Democrats are Blocking Resolution to Honor Lady Thatcher

One would naturally think it impossible that anyone would hesitate – even for an instant – to honor the woman who tackled communism head on as prime minister of Great Britain. Lady Margaret Thatcher was a principled politician who helped to foster the special relationship between Great Britain and the United States that we all benefit from today.

A Senate resolution to honor Lady Thatcher was supposed to pass last night.  However, per well placed sources on the Hill, Democrats have a hold on the resolution.

To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful.  One truly has to wonder, what is it about Lady Thatcher that gives them pause?  Her unfaltering commitment to freedom?  Or perhaps the way she fought for individual liberty and limited government?

The House used traditional bereavement procedures, the same model they used for John F. Kennedy.  It’s a simple, solemn means of honoring the individual by passing a resolution and immediately adjourning.  Similarly, Great Britain’s House of Commons was recalled, bringing members of Parliament back from vacation to honor Lady Thatcher.

Those actions were a fitting response to the death of one of the world’s greatest post-World War II leaders.

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  1. Perhaps the left in the United States have been infected by the same malicious virus that taints the left here in Great Britain. We on the right look down on the left as misguided and foolish whereas the left viscerally hates us as evil child killers, or worse. It is inconceivable that proper-thinking conservatives would ‘dance in the streets’ at the death of Chavez or eventually Castro (2 icons of the left), but that is exactly what has happened on the death here in England of one of the world’s greatest post-war leaders, Margaret Thatcher. We live in strange times.

          • The Queen’s mother identified the godless communist traitor, Anthony Blunt but for “some reason” M15 failed to turn the boys in.

          • Leftists infiltrate ALL areas of government … like worms in a corpse! You should see what we have in our government; and all eager to sell out the country!

          • ZIONIST COMMUNISTS have infiltrated all areas of our government, education, entertainment, medicine, finance, everything. Dirty Rotten Filthy Devils must be pried out by the roots.

          • What’s with the hating on Jews? Don’t start with the Hitler crap again because people aren’t going to put up with it. Our Govt is filled with creeps of every faith and race including muslims. And no, I’m not Jewish. I’m of Irish and Blackfoot Indian ancestry. Take your hate elsewhere.

          • Have Blackfoot Indian relatives through family marriages. Love ’em. Cherokees too. Lifelong indian good friends in Nebraska. Guess the pioneer blood in family still connects. Lisa, facts are facts. Search religions of House Reps and Senators. Compare today vs 1950. Read recent books on Senator McCarthy. Some people are commies with agendas to rule the world and they do not care about you, me, or the USA. They block closing the border in preparation for destroying sovereignty of USA and one of them is ripping our Constitution to the Egyptians and the world from her powerseat in our USSupreme Court. They are preparing for the North America Union and putting Obbabla in as leader… which is why he said he would never campaign for an office again… and nobody in his audience of Useful Idiots that he said that to asked… wellllll, waddaya plan to do if you lose this election… and nobody asked him what he was whispering to the Russian Pres to tell the next Pres Putin he was interrupted because of campaigning for “this” election and would continue their project after the election…. NOBODY asked him how he was so sure he would be reelected that he was comfortable as Pres of the USA to commit to a Pres of Russia. He is a tap dancer for the ZIONIST COMMUNISTS. They have hidden and locked up his “history” so Americans cannot have access. WHY WHY WHY!!!

          • Infiltrated. Look at Parliament. Look at Brit’s economy AND look at the increase in immorality, the decrease in education and middleclass. Look how the zionists have started biting Ireland, and the whole area GB. It will take an uprising of the British people to pry out those devils and get their country back, same as here. KNOW THY ENEMY!!!

          • Ireland has a diverse ever growing population. Some streets in Dublin look similar to the middle east. Decades of mass immigration is taking it’s toll and “changing” London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, and Zurich (EU) too.

          • At the start of this crap a few years ago, it was popular to complain that idiots are wanting to “sandpaper the world” to make us all the same and remove our country identities. Well, it is true. That is what is going on. Erasing borders. Those zionist commies have been working under various names for many many years, always getting in trouble, always being chased out, and laws made to keep them out. They took advantage of Christians everywhere and have made the mistake of thinking we are dumbass fools they can run over easily. Not so here… and guarantee you that French people (who march and protest a lot) are becoming soberly aware of zionist commies covertly (as usual) enabling muslims to invade. French do not take lightly “insiders” who sneak to change their agriculture, customs, and food. They marched against GMO here or Canada a few years ago. Ireland was tricked by receiving lots of BANK WORK from the US BANKERS who we all know pull the strings here and globally now… same ol’ same ol. Zurich is pissed at them for banking reasons, secret lockbox invasion by Zionist’s US Lawyers demanding opening what was claimed boxes belonging to those poor Holocaust victims who gave their kids/relatives info about the boxes but not the required keys or lost keys and codes… wonder how much and how they managed to get stuff into Swiss boxes yet couldn’t get themselves or families out. hummmm. Swiss tourists watching Protest Marches against Bush Iraq Attack in ChiTown said those people marching and standing for Freedom and control of their own country were the Americans, and they are the reasons they kept visiting USA… wonder how they feel now. They will never give up their guns, they know what it means. Europe is amazed at how Americans have become such idiots in such a short few decades of invasion by zionists after WWII. It doesn’t make the zionists look good to Europe… again… Don’t count Ireland down. Like someone said to Wallace, IT’S MY ISLAND.

          • The Frankfurt School, The Red Terror in Hungary, 1848 failed revolutions in Europe are just a few examples that may indicate the “change” of all cultures has been in the works for a few hundred years or more.

          • I don’t know about Ireland, but France and Britain are doomed. The Jews and the Muslims (what an unholy alliance) have destroyed all that was once great, illustrious, and sacred.

          • All of them from what I know, have personal pride in their histories and are all being individually angered by the global political workers trying to destroy them as individuals and as nations… it’s going to backfire on the culprits AGAIN. Ireland has close ties and communication with us. USA is watched to see what the Americans are going to do about the attacks on us.

      • Well when the worldwide revolution takes place where good men and women seize their place, property and status based upon ability and not skin color, we will all be amazed how quickly the left crumbles upon the first resistance we put up.

        • Communist sympathizers are now running the Democrat party. I suspect Debbie Whatshername Shultz watches “The Americans” on FX, hoping that the KGB wins.

          • DMG, You may think you are joking, but such a resolution may be closer than you think. One MSNBC commentator has already pronounced kids a “a collective”, and Presidential Adviser Valery Jarrett suggested a high school class she was talking to should read “a writer” she finds particularly inspiring–Mao Tse Tsung, Chairman Mao himself.

          • I don’t know who she is but she was a young black woman in a pink sweater, Her torso was small and her hair was cut short.

            She was absolutely fanatical in her ideology and has more in common with the karma rogue of Cambodia than she has with average Americans.
            I truly do not think people see what is coming just over the horizon. Can you hear it? It’s the sounds of thousands of jackbooted thugs coming for our liberty and for our lives.

          • Google image Melissa Harris Perry. That’s the woman I saw and listened to. Her hair looked short in my memory but it’s longer and in a pony tail. Give it listen and see for yourself .

          • Yes I hear it too, but look on the bright side. Those boots were all made in union shops, so all is good.

          • I’ll never forget Dunn’s pasty face when she was simpering over Mao. All the while she was sucking her teeth like a very old lady. She was disgusting just for the fact that she idolizes a commie pig who slaughtered tens of millions of his own people. Where’s a tornado when you need one?

          • Well Lisa, you are now clearly a racist…or an extremist of some kind. You no doubt a clinger who cannot see the simple beauty in a vicious dictator murdering 60,000,000 of his own citizens so that the collective can be served. Or something.

          • I saw the video of that young woman going on about how we need to stop thinking in terms of private in regards to parent’s rights and their children, That was a chilling display of hubris on the part of MSNBC. It’s just around the corner folks, You can feel the chill in the air.

          • Our country was founded to protect individuals and our liberties from too much government. Socialism views every individual as the property and resource of the state, and that is the fundamental difference between the systems of governments. Our leaders have forgotten that.

            As DeToqueville observed in the 1820s, the great danger in a democracy is that the principle of equality will become more important than the principle of liberty. Our President constantly promotes “fairness and equality” and never mentions individual liberty. And he was educated in some of our most important universities. Columbia and Harvard. Our nation gets the results of what we teach.

          • Actually we in America are a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. You’d be amazed at how many Americans don’t know that let alone the difference. The education in this country is a shameful disgrace thanks to the commies and socialists infiltrating the schools. Now the kids and young adults are being indoctrinated and brainwashed to hate their own country and to hate themselves if they aren’t a minority. Good thing I don’t have kids. I’d be at the school on the 6:00 news every single day.

          • I don’t consider what you wrote as satire: The Democrats-liberals-leftists will do anything to destroy our Republic. But should they suggest, they will find themselves in the midst of an armed revolt. And they won’t like the outcome.

          • She uses her Trojan Adult Toy while watching it, so yeh, something must be up.
            -Her on the DL lover

          • Obama is not the first black president. He’s mixed race or bi-racial or whatever else you may wish to call him.

            But, as Morgan Freeman said, he had a white momma and an African father–and Freeman also said we’ve not seen our first black president yet.

          • Allen West can intellectually wipe the floor with any liberals azz. I like him because he believes in the Constitution and knows it inside and out. I think there are even some Brits who would like some Tea Party in their house. After all, Tea just stands for Taxed Enough Already”. I’m sure they’re feeling some of the burdens we do because they have their liberals too in the Labour Party. Call them what you like they both stand for the same commie ideology. You will be poor and the elitists in the Govt will be your slavemasters.

          • They’ve been run by communists since FDR, who himself was a communist, although not as open about it as the traitors are now. FDR extended the Great Depression in order to get more leftist programs going. Only WWII ended the depression. This health care shiit goes back to an FDR dream.

          • Very true. History shows that FDR wanted universal health “care” as a basic “right”, just as Woodrow Wilson did….two of the worst, most evil presidents we’ve had….and Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) is following in their footsteps to finish the job….

          • Chris, Roosevelt was naïve and Wilson was stupid and professorial, They are amateurs when it comes to atrocious Presidents. My 11th cousin–A. Lincoln–takes the prize as worst President, and it may well be that by Jan., 2017, Obama will be running a very close second, possibly may even be in first place.
            Depends in part on whether the Republican rank and file can throw the Owners of their party–The Bushes–out of the party in time to win some seats in Congress next year. Unfortunately, it looks like JeeeBBBB all the way.

          • I second your motion. Never mind the denigration of the Constitution and the invasion of a sovreign state, unleashing Grant and Sherman to wage total war (kill, rape, and pillage) was a war crime in of itself. The destruction of Southern infrastructure meant that the freed slaves were now free to starve.

          • I will actively campaign against any other Bushes or Karl Rove being involved in another election. Bush got us into 2 elective military actions and failed to release the final information on the Whitewater investigation, thereby allowing the cockroaches to regain the public stage.

            He was complicit in the robbery of 17 trillion dollars of America’s wealth not counting the money spent on 2 unnecessary military actions and is a prime reason for the backlash against conservatism in favor of socialism.

          • Perhaps, you will notice that the most influential members. In the Soviet Communist Party were Jews, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky. Today, the biggest supporters of and leaders of the American CommieCrat party are Jews, Sulzberger, Soros,

          • Debbie Whatshername Shultz , there’s a crazed be-itch that is just short of rational by a handful of anti psychotic medication.
            She wouldn’t have the slightest pang of conscience signing death warrants for conservatives. In fact she would be laughing hysterically as she stamps the files for each condemned individual – hours on end.

          • engimetzgr: Militarily competent? On which side? So far, the U.S. military is hamstrung, underfunded, and the people in the military despise their Commander-in-Chief (as they did with both Carter and Clinton).

        • Most American liberals don’t know anything about Margaret Thatcher, but if asked, they would certainly have a strong negative opinion about her.

          • They know she and Ronald Reagan destroyed Soviet Communism. And for THAT neither will ever be “forgiven” by Western Communists.

          • Soviet Communism is alive and well. It lives superlatively and richly endowed within the American CommieCrat party.

          • THIS JUST IN:

            In related News: “Honorable” Senate Democrats today unanimously passed a BINDING Resolution to make Chairman Mao Honorary Posthumous Chairman of the DNC. This is in keeping with the Corruptocratic practice of Dead Voters.

            Meanwhile, Capitol Buzz reports whispers among the “Progresive Leadership” that Legislation will be proposed to entirely abrogate all aspects of the Constitution of the United States of America. They plan to replace it with a model of governance based on Wilsonian dogma, which they note was extremely successful in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Soviet Russia and Communist China.

            Senator Reid and Congressperson Pelosi have allegely been heard to state that it is their intention to accuse the Founding Fathers, and all who follow their First Principles today, of the very crimes against Liberty that they themselves perpetrate.

            Folks, that’s SATIRE.

            Or IS it?

          • If we could send Churchill’s bust back to England, why not insult Thatcher also? Such actions are beneath contempt and show the depths to which we are falling if we have not already fallen to them.

          • It IS certainly amazing who OUR OWN government honors. Just goes to show who is actually in CONTROL and who needs to be STOPPED:

            Education and Sharing Day is a day made by the United States Congress in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994). It, supposedly, honors his efforts for education and sharing for Jews and non-Jews alike.

