Email Your Senators to Oppose the Anti-Gun Bill

We are key-voting the new Senate gun control bill. The Senate could vote on the bill as early as next week.

Now is the time to email your Senators so they know where you stand on the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to privately keep and bear their own firearms that are suitable as individual weapons for hunting, sport shooting, self-protection, and other lawful purposes. Federal law should not erode and undermine this right.

Email your Senators now.

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Email your Senators to oppose the latest liberal anti-gun bill.

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The Second Amendment should be followed, not eroded by Senate liberals.

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82 thoughts on “Email Your Senators to Oppose the Anti-Gun Bill

  1. All Americans must stand firm to protect their rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights which includes the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). Any deletion of these Rights is a deletion of America as it was founded.

  2. As we watch the lawmakers scramble to make new laws to restrict our ability to defend ourselves and our families, it becomes clear that there are few politicians representing the people or the Constitution in this manner. Despite abundantly clear Second Amendment’s restrictions, the politicians seem to not care. The politicians have learned from recent history that any controversy over their current actions will blow over and be replaced by the latest pop scandal in the press by election time. Furthermore, they know that litigation against their illegal laws will take years and perhaps even decades. To bolster their point they sponsor polls and tinker with the numbers counting on people to not understand what the famed historian Alexis de Tocqueville called the “Tyranny of the Majority.” The sad fact is that the politicians know they will always have their armed security and so depriving the American people of theirs is a small matter to them.

    Therefore “We the People”, propose:

    Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and all members of Congress and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them

    Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians.

  3. As a former police officer I know how easy it is for criminals to get arms. In one case allone a tactical officers unmarked police car was broken into and five machine guns were stolen, how do these laws pushed by progressives stop that.

  4. A major problem that many of us are overlooking is, this is not just about the 2nd Amendment – these sorts of invasions threaten the entire US Constitution. Yes, the 2nd Amendment is important, but that entire document is vitally important to what this country should stand for. We must encourage our elected officials not to compromise on any of these rights protected by the Constitution.

  5. ‘Gun control’ needs to be ripped out all the way back to 1865 and its proponents should be branded as the traitors they are and exiled from our USA!

      • Hey Osaycanuc, Why don’t you do some real research before you open that ill-informed pie hole. Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns. old saying but oh so true. Every single state in this Country do back ground checks before a gun is sold legally!!! Those laws are on the books. Stop listening to the Government controlled media and get the truth before you speak your idiocy. There are latterly hundreds of cases where the good guy with a gun saved a victim from a crime. The liberal Gov. controlled media is not gonna report that if they want to keep there job.99.9% of law biding citizens with guns do not commit crimes with them and the other 1 % well as we all know nothing is 100%. What on earth makes you think that a criminal is going to obey any law. Duh! that’s why they are criminals!!! All criminals will always have guns no matter what laws are past. besides it is not about protecting us even the idiots that want these laws know that. Its about control!!!!! Can you say Adolf Hitler. First order of business was to disarm his people. The rest is History. Checks and balances my friend! Get the real facts before you utter your stupidity please. I have no more time for a misinformed idiot as yourself. Not name calling. Just calling it as I see it. You must be an idiot or you would not be saying the idiotic things you are saying. Again get the facts!!! More gun laws more crimes with guns!! Documented in so many, many cases.

        • A big 10-4 and AMEN on the subject of “effective” gun-control, Sabatino. In order to implement “effective” gun-control, you must either be able to legislate human behavior or permit history to repeat itself! Remember Adolph Hitler? First he registered all guns in civilian possession, then effectively rounded up all those privately-held weapons to win total dictatorial control. Do you think it’s possible for that to happen here? You bet! A study of U.S. History adequately displays a 20th century trend of the employment of progressive liberalism to bring us where we are today. Now, is it becoming clear whether either a secular society or a religious, faith-based society is most conducive to promoting strong family values within a free-marketing economic system?

  6. Look at how UNSUCCESSFUL the gun laws in Chicago are working. You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe gun control works.

    • It is misinformation or journalistic malpractice to say that a gun ban on my neighborhood does nothing, a ban on my city does nothing, a ban on my county does nothing, or a ban on even my state does nothing.

