after five years DHS certifies that the strategy is not achieved, a border commission is formed to set forth “specific recommendations for policies for achieving and maintaining the border security goals, ” but these one-time recommendations have no binding effect.  Hence, actual border security is never a precondition to legalization—temporary or permanent.

Impact:  S. 744 discourages respect for the rule of law, favors law-breakers over immigrants patiently waiting in line, and encourages future unlawful immigration.  It will also further bankrupt the nation—a similar amnesty bill considered in 2007 would have cost $2.5 trillion from providing government benefits to legalized immigrants.

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Senat immigration bill discourages respect for the rule of law.

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Senate immigration bill favors law-breakers over immigrants patiently waiting in line.

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Senate immigration bill encourages future unlawful immigration.

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36 thoughts on “Senate Gang of 8 Legislation: Amnesty Now, Citizenship Later Without Border Security

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  2. Whats new. Lies from Dems today and spend more other peoples $ in the future while Ds lie cheat steal elections today to enable them to hand out FREE STUFF as bribes in the future.

  3. Our leadership has been trying very hard to force us to take the illegal aliens from Latin America for a very long time, with amnesty. They intend to provide amnesty of some sort without a doubt. Why don’t they offer amnesty to American Citizens who are in jail for non-violent crimes? Offer them a leg bracelet and a pardon if they will work in badly needed areas? If they agree, lets also give them a polygraph and find out if they really want to do the pardon.
    I think I want more though. I think we should offer pardons and very controlled work processes to anyone short of murderers. Offer them ankle bracelets, make a dorm mandatory and put a controller in their running the dorm. If they break the parole, put them back in and leave them there.

    Lets offer them serious unemployment if all that burning need for workers dries up, and retraining to boot.

  4. This bill is a sham! Forget border security, it doesn’t exist. And would not be enforced if it did. That is the way of the government…..everything and anything for a vote. To he11 with the good of the country.
    It is shameful that our immigration laws have never been enforced.

    Enforce our laws. Get rid of anchor baby clause. Secure the border. E-verify!

  5. We already did this once. They lied and said 300,000 but it turned out closer to 3,000,000 and no border closing. So this time we are to believe that they will close the border? Sorry I did not just fall off the pickle boat yesterday. When we get the border closed in a proper fashion, I will be happy to speak about individuals that want to immigrate to the USA, only when they are in their own country and can show us as a Nation, that they respect our laws.

    Nullify the Kennedy bill of 65 and return immigration to the people that are best for this nation. Stop allowing all the dredges from other nations from flooding across our borders. Cuba’s release of their insane asylums and criminals the list is endless. Mexico not stopping the drug trade and the Cartels pushing their violence accross the border the South Americans doing much of the same. ENOUGH.

  6. I have a suggestion. The legal Spanish speaking immigrants don’t seem to be hearing this side of the story. (not exactly a shocker.) You publish The Morning Bell in Spanish. It would be great if you could include a suggested tweet in Spanish even at the end of the English version of the posts. It will help those of us who only habla a little espanol to reach out to a broader audience that needs to hear the message.

  7. We have homeless VETS, rundown schools, high unemployment, and yet we are being forced to give amnesty to law breakers… We also give 300 million a year to Mexico in foreign aide. What is going on in this country?

  8. Americans are paying for border patrol, immigration workers, ICE, to secure our land. Instead congress wants to pass amnesty to give illegal immigration people a way to stay. This is very unfair to the American taxpayers. The people that crosses the borders without permission shouldn’t be allowed in this country, they broke the law. The money should be use to secure our borders and send the people that cross the borders home.

  9. Let registered democrats pick up the tax bill!!! Earth to congress there is NO LABOR SHORTAGE!! Reality check 22 Million Americans are out of WORK!!!

  10. There needs to be wording added that anyone not a full US Citizen does not qualify for any federal assistance program. We taxpayers should not be made to pay for welfare for non-citizens..

  11. This bill deeply flawed we cannot give amnesty to 12 million Illegals. We Must Secure Our Borders before anything. We do not need anymore Guest Work Programs we have them lets strengthen them. We need to boost E-Verify. We need to deport Illegal who have committed crimes. Those Illegals who want to stay here need to go to the back of the line and wait for a work or school visa.

  12. No Amnesty, No Compromise on Amnesty, Nothing. DO NOT move or adjust one single thing until the lying, backstabbing liberals secure the border…. I lived through the first one in 1986 which was to do exactly what this one is suppose to do and that was give amnesty to illegals and secure the border to prevent it from happening again. Well, here is what happened then 3.7 million illegals became citizen’s and no secure border, which has brought in 11 million more illegals (by there estimate, but my guess it is closer to 20 million). SECURE THE BORDER THAN COME AND SEE WHAT CAN BE DONE ONCE WE ARE CERTAIN NO MORE ARE COMING HERE ILLEGALLY..
    I do not trust a politician, especially a liberal politician any further than I can throw a car.

  13. you all best be contacting your state representatives and telling them no, no, no this bill will kill america as we know it and they intend to sign the UN TREATY disarming all citizens onJune 3…

  14. No Amnesty. No Anchor Babies. Secure the Borders and Ports. Patrol our shores. No Muslims, No illegal aliens. No welfare for illegals. No food stamps. Get in line and go through the process like everyone else. Citizenship must be earned.

  15. they all seem to ignore what the people want. amnesty is not an option. they need to secure the border before anything else is done

  16. No amnesty, nada,zip,none, period. Secure the borders, I don’t want to hear jack until the border is secure. If these polititions can’t figure it out ask me!

  17. I wonder just how big of a fence could be erected for 6.3 Trillion? How many ill-eagles could be saved? How many illegals could be deported? How many Boston Marathon Bombers could be stopped if we had enough left over to get rid of expired visas? How many Constitutional-oath-breakers could be jailed? How many? Answer: Not Enough!

  18. It’s the aim of this government to put the burden on the people of this nation, welfare, free schooling, free medical, and lots of other program setup to take care of them. Most of them come here with hardly an education. The government doesn’t want to hear what we we say or feel about it. It’s all on deaf ears, especially Obama.

  19. I notice that a number of posters here want to close our borders prior to any ‘reform’ of our immigration laws. I urge them to do as I have been doning for some time now, contact your representatives and senators and tell them what you want. If you feel the need you can threaten them with voting for their opponents, and opponents, in primary elections. Remember – these people hold their seats not because they are the best and brightest but because they are supported financially by special interestes and their constituents tolerate their behavior by re-electing them. As our founders might have said, find nominate and elect candidates who truly represent your interests..

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  21. We shouldn’t reward any illegal activities. I sympathize for those people and know they want to make some money to mail to their home. However they should come here legally. If our goverment has enough money, they should help Mexico to create more jobs and stimulate the economy for their country instead of rewarding illegal activities. We should allow those young people who have been here for quite a few years without any criminal records to work here for 5 or 10 more years. Then let them go back home. If they would like to stay here for longer, we should encourage them to come legally. It is very unfair to those who wants to come here legally. Our country should be a good example for the world.

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