            Here’s a quote of Rabbi Schneerson Quoted from Israel Shahak and
            Norton Mezvinsky’s book “Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel” (London, Pluto Press, 1999) pp59-60

            “The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the
            common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of
            profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we
            have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This
            is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a
            totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the
            world . . . The Old Rabbi [a pseudonym for one of the holy Lubavitch rabbis]
            explained that the passage in Chapter 49 of Hatanya [the basic book of Chabad]:
            ‘And you have chosen us’ [the Jews] means specifically that the Jewish body was
            chosen [by God], because a choice is made between outwardly similar things. The
            Jewish body ‘looks as if it were in substance similar to bodies of non-Jews,’
            but the meaning . . . is that the bodies only seem to be similar in material
            substance, outward look and superficial quality. The difference of the inner
            quality, however, is so great that the bodies should be considered as
            completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that
            there is a halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews ‘their
            bodies are in vain.’ . . . An even greater difference exists in regard to the
            soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three
            satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

            “ . . . A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he
            himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was
            created only to serve the Jews. ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and
            the earth’ [Genesis 1:1] means that [the heavens and the earth] were created
            for the sake of the Jews, who are called the ‘beginning.’ This means
            everything, all developments, all discoveries, the creation, including the
            ‘heavens and the earth – are vanity compared to the Jews. The important things
            are the Jews, because they do not exist for any [other] aim; they themselves
            are [the divine] aim.”

            Education and Sharing Day has been commemorated by EVERY ONE of the following US presidents:

            President George H. W. Bush wrote in his proclamation of
            It is fitting that we honor Rabbi Schneerson and acknowledge his important
            contributions to society. Our great Nation takes just pride in its dedication
            to the principles of justice, equality, and truth. Americans also understand
            that we have a responsibility to inspire the same dedication in future
            generations. We owe a tremendous debt to Rabbi Schneerson and to all those whopromote education that embraces moral and ethical values and emphasizes their importance. In recognition of Rabbi Schneerson’s vital efforts, and in
            celebration of his 87th birthday, the Congress, by House Joint Resolution 173,
            has designated April 16, 1989, and April 6, 1990, as “Education Day, U.S.A.

            President Bill Clinton wrote in his proclamation of 1995:
            “Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, well
            understood the importance of nurturing the heart along with the mind.
            Throughout his long and rich life, he believed that the education of our young
            people would only be successful if it sought to build character as well as
            intellect, if it taught the lessons of honesty, tolerance, and good citizenship,
            as well as language, math, and science. This year, let us rededicate ourselves
            to teaching the love of learning that was championed by Rabbi Schneerson and is
            strengthened by caring leaders like him throughout our Nation. As we provide
            our students with the information and practical tools they need, let us also
            pass on to them the capacity for understanding that can help to give fuller
            meaning to their lives.”

            President George W. Bush wrote in his proclamation on
            Education and Sharing Day 2007:
            “Education and Sharing Day honors the legacy of Rabbi Menachem Mendel
            Schneerson and emphasizes our commitment to teach the next generation of
            Americans the values that make our country strong. The Lubavitcher Rabbi
            believed that society should ‘make a new commitment to kindness,’ and he helped
            to establish education and outreach centers offering social service programs
            and humanitarian aid around the world.”

            President Barack Obama wrote in his proclamation on Education
            & Sharing Day 2009:

            “Few have better understood or more successfully promoted these ideas
            than Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who emphasized the importance of education and good character. Through the establishment of educational and social service institutions across the country and the world, Rabbi Schneerson sought to empower young people and inspire individuals of all ages. On this day, we raise his call anew.”

          • I agree many American are too unread, too stupid to know who Margaret Thatcher is. They also do not know – and do not care – about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ronald Reagan, or – for that matter – Harry Truman. If American knew what a grand woman she was, how much she did for Great Britain, the United State, and the world at large a majority would still not celebrate her because people who vote for politicians like Obama and surround themselves in the “popular culture” do not know the difference between good and evil. In fact, these people seem to prefer evil to good when they can make the distinction.

          • Thats not fair to say. I had recently started getting interested in world affairs (within the last year) and I never heard of her. But I bet a lot of people like myself will take this opportunity to learn a little about her

          • MY God who else have you never heard of??? I’ll bet you can name every rock star and rapper that has come on the scene in the last 10 years though. Pick up a damn history book and read it…you do know how to read don’t you?

          • Come on now Earl, he is obviously a youngster. The read of history will do him good IF he actually does read it.

          • Just take a look at Mark Dice on youtube and your will see the types of zombies out there that DON’T read! Even signing a petition that says “I’m a moron”..I mean..if you are going to sign your name to something, wouldn’t you at least READ the HEADLINE????? Scary folks out there that just don’t know squat and don’t CARE!

          • Steve – just think of the BIG bill the libs passed, and how it wasn’t read, but passed, in order to find what was in it – it has become, sign now, read later (if ever) and find out how it hurts everyone later still – then repeat with some stop gap measure that is worse.

          • You are so right that he is obviously a youngster. And one thing we can say about young ones today is that they do not learn history in school and/or colleges.

          • We will end the destruction of our children by these monsters in the FEDERAL Dept of Ed by closing it down and returning responsibility to each State where it was when we had clean efficient facilities, excellent teachers more focused in students’ brains and futures than in their pants, students proud to be students and learn valuable information in curriculums that gave them confidence in themselves and future and ability to make and live good lives. ENOUGH OF THIS BS. Any educational failures of our children are OUR FAULTS. ADULTS. WE are the enablers for the Zionist Commies to play with our kids. FIGHT AND REMOVE THOSE DEVILS.

          • That surprised the hell out of me too..seriously though people have their heads so deep in the sand, they can’t even feel the huge screwing up the ass they are getting from our present government! That’s why they can’t read what is right in front of them..either that or they are illiterate?! Dumb downed society will be the death of USA!

          • Clearly also on the floor of the US Senate. Yesterday the also voted cloture to move forward with the Schumer/Toomey bill for a national gun owner registry and the final version of the bill’s wording hasn’t even been made available for Senators to read.

            Tyranny masquerades as stupidity in the USA.

          • Tyranny and stupidity have always gone hand and hand. Usually pushed by some leftist, who is doing it “for the children.”

          • At the podium announcement, Toomey refused to appear with Schumer and instead stood with another jerk. Timid Toomey looked Terrifed and the talk is “they” must have something on him. Voters have now put Timid Toomey on the sled with PA Gov Corbett, for an exit target. Corbett “allegedly” gave a bag o’ silver to Sandusky’s bucket of boys Second Chance… and the idea now is what is the connect between those two… Bye Bye Big Boys.

          • Name me a nation where this is NOT the case. The USA does not have the market cornered on stupidity. Most of the modern American “Liberal” ideas were born in Europe and have failed there. This has not prevented American liberals from trying to implement them. Liberalism NEVER admits that their policies are morally bankrupt but they keep right on acting as though they will eventually work. Stupid is as stupid does.

          • The sad truth is, they DONT WANT to know the truth. I always tell my kids, “people believe exactly what they WANT to believe”. Libs, and their ilk will be the downfall of the greatest nation on Earth.

          • History is no longer taught. Even history majors in college are not required to know anything about American History.

          • In reality History has been written and spun by the Progressives – at least since the early 1900’s … so take much of it with a grain of salt.

          • Here’s a history lesson from the conservative world for you. After a two month long war that a minimum number of Americans died U.S. President George W. Bush was victorious over Saddam Hussein after the United States was invaded by Iraq forces in 2002. Now how will we liberals spin that?

          • Most often you liberals spin it by outright lying, calling it an “illegal war”, and claiming it was for oil. Of course, when faced with facts, you can only reply with what you’ve heard from Jon Steward from Comedy Central’s Daily Show. Please keep posting, though. You serve as a great example of how absolutely stupid liberal are.

          • Where are those weapons of mass destruction? Somewhere north, south, east, or west of Baghdad. Oh wait, there were none. But evryone thought there was.

          • Bzzzt…try again. Maybe you missed the 500 tons of yellow cake and centrifuges that were found but “lightly reported” on by the biased media. Or the thousands of decayed but still viable poison gas artillery shells.

            Of course you lefty wannabes tend to fawn over real dictators who put their countrymen through rock crushing machines….slowly. Gives lefties like you a wet dream.

          • Yep, and all those Kurds in northern Iraq (and Iranian soldiers in the Iran / Iraq war) didn’t really die from nerve gas, they must have just gotten into some bad clams.

          • Review history, wmd’s were found .. but not to the extent the briefings indicated, the US and the rest of the world, used the same intel. nerve gas and mustard gas ..and who knows what else were located and destroyed, but most were moved when he knew he would lose.

          • Hey Moron. Get your history straight. Sadam used WMD on the Kurds post Bush 41 war with Iraq. Pre Clinton administration. Sadam was neutered – contained by the UN and Nato. There were no WMD in Iraq post UN requirements by inspection. You really don’t have a clue do you. Syria has nothing to do with Iraq WMD. It’s been proven that WMD has not been used in Syria. Dumb Ass Conservative women. You can be good looking but dumb as shit.

          • So right. I have a friend who is a lib….this person did not know what or where the Chesapeake Bay was – but they know that Sarah Palin and George W. Bush are stupid though. It’s simply astonishing….and this person will be 30 years old this year.

          • Many think that “The dumbing down of America” is simply a turn of a phrase, but sadly it’s endemic. Pity.

          • It is also rather intentional on the part of the self loathing and America hating left, who happen to run the schools.

          • Well, yeah but they leave the classrooms mainly because you can only take kids for so many years especially the current crop of nasty little booger people. You see kids 14 years old with pierced tongues, tattoos, pink hair … revolting beyond belief. Everyday you gotta remind yourself it’s the parents’ fault. Otherwise, you’d strangle the
            life outta the first smart mouthed twerp who starts behaving like a chimpanzee.

          • Search and join up. We are going to take back education to State control, parents and grandparents and citizen’s.

          • Speaking as an ex-High School Physics teacher, I can say that you are 100% correct.
            A disturbing number of my students did not know what the word, “sum,” meant. High school upperclassmen, at that.

          • as in GIT SUM! LOL sorry couldn’t resist. America tends to re-write history to match what the current people want it to be. Kind of like the civil war was centered around slavery right? Had nothing to do with states rights and economics, right?

          • Let’s be clear here and not indict all Americans with such revisionism. It’s The Left® doing just that, in order to push their agenda, and the idiots here are buying it up and becoming very proficient in boot-licking such protagonists.

            True Americans know why the War Between the States was fought and how it started, and we don’t buy into the whole ‘Baraq was born in Hawaii’ line, either. And it doesn’t matter if it’s crazy fu©ksti©k Joe Biden or bat$hit crazy John McCain- they’re all part & parcel to the problems we deal with here. Right, Left or Independent- it doesn’t matter- the whole lot are corrupt and the country needs to cleanse itself of such filth. You run for office, you get elected if you’re lucky, you do your part during your term and you go back home to your regular job. You don’t get paid, you don’t feed off the public trough for decades, and you don’t build political dynasties with your wife or offspring- unless they’re wholly qualified on their own merits to do so. Sick of the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Bushs, the Husseins- all of them.

            Until the (barely) free people of this country open their eyes and see how divisive its ‘leaders’ are and how these elitist pricks pit American citizens against one other, we will continue down this path to ruin.
            Georgie Soros will be there at the end with a huge reward to those who’ve signed on and helped him deliver the U.S. to its utter destruction. Lovely.

            But I digress. I do remember Lady Thatcher and even though I’m nothing but a commoner from rural America, I pass my condolences along regarding her passing.

          • Finally, the kind of humility and humanity for which the average and “common” American was once known.

          • So you think the Civil War wasn’t about slavery? You think, if the South wasn’t worried about slavery being outlawed, they still would have seceeded? You are dreaming, my friend.

          • Historically accurate teachings do show that the actions of Lincoln were not about slavery. I would recommend you read his personal papers for more information about his personal beliefs. He openly viewed the blacks as inferior and were not capable of integrating into society. He also believed that should slavery be outlawed, the blacks should be deported to a state in Africa specifically created for their repatriation.

            Additionally, slavery did not become an issue until active efforts by Lincoln were made to prevent France and England from becoming involved in the war. This was in fact, the entire reason for the Emancipation Proclamation which even so, did not free all slaves, but only the slaves in the Southern territories. The slaves in the North were not freed until some two years later with the passage of the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments … the fourteenth amendment being needed as these Northern slaves were not technically residents of any state and thus, by default, became residents of these (now the) United States on a federal level … just one of many actions used to centralize federal power over the states.

          • Bravo! FINALLY, someone expresses the truth about Lincoln and the myriad causes leading to the Civil War. Some of Lincoln’s statements about blacks are absolutely outrageous, and he was no altruist, as has been portrayed for more than 150 years. He was a great president with a firm love of country, but his motives for abolishing slavery did not take root in altruism. One of the overriding causes of his taking the country to war was to keep the Union intact. Slavery was tearing the country apart, and he saw that as a detriment to unity. He did bring about the establishment of the West African state of Liberia, which was populated by freed slaves from the United States. Lincoln envisioned sending all the newly freed slaves there. The Liberian flag is red and white stripes with a large white star on a square field of blue in the upper left corner — much like Old Glory. English was the chosen language.
            Spielberg had a chance to portray the true essence of Lincoln, but chose to take the well-worn path of fantasy. He gave us a tease of his humanity, then returned to the fairytale image. Exept for the remarkable performances by the entire cast, I found the film to be a huge disappointment. The left just can’t face reality!

          • Mark, some folks like the guy you wrote this to are just not interested in truth. They’d have to change the way they vote.

          • I think I’ve read as much or more about these matters than anyone who has posted here so far. Mark Tipton, you grossly exaggerate and mischaracterize Lincoln’s words especially on the issue of race. In fact, you’ve crossed the line into fabrications in most of what you’ve posted.

          • According to the President of the Confederacy himself, the honorable Jefferson Davis, he noted in his memoirs that war was unavoidable, regardless of the slavery issue. The war was fought over the same thing all wars have been fought for; Empire. (Land and Money) Slavery was an issue, but there were many more underlying problems between the two regions. Most Northerner’s could have cared less about the institution of slavery.

