Conservative Opposition to Obama’s Progressive Policies is Working

Maybe I should just pack up and go home.  Golly. – President Barack Obama (April 30, 2013)

This was the President’s response when asked whether he still had the “juice” to get the rest of his agenda through this Congress.

If you were listening to the press conference, that flutter of hope that welled up within you was swiftly quelled when the president assured us that his remark was a joke.  He also quoted Mark Twain saying, “You know, rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point.”

He then went on to bash the Republican-controlled House and followed that up by listing off the things he’s “confident” the government will be able to get done in his second term.

Would that he would pack up and go home.  But as the Hill reports, he’s no longer in the driver’s seat:

Now, constrained by a House Republican majority that rejects his agenda, the president was left Tuesday to explain why his reelection victory hasn’t translated into legislative success.

Fielding questions from reporters for just the third time this year, Obama lashed out at the GOP — and House Republicans in particular — for resisting his proposals while conceding that his efforts to channel public pressure against Congress have come up short.

“I cannot force Republicans to embrace those common-sense solutions. I can urge them to. I can put pressure on them. I can, you know, rally the American people around those common-sense solutions. But ultimately they, themselves, are going to have to say ‘we want to do the right thing.’”

This is a great example, from the President’s mouth, of what happens when lawmakers in Congress have the spinal fortitude to represent their constituents by making good on their campaign promises.   It’s what happens when lawmakers crave the support of conservatives back home, instead of the elites in Washington.  When they are held accountable by conservatives across the country, Obama’s liberal agenda cannot succeed.

Moreover, this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sam Stein stated:

Obama is really hamstrung by the lack of earmarks, by the lack of pork that he can hand out to these lawmakers as gifts to get them to the table.  And he’s got a fair amount of sticks in Organizing for America, his campaign apparatus left over, in the form of his popularity and the ability to go out to a district and shame a congressman or congresswoman into acting, but he doesn’t have a lot of carrots.

There are strong conservative forces countering Mr. Obama, and even the left admits that he would need earmarks and pork to advance his policies.

Conservatives must keep up the pressure.  We cannot allow the Obama agenda to gain traction or take our eye off the ever-present desire to erode the earmark ban.

Because as we face the rest of an Obama second term, he must be stopped in his tracks legislatively any time he tries to make the U.S. less free and less prosperous – which has been his modus operandi since the beginning of his first term in office.

His policies and ideas have thus far failed the American people, both at home and abroad.  From healthcare, to jobs, to the economy, he has failed us.

His second term goals are no better, from immigration reform, to gun control, to religious liberty, to the economy.

Remember, the President’s liberal ideology precludes the possibility of his ideas benefiting Americans on their merits alone.  That’s been proven repeatedly throughout his presidency.  But fortunately, thanks to conservatives in Congress and a network of conservatives across America, his second term “success” is already being called into question.

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President Obama joked about "packing up and going home." Because even he knows he's failed.

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Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly. - President Barack Obama (April 30, 2013)

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Conservative opposition has prevented Obama from advancing many of his aggressive liberal policies.

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8 thoughts on “Conservative Opposition to Obama’s Progressive Policies is Working

  1. I sure do hope it continues that way. This individual has done more against the country than any body else I can remember. Please Lord give the GOP strength.

  2. He has been far too successful in far too many categories to matter that he is weakened. It will take years to unravel his destructive influence on our country, and years to sift through and disarm the puppet masters.
    But you know, I think God may know how to do this.
    I am depending on God. I have no choice but to do so.

  3. failing to detect the cynicism and nuances of conversation is the hallmark of low information voters; so, why not just go ahead and translate this to mea “Obama, threatens to quit”? Would that not deliver more bang to the minions?

  4. Great article, Katharine, but I would love to have seen you point out
    that Obama *thinks* he and the Democrats have the market cornered on
    “the right thing”. He continually tries to “rally the people” by
    telling them that what He and the Dems do is (morally) right for the
    country and for them and what the Republicans are doing is the WRONG
    thing for the country. He truly is the master at deception and
    manipulation. He needs to be CALLED OUT for essentially saying that HIS
    way is the ONLY RIGHT WAY! Well, obviously 50% of the country
    DISAGREE…and history in the past 4 1/2 years has PROVEN that Obama and
    the Democrat’s way of leading this country is the WRONG WAY!!!!! Yet,
    Obama is going to keep pushing with his
    Communistic/Socialist/Totalitarian ideology since he has a GLOBAL VIEW
    on matters. He wants to knock America off of her “most powerful nation
    in the world” platform and everything he sets into motion is an ends to
    that mean. Keep up the great work at Heritage!!!!!! Keep the pressure
    and the TRUTH out there! Don’t grow weary doing good!

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