      Any effective gun ban must be on our nation and must be robust, i.e., it must be LONG TERM, it must include universal background checks -including on private sales and at, e.g., gun shows- , bans on “assault” -and the like- weapons, bans on clips over about six or eight, bans on hollow point bullets – or equivalent-, at least. Background checks can prohibit firearms from being sold to convicted felons, people who have been adjudicated to be severely mentally ill, and people who have been convicted of a domestic violence offense.

      Further, robust efforts need to be made for voluntary recalls of banned items – this will take years, of course.

      And the Supreme Court has stated quite clearly that the right to bear arms is NOT without limits!

      • osaycanuc: Do read the news about the killings in Chicago (GUNS are illegal to own) … that means NO GUNS, but somehow more people are killed in Chicago … why, GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK. Therefore, you qualify for the ” YOU are a special kind of stupid. ” Sorry, YOU are what you are.

        • Perhaps you should READ the post to which you are replying.

          And what a name-caller – how old are you developmentaly?

          • Do some research before to get back on the blog: 1) How many people were killed by guns in Chicago last year? (2) How many people were killed in Kennesaw Georgia (were GUN ownership is required). You can google it. It’s common sense … I feel sorry for people like yourself that can not see the solution because they are too bias. Same goes for the debt (printing money daily is NOT a solution)

          • It is a shame that you can’t read or understand if you read.
            I’ll spell it out for you.
            LOCAL gun controls do not work.

          • Perhaps you should RE-READ you own post. Your quote, “Any effective gun ban must be on our nation and must be robust, i.e., it must be LONG TERM, it must include universal background checks -including on private sales and at, e.g., gun shows- , bans on “assault” -and the like- weapons, bans on clips over about six or eight, bans on hollow point bullets – or equivalent-, at least. Background checks can prohibit firearms from being sold to convicted felons”
            (1) It’s already against the law for convicted felons to buy guns.
            (2) Nothing in your post would have prevented “mass murders” at schools; assault weapons, clips of six or eight, etc.
            (3) Your idea to limit “what type of gun, what type of bullets, etc. is the wrong direction.
            (4) Again, look at Chicago … I assume a perfect city for people that think like you … NO GUNS for private citizens. Chicago PROVES your ideas don’t work and will NEVER work.

            Wake up and use common sense.

          • There it is he reads and believes the Post The Times I suppose also osaycanuc. Oh I feel so sorry for people like you. Keep scrolling down to hear what I really want to say to you and it is only a fraction as I don’t have the time or patience for misinformed people like you. Scroll down. How old are you is the real question. Your ignorance is so overwhelming the most mature of mature people cannot help call you the idiot that you are! Scroll down Clarabelle.

      • To Osaycanuc: “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full GUN REGISTRATION , our streets will be safer,our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future” Adolph Hitler, 1935

        Just before the citizens were rounded up and and loaded in box cars and sent to the gas chambers. And Germany was not the only country to suffer the same fate.

        Gun Control is not about “gun control,” it’s about people control and the NWO.

  7. Marbury v. Madison – US Supreme Court Decision that any law that violates the Constitution is automatically void. Already been thru this and unless the sitting judges are corrupt, the law still stands.

    • And exactly how does this law violate your “right to bear arms”?
      And who determines that a given law violates the Constitution?
      Of course, not Obama -tho he thinks he does- but the Supremes.
      The Supreme Court has stated quite clearly that the right to bear arms is NOT without limit.

        • Sorry, you have the cart before the horse.
          The supreme court interprets laws as being constitutional or not. Take a basic civics primer!

          • Let me rephrase.
            The Constitution is the “law of the land”.
            The legislature passes bills and the POTUS signs them into law.
            That law is considered constitutional until there is a ruling by a judicial court that a law is unconstitutional.
            BUT eventually it is the Supreme Court that determines if a law IS or IS NOT constitutional.
            The Constitution in no way “trumps” the Supreme Court.
            And of course the Supremes do not trump the Consttiution.
            The Supremes do not rule on the constitutionality of the Constitution, only on whether LAWS are unconstitutional or not.
            However, as we know, the POTUS has “declared” that some laws are unconstitutional (& thus won’t enforce them), which is not allowed BY the Constitution. The Supreme Court has recently made comments about this, but no one has properly challenged (impeached?) the POTUS on this.