          • Davis was neither a traitor nor particularly honorable. He was extremely egotistical and willful, though I don’t doubt that he believed in the justness of his cause. Lincoln insisted that he was a “rebel,” not a traitor. Traitors in war can be executed. Davis was not a traitor because the Confederacy had never existed in the legal sense. The Confederates were what Lincoln called them, “rebels,” who were engaged in an armed insurrection against the government, so that the moment they would lay down their arms and cease the rebellion, they would be welcomed back into the Union as brothers.

          • So, “the Honorable” Jefferson Davis, was an entirely unbiased witness to the true causes of the war? Hmmm …

          • The Constitution of the Confederacy in fact outlawed the importation of slaves( Article 9(1,2). However, it did not affect existing slaves or internal slave trade. The Emancipation Proclamation made slavery illegal only in the areas controlled by the Confederacy, so in essence it freed no one until the adoption of the 13th amendment in December 1865.

          • Everyone knows that Harry. The reason Lincoln issued the EP is that he knew that the Supreme Court (good old, CJ Roger Toney, et al.) would strike down as unconstitutional any proclamation or executive order touching free states. The EP was constitutional because Lincoln had complete authority in those regions as the executive and commander in chief to terminate the armed rebellion against the government.

          • with 600k +/- killed seems to me that civil discourse had another definition back then,might say that if you got the might you got the right to disagree(another wake up call for those unfamiliar w/kinetics).

          • A stable, long term inexpensive workforce was an economic necessity to cotton production and agriculture in general. It was not about a desire to enslave a particular nationality or cultural group. Was it based on greed and shortsightedness? Yes! Was it morally reprehensible? Yes! Was it basic economics? Yes! From a northern perspective, it was about preserving the union as created under the Constitution. Abolitionists did not lead the charge to war. With the Compromise of 1850 abolished with the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Southern states knew their voice in Congress would be greatly diminished over time as new northern non-slave states would continue to upset the balance of power in Congress. Hence, the break with the Union was a foregone conclusion after Lincoln was elected president in 1860, an election in which he won no southern states.

          • This sounds just like a Marxist analysis. BTW, if aboltionists didn’t lead the charge into war, who was John Brown, and why did Lincoln call him and other abolitionists murderous lunatics? Because the abolitionists wanted the South to leave the Union! They considered the Constitution a pact with the devil. Lincoln considered the abolitionists and radicals the traitors; whereas, he considered the rebels, merely rebels.

          • Again, another liberal wonk. Lincoln himself said he’d allow slavery to continue if the south would stay in the union. Look it up if you can. The slavery “issue” was Lincoln’s second term agenda after the war had already started. The south was worried by the north’s increasingly deciding everything in Washington. It never changes. Power breed power and liberty is lost. I’m very happy slavery ended, but we lost so much more too.

          • Pity the poor southerners. Still trying to justify their racism lo these many years.
            It is true that Lincoln was more interested in saving the union than abolishing slavery. But that does not mean the war was not about slavery.
            Was the South fighting for states rights? Sure. The state right to have slaves!
            Lincoln was a man of his times. He may not have been an outright abolitionist but that does not mean he was a “Jefferson” or even a “Washington” who had slaves. His first and foremost objective was to keep the country united. He was willing to let the southerners keep their slaves as long as the new territories were free of slaves – hoping that as time went by the slave states too would give up their slaves. But that was not to be. The slave states wanted to impose slavery on even the newly acquired territories. That Lincoln would not allow. Which lead to war.
            The southern revisionists would love to re-write history. Unfortunately for them, records still exist which tell a different story.

          • what right was the south asserting ?
            the right to own people
            what economic issues were at hand ?
            the right to make money with the people you owned
            closet racist
            try harder next time bubba

          • recall that europe would not except Africaan nor Asian dhimmiis from the Arabian traders,but preferred SLAViques(slavs put the slave into slaves)although semites were trade worthy then(back then might meant right,not white meant right).

          • “States’ rights” and economics MAY have been indirect, contributory, or secondary, if not tertiary ’causes,’ of the CW, but the violence began in the border wars along the Kansas territory / Missouri state line between pro-slavery and anti-slavery militants in the middle to late 1850s, not at Ft. Sumter, S.C. in April, 1861.The central issue in that original, regional conflict most certainly WAS slavery and the very difficult ancillary problems attending it, primarily the inability of the central government to keep it contained in and confined to those states where it had never been legally abolished. As Pat Henry has already indicated below, the idea that “states right’s” or the prevailing “economics” of the time had anything to do with the outbreak of violence that ended at Appomattox Courthouse in April,1865, is just revisionist bullchit, which was the same bullchit that former Confederate General, Robert E. Lee offered in his post-war testimony before Congress: “The Southern States did not secede because of the slavery issue.” Sorry, and no offense to the General, but I don’t think Lee was playing with a full deck when the war ended.

          • “States’ rights” and economics MAY have been indirect, contributory, or secondary, if not tertiary ’causes,’ of the CW, but the violence began in the border wars along the Kansas territory / Missouri state line between pro-slavery and anti-slavery militants in the middle to late 1850s, not at Ft. Sumter, S.C. in April, 1861.The central issue in that original, regional conflict most certainly WAS slavery and the very difficult ancillary problems attending it, primarily the inability of the central government to keep it contained in and confined to those states where it had never been legally abolished. As Pat Henry has already indicated below, the idea that “states right’s” or the prevailing “economics” of the time had anything to do with the outbreak of violence that ended at Appomattox Courthouse in April,1865, is just revisionist bullchit, which was the same bullchit that former Confederate General, Robert E. Lee offered in his post-war testimony before Congress: “The Southern States did not secede because of the slavery issue.” Sorry, and no offense to the General, but I don’t think Lee was playing with a full deck when the war ended.

          • States rights as concerns slavery. Specifically, the right whether to be a slave state or not.
            For myself, though I support the Tenth Amendment completely, I do say that the right for a Human to be free trumps the right of a state to legalize slavery.
            However, the issue of slavery as a divisive topic was nothing new. When the Constitution was being written, it was a thorny issue and, if not resolved, the odds of a Civil War over it was considered to be very possible. The thought was, though, that before it came to a head, slavery would have been diminished to irrelevancy by the normal course of events.

          • NCBrian…the “sum” is a result of the addition of two or more things. It is not a “portion” but the total. Where did you learn your version? From dumbed down teachers in your school? Try looking things up in a Webster’s New English Dictionary and Thesaurus next time. Somebody short-changed you in your education.

          • Clearly I was joking, but thank you for your input. You certainly gleaned a tremendous amount of information about my background from a seven-word sentence.

          • As in, you are “sumthin” else. Just kidding. Making fun of what you said. You are the sum of all your parts including the bad ones.

          • Our system of govt depends on a well educated citizenry, the obvious shortcomings of our fellow voters is destroying this country with a fundamental misunderstanding of why limited govt enables economic freedoms that saved Britain from complete socialist demise and made this country the richest in history, enriching and liberating more Americans than any welfare scheme imaginable. Poverty and dependency are election winners for the Dems and their fortunes and success will make out economic demise inevitable. Their leftist base is fundamentally anti-American, anti-capitalist and the Dem moderates need to wake up to that fact.

          • John Dewey. Don’t send your kids to schools. Homeschool, Christian privates or good privates. Even many of the privates aren’t very good these days.

          • Amen, literally! It is incredible and ironic, could there be a better basis for a peaceful, charitable nation? Yet the leftists do not want christian faith anywhere in the public eye and will rally govt force to banish it. THey ought to read the great tyrants of socialism and their wake of genocide and connect some dots.

          • Unfortunately, Rome didn’t die in a day and the US won’t either. It will be a painful death for many. Mostly those who speak out against what is right. John the Baptist like.

          • So true, by the time the country bankrupts itself and the true costs are shifted to the middle class & poor (who were previously led to believe they were not being harmed by these policies) it will be a very long way back to prosperity, and there could be very painful, political turmoil. This is why they say democracies lead to tyranny! A well informed citizenry is long gone, evidenced in the lack of regard for the constitution left by our political betters.

          • I am 46, product of California public education through high school, and earned a BA from a small Lutheran liberal arts college. The gaps in my formal education are numerous and deep. College was, with some exceptions, liberal indoctrination. I give great credit to my English 101 prof though, who opened my eyes with a very balanced study of Ayn Rand’s towering Atlas Shrugged. My “real” education began after I earned my BA in 1989–I purchased a condo and started paying California property and income taxes–that was illuminating! I also started listening to Rush Limbaugh about that time. Amazing how much krap I was taught in school—and how much I was NOT taught !

          • If you learn something from Rush and can admit I feel really sorry for you. And to admit you have a degree. But then it is a liberal arts degree. Sooooo?

          • Pound sand “Rene” …
            as a geezer , I have lived it .. qualified to make judgement on 70 plus yrs of experience ,
            and U sweet cheeks don’t have an effin clue ..
            ( see, no CAPS used )

          • And your major news outlet is MSNBC? Who refused to show a single minority speaker (and there were quite a number of them) at the Republican convention. Fox news, FYI, has more liberal reporters than conservative… but they practice real journalism where they try to report both sides of a story. Fox, for example, is showing the illegals pouring back over the border. You would never hear about it on the left wing stations; ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN… Just like if a Democrat is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, his party is never mentioned; but if he’s a Republican, his party is clearly shown in the headline…

          • Mine says Master Of Business Administration in Aviation. Along with the Bachelor Of Science Degree. I had to read them both.

          • I felt the same way about my college education. It was basically liberal indoctrination. At that time I believed it. Things changed for me once I became one of the makers instead of one of the takers. It’s called gainful employment. Then I started seeing things very differently. Seeing my checks get parceled up into Federal taxes, State taxes, City taxes, School taxes, Social Security, Medicare, etc made me start paying attention to what’s really going on. I started out as a liberal hippie and wound up a conservative Christian. My only regret is not waking up sooner.

          • I guess better late than never is the hope of grandparents of CA kindergarten and grade school students realizing what has been going on in the public schools now that they have more attention focused on their grandkids and are angry because of trust of schools and no vigilance on their own children’s school classes. NOW they are organizing, have influenced Jerry Brown with their anger which he reflected to a degree in his State of the State speech (read it on his website if still there, if not, call and ask where to get it). California grandparents are joining with relatives and friends in other States to start the push to close the HOUSE OF HORRORS FEDERAL Department of Education that has tentacles deep into all areas of our society. You graduates who have been lucky enough to find that whatever you missed in your education WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. It was the INTENTION of those pulling the strings in the DOEd to destroy American educational system. Please gather your own friends who understand what has and is happening and talk, organize, join groups who are in this movement and help. Close it by the end of school year 2014 and have the responsibilities back in each State.

          • It is Communism folks. Let’s quit denying it. Over 70 Congress members identify themselves as Socialists. We Conservatives have to stop acting as if Communism has not invaded our system and it started with our education system. This is what we reap from sitting back and we are still sitting back and letting them creep into our Presidency and Congress.

            In October 2009, the Democratic Socialists of America released in its newsletter a list of 70 members of the U.S. Congress who are members of the organization:

            Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)

            Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

            Vice Chairs

            Hon. Diane Watson (CA-33)

            Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)

            Hon. Mazie Hirono (HI-02)

            Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)

            Senate Members

            Hon. Bernie Sanders (VT)

            House Members

            Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01)

            Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)

            Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)

            Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)

            Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01)

            Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)

            Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08)

            Hon. André Carson (IN-07)

            Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL)

            Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)

            Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)

            Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)

            Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)

            Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)

            Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)

            Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)

            Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)

            Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)

            Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)

            Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)

            Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)

            Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)

            Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)

            Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)

            Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)

            Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)

            Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)

            Hon. John Hall (NY-19)

            Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)

            Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)

            Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)

            Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)

            Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)

            Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)

            Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)

            Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)

            Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)

            Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)

            Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)

            Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)

            Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)

            Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)

            Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)

            Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)

            Hon. George Miller (CA-07)

            Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)

            Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)

            Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)

            Hon. John Olver (MA-01)

            Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)

            Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)

            Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)

            Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)

            Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)

            Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)

            Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)

            Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)

            Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)

            Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)

            Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)

            Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)

            Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)

            Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)

            Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)

            Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)

            Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)

            Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)

            Hon. Peter Welch (VT-AL)

            Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)

          • I have actually been told by many liberals that the DSA is working hand-in-hand as part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Even though these democrats proudly display their name in association with card-carrying socialists and are members of a socialist organization their “constituents” deny it.

          • I believe that. Libs can’t face the fact that they are being manipulated and used, Lefties will make up the wildest stories in an attempt to prove their point when confronted with the truth..

          • Whats’s astonishing is that you are astonished by this. About 49% of the American public are the same way. In fact, I once heard a guy say he was going to visit all 56 states in the course of his campaign. He must have because he got elected president. I guess the Republican’s should be faulted for only visiting 50. It was those 6 states they never go to that continue to swing elections.

          • That is why I always say that we cannot be too mad at the liberals, just feel sorry for them as they were born brainless

          • Because the liberal fools who are teaching the kids don’t want them to know how this country was really brought to fruition. It certainly was not by the liberal progressive takers.

          • …and every grade/hs science/geography book contains recycling and global warming in the first two chapters of every book/every year. No wonder our schools have failed.

          • I find it frightening how militant they are about being “green”. Especially when most of it is just advertising fraud anyway. In the day most of us were green just by having to return bottles for milk, soft drinks, etc and not being wasteful. What is so funny to me is that they are all “green” until asked to wash diapers. Just try getting those disposable diapers away from them and now they even have disposable trainers. Yeah, they’re green until it requires effort but are completely under mind control from the left where this is concerned ~exactly where the left wants them to be.

          • They are all for green, as long as it lets them take our “green”. Global Freezing (70’s), Global Warming, Climate Change – is nothing but an industry and the people pushing it know it and profit from it. Only the foot soldiers are diluted into believing it.

          • How well I remember our youngest coming home from middle school a few years back unplugging every transformer, charger, and appliance in the house to ‘save the planet’ – but at the same time, she’d have every light on in the house (I’m scared), the A/C cranked down to 68* (it’s hot), and she’d go through a half dozen plastic water bottles a day (I hate washing the reusable bottles) – but she could unplug my iPhone charger and the toaster like a champ.

