Dangerous, Ineffective Gun Bill Advances

Yesterday, the Senate voted to advance a bill that would criminalize victims and law-abiding gun owners.  Under the guise of preventing people from becoming victims of gun violence, this bill would actually undermine the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, potentially making law-abiding gun owners and gun users criminals.

The next step in the corrosion of our Second Amendment rights is the debate on this destructive Schumer-Toomey-Manchin bill, which Pat Toomey admitted wouldn’t have prevented the tragedy in Newtown.

But as that debate proceeds, recall that the Left is already greatly pleased that this first barrier to their oppressive gun law was broken down.  In fact, Time described the Senate’s vote yesterday as a “win” for Democrats.

But, this language shows what this debate has truly become: liberals have made gun laws about optics.

What is most outrageous, though, is that the Left has failed to make a legitimate argument that this legislation can protect people from gun violence.  On the contrary, conservatives have offered real solutions and understand that such solutions do not lie in the hands of the federal government.

Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham makes the case for freedom.  This morning on MSNBC, he gave an excellent defense of our constitutional rights, while his liberal counterpart failed to offer any conclusive evidence that the liberal gun bill would serve to protect anyone from gun violence.

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The Senate gun bill will not protect anyone, but it will corrode our Second Amendment rights.

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Optics are more important to the Left than our constitutional rights.

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Sloppy language in the Senate gun bill potentially opens door for a federal gun registry.

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57 thoughts on “Dangerous, Ineffective Gun Bill Advances


    • nor should we this govt is run by the people and that these officials are supposed to be watching out for us they cannot change the constitution thank GOD and by the way it is GOD who gives these rights not Toomey, manchin or anyother govt official

    • Apparently the people will and DO stand for it. Do you see anyone DOING anything about it besides us bitching to each other?

  2. It has started. Time to start parking TAR KETTLES and TRUCKLOADS OF FEATHERS in DC and all State Capitals to show what needs to be done

    • we the people,who are the real government.agreed we have been calling on wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing american veternas/citizens.and donald thrump stated ovomit in the revolution begin.no donald an evolution of we the people,add the millions of legal american gun owners.thats quite a group.time to communicate/prepare/focus/plan/refine plan.time to gather under one giant freedom umbrella.donald/wayne we the people by me await you response.the longer we allow this ineligiblle treasonous traitor and his band of unamerican traitors to continue,the longer they will continue this treason.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all legal american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

    • Perhaps we should hold an American Citizen strike. Pick a time during rush hour and every patriot in American can stop their car on the Freeways, Turnpikes and Highways of America for weeks and bring the country and commerce to it’s knees.

  3. They should be worried about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals instead of law abiding citizens…this is utter BULL SHIT!!! A way of the government taking more control of our lives. What are they so afraid of. We were give the 2nd ammendment rights to protect ourselves from this such thing. Our government has gotten way to strong and shoved way too much down our throats and it is high time we take some of this back! They have taken OUR Social Security, not theirs, they have apid one penny into it and they tell us drawing it is a priveledge…it is our money! We should be getting it and not working till we die never seeing a dime of it. Now our 2nd ammendment rights, this nonsense has to be stopped and fast!

  4. We all feel terrible sorrow and our hearts are heavy with the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook. I for one know that as a parent and a grand parent it tears at my heart everyday. Nothing can take away the pain and sorrows those family’s feel. We’re sons, daughters, parents and grandparents, we’re brothers and sisters and yes a lot of us do own legal guns and follow the laws. The sad truth is that gun control will never stop the mentally insane, criminals or gangs from getting their hands on whatever weapons they choose to use. The justice system fails us at every turn; the mental health system fails us at every turn. Schools should have armed guards. We have armed guards in the courts, armed guards in our Government offices and armed guards in banks. Since when are the government officials, or even one better the banks and money more important than our children. We guard our money more than we guard our children.
    Everything being publicized by the gun grabbing politicians and those who choose to give up there constitutional rights will be in for a rude awakening when you lose your 1st Amendment rights down the line. Why don’t they publicize the gun counts that save people everyday? Look at Cuomo when the shootings happened here in a small town in upstate, New York. He rushed right up because guns were involved. All the while saying it wasn’t a political move. The stabbing death of Lori Bresnahan and the horrible rape of a 10 year old little girl. Did Cuomo or Bloomberg appear for that??? Absolutely not, there were no guns involved cept for a bb gun purchased by Renz. This person was sent home because they couldn’t open his juvenile file? Given an ankle bracelet to wear, which he removed. Amazing our justice system. The criminal who was released 10 months earlier by a mistake, enabling him to kill the prosecutors and a pizza delivery man. Or recently the person who went on a stabbing spree at school. Wounding 14 students, leaving 2 in critical condition. People we all hurt from the tragedy of Sandy Hook, but go after the issues that need to be addressed. Like Our Judicial System, The Mental Health System and the turn style Court System. The Liberal Lawyers who fight to get these Monsters off, The Mentally Unstable, The Gangs and Criminals will always find a way to wreck havoc on us in one way or another. They look to instill fear and make a name for themselves, Timothy McVeigh who killed more women and children 168 dead and 500 wounded, all the while the media runs with it. Stop giving them Headline News. More Gun Control is not the answer. There are so many rules on the books already that need to be enforced. Hurting all the good owners who respect the laws or taking a direct attack on our Second Amendment just isn’t the answer. Go to the root of the problem. What no one seems to understand, especially in Washington is that they took an Oath to Protect Our Constitutional Rights. Where as the Second Amendment Shall not be Infringed. It’s to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic and from what’s been going on as of late there seems to be a lot more domestic enemies who look to disarm all Americans than foreign.