            In civics this is referred to as the separation of powers.

          • The SCOTUS job is to “Explain” the laws. It is the Congress the (Legislative Branch) that makes the laws. And it is or should be the Executive Branch that carries out the laws. It is NOT the right of the Supreme Court to rule from the bench. One Supreme court, 12 Circuit courts through out the U.S. & 91 District Courts – and not a one of them has the right or authority to make laws. All they can do by law, is explain the law. Our Constitution on the other hand ‘is’ the rules of this republic. And the Second Amendment clearly states we have a “Right” to keep and bear Arms – and that RIGHT Shall Not Be Infringed.
            Is that good enough for a basic civics class???

          • Depends on what you mean by “shall not be infringed”.
            In DC v. Heller, the Supreme Court case struck down the DC handgun ban & said that “the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.”
            “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts routinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

      • Prove it to us in writing that the right to bear arms is not without limits. Seems I read a part that quite clearly said “shall NOT be infringed”. All of these new restrictions are designed to “infringe” on our right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution is VERY clear on gun ownership and nowhere does it allow the government to infringe on my right to keep and bear arms.

        • Perhaps you should read what the Supreme Court says about the 2nd amendment: “the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.”
          Likewise, you should know that the first amendment rights are not unlimited.

          • I really could care less what the supremes think. That is irrelevant. What is relevant is what the Founders said and intended. The Federalist Papers are a great place to start. The primary intent of the Second Amendment is to defend We The People from tyranny. Like the kind we are seeing today.

          • I heartily recommend a good civics course for you. There they’ll teach you about the separation of powers and how the Supreme Court, not the legislature, not the POTUS, rules on whether a law is constitutional or not.

  8. Demand our elected leaders to up hold the oath they all took to support the constitution and any thing less would be a failure on there part and should resign if they can not up hold the oath they took. Heck no to any type of anti gun bills.

  9. On a video for gun rights, a Chairman “O”hoMao tr”O”ll told me I’m a nut job and you Conservatives throw the word infringed around like someones trying to take your guns away. There’s only one thing stopping complete communist take over by “O” and his groomers, Americans armed with weapons. Any dumb-ass that thinks it’s not about “O” and his dreams of his father, the communist drunk needs to wake up and realize what it will take to get our freedom back. They think this is America and nothing like what happened under Hitler or any other dictator will happen here. There’s plenty of clues if you have an eye to see it and an ear to hear it. When it’s too late dumb-ass America will wake from the stupor and ask what happened.

  10. The Government is always either trying to change the LAW, r changing our Constitution! Why don’t your President work on the Deficit, jobs and reducing all the messes he has created? The constitution is America rules and law and if they can not obey them, GET out of Government? If they want to change an Amendment, then change the 14th to any new born by Illegal immigrants born in America, must have either a mother r father that is an American citizen, to be born as an American.
    Other wise leave our Constitution Alone. NO changes!

  11. As I watch many of our elected officials race to disarm America I am forced to think back to my days as a student , recalling my history lessons . The total take over of any nation is first made by the disarming of the people . We witness this in Nazi Germany and in Russia when the Communists seized power . We have seen time and again how these people operate , usually in the guise of public safety . They cite statistics usually pulled from out of date eras or made up as they go along , hoping that the masses will fall for their rhetoric . Many of those backing such bills have no clue as to the use , or basic knowledge as to how that which they want banned operates or functions . They only wish to follow the lead of their party leaders and be good little party members . They forget how they are protected by men armed with the very thing they wish to control and deny to the rest of us .

    Criminals . outlaws and those bent or , doing harm or stealing from us will always find away to obtain a gun . Or they will simply find another weapon , a knife , club , a baseball bat . Are all of these to be banned as well ? Guns are tools , no better , nor worse than any other tool . It only becomes a danger if in thehands of a bad person . And that individual will always find the means to carry out their bad intent

  12. I oppose S. 649: Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013 because it is nothing more than a coverup for a treacherous illegal attempt to lay a foundation for gun confiscation, and will do NOTHING to discourage criminals from possessing guns.