          • Some do, some don’t. Not anymore or less than any other Western “Culture”. No country has the market cornered on intellectual ability. From where I sit most people from most nations are much more better informed on what a “Snookie” is rather than the history of their people or the world at large.

          • Hollywood =mostly low info, low-life, low intelligence,overpaid, narcisstic, over-sexed, God-haters,& fools but they are teaching our kids how to live! Remember in the 40s 50s films pushed smoking like it was the best thing out – now the followers are dying/dead & smoking is bad.
            Tough – should have examined your ‘teachers’ more closely.
            Hollywood is an American opiate. Sheeple still following & not getting any more wisdom, as usual.

          • Unless what’s taught conforms to the liberal agenda. Sadly this country has become a hollw shel of itself with ignoramus’s and lunatics running the show. I feel truly sorry for the next couple of generations as this once great country crumbles to ruin.

          • Sadly, I used to think it would take 1or 2 more generations. 1 or 2 more years most likely.

          • I don’t usually comment on these sorts of threads, but what on earth are you talking about? I’d like to know what basis you have for this, unless it is more of a rhetorical exaggeration and I missed the nuance. I agree that middle school and high school history curricula are heavily sanitized, although I don’t even think that is exactly what you meant, but as a recent (2009) graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a major in US history, I can assure you that your comment is completely unfounded.

          • Actually, my children’s history books are full of misinformation and actual untruths. For instance, in my daughter’s 10th grade history book in reference to the Mormon pioneers and their trek west to the Utah territory, the history book actually stated that the founder of the Mormon Church, John Smith, took the pioneers west to the Utah Territory. When in fact, the Founder’s name was Joseph Smith and he died from gunshot wounds at the Carthage jail in Carthage Illinois and it was, in fact, Brigham Young who led the pioneers west. Now, if that small piece of information is wrong in that history book, what else is wrong???

          • that’s just a pre-req, not requirements for completing a degree in history.

            obviously you didn’t go to college if you don’t even know what a pre-req is for a course/degree program.

            move along, redneck.

          • Actually I have TWO degrees plus an Associates Degree in Electronics and more additional education that you’ll ever have. The course in that link was for a degree in PRE-MODERN HISTORY, NOT prerequisites. Must really suck to be you, huh?

          • Not to squibble, Bruce, but if you follow the link here: you will see an overview of that school’s history major. If you read the opening paragraphs, you’ll see that the premodern requirement you were referring to is just one of the twelve classes required for a major.

            In any case, as a student of history I certainly do agree that it would do everyone a lot of good if the subject was more widely studied. Thanks.

          • The ONLY requirement I found was a survey course of US History. If you consider that to be “knowledge of American history” you are right.

          • Bruce, if you are so concerned about UC Berkeley’s history major, explore the page. I mean, seriously. A US history survey is listed as a requirement for ALL history majors, but not all history majors focus on US history. This should give you heart, that even history majors focusing on ancient China or modern Europe are still required to study US history. On the other hand, students are more than welcome to focus their major on US history (that school’s site lists political units, i.e. the US, as an available focus), just as I did at Carolina. This is really not complicated.

            Again, though, I will agree with you that more history education is needed by the public at large.

          • Lol. History is only as good (or bad) as the person who writes the book. As responsible, truth seeking individuals, it is our own responsibility to dig deeper for enlightenment.

          • If history is not taught and people do not get to know what mistakes caused what disasters, then we are going to have the pleasure of the same mistakes repeated, time and time again.

          • People I Have Never Heard of:
            1. Sam Dennis

            That wasn’t difficult at all. And that’s my loooooong list.

          • Not if he was educated in an American public school. (A Public school in America is a government run school, not like in England where a public school is what would be called a private school in America.)

          • Earl, Earl, Earl. Dante is the product of the state’s education system. THis was never going to happen overnight, Kruschev told us that Communism would slowly but surely take over without firing a shot.

            That time is here, now. Dante, do us all a favor and look up Nikita Kruschev. Your friends Larry and Sergi over at Google must have done a little doddle for him on his birthday by now.

            They are devotees of all things anti-freedom.

          • Dude, calm down. You can’t expect all of us to know everything you know. Everyone has to start somewhere.

            The important thing is that Dante HAS become interested in world
            affairs, and sees this as an opportunity to learn. He should be
            welcomed for his attempt to become an informed citizen, not criticized
            because he hasn’t learned everything already.

            If the rest of the country showed even that much interest, we’d all be much better off.

          • RotKW, I heartily agree but with one additional comment. Young Dante hasn’t earned the right to be listened to until he has read and digested and questioned the historical motives.

          • I dont think it’s appropriate for people to bad mouth you when you admit to not knowing who Thatcher was; if you’re young, it’s not like she was in the news the last ten years, and unlike famous liberals of yesteryear you won’t find journalists invoking her memory every time they want to say something nice about someone. I hope you’ll read her book from 2002; and catch up on why she was so amazing.

            I’ll admit…it was partly b/c of her I thought Obama would lose re-election. B/c of the way the free world has had amazing people like Thatcher, Reagan, G. Washington, etc, show up just when they were most needed, I fooled myself into thinking our electorate would show American good sense & realize the danger & chuck him out like they chucked out Carter.

            So I learned a painful lesson about my countrymen…I hope you learn a p,easing one about

          • It is true that Obama needed chucking out on his fat head like Carter. The problem was that instead of someone like Thatcher, Reagan, or Washington…we had Mitt Romney.

            Romney is a good man. His personal record demonstrates that beyond argument. But he wasn’t a conservative, just progressive-lite in the mold of both Bushes, and had all the charisma of an eggplant – charisma was something that Reagan, Thatcher, and Washington had in spades.

          • I don’t know about Romney being a good man A good man doesn’t sign Romney care into law Don’t get me wrong I held my nose and voted for him but I don’t trust ANY of these guys

          • Mark, I agree with you almost 100%. But you did forget another great leader that showed up when the world needed it. Another PM from across the pond, Winston Churchill.

          • You are in the vast minority. Most low-information voters are low-information because it’s easier to parrot what they are told rather than find out anything for themselves.

          • Right. Like the low information voters who swallowed this story without doing any research. There is no senate bill.

          • There is no senate resolution honoring Thatcher. None was introduced.

            Check the senate website.

          • Seriously – there is no resolution. None has been introduced. Check the senate website. You can’t block what hasn’t been introduced.

          • it say resolution in the headline, the url link and in the body of the article. what more do you want?

          • Right, check the senate website. There was no resolution introduced. It has to be introduced before you can put a hold on it.

          • It’s a RESOLUTION, not a bill. You proved my point about low-information voters just parroting what they are told! Thank you!

          • Great, then you should easily be able to bring up the resolution from the senate website, regardless of whether or not there is a hold on it.

            Oh right, you can’t. Because there is no such resolution.

          • That’s the house resolution dumbass, not the non-existent senate resolution referenced in this story. And no, nothing has been “censored” from the senate website, or are we just going to jump both feet-in to conspiracy land?

            The house resolution passed with full democratic backing btw.

            There is no senate resolution. Nothing has been blocked. End of.

          • No need to call names. Calling it a Senate resolution is misleading; it is a passed House resolution sent to the Senate. The HOUSE RESOLUTION is all there is, which the HOUSE PASSED. It was then SENT TO THE SENATE, where it is indeed now BLOCKED. This was a House effort to make it a Joint Resolution and in the case of a world figure’s death is normally passed without any problems in both the House and Senate. But somehow, in the Democrat-controlled SENATE, it is BLOCKED! NOW do you understand, Dicky? If not, ask your mommy to explain all the big words; I won’t continue trying to educate you on this very simple situation, which YOU say does not exist. The whole point is that, in blocking the resolution, Harry Reid and the other Dems are acting like the jackasses they are. AGAIN.

          • Misleading? It’s non factual. The house resolution was NOT a joint resolution, why would it be sent to the Senate?

            When was it sent to the senate? Why hasn’t a SINGLE Republican come forward to use this against the Democrats? They would be bashing them over the head with this on the media 24/7 if it were true.

            And “somehow” the democrats blocked it? lol. That says everything doesn’t it.

            The simple truth is the original story is untrue. Which is what you get for trusting “anonymous sources” from a no-name blogger.

          • Both links are pointing back to HERE. They assumed this “source” was true. Neither adds anything new to the story, nor has any detailed information of any kind.

            Again – where are the Republican Senators on this? You think they are staying quiet just to be nice to Democrats? Oy.

            There was no senate resolution. The house resolution was not a joint resolution. Nothing has been blocked.

          • Just ask yourself this: Why haven’t the Republican authors of the supposed senate resolution come forward? senate Republicans would be hitting the roof if this story were true.

            Their silence is more than a little telling.

            The HOUSE resolution has no connection to the supposed senate resolution referenced in this story. It passed with flying colours btw, no democratic opposition.


          • which if you think about it is quite interesting since in a communist society there are no workers unions other than the party itself – and we all should know that the party is nothing more than a bureaucratic nightmare of hate used to gain and maintain power and control.

          • Find and join the grassroots groups in your area that are working below radar as much as possible until ready to emerge… that are going to CLOSE the HOUSE OF HORRORS Federal Department of Education… and take the responsibility back to the States. The Zionist Commies have learned about some of this and are trotting out their mouthpieces, including Obbabbla, to expound on the masterpieces of plans for the future of education. LIARS. Find and join and help. FIGHT for the kids and our country. There will be an enormous battle right here in River City, folks… but American parents are realllly ready for getting this done. Soon. While they are gun grabbing we will be attacking their House of Horror. There are more of us than them. Remember that and be on the right side to clean up and save our country.

          • That’s great Dante! The book, 1776, is a must read for every American. I hope you read it. “Maggie” was the personification of everything truly feminine, she was a woman of valor, virtue and integrity! She roared!

          • Well, let’s hope you do. She was a rare individual, love her or not. I think it’s fair to say she was as important in saving Britain in peace time as Churchill was in wartime. Absent her appearance on the scene, the U.K would be a full blown socialist state today. In the final analysis, she may have succeeded only in delaying the inevitable slide toward that awful system, but at least you are the beneficiary of her wisdom…for the time being.

            I pray you will discover what she already knew: societies are better off when individuals are free even to fail than they are when forced by government to accept its definition of success.

            May her reward be great in heaven.

          • WTF, how old are you? People who have not studied history need to take a course so they can make more informed decisions, especially those who vote! I’m sick and tired of the ignorant ( which is simply the lack of knowledge) people who spout off and don’t know what they are talking about! Get educated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Good for you for deciding to learn. It’s never too late. I remember her from when I was a kid through most of high school (I’m American). My parents adored her, and used her as an example of who little girls should be looking up to, rather than pop stars and actresses. Her courage and leadership hasn’t been matched by any PM since, and they’ve all been men, but the international left hates her. I’m just saying that she kicked open the door for women and we’re still seeing the “party of equality” blame the right for the war on women while trying to trash any successful woman who doesn’t follow their rule book.

          • this is an excellent point – even if you don’t agree with her politics you have to admire her for her accomplishments.

            She was a self-made woman who, as you say, broke down doors for women not just in England but around the world. Even a liberal would be lucky to have his daughters grow up admiring the “Iron Lady”

          • How old are you, who did you vote for? You have a responsibility to wake up the others in your circle, you are loosing your freedom and liberty. You would have had to live through the 1950s, 1960s, 70s and 80s to realize how much was lost, and at the rate of the nation’s destruction you will never know. Start with this one thought ” a government that can give you everything, is a government that can take it all away ” that is the liberty part, for you as an individual to be self reliant, the freedom part, well, in time there will be things that you will want to do, places you will want to go and see, but you will have to get clearance and approval from the government entity.
            As long as your actions do not harm or hinder anyone or anything, then the government has no right to tell you what to do, what to buy ( obamacare ). Start with reading the Declaration of Independence the 3rd greatest document ever to exist, then read your U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights the 2nd greatest document ever written, you may want to read the Federalist papers as well, then when you read and understand some of their intent, you will want to read the greatest document ever written, the one that inspired all of these great works, the first greatest document……the one that inspired our country’s foe-fathers, well, read those first, you will figure it out if your serious about your future.

          • American school system has been hijacked by the extreme liberals. The curriculum, US government is void of real American history or world leaders.
            The books are filled now with …today’s politics, not history.

            This is why Hussein Obama goes to the colleges
            to espouse to children his communist agenda.

            Just as he had done to him by the liberal wackos

          • Good for you! Learning about any subject can never hurt!
            Although sadly i thinjk what Tommy wrote is more than fair…

          • Unrelated story: my wife got me a t-shirt that has that famous picture of Che Guevera on it – the caption reads: I have no idea who this guy is.

            so awesome

          • Good for you. The slogan of my old high school was “Better late than never – better never late.”

          • To admit you have never heard of Margaret Thatcher, out loud, to the masses simply puts my jaw on the floor. WTF have you been living in a bong your entire life?

          • You are indeed a member of the low information crowd. You will end up reading the revised history of Lady Thatcher and believe it. You are part of what is currently wrong with this country.

          • never heard of her??? what are you….5 years old?? my grandson 14, knows who she is and so does the little 8 year old granddaughter.

          • Good for you. Read as much as you can about her. You will be amazed. She was one of the greats!

          • Well, it’s fair to say that you proved tommyrot’s point. How could any adult not have heard of Margeret Thatcher? When you say ” lot of people like myself ” do you mean other unread uninformed people? I doubt that they will

          • I would suggest you look in some biographical books…. you will find some powerful people in history who have been denigrated by the Left simply because they were conservative and believed that one should take ownership of their own lives. Bypass your school textbooks, please as the slant has become progressively liberal over the years and many conservative leaders in our/world history have been expunged from the curriculum. Do your own research! I learned this truth when I went to college and heard of Fredrick Douglas for the first time. Since then, I’ve avoided getting my facts from one source and have pursued information from any other than the MSM. You’ll have your eyes opened.

