Playing Politics with Farm Bills and Food Stamps

“[Food stamps] should continue to be included purely from a political perspective. It helps get the farm bill passed.”Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS)

Let that one sink in…

That is the Washington Establishment’s perspective on food stamps and the farm bill in a nutshell.  It’s an old Washington trick— create an alliance of various special interest groups to pass massive spending bills. 

While making the case for this farm bill longstanding alliance, Sen. Chochran illustrated this problem perfectly.  Nearly 80 percent of the spending in the trillion dollar “farm bill” goes towards food stamps.  And he wants to keep it that way.

Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans is on food stamps?

Hold your applause, you of liberal persuasion.  While some of this is due to the struggling economy, which is burdened by President Obama’s oppressive laws and regulations, much of this record food stamp participation is thanks to things like “broad-based categorical eligibility.”  This means states can substantially broaden their food stamp eligibility standards, weaken income limits, and waive the asset limits entirely.

But if Washington politicians need food stamps to make the farm bill politically palatable, what’s so bad about the rest of the bill, and what are they trying to cover up?

Heritage explains that the whole bill is in dire need of reform.

It contains farm subsidies that constitute the nation’s largest corporate welfare program.  Big wealthy farmers approve of the bill because it shifts the costs of agricultural risks to taxpayers through massive taxpayer funded subsidies.

Farmers ought to make smart business decisions like any other businessman or businesswoman in America.  They should be “employing private insurance to help guard against the risks of their business without taxpayer footing any portion of the bill.”  They can also manage risk with crop diversification and credit reserves.

Really, there are no excuses for the farm bill’s corporate welfare.

The farm bill is also bad for any American who has to buy food.  It contains commodity quotas, subsidies, and tariffs that enrich certain upper-income producers at the expense of taxpayers and to the detriment of consumers.

At the end of the day, the farm bill debate is a perfect illustration of the differences between conservatives and liberals, and with the farm bill on the horizon again, Congress must take conservative recommendations seriously.

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Liberals want food stamps in the farm bill because they're convenient political leverage.

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1 in 7 Americans is on food stamps. 80% farm bill spending = food stamps. Things need to change.

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The farm bill is the biggest form of corporate welfare in the country. That's not "fair" to taxpayers.

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3 thoughts on “Playing Politics with Farm Bills and Food Stamps

  1. I am a small time rancher. Yes I took part in the Gov. program to fence my cattle out of the creek that runs along my proprety. But after reading this Farm bill I understand why I get e mails to register for this program or that program the requests for me to sighn up come from the soil and water conservation department. I have always said no I do not need the money that they are trying to give away. When I asked why do you keep sending me these requests I was told that they have to give it away or they will not get the same amount next year in their budget! The one I shook my head the most at was. There was a drought and the hay crop was not the best and I needed to suppliment what I fed with grane. I was told the only requirement to be renbursed for the grane was to tell them how many cattle I maintaine each year. I was also was told no one would check to see if I indeed had that many cattle? It did not require any proof that I did buy grane? Feeding my cattle is my responsibility it is part of the buisness I have no idea who thought up this program but they should be fired. As I learn more and more from Herritidge The more I realise just how important they are to putting some commin sence back into DC.

  2. Having worked for the welfare department in my state for 33 years, and in the Food Stamps Office for 7 years, I always wondered why these two issues were intertwined. Now I know. They should definitely be separate.

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