  13. Here Heritage goes again.
    More blather without substance like Obama’s blather about how the sequester is going to cause the sky to fall in.
    It is misinformation or journalistic malpractice to say that a gun ban on
    my neighborhood does nothing, a ban on my city does nothing, a ban on my
    county does nothing, or a ban on even my state does nothing. OR to say without PROOF that a proposed law infringes on the “right to bear arms” (blather).

    Any effective gun ban must be on our nation and must be robust, i.e., it
    must be LONG TERM, it must include universal background checks
    -including on private sales and at, e.g., gun shows- , bans on “assault”
    -and the like- weapons, bans on clips over about six or eight, bans on
    hollow point bullets – or equivalent-, at least. Background checks can
    prohibit firearms from being sold to convicted felons, people who have
    been adjudicated to be severely mentally ill, and people who have been
    convicted of a domestic violence offense.

    Further, robust efforts need to be made for voluntary recalls of banned items – this will take years, of course.
    And the Supreme Court has stated quite clearly that the right to bear arms is NOT without limits!

    Sorry, I will NOT re-up to Heritage -even though they are a bastion against
    liberalism and excessive government control- until they stop such
    useless blathering and stop fighting battles that are not winnable -like
    eliminating Obamacare -which I’d like to see, but it is NOT winnable
    given present Senate & President.

    • Just remember this: Once upon a time, the United States possessed a world-class health care system, fashioned in accordance with the Hippocratic creed. Now, this is being replaced with the Platonic creed that perceives of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few (or one). Sad, but true, unless Obama Care can be repealed!

  14. WE

    parties, including the courts, shall know the governing structure of the USA is
    to be by the people, of the people, and for the people. The citizens of the USA, by voter
    registration, are the only entity allowed to determine who serves in the
    governing of the country. No
    foreign, corporate, special interest, lobbying, PAC, or organized force can
    contribute any form of incentitive, monies, favors, or promise of future
    enticement to any candidate, or their influential associates, on any level of
    governing body. The individual
    contributions shall not be of an amount significant (with intent) to cause the
    candidate to feel obligated for repayment or indebtedness to the contributor.
    This shall remain true and unabridged throughout the legislative tenure. All violations will result in the
    immediate cancellation of a candidate, or termination of an elected official,
    and criminal process against the contributor. All contributions are to be
    public information. All
    contributions exceeding $25,000.00 are to be equally divided between all
    parties having candidates in contention.

    candidate persons shall provide all necessary proof of qualifications required
    to participate in governing affairs as define in the constitution of the
    USA. Background checks are
    mandatory to determine the individual’s social, criminal, educational, and
    citizenship history. All elected officials shall be limited in term of service to
    no more than two (4 year) terms requiring the voter selection. Advancement from
    local or state to federal level of elected service can enhance participation to
    a third term in total for all levels of service including presidential.
    All appointed servants should serve no more than 20 years or until age of 75.

    elected officials will not receive special retirement, medical, or any
    preferential considerations, excepting security. All elected officials will assume the position of humble
    dignity in their status as a public servant. This service to your country does not promote extravagant
    life style or comforts. All
    elected officials will represent, to the best of their ability, their
    constituents in a manner reflecting prevailing desires of the voting population
    of their geographic representation.
    The Electoral College shall represent all voters by allotment of
    votes per ratio of the individual states popular vote count. No “winner” takes all is to be

    elected officials will renounce any effort by the governing forces to repress
    popular discontent to a degree of which may entail the use of military
    confrontation. If in the event
    popular discontent reaches any level of national significance, the elected
    official agrees to resign, and abide by the doctrine of replacement of the governing
    officials before civil strife can evoke riot conditions. Government/military involvement, which
    may entail the loss of citizen’s lives, may not be inflicted. Military/police
    actions may provide defensive position for protection of private and public
    property only. All determinations
    of any form of martial law reside with the governors of their specific states
    and is limited to areas of disruption, not state wide.

    UNITED NATIONS and/or any international police or military
    actions are strictly prohibited in the United States of America.