          • Truman for all his faults and early association with crooked Kansas City politicians proved to be a better president than might be expected. Having a brother in military service and being subject to being called into the army at the time of the Hiroshima bombing (which prevented massive American and Japanese casualties), I support his use of the bomb.

          • I agree with most of what you say, but there are many Americans who are well read and remember the great contributions that Ms. Thatcher gave to the UK, the US and the World. America’s biggest problem is dealing with a bias media feeding garbage to what many of us call “sheep”.

          • I’m with you. My father was a newspaper reporter and editor before he passed away many years ago. He would not recognize what passes for reporters today.

          • Obama is evil.
            His alleged racial background has nothing to do with that assessment. After all, he is ‘half White’…

          • Obama is evil because of his policies, you stupid twit. Stop trying to inject race into every argument. All you do is make yourself look ignorant.

          • Both. Also because he is a hypocrite, liar, racist, and . . . well the list could go on and on. If you can’t see this, you must be one of the people I was writing about, stupid.

          • It’s not that Americans are too stupid, or unread… it’s that for the last 40+ years our kids have been indoctronated to not employee critical thinking… or heck even thinking

          • As a recently retired college professor I got so sick of the phrase “critical thinking” that I refused to use it. It has become a club used by every left leaning academe and most left leaning student to bash anyone who really is capable of critical thinking. Propaganda dominates in American education. Parents scrimp and save to send their children to what they think are good schools. There are a few left but not many.

          • Tommyrot– please don’t fall into the can with the Lefts tactics of ad-hoc insults. And, not to split hairs, but “stupid” is a word I would expect to hear from an elitist liberal indicating lack of intelligence. Unread? Possibly. More accurately the words “ignorant” and “mislead” should be used.
            Last night watched a “man on the street” style segment in which university students were asked about Baroness Thatcher. 9 out of 10 said they’d never heard of her. Shameful (and frightening). But it points out the grip Liberals have had on our education system for 45 years here in the US. I bet they all know who Castro, Chavez and Che’ were!

          • No, it is you sir, that falls prey to the left’s tactics by apologizing for any possibly perceived “offense”.

          • walkonthe flood, I could have been more clear I suppose. I had no intention of apologizing to anyone. My point was, you can take a potential genius and, sstarting at a young age, brainwash them with hate and isolate them from truth. It is what the Liberal “educators” have been doing here for 40+ years and, probably longer in Britian. How else can you explain the hatred of Reagan here and Thatcher in Britain by people that were not even born when they were in power. People who never experienced the malaise, despair, financial hardships and “misery index” of Carter and decades of Democrat control of Congress or, PM Callaghan, the monetary crisis or the “Winter of discontent” . They never saw Britains auto industry collapse under the weight of Union demands– unable to compete in a world economy. Or, Norton, BSA, Triumph, Royal Enfield, and Matchless motorcycles cease to exist and the jobs with them while Labour supported the Unions for their votes knowing full well the consequences.

          • I agree with you in principal. Ignorant fits many, but there is also a significant portion of stupid. Yesterday I also saw a man on the street segment in which a man “soliciting subscriptions for a petition to government” made statements like “Only the police and government should have guns – citizens aren’t to be trusted to defend themselves” and was only refused by about 1 out of 10 people solicited.

          • Don’t bother with hand-wringing. It is not out of bounds to use a word like “stupid” in its proper context.

          • Thank you. I just noted that in the remark I made below I spelled “principle” incorrectly. I dashed the note off too quickly but the meaning is still clear.

          • TOMMYROT, RE: That guy on the street. Those are the ones I call “Clowns for the cause”. They ARE stupid. They are the ones we can hold up to the world and say–“See? This is the face of brain dead Liberalism”. But, then, I get a call from a friend ( A Lib) whose parents went to a senior citizens meeting and some old white guy’s there spewing racist hate and ranting about how he loves guns. I had to listen to her rant for 15 minutes (and you know how hard it is to get a word in edgewise with a Lib, the word “conversation” ceases to exist). But she damn well painted every Conservative with the brush this guy was!
            Forest Gump said: “stupid is as stupid does” and someone else said: “You can’t fix stupid”. I agree. But brain washed people that have been brought through the public schools and “educated” in Universities whose systematic Liberal brainwashing would make N. Korea’s leader proud, are, for the most part, ignorant. Just saw a “man on the street style” segment. University students were asked about Baroness Thatcher. Out of the 10 or so asked, only one knew who she was. Yet everyone of them knew who Che’, Castro, and Chavez was/is. In Britain, look at the crowds of people celebrating Thatchers death. All of them young people that weren’t even conceived when she was a PM. Who taught them to hate her? The same people that teach U.S. kids to HATE Reagan, Bush, and our founding fathers. The same people that taught children in the USSR, in Hitlers Germany, in Mao’s China, In the Islamic radicals Middle East and in North Korea. Billions of intelligent children around the world, brainwashed into stupidity and trained to hate. If Conservatives are ever to slow or stop this onslaught of Totalitarianism, we have to use the same tactics and take back the schools and universities.

          • I hope for a reformation, but know people in the education disutopia and see no hope for over coming this entrenched collection of subversives.

          • When the Sami joik, they become the song, and bring the community in with them. We all have religious impulses. The left, in my opinion has created an ideological religion, and like the Sami they become the song. Therefore, the left intellectually survives by blocking contrary threatening information.

            With all due respect to Jesus by comparing his Word to old northern religions and a British politician, I believe Lady Thatcher is anathema because she represents a truth greater than the sacred trees the left deifies.

            I may be wrong, but Chris Rea, a British singer was correct when he wrote that we have “strayed upon the motorway to hell.”

          • Unfortunately I don’t recognize he reference. I do agree that the left’s idea of religion is socialism and other degenerate philosophies.

          • Would you expect a people who (twice) elected a Marxist Muslim, one with a “background” any spy would envy, to be their president to care about the great people you mentioned?

          • You’re right, tommyrot. The culture of the USA has stepped over the cliff of moral decency. I hope God will shed His grace one more time to save my children.

          • Dear Got Mullet – I hope you are right; in my opinion taking this country out of the moral morass it is in will take Heavenly intervention. Let’s pray.

          • Tommyrot: I reckon our culture must pull itself out of this moral morass, or things will happen as they must as things begin to act upon us. When the principle of liberty with self restraint is left by the wayside, tyranny and tribalism will result, and God’s grace will be of no effect as we turn away. In other words, moral agency will be taken away from us and our behavior will be mandated by the whims of power. Oh! Wait! Doesn’t that describe what we are living under the mandates of the Left?

          • I have to agree with you. I try to be optimistic, but being optimistic is more difficult every day. I’m hearing people blaming the Boston marathon bombings on a mysterious right wing crowd! How can you fix stupid?

          • Could it be that American children ARE NOT being properly taught the actual U.S. history? When I saw my child’s curriculum, I pulled him out and now he is home schooled, I can teach the correct history, math, science, social studies and I even throw in PE class!

          • One of my daughters home schools and the other is a Ph.D. in the field of education. I strongly support home schooling.

          • I wouldn’t say that the United States is the only country that is “too stupid, too unread, etc.” to know who Thatcher is. I’ve spent time in England and the rest of Europe, and they aren’t any brighter or well read than those in America.

          • Please see the word “many” in front of the word “Americans.” Many is an adjective which modifies the noun Americans and indicates that a large number but not all . . .

          • A friend of mind came over with his 4th grade daughter. She talked about the “Heros of the USA” she is learning about in school.Pres. Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Caesar Chavez.. I asked if she knew who Reagan was and she didnt know and all she could tell me about Paul Revere was a cartoon where he rode around then put pineapples in the church tower. When the British came they surrounded the British Troops and the war was over. Its not the Americans dont read or are too stupid, there is a concerted effort for 20 years to erase anything that doesnt smell of Socialism. When 8 year olds are forced to learn about gay sex instead of history and math, this is what happens.

          • Mr Carson – I must agree 100 %. And I believe this is a planned attack fitting the Wilsonian proposal that we need just a few people to fill elite roles (like himself, for example), and just enough dummies to follow their orders and keep the garbage truck running. I could go on and on because I have relatives in the teaching “profession” who express hatred for capitalism and use rap songs in class for poetry analysis. This person did not even know who wrote Gray’s Elegy!

          • Jeez, you sound like another Obama voodoo zombie. I know someone who, if you said Obama is half-White, would respond “So is George Bush.” Bush is not my favorite president, but he is ten times the man, and twice the president of this half-wit and his quarter wit vice president. Oh yes, and so is George Bush – whatever that means.

          • I agree, Adams wasn’t quite in their legue, but he tried. By the way, which John Adams are you talking about. Go learn a little history.

          • Especially when evil is giving out freebies and touting the benefits of equal outcome (aka communism) while good is only asking for smaller government, personal freedom, and equal opportunity for all.

          • I agree. They do, I don’t, but I’ve head they are really famous and welcome at the White House. Now that’s sad.

          • That’s exactly right. It seems to be accepted in the media and academic circles that we are all communists at heart. That’s the current fashion. Therefore it is not seemly to celebrate the life of a truly great British PM, who won the war of ideas against the
            Left in Britain. The really hard question to answer is: when will this tunnel-vision end? Like the madrassas of Pakistan, are we turning the youth into unthinking, unquestioning zombies?

          • Also please note that the so-called President of the United States lacks the courtesy to send an official mourner to the Thatcher funeral. If he were White, this would put him right down in the poor White trash division. We all know what Blacks call this kind of behavior and he is definitely just that and nothing more.

          • You mean the current democrats/progressives and the current regime? I couldn’t agree more.


          • They know she and Ronald Reagan destroyed Soviet Communism. And for THAT neither will ever be “forgiven” by Western Liberals.


          • I always wanted to roll a young Maggie around in fresh hay on a cool English morning in the Fall. I bet she had a beautiful red bush.

          • The USSR would have imploded all by itself, as it did. Did Star Wars defense missile hasten it; I doubt it. Humans are very arrogant.

          • You got it right! Why would they honor someone who helped to knock their empire off the pedestal…

          • She and Reagan destroyed NOTHING (except unions) they were merely in the pilot house when 50 years of action against The Russkies finally caused them to collapse of their own weight.

          • Their problem’s that they know everything about her, they hate her just as their British socialist counterparts.

          • ~~~
            Otay – not only is this a class-less move by the left, but its also a reflection of how politically over the edge we’ve gone in this country – its all about the ideology – period.

          • Did you catch commie Glenda Jackson’s 8-minute rant in British Parliament today during the Thatcher tribute? Not an ounce of civility in any of these schmucks.

          • I read a brill Cal Thomas article about Maggie today with this twinkler (true or not, it’s her style): Maggie took her new cabinet out for
            dinner, the waiter asked what she would like and she replied, “The
            “And your vegetables?”
            “They’ll have the same.”

          • You could have been the CEO of a major upstart herbal spa business, but now you’re throwing out ba da bing one liners…. :o(

          • Oh, you have it in you – I believe you do ! You can do anything you put your mind too….

            Smile :o)

          • Ah ha! That makes perfect sense. I’ve been watching a few of their clips recently. Thanks for the correction, Hereward. I’ll tell the article author. Cheers!

          • And that’s pretty typical about the Left. They have a strong negative reaction to something, and don’t even know why.

          • Uh no. I knew who she was and I loved her for what she stood for. A marvelous woman and I would call her smashing.

          • Sadly that is true about most things the socialists but it doesn’t stop them from hating and being truly despicable people.

          • American Liberals have a strong negative opinion about anything that is not part of their agenda. Our country is almost bankrupt, yet they want to keep spending on programs that do nothing to advance the Human condition but advance a failed agenda. After fifty years of complete Democratic rule the city of Detroit once called America Paris lies in ruins. California and New York are not far behind.

          • Don’t forget to add the left’s shining star of Socialism, Chicago. You know, the City that gave America the toilet floater in the White House.










            NO MO MONEY IDIOTS…………………..

          • Correction. Most American low information voters don’t even know anything about Margaret Thatcher. We need a Margaret Thatcher type and get rid of Barack H. Obama.

          • Just like any “good” union member. Spout the party line whether or not it is good for you. Maroons!

          • Most American Liberals could tell you personal details about the lives of multiple celebrities though

          • Agree, but ask them about Lindsey Lohan, or Kim Kardashion ( Is she still Kardahion, this week?)

        • Don’t count on that being so easy. The left has been carefully nurtured, breed, and brainwashed. If you add together their unwavering belief that they, and only they, can possibly be right on any position whatsoever, with their utter contempt and hatred for anyone who disagrees with any position they have, and their abject worship of obama, they are a truly scary force to reckon with.
          And they have complete and total power, at least in the US.
          EVERYTHING they have wanted since obama was elected they have gotten, one way or another.
          They are a razors edge away from wanting their “enemies” jailed or killed. To a great many, their opposition is barely human.
          Such ideas have not had happy endings in the past.
          I fear it is only after they move beyond ridicule and mockery, destroying the lives and businesses of their enemies, into outright incarceration and murder, that people will begin to see the true nature of their movement, And then, for us, it is too late.
          And now, with the way they are carefully fostering a new enemy, North Korea, we will be united under their careful guidance, in a single goal.
          The likes of kerry and hagel are already threatening to use the very tools that used to be an “embarassment” and a “disgrace”
          We are about to either be at war with a petty tyrant who couldn’t hit the ocean with a slingshot, or else miraculously saved at the last minute by the brilliant world leader obama.
          Be very afraid

        • you will not even have a chance… 6.9 billion of us socialists

          not even a hundred million conservatives on the planet

          Your time is going to come to a end very soon politically even in the usa

          • Too bad we have all the guns. You’re welcome to TRY to “end” us, but I’m guessing there’ll just be a bunch of dead regressives. And that’ll be no great loss.

          • How so? You’ll all be penniless and still be as miserable as you are now. I am John Galt!

          • who is threatening revolution here..over and over again ?

            the demographics of the conservative party is dying fast…

            another ten years and there will not even be enough conservatives globally to win any election anywhere

            not a single country nor place for conservatives

          • Maybe they have picked up a strategy from the Commies who changed name to a Blanket called Democrat. Don’t worry your pretty little head Mz Shawn… Conservatives are smarter than the average “Bear” and will be more fierce than a grizzly.

          • Where do you come up with this trash? I want to see real numbers. You are talking nonsense. The Country is moving RIGHT not left dumb ass.

          • Let’s see what you are made of shawnvolsocialists..,.tell us who you are and where you are located. Conservatives won’t take the law into our hands but personally I think the FBI might be interested in helping you become clear about things. So nows your big chance hot shot. Who are you and how can the FBI get in touch????

          • there is not a single red-state tax producing state in the union get rid of texas big gooberment contracts and it has no economy

            not since the civil war since reconstruction has there been a single net tax producing red-state

          • Yeah, they should all be financial contributors like the great states of California and Illinois. They’re collective dumps for losers and oddballs.

          • california has paid more taxes since its conception then all red-states combined in their whole history

            even mighigan has paid more taxes then all red-states combined in the history of the usa

            who is the parasites ….

            who is the net takers since reconstruction since the civil war
            conservative states


            republicans love to spend other peoples money then have the gall to tell them how to spend the rest

          • Are you retarded?

            California has been liberal since Reagan left that is your own damn fault you dumb ass. Arnold did not have control of anything. You leftest pinko’s ran your own state into the ground.

            Suck it up butter cup.

          • Actually Texas gives the Feds more every year than it gets back. Better learn a bit more on the Texas economy.

          • lmao end government subsidies and government contracts there is no economy in texas same goes for all red-states

          • You little twit – do some research. Just for starters:

            Texas is home to 6 of the 25 largest cities in the country, more than any other state.

            Texas has a trillion-dollar economy that would make it the 15th-largest national economy in the world if it were an independent country.

            Texas is home to America’s highest-volume port.

            Texas has the largest medical center in the world, nine medical schools, three dental schools, and one optometry school.

            Texas has two Biosafety Level 4 laboratories.

            Texas is the headquarters of more Fortune 500 companies than any other state, having surpassed New York in 2008.

            Texas is an industry leader in agriculture, petrochemicals, energy, computers and electronics,aerospace, and biomedical sciences.

            It has led the nation in export revenue since 2002 and has the second-highest gross state product.

          • do some more research there is no economy in texas without big-gooberment contracts and subsidies i wish you guys would secede who would trade with texas no one thats just a fact

            america dont need texas
            texas needs america

            even newyorkers knows that texas is under-cutting them basically cutting taxes for corporations while making new-yorkers take up the slack
            via taking extra federal tax dollars being sent to texas

            the rest of americans are also figuring it out too

            blue staters are not as you think they are

            texas economy is based on nothing it dont produce anything other then texans…basically

            there is not a single thing that comes out of texas which is not federally subsidized… not a single product

            who is the welfare queens really

            Texans and all other red-staters

          • Great display name. But, say, tovarich, how ’bout putting some credible verifiable traceable evidence to your assertion.

            If not, then drink some more courage and withdraw that remark.

          • Leftist MORON … there’s more than 100 million conservatives in this country alone! And if there were 6.9 billion socialists, that would almost make it an even fight; but 6.9 billion of you won’t fight … not even a tiny fraction of you have the guts to fight, especially a fair fight!

          • there is not even a hundred million conservatives in america…

            there is not even 60 million conservatives in the country i would say less then that …… red-states are under populated hell holes with the most anti-liberty laws

            texas will go blue- and that will be the end of conservativism forever

          • lmao and the anti-progressive nature of red states is why they are growing and socialist cess pool areas like Detroit in blue Michigan are dying.

          • Yeah, the red states are “hellholes” … unlike California, Detroit, Illinois, New York, etc., etc.! You leftist morons can’t even run a hot dog stand … how are you gonna run a war? I tell you one thing, the red staters know who to hunt and shoot … you leftist pantywaists, not so much!

          • Correction, more like 100k true socialists and the rest are forced to comply. That is why socialism never works long term, people want to be free by nature. If it does hit the fan the castles will be stormed in these foreign countries that this leftist puke is citing.

          • Correction accepted … when the Eastern Bloc countries of the Soviet Union collapsed you didn’t exactly see the citizens rushing to preserve their leftist governments, did you!

          • I don’t know, most male liberals I see look like pansies ( not the flower), and the women look like men. It would take that many socialist to make it a fight.

          • Nah you progressives will never be able to bond together your envious and arrogant nature will be your downfall.

        • When is it going to happen to where we re-claim our country and stand up and respect people like Margaret Thatcher? This country really stinks now and I would love to go back to the days when Reagan and Thatcher were our leaders. The world, particularly the USA, was a much better place to live, work and play.

        • Don’t be too sure, the individual flower children bring a peace sign to a gunfight, but their overlords expertly manipulate the military & gov’t law enforcement troops to snuff out dissent.




        • Sounds like you’re describing capitalism, free markets, quite the opposite reaction to Thatcher and Reagan for the left. No matter the results, leftists equate govt with compassionate results they cannot deliver. The most emotional and irrational in this country believe they serve their fellow man by yoking the rest to govt largesse. They are incapable of looking at the more complicated reality of best outcomes.

        • No kidding! It’s only the left that obsesses on “hate’ … because they are projecting their own emotions onto others! Conservatives are too busy living their lives to waste time on hate!

      • There is no such thing as a self hating leftist. In the USA, they favor affirmative action, forced housing integration and any number of things that they feel that they should be immune to. They seem to think that their leftist ideology makes them immune to wrong doing and, that allows them to advocate for others what they would never accept for themselves.

        • John, I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree with you on the “self-hating” leftist bit; although you’re not wrong on the rest of it! Deep down, they hate themselves [this from my psychology minor]! People who are normal don’t hate like the left does … they have better uses of their time. It doesn’t occur to conservatives to hate anybody save the truly evil; and then we don’t dwell on it obsessively like the left does on perfectly normal people, like Sarah Palin, who they fear would get elected and, like Thatcher, roll back the leftist’s insane policies destroying their little dysfunctional world!

      • Take that filthy PC sock out of your mouth and be a true conservative USA or just change your name. Say it… you mean the ZIONIST COMMUNISTS in our government and country hated and still hate that brave, CHRISTIAN, heroic REAL woman Margaret Thatcher.

          • Wasn’t sure of your original post … the left has been known to pretend to be conservative!

            Certainly no commie … subclassifications, as with leftists, are unnecessary! The commies were a particularly nasty subgroup of leftists; but they all have the same urges to control you or kill you … it just depends on whether they have your guns or not that determines how evil they will become!

          • Our family is in each and every State including the last two, and we are descendants of Revolutionary War soldiers and of Pioneers, and we are members of those revolutionary war recognition organizations, and we are not going to let the zionist commies piss on our ancestors’ graves. Closing for now. Thx for the fights and conversations!! There is a War going on in this great country… for way too long, since end of WWII.

      • “To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful.”

        It’s intellectually vacant and cowardly, as well as morally anchorless.

        But, then, we are speaking about the Democrats-liberals-leftists, so that’s normative for them.

        • Mmm, I don’t think so. The left in the last few years have been more hateful, vitriolic and sleezy than I’ve EVER seen in my lifetime and I’m middle aged. I have loved my country all my life, but what the left makes me feel is fear for America and my fellow citizens. I read about this reality in 2 books. Animal Farm and 1984. I never thought I’d live to see what this country have been infested with.

        • Disagree … the conservative side doesn’t seek out others to hate. That’s a characteristic of only the left! Just look at say, a Tea party rally vs any leftist kind of rally … there’s a world of difference!

      • This is the case everywhere. Marxism and its variants has envy as its psychological basis. Marx (and his philosophic enablers) simply gave the envious, the haters of achievement, the moral licence to take from the productive to give to the less productive on basis of perverted sense of justice.
        When you right into it, you realize that it’s not hatred of material wealth per se (Everybody loves the lottery big winners.) but a hatred of the minds that produce such wealth.

      • Mainly because the opposition allows them the space by sitting back and doing nothing to combat it almost thinking if they leave the leftists alone it will all go away. Unfortunately the opposition has allow the left to become entrenched and it has only gotten worse.

        • Definitely … we have to start fighting back. It’s a pain, because most conservatives just want to live their lives and not make everything a political issue!






      • I think I was a liberal I would hate myself too. I mean what does a liberal have to look forward to other than being more and more hateful?

      • You’re quite right. In fact, if you study their tactics, you will find that they are all the things they accuse everyone else of being.

        • Well, I sure get a hell of a lot of hits on it when doing an internet search … many from reputable news sources [unlike leftist news sources which by definition are disreputable]! However, you’re right that there is no Senate Resolution … that’s because the petty, vile, classless, leftist democrats are BLOCKING IT!!

          • You actually have to have a Senate Resolution to do that.

            So far, since this entire story has broken, with the ONLY source being this author here:

            Katherine Rosario <———–

            Not one person has been able to show the Resolution Number.

            Yes, Senators can place a hold on one — but there has to be a Resolution in the first place.

            You can have a secret hold. You can't have a secret resolution.

            Who authored it? Ask yourself that.

            Then wonder why not one other republican senator is speaking out about it.

            Go to and see if you can find the Resolution.

            You can't.

          • There’s a HOUSE resolution! Seems funny the Republicans wouldn’t put up one in the Senate as well?

            And maybe this would be less believable if we weren’t subjected to one leftist atrocity after another out of the malicious, vile leftists in the Senate!

          • Funny it can’t be found on Snopes, either! Maybe YOU’RE the one making things up? Like I said, more than 100 hits; several news organizations! Of course YOU know more than anybody else in the whole wide world … or, maybe NOT!

          • Is this how you judge if a story is true? By how many hits? Every news story on the web points to *this* article.

            How about using some logic and show us the Resolution Number?

            How about going to and looking at the Senate page and finding the Resolution?

            If you could do so, you’d be a hero! ’cause as of yet, not a single soul has been able to find it.

            Call your senator and ask him or her about it.

            Does it make logical sense to you that not another news organization has not reported on this independently – that EVERY.SINGLE.ONE

            points to *just* this “unknown source?”


          • By the way, is the Gosnell baby killing trial also “made up” … since the leftist media seems to be unable to report it?

        • Mostly just thru diligent observation; but I do have a minor in psychology! It’s a specialty of mine to observe the insanity that’s destroying the country!

      • SO TRUE!! Self loathing is a trait they all share. Have you ever met one that was really happy? Ever met one that didn’t have emotional “issues”? Ever meet one that wasn’t a kind of Jekyell and Hyde personality? Ever meet one that didn’t screw up their face and lose their temper if you didn’t agree with them? I haven’t! And, I’ve spent a lot of time in the DC area where the place is crawling with them!

    • See Aurel Kolnai’s book, ‘Privilege and Liberty and Other Essays in Political Philosophy’ for the meaning of the ideology of the ‘Common Man’. The reason for the left’s animus towards the principles, norms, and values Margaret Thatcher represents and defended is made explicitly clear by Kolnai’s profound and beautiful work. Kolnai reveals the heart of utopian liberalism, and what an informed liberal democracy must understand if it is to survive.

    • You are spot on UlyssesReturns. The hatred from the left in our communities and in our government is palpable. It’s not fun living here right now. And our President promotes more of the same everyday.

    • I am disgusted by the Liberals who hijacked the Democratic Party in this country. Unfortunately, they have rich and powerful friends in the Media to help push their propaganda.

      Those same Liberals who hate Thatcher would vote to honor Marx if they could.

      R.I.P. Lady Thatcher!

      • They are the same atheists who wrecked Russia in 1917(40 million Russians purged) then moved on to Germany(1939, 60 million dead in WW2), now the atheist are here in the USA and control Hollywood and the press(how does it end here?)

          • Close that MONSTER FEDERAL Department of Education and bring the responsibility back to the States where it was when we had clean efficient facilities, great teachers who were more interested in kids’ minds and futures than in their pants, and when students were proud to be students and learn from curriculums that inspired and guided them through life. There will be a bloody battle in this effort, the ZIONIST COMMIES have gotten wind of the grassroots movement under sonar across our country and have been trotting out their mouthpieces to acclaim the fantastic future they have planned for education, and ol’ obbbabla is whipping his words about education on the backs of his Useful Idiots. TOO LATE, we are taking our kids back from the claws of those devils. Talk to your family and friends, your organizations, find those preparing for this and join up and help.

        • Scene ends with words “Jig Is Up” – they know what that means – popular during Sen. McCarthy’s Hearings.

      • i am disgusted by the Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin ‘conservatives” who hijacked the GOP. these so called “conservatives” who despise big government would vote to have government ban abortion, ban gay marriage and increased military spending.

        • Waaaaaaa!!!

          You idiots are so predictable. They didn’t hijack the GOP, progressive RINO’s did. And they are getting the boot soon enough. And don’t even get me started about what liberals have banned, are banning, and want to ban if they could only complete their “fundamental change” of America into a communist state…

          • Ahhhh. The “New World Order,” which is run by the same “Old World Order” our country once lived through years ago.
            Screw the “New World Order,” and go back to our Constitution.

          • HAWG, The RINOs, led by the neo-Rockefeller Bush family, hijacked the conservative renaissance Reagan left us in 1988. The Bush Family’s ownership of the Republican party has ruined the party and helped bring the country to its knees with NAFTA, lost jobs to the third world, Cold War Warmongering long after the Cold War ended, and millions of illegals in the US and amnesty for them.
            But the RINOS are more powerful than ever in the GOP, and the Bush family will put its 3rd member in the White House in 2016, with the help of a lot of Obama’s present billionaire supporters. With the big upcoming amnesty the Bushes are working with Obama to pass, the country will be lost.