    • I like the way you think, however too ideological … would never make it into law. ONE small bite that everyone would be in favor of … could be approved quickly is your idea of : All contributions are to be public information. Require a web site and have where they spend the contributions to be public information.

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  16. People kill, guns dont, cars dont . Work on violent movies , TV, and so called games. Promote Family values, and responsibility. This is the most bang for the reduction of violent acts. Gun restrictions are not the answer.

  17. How much data does one have to ignore to keep on believing the next rushed piece of gun legislation will work this time? I am disgusted with all of this feel good legislation that does nothing to stop killings by criminals and crazies. If current laws were enforced and stiffer penalties for gun crimes were given it might make a difference. But since we were given free will by our Creator all the laws in the world won’t stop all lawbreakers. What part of gun laws only affect law abiding citizens do progressives not understand?

    • Exactly, I want to know how the USAG who still hasn’t sufficiently answered the questions surrounding “Fast and Furious” can be responsible for legislation such as this?

  18. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people in this country allow themselves to be caught up in emotion and rhetoric and have no capacity to think for themselves or learn from the past. There are so many fine examples of how well strict gun control DOESN’T work in this country today yet tragedies continue to happen and politicians would have us believe more control is needed.

    Case after case of wanton killing taking place in “gun-free zones” where law abiding citizens refrain from carrying their own firearms because they obey and respect the law yet – can someone tell us – why do more people get killed in gun-free zones than anywhere else that allows firearms to be freely carried?

    Bueller? Bueller?

    Yes, the not-so-common sense has left the building!

    • I’m in 100% agreement with you. As President Reagan said, “Liberals know so much that isn’t so.” We have to continue to keep fighting the liberals and democrats …. if we don’t speak up … they will take our guns and freedoms away.

  19. ARM the masses . . . .keep the damn government out of lives . . . nothing but chaos every time they are involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. We hear that people can go outside of Chicago and purchase firearms. True
    to a point. Unless a straw purchase or one from a friend or another
    person, which may be illegal, the purchase requires an instant background. It
    is not legal for an assault firearm or handgun to be purchased outside of your
    legal state residence; a handgun is the choice of firearms for the killings in
    Chicage. In MD and most states, a gun show purchase must go through a licensed
    dealer. Under federal law, if one has been convicted of a felony or a crime
    that “COULD” have resulted in a two year sentence or greater, one cannot own
    firearms, even if the person was given probation. Of 76,000 possible frauds in
    the NICS check, 62 cases were referred for prosecution.

    To many, no new gun laws are needed except maybe for violent mental cases;
    enforce and prosecute those violating existing laws and don’t plea bargain down
    gun use in violent crime.

  21. The only citizens whose second ammendment rights are proposed to be denied by Obama and the Democrats are those of us who are law abiding, working, taxpaying, productive and legal US Citizens. The stricter gun laws will not affect illegal arms in the hand of the criminals. Look at the “Gun Free” zones of Chicago, LA and other large cities as examples.
    We need to retain our RIGHTS, including the second ammendment!

  22. Those of you who think gun control is the answer is sadly mistaken. You are living in a a dreamland world. As long as their is corruption in the world, power struggle in the world and dishonesty in the world the need for guns become even more relevant. As long as their are people who want to turn a country into a Germany, Columbia or Mexico we need the guns. Our forefathers knew it, saw it, and prevented it by including the Second Amendment. It is the only legal deterrent we have . Without it we will no longer be the America we once was. So stop those lies and do your research. Find the truth and stop making up lies.

  23. Isn’t it interesting that a majority of our recent gun attackers dressed alike, had multiple rapid fire weapons, entered “gun-free” zones to commit their slaughter, then committed suicide. Doesn’t this call to question possible employment of “Manchurian Candidate” style brain-washing techniques? Isn’t it interesting that no one has even introduced this probability into the dialogue? Does the latest knife-wielding terrorist attack mean our elected officials must respond with appropriate “knife-control” legislation? Why not? If our great leaders are going to be foolish regarding one aspect of social misbehavior then why not over-react on every aspect of social delinquency? What we really need is to focus on is replacement of all two-term elected officials with freshmen Constitutional Conservatives to save our nation from consequences of a century of progressive secularism of a religious, faith-based, society!