        • “hijacked”???? REALLY? DID they hold a gun to all the other members heads and said, “VOTE CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES”??? Or are you another liberal who says they ‘were once conservative but left due to the radicalism of people like John McCain.”?
          RUSH, PALIN, LEVIN never hijacked anything. NO one has to follow them. BUT they do because they represent the majority of Americans. DUH

          • So the Prescription Drug plan wasn’t a redistribution of wealth? The Conservatives are funny when they are butthurt.

          • We have the middle of the road antics of George W to thank for bringing the tea party about. The Tea Party was a reaction to Republicas who lost their way.

          • Politics. Plain and simple. Did you really think it was anything else? These elected jokers have none of our interests in mind. Its them versus us. They absolutely love it when its Libs vs. Cons. It takes the focus off of them. If the roles were reversed, I am sure the wacky part of the GOP would vote no too. Just like the wacky part of the Libs is doing now.

          • The GOP losing every presidential popular vote since 1988 is a fact. This would mean that they are not representing the majority of Americans. Where is the eyelash splitting? I understand being butthurt about it, but don’t blame the messenger. Take responsibility for it like a true conservative.

          • Democrats couldn’t be elected as dog catcher if they ran as Democrats instead of acting like Ronald Reagan in their campaigns. Liberalism is built upon lies and delusion.

          • So, your argument is that its the conservative vote that elects the democrats? And they are somehow tricked into it when the democrats act like Reagan? Wow, give your party more credit thanthat. I do.

          • No. My argument is that Dems lie to appeal to the middle and the unwashed to get elected. Do you know or can anyone count the number of lies Obama told just about Obumacare alone?

          • I think that you are not giving enough weight to the fact that the Conservatives like to start wars and the democrats don’t. Those “unwashed” and in the middles are tired of the GOP playing war with young american lives. The GOP starts the wars, then the Liberals get blamed for raising the taxes to pay for the costs of those wars. The GOP start Homeland Security and the Dems get blamed for growing government. The GOP put in place TARP funds but the Dems get blamed when they are used. Its a neat system. I really wish the GOP would take responsibility like they claim they do. But no its easier to be the dumb party. Your own elected leader said so himself.

          • oh you mean like Obama in Libya, Egypt and Syria. k…stfu quit drinking koolaid and see the faults in your boy too.

          • Did Obama send soldiers to these areas? I think that you are giving Obama more credit than he is due in the uprisings over there. You really need another news source other than Fox.

        • Jason Bras…yeah…and what is your point? Thats all you fools care about. Killing babies, changing the literal meaning of the word “marriage”, and gutting our military? If you got your head out of your arse (or some other dude’s arse) you would see that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and all your worried about is the above? Ignorant fool.

        • Wrong, wrong, wrong … the GOP has become a party of ‘senior statesmen’ that have been feeding at the public trough and enjoying their perqs of the DC golf and cocktail parties too long. They have been playing the get along to stay longer game far too long and in their too many years in DC have forgotten how to fight for the Constitution that they swore to uphold and protect.

          We need 60 more Cruz and Rand Paul like Senators to stop this Obama and demorat drive into George Soro’s world socialist/progressive/communist state.

          • They’re REALLY scared of Ted Cruz. Rand Paul, not so scare of, but Ted will kneecap you. 🙂

        • I”m disgusted by your heroes, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Jimmy Carter, and B. Hussein Obama II.

      • Actually, they are not “liberals” in the original sense of that term. The modern American Left are fascist.

        Margaret Thatcher was very fond of quoting from the great economist Friedrich Hayek’s anti-fascist book The Road to Serfdom. Hayek warned that that Brits and Americans in the early 30s (and in the decades afterward) did not understand that fascism is a genuine socialist system. Most folks today are still clueless re that.

        The memo below re “National Socialism” was sent by Hayek to the British economist William Beveridge in May 1933. It was sent to Beveridge about four months after Hitler took power in Germany (1/30/1933). Hayek was a German teaching at the London School of Economics and Hayek had seen first hand the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany in the 1920s. This memo is included in the appendix of most additions of The Road to Serfdom.

        People who admire Thatcher cannot understand her fully unless they read Hayek’s book The Road to Serfdom. Margaret was anti-fascist as well as an anti-Communist. She saw both as the same thing.

        • nationalism is tradtionalism and traditionalism is the core of conservativism

          stupid nazi dont even what nazism is

          • shawn – you are the one who is stupid Little man making threats. Anonymous coward is what you are.

          • hey get this the founders killed conservatives thats a historical fact..

            they lynched them killed then burned them tar and feathered them

            you love thatcher she is a tory the founders killed her kind thats right the founders road tory traitors on the rail george washington loved it when they killed conservatives he smiled and said let the people have a bit of liberty against the tyrants

            shows you as a traitor to the republic aiding the enemy of the republic

            ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          • With respect to your future treatment of the Tories, the most effectual way of putting a stop to their traiterous practices, will be shooting some of the most notorious offenders wherever they can be found in flagrante delicto. This summary punishment inflicted on a few leading traitors will probably strike terror into others and deter them from exposing themselves to a similar fate.


      • Call in Elliot Ness, he was great at circling the Chicago Thugs and capturing them. I understand there is a “copy” of Ness in Northern IL.

    • The “times” we live in are the End Times…the time of Indoctrination in lieu of Education, the time of Blindly Following in lieu of Critical Thinking, the time of Self-absorbtion in lieu of Selfless Altruism. This world is dead.

    • I look at your politicians as being traitors to Englands Native People. I look at them with such disgust! Am I right?

      • You may or may not be right, but don’t equate the Royal Family with England. They are British. The sovereign state is the UK. England is just a region within the country, just like a state within the USA. The last English monarch died nearly 300 years ago and there has been no English king, queen or prime minister since.

    • Strange? Yes. But more importantly we live in dangerous times where the fascists on both sides of the Atlantic are bringing about the destruction of our way of life in the hope they can rebuild it in their sick image. The real danger is that they may suceed! God help us all!

    • People don’t seem to understand what the term left means. Absolute left is the “boot” (tyranny) absolute right is Anarchy. The left will always be inherently anti-liberty. There for leftist ideology is incompatible with our Republic and its rule of law.

    • Do you NOT know who the “left” is in GB? We in USA are facing the reality that we have been absolute fools and our country has been infected and greatly damaged by the ZIONIST COMMUNISTS. We will be cleaning them out. Will you do the same?

    • I just read a storry on the mirror uk about a tasteless teacher promoting death parties. She had the nerve to refer to Thatcher as a despot. Ironically, I also read a story about a small child starving to death in North Korea along a curbside while they loaded bags of rice in a truck to supply the warfront by the orders of a real despot.
      I agree these are strange times, a leftist teacher who laments her tough times as a generation x’er under Thatcher, was so spoiled under a decent leader she cant even discern what a true despot is.

    • The forces of communism are once again rising up. To argue the merits (more like horrors) of communism in the west was unthinkable. It would be like speaking of the benefits of Naziism. Yet, today the liberal progressives are unabashed in defending Marx with their revisionist history. The left, or any other progressive body that embraces the communist model while attempting to destroy a free-market capitalist society that has done more good for humanity than in any other form of government throughout history, must be called out for what they really are. Evil

    • I grew up watching Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan battling the “red tide” that hates free men. Some hate her but they don’t realize that she pulled Britain from the brink. It was a tough love thing to do but it was the right thing to do. God bless America, Great Britain and of course “The Iron Lady”.

    • Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s being forced upon otherwise normal children in the form of “public edu-muh-cation.” Liberalism is a disease as well. I guffaw at some on my side that berate me for telling libs what I think of them. They say, “Uhh…you should try debating instead of name-calling. That makes you no better than them! Uhhh…uhhhh” Pfft! I smash their stupid “arguments” AND call them names. You can’t “debate” a libtard because their “feelings” get in the way of logic, and it takes logic on both sides to debate.
      Anyway, libs worldwide are all scum and “feel” the same feelings. They’re not smart enough to figure things out on their own. Every time one TRIES to fight back, limp wrists and lisps notwithstanding, they resort to calling ME stupid and/or questioning my edu-muh-cation. When I challenge them to an IQ test challenge, they go crawl back into their Section 8 holes. That challenge still stands for any nutsack leftist who thinks she (all leftists are women, regardless of what they’re packing downstairs) is the smartest in any room. I love proving them wrong. It has to suck knowing that they are not only dumb, but can’t fight either. That’s what makes them such miserable prix.
      Again let me state that one can’t possibly have a normal debate with leftists. One may as well try to argue with a stop sign, or tell wet paint to dry faster. Neither of the aforementioned have the ability to process what you’re trying to tell them.

    • The left embraces the worst of mankind. Here in America we’ve elected a guy that is for inserting a spike shaped tube into an infant’s head as it emerges from the birth canal and suctioning its brains into a glass jar. We’ve elected him twice.

      I sometimes wonder if the left is a result of this same procedure only partially completed.

    • Chavez and Castro as “icons of the left”? What foolishness! I’m a liberal Dem and they are not heroes or icons to me by a long shot.



    • Don’t forget they worship Josef Stalin and Mao. Those two made Hitler look like a humanitarian. A socialist is a socialist be it national or otherwise. How long do you think Obamacare (his “final solution”) will take to kill as many people as those named above?

    • True, but it is the left who are the child killers. Odd isn’t it, how the left seems to build up a vicious hatred and blame everyone else for the things they do

    • Wait a minute folks. This story tells us nothing. I am all for bashing the left when I get a chance and the facts. Who was going to introduce the resolution, who stopped it and by using what tactics. Katherine Rosario gives us nothing. the closest she comes to writing anything of substance is “A Senate resolution to honor Lady Thatcher was supposed to pass last night. However, per well placed sources on the Hill, Democrats have a hold on the resolution.” if true and I have nothing to say it is not, we should be upset. But where are any facts or names? I have searched but all I can find are reprints of this same story. Give me some facts. Please do not act like mindless Democrats. Demand details and know the truth and then we can go after them.

    • You said a mouthful, brother. Here in America we look at Democrats as petulent children. Too ingnorant to understand when they attack the God given rights of the People, they are cutting their own throats as well. How can any right thinking person think the only thing protecting the liberal, & conservative, media’s, oft abused, free speech is the Second Amendment. But, like all children, the left wants what they want and they want it NOW.

    • The unfortunate thing is that the American left is in power. They hide behind the mask of the democrat party, when in all actuality the democrat party died in the mid 1970s, the marxist took it over completely, along with putting their people in as leaders to America’s great institutions. The last piece to completely fall is the republican party, that at this time is nothing more than marxist lite. The elites like the culture of Washington DC, the corruption that is no longer reported due to the lack of real journalists.
      If anything the lowly cowards in offices throughout America fear Ms Thatcher, her great leadership skills, her resolve, her honor and dignity, of which not one of America’s politicians have, the whole d_mned bunch of them would not make a pimple on her rear, and their brains combined could not make the genius intelligence of the woman. Rest in Peace Ms. Thatcher, history is written by those in power, and that to changes. You will be given your due, our respects when the page turns. God bless you and thank you for being a close friend to America.

    • I am a proper-thinking conservative, Christian and Vietnam Veteran. But should I be fortunate enough to outlive Barack Hussein Obama. . . watch me dance!

    • It is part and parcel of being a leftist, they are a deranged group seething with hatred for anyone who disagrees with them. What is evil is good in their eyes and what is good, righteous and just is evil in their eyes. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, et al were all leftists, what more is their to say.

    • As an American adult (who was an adult during all of Lady Thatcher’s tenure as PM) I will personally honor her on my own regardless of what the Demoncratic led US government does or does not do. This lady was truly great and one of the most positive influencial people of the modern era.

    • ThEY are…. THE… Enemy. The “compasionists on the right fail to realize that they were taught this “compassion” by leftist schools to always keep the premise of failure as a conservative issue not that they the left are an enemy of free thinking liberal people which is the true fact of the mattter. Thus they dance in the streets on our bodies and those of soldiers while we try and play “fair” and “understand” them…there is no understanding except They Are The Enemy

    • Your comments are accurate regarding attitudes here, across-the-pond, UlyssesReturns, but the paradigm is changing rapidly. The unhinged, morally and intellectually bankrupt Left loons have become overconfident after the recent couple of elections, and have come out into the daylight in all their glory for everyone to see. Consequently, we conservatives now see that our worst fears about their nature are true, and so the political and cultural war has ratcheted up, with Left and Right having unconstrained, visceral hatred flowing freely now…If things continue on this path, another Civil War wouldn’t be completely out of the question. Praying for something or someone to change the tone…

    • Perhaps you believe everything you read. What is the resolution number? Who introduced it? Why are they not speaking out about efforts to block it? Who are the people that are blocking it? Why was there no Democratic opposition to HR 141 that honored Thatcher on Tuesday? Why are none of these facts important to you?

    • As a Blue Dog Democrat thay love me too ah NOT! They hate President Obama for being too conseritive. These Europeans are full of hate for the USA. Save them at least three times and we are repaid with hate. As for the Dems blocking this measure :p They must be “New Wave” Democrats as nutty as a squrriel cage! We need to eject these fruitcakes from the party.

    • “whereas the left viscerally hates us as evil child killers”…. which is really an ironic thing considering their stance on abortion. BTW….completely agree with you

    • I knew so many Cubans in south Florida who spoke of how their relatives across the water were killed by Castro and I cried with them. I will be dancing in the streets when he dies.

    • We have the exact same experience here in the US from our Left. We think thy are wrong, they think we are evil.

    • I watched about three hours of the debate in Commons on Wednesday, and what surprised me (well, not really) was that the level of civility that you Brits are famous for was in pretty full evidence. Aside from that one female MP probably from the north who was utterly angry and spewed vitriol, the sense of “we can disagree with her policies, but undoubtedly she was a successful leader and politician” was the way it played out to this “Yank.”

      Godspeed, Mrs. Thatcher. “Well done, good and Faithful servant.”

    • The left in the United States? Are you naive? It is our entire society from the media, press, entertainment, academics and the unions that have have been infected with this revisionist leftist propaganda! Will someone on the left tell me of ONE successful marxist, socialist government in history? No, not revising history to demonstrate the “magnificent successes of “marxism such as cuba!

    • Well said UlyssesReturns. The ‘Left’ in the USA are nowhere near as ghastly and vile as the Fascist Left we have to put up with.

  2. I wonder how many of your (younger) Democrats understand and value the special relationship between the USA and the UK.
    Your current president had Winston Churchill’s bust removed from his office – although Churchill worked so closely with your president during WW2 and Churchill was as much American as he was British (Churchill’s mother was 100% an American citizen, his father was English).
    I wonder too if President Obama knows the origin and history of his desk in the oval office.

    Ronald Regan, with whom Margaret Thatcher had such a close relationship, was first of all THE President of The United States – and NOT the Republican president of the US.
    The relationship which destroyed the power of Communism was one between the heads of government of the US and the UK – not one between Conservative British and Republican Americans.

    J Byrne, England.

    • The sad truth is that Obama knows the history but detests it. This current president is our cross to bear, and our scourge to endure – until we can change it.

    • Obama knows all too well the significance of the desk which is why “His Arroganceness” is so often seen with his feet up on it like he would with an old trash can, or his freaking golf bag.

    • Our current President is an imposter and a communist. I despise him totally. He and his party don’t represent the feelings of real Americans. He is out to destroy us.

      • [Our current President is an imposter and a communist.]

        Stock market has doubled; bails out corporations; offers the cut social security; REFUSES single payer and instead institutes a system that gives more money to insurance companies.

        Worst Communist EVER.

        • You are an insufferable fool if you actually believe all that “progress” is sustainable; even worse, if you actually believe your own comment. The goal of Obamacare is to force a single-payer system in the near future, and big business has always loved big government.

        • Stock Market doubled because your friend at the fed is printing $85 billion a month….just watch what happens when that stops.

          Bail out corps. Yeah, look how many of those 1% big fat bankers that are working in the Obama WH.

          CUT SS…..That’s a joke….even you must know that?????
          You really don’t believe that. do you?

          Single payer is the goal, wake up.
          He never REFUSED single payer, he knew it wouldn’t pass in the senate with the blue dog Dems.
          There is a video of Progressive Jan Schakowsky saying that single payer is the goal also one of Obama, speaking about single payer to SEIU before he was Pres.

          How can insurance companies stay in business giving away all this FREE stuff, someone has to pay for it.

          Communist….you have to admit the Progressives love dictators, Mao, Chavez, Stalin, Castro and Karl Marx

        • You have fallen for the propaganda. Do some true research and you will find all of the items you mention are on precarious footings. He did not cause the market to double. When it dives 55% the only place to go is up no matter who is in office. He gave away corporations using taxpayers assistance. How dare he cut benefits to a program that is totally funded by taxpayer contributions. It is not his program to cut. and ObamaCare’s goal is to eventually establish a single payer program, ie; the government. Where have you been considering you have completely shielded yourself from the undisputed facts?

        • If the stock market is being manipulated by constant inflation of the currency does it count? In the seventies the Dow hovered around a thousand – record highs – but if you took into account inflation it should have been at 5000-10,000 to be at the same equivalent level as in the early 1960’s. They even cheat today at how they measure inflation. They no longer report the “money-supply” (M3 broadest measure of the money supply) since 2006. A bit like the old crooked accountant joke: “How much will it cost me?” “How much do you want it to cost?”

          • DING DING DING!!! We have a winner! Bonds are paying zilch…. You’re better off putting the money in your mattress. So cash is flowing into stocks, and the truly cash-rich have snapped up distressed real estate at rock-bottom prices. Stocks are now in danger of imploding, while real estate has probably stalled out from its modest rebound. This whole house of cards is going to come crashing down around Obongo, who will of course blame George W. Bush & congressional Republicans…. Nothing is ever his fault, he’s better than Jesus (I know because he told me so…).

          • But that was Wade Rathke’s, founder of Acorn and SEIU, plan. Way back in his Students for Democratic Society (SDS – funded by communist party) plan – To over load the American economy with so many on the dole or in govrnment.

            Guess who came out of Acorn?

          • He tells all of us that, all the time. Why, just the other day he walked across the water in the reflecting pool to tell me how perfect he is. Even Chris Matthew said Obama is perfect, so it must be true.

          • Well…I know that China is buying gold! Smart country…they are divesting themselves of US$ and buying gold! We should do the same! The politician with their reckless spending and not knowing where value lies….only goes after our 401K’s! After all…they know more than we do about what make us comfortabe in old age! IDIOTS ALL in governments and the voting population. One the support for the “Petrodollar” is gone…look out below! We be comin’ down fast!

        • What is it that is said about Satan? His greatest victory is convincing people he does not exist. The American business model knows no limitations and even a communist cannot sway it overnight. No corporation, public or private, should receive a “bailout”. Crafts legislation to extract the wealth of those over 60; white Americans who own 70% of the wealth in the US. Finally, single payer is a fast trip down the river of bureaucratic inefficiency…let it die the death it deserves.

          My estimation is that Obama and his ilk are just another long list of failed socialist tyrants in need of the block.

        • Ignatz doesn’t seem to understand that crony capitalism is just the fun that comes along with tearing the republic down to the ground. The communism comes later. Moron.

        • Actually one reason the stock markaret has doubled is that the interest rate from the Fed is practically zero. Othe countires are no longer willing to put their money into US overnment bonds. They see the stock market as a much better investment and that’s where the money is coming from.

          • It was damned low when Bush became the first President since Hoover to leave office with the Dow lower than when he took it, too.

        • Actually, that is exactly what a good communist would do. Look up the Cloward-Pivin Strategy. The goal is bankruptcy of the system, after which “the masses” will riot for more central government control. Actually what will happen at that point is Civil War.

        • Lenin eliminated the Russian middle class the same way. Inflation wiped out the middle class in Russia in the early twenties. Everyone became destitute and dependent on government. Millions starved

        • I was an a/v tech for a long while before going “big”.I have some bone chilling audio recordings from my work that reference “extermination of whites”,amongst various societal attacks.

    • For obama, that desk is just a plank from an old irresolute ship.
      I was appalled to watch Glenda Jackson perform an eight-minute rant about the Baroness in the tribute in Parliament. What a cow.
      Without Maggie, England would be another Greek island.

      • Except England isn’t an island. It has two land borders. Ever heard of Scotland and Wales? Oh, and of course, Maggie was PM of the UK, not just a UK region (e.g. England).

        • Well at least you didn’t use ALL CAPS to snap your trifles. Thatcher was the British PM no, or you want to switch that to UK PM? Quit being a snivelling quibbler.

    • Please understand that the Obama administration is very childish and lacks history education, manners and respect. They have insulted not only the socially conservatives in America, but also all over the world. Please forgive their rudeness and know we love you England, Scotland and Wales! Prime Minister Thatcher was a very strong LEADER, well respected and gracious. We will see you in a month!

    • It is to our everlasting shame that we elected the Marxist-Muslim B. Hussein Obama, and so many other leftists in Congress. And it may take decades to recover from the Democrat’s willful America-destroying policies. Brits, Israelis, the Free World, we have been sabotaged by a Fifth Column of hate-filled Marxists, and you will be on your own for quite a while.

    • I was young an foolish then but I was still aware that something amazing was happening during that time. I think those times brought me my first sensation of pride in country. I miss that.

      • So you think current leaders never make a mistake. If you’re a Dummycrat you just blame someone else. Never take responsibility for anything. At least Mrs. Thatcher was big enough to admit mistakes.

    • Our illustrious “Loser in Charge” had the bust removed because Churchill was dubbed a “Colonialist”. Public Enemy #1 is an “Anti-Colonialist” and his job is to destroy this country and level the playing field. He needs to be sent back to Kenya where he belongs and he can take his hoards of followers with him. He knows nothing about history, just that he want to rewrite it to glorify himself. A Narcissistic POS.

    • Believe me, many of us are embarrassed by this childish behavior. But make no mistake, the democrats here are wishing to control every aspect of our behaviors and Lady Thatcher was everything they are against.

    • Our current “president” is nothing more than a Marxist street thug with a racial chip on his shoulder. And he HATES the Brits ALMOST as much as he hates the Jews (another mystery: why so many of my fellow Jews swing from this schmuck’s nuts.

    • If you’re talking citizenship then Churchill’s father was British. There is no such thing as English citizenship, as well you know!

    • The LAST true Conservative Brit, and even the Socialists here own’t admit she was closer to THEIR left than not. But considering the outright communism backed by Labour, still a counterbalance.

    • Yes, the Northeast liberals in the United States. They funded the IRA bombings of innocent children, women and men. Barack Hussein Obama’s friend Bill Ayers was a student of the IRA.

      • Teddy “Ladykiller” Kennedy was a huge financial supporter of the IRA. In fact, the Kennedy clan had a hand in the murders of thousands so innocents thanks to their generosity to the terrorists. That fat bastard is burning in hell as I type this. I would’ve payed money to hear him try to explain to St. Peter why he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die when his fat drunk a$$ ran off a bridge in Chappaquiddick….

  3. Yet another example of appalling judgement by US politicians.

    In the not too distant future there will be a backlash against US myopia and self interest.

    For years the Brits have put up with US self interest dressed up as a special relationship but it is now wearing thin. It’s only a special relationship when the US wants something.

    OK, this is merely a snub against one of the greatest politicians of the last century. But add this to one sided extradition treaty that can see anyone extradited to the US on a whim, add it to the shameful support of the Argentine position over the Falklands, the list is endless…..and of course, despite the alleged American war on terror, there are many in the UK that remember the US as being the major funders of the IRA “freedom fighters” that were responsible for hundreds of deaths on British streets.

    Special relationship? Your having a joke.

    • My most sincere apologies for the idiotic behavior of the insane leftist politicians here in the USA and the disgusting morons who vote for them. We conservatives are fighting them and the left wing media as hard as we can. We love Margaret Thatcher and Great Britain. You have these same kinds of jack asses in your country too, I know. They are all ignorant fools. My sympathies to the patriotic people of your nation for the loss of such a wonderful lady and great leader. Our current President is a disgrace and an embarrassment to all decent Americans. I cannot put into words the level of contempt I have for him. He truly is scum.

    • yeah and I can remember a time if it were not for the American GI you would be speaking German. As far a relationship, we sent you home once with your tail between your legs, I imagine we can do it again.

  4. I’m a scot and I am fond of the US but sometimes I really dont understand just where the US government gets off. The US never had a greater friend than it did in Mrs Thatcher. This country has stood with the USA through the last 50 years. We have spilt blood and treasure in the same great undertakings yet under the democrats the UK is systematically treated with disdain.
    Here on the death of arguably our greatest leader and the government of the USA cannot bring itself to honour a true and steadfast ally. Just how shameful is that?

    • Our government is a disgrace. This is the work of the Democrats (communists). Conservatives in our country love Great Britain and we loved Margaret Thatcher. Please accept our apologies and realize this is not the feeling of decent Americans. I am so embarrassed by the morons in our country.

    • Don’t blame the whole country. It’s the socialist cabal who shames us.

      It is difficult to convince a huge segment of our population how heinous the Democrat Party has become, but we unfortunately have to live with that reality.

    • Many of us are ashamed of the way our government is behaving. We have a Muslim, racist president in our White House. He’s there because of voter fraud. Democrats have hijacked our government.

    • George, there are many of us (mainly right- tilted) that love the UK and hold dear our relationship, for all the right reasons. Beyond politics and the nastiness these days I still accentuate on the positive. I have enjoyed The Macallan for many years, owned and loved 3 Jaguars and have a couple of Dunhill suits, Then of course, there’s the birthplace of golf.

      Cheers from a friend on the other side of the pond.

    • Those of us old enough to remember, know that Reagan and Thatcher defeated Soviet communism. In light of their successes, it’s a sad irony that we probably need them more today than ever.

    • Spread the word. Boycott the US. I’m not kidding. I wish I could. Let the bright light of commerce shine on the United States and speak with your money.

      • Nah, don’t do that…just boycott the freedom haters in BOTH countries (many Brits are also dancing on Thatcher’s grave this week). It’s not a divide of the pond…its a divide between grown up conservatives and infantile liberals. There are too few of the former and too many of the latter on both sides of the pond….

    • For that, I am truly sorry. The progressives of old have really taken a hold of this country. While Reagan & Thatcher toppled communism, communism had a 50 year plan in place to topple us from within, This was recognized and read into the US Congressional Record back in the 60s. Now, with the resurgence of Putin’s power, we can understand that the temporary purge of Communism from the Soviet Union was planned to give Putin ultimate power.

      We were too dumb to recognize this and we elected too many repeat leaders that got too old and too fat feeding at the public trough to remember what they are there for.

      We only have a few that recognize and honor the Constitution (greatest document written by man and our bill of rights.

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    • The vast majority of Brits do not hate her. There is a loud and vocal minority of maybe 20,000 in a population of 72 million, who like to shout their heads off about how much they hate her. She won three general elections on the trot.

    • You must have seen that crowd of about 1000 people cheering her death…funny thing is…not ONE of them was ALIVE when Thatcher governed.

    • In a nut shell. Thanks Mr. Wright. Sometimes we have to be shown the obvious. I hadn’t even thought of that.

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  9. Of course! Why would they want to honor someone who spear headed communism in her country. They rather honor a cold blooded dictator like Chavez. IDIOTS!!!

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