  24. I think that none of us would agree with 100% of what someone else would have to say on this matter, but here my thoughts on the 2nd Amendment and the current political gamesmanship I see in the wake of Newtown CT.

    1. The 2nd Amendment has been interpreted as an individual right since Reconstruction. That is a fact. Those in the Federal Government at that time were in no frame of mind after the US Civil War to allow that sort of power to reside with the States as the Constitution originally intended, and the language used to define that right became tied inexorably to the same language that was successfully used to argue for the 13th and 14th amendments.

    When you start tugging at loose strings in a sweater, you may be surprised at what damage you can do. To put it plainly, Democracy is simultaneously both incredibly resilient and fragile. Tread with great care when advocating for the loss or limitation of Rights.

    2. The 2nd Amendment is not about defending your home or hunting… it was meant as a check against federal power, and is there to ensure that The People remain sovereign. The right to keep and bears arms is distinct from the assumed right to defend your home and or person; or provide for your family. Those rights are defended by the 9th Amendment and most State Constitutions.

    If you want to have a philosophical debate about whether or not the 2nd Amendment has a place in the Constitution, fine, but that means amendment, not yet another meaningless ‘feel-good’ law (i.e. ‘this law won’t actually fix anything, but it looks like we are doing something, so now, don’t you feel better?’).

    3. We have been down this road before. The notion that something terrible has happened, and therefore, “we must do *something* “, is exactly what has lead this nation into two misguided and disastrous wars. Both major political parties do this and between the two, they have done immeasurable harm to the cause of liberty.

    4. No right comes without limitation and responsibility. I can appreciate the desire to keep lethal force from the hands of the mentally ill and/ or the criminal element. I can tolerate a background check, or maybe a waiting period, but in return,where is the recognition of my guaranteed right?

    Where is the reciprocity? How is it that I may drive from New York to New Jersey, and while both states may recognize my right to operate a motor vehicle, which is not Constitutionally guaranteed, my 2nd Amendment right is barely recognized in either state, and the one will not recognize the others’ attempt to regulate the same?

    In closing, we have seen this before. An attempt in the wake of tragedy to take advantage of public outrage to advance a political agenda.

    May I humbly suggest that there underlying causes for the gun violence in America, and we would be better served by looking into those issues.

    To be certain, fixing the trade deficit, taking a long hard look at drug prohibition, finding a real path for equal economic opportunity, dealing with the growing divide between the haves and have-nots, and providing for adequate mental health care are not easy tasks, but those are the tasks we elect officials to solve.

    More to the point, solving these issues will have a much greater impact on gun violence than yet another in a long line of laws designed to make it appear as though the officials we elect are actually hard at work for the citizens of this country, and not for the monied interests that pay for their next election.

    That is a criticism that cuts clean through party lines.

    As for this idea that we must first, above anything else be safe, I can think back only to the ideals with which I was raised.

    “I know not what course other men may take, but as for me, give me Liberty, or give me death.”

    Words that were likely never uttered by their attributed source have never resonated so clearly.

    I do not ask to be kept safe, I ask to be kept free. I cannot now, nor will I ever support a path that further erodes the sacred trust with which we have been bequeathed- Liberty is precious beyond measure.

  25. most of these people that shoot a lot of people are crazy people, why not have background checks . that would atleast stop a lot of the wrong people from
    getting guns. stop just being against Obama. and think whats best for the country.
    not just be for republican ideals.

  26. Help us hold up our second amendment for the people of the United States of America in the name of the people,we command you to up hold the Amendments that our for fathers enacted for the people
    Thank You,for our
    Richard A.Stover

  27. The Militias have lost all self control, and they are committing crimes to play heroes. Like the reason the US Constitution was written was to protect themselves from oppression from the government like the British.

  28. Hi everyone … check this link out … so sad obama and the democrats do not enforce the law. only 44 out of 15,000 prosecuted.
    Evil people succeed when good people to nothing.
    Our government is insane … we either have a lot of good people doing nothing or we have too many evil people in DC.
    ONLY 4% think gun control is a problem
    We need to focus on jobs, economy, the DEBT

    We don’t need more laws … obama needs to enforce the laws currently on the book.

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