    • Jim,
      Everything that you say here makes sense. And yet, you miss the point. You will hurt your brain if you try to think this through, as if it was actually an honest attempt to save lives. Every single study and report clearly shows that the more guns that are in the hands of citizens, the less violent crime we have; the more guns are removed, the more the crime rate rises. They know this. The so-called ‘gun control’ measures being debated, as if the founding documents of this country are merely the agenda for a debate and not settled law. But this anti-American effort is really to control people. And those who are fighting to pass this control, know full well that only those who follow the law, will be those who are controlled by it. But, they will also be the same people who object when a law is broken by anyone in the United States. The law-abiding citizen.

      So why do they want to control the law-abiding American citizen? Because it is they who will also object as those in Washington break more and more of our laws, and nullify more and more of our Constitutional Rights, foundational principles, and perpetrate injustice, wherever it lines their pockets with our money. It is really that simple. “This is a stickup…hand over your guns!”

      As Barack Obama said on his inauguration day, “Join with me as I completely transform the United States of America”. Patriots would vehemently object to that idea as being completely un American and, therefore, it is the American patriots that need to be disarmed. And they know this; hence the legislation that follows to that end.

  5. The Constitution is in danger of being overthrown. It’s becoming increasingly obvious,

    even to some Democrats, however small their numbers, that they really screwed up!
    The Constitution must be preserved by whatever means are made necessary by
    this administration.

    Obama learned from his parents how to be a good communist .

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Communist Revolutionist said….
    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”

    Niccolo Machiavelli said
    When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through your cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred.

    Semper Parata de Mori Pro Libertate

    • Toomey admitted he was won over by parties and booze on Manchin’s boat “Black Tie.” What a cheap fraud! After all the support conservatives gave him, he’s almost worse than Arlen Specter!

  6. Again we see the progressives trying to steer the Country toward unConstitutional laws. These idiots, left and right, have no idea about what they are doing. This type of politicking affirms the progressive thinking, that conservative and Constitutional thinking persons are mentally deficient. They truly believe that anything other than their thinking is irrational, how very sad and bigoted they are.

  7. Without the Second Amendment, you can kiss all the other amendments good bye. Some of us are the frogs in warm water not realizing that the water is getting hotter. Why the Republicans insist on listening to the Democrats constituents and not us is beyond me. This is not a popularity contest!! It is our freedoms on the line. Gun Control is possibly the hardest thing to get passed and once it is, we are doomed to live in fear. Meet you all in a re-education camp!!

  8. You’re right Charity, they changed SS from a lifenet to the biggest ponzi scheme ever, and the progressives have continued and are still grabbing all they can. Where they figure to go with it.. beats me. What they need is to be set straight, by force if necessary, BEFORE we are disarmed completely, and become the sheep that they want so bad.

  9. The longer we wait to push back the harder we are going to have to push. These Liberal Progressive Socialists do not understand what ‘Shall not be infringed’ means. For a Free Citizen to have to register anything of any type is an infringement on our Rights for a Citizen to have to give any information to the government in order to do those things that are our right to do is tyranny.
    Sooner or later T. Jefferson will be proven correct in his vision of the future, we will have a citizen’s revolution in this Nation…. and we will plant a lot of bureaucrats under the tree of liberty…. Fools keep pushing tyranny in the face of Patriots, to thier to their own destruction.

  10. Sad testament to the flawed character of those elected to office. Without exception the media and politicians immediately banned together to advocate on behalf of the innocent children slaughtered by a mentally deranged man in Newtown.

    Yet, years have passed and the count of Americans murdered or killed by illegal aliens surpasses 25,000 with more than one million being the victims of sexual assaults committed by those included in the group that this Congress now wants to reward with amnesty.

    Sympathy for the massacred children is well deserved. Sympathy for the victims of the illegal aliens this Congress has allowed to invade this country and remain here with impunity is non-existent.

    This betrayal confirms it is well past the time we start removing and charging these elected officials who have aided and abetted illegal aliens, betrayed the 25,000 Americans slaughtered by them, and who, due to dishonoring their oath of office, are complicit in the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

  11. Ted Cruz: “out of 15,700+ fugitives and felons who tried to illegally purchase a firearm, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted only 44.”
    What good is a law when they don’t prosecute violent felons when they are trying to weapons? Enough of this political idealogy crap… stop messing with our Constitutional rights.
    Use the constitutional change process if you don’t like the laws….Congress has no business even discussing our Constitutional rights on the floor.

  12. This is just another bunch of bullshit from the half breed ,when he ran he said I will never take your guns ,and that all of his important discussions would be open and shown on cspan ,but there has never been any thing that these commie bastards plan to screw us with has been open, to me when muslim communist wants to screw us he goes behind closed and what in the hell does he not understand shall not be infringed this bunch of bastards need to be introuced to the working end of an M16 starting from the top down

    • Wow Skipfoss,”half breed?”Really man?i have been reading the comments on this thread and i’m blown away man.When Bush Jr.was the Commander in Chief i didnt think he knew what the hell he was doing.But you know what?I still respected the office he held,and by extension i respected him.I see zero respect in your comments.And i’m not even going to comment on the “half breed” remark.my question to you is simply this;What do you propose our Goverment do about the the killings in our great country?Nothing,something,What.To listen to you and others on here,you say new gun laws will not stop the random violence.You may have a point,BUT THEN WHAT WILL???My next question to you sir would be this;if giving up all guns(except military and law enforcement)meant the killing would stop would you do it??People are quick to say gyuns are part of our culture.Is there any wonder why we(America)kill each other at such an alarming rate?I would ask you to think about ways to be apart of the solution,not the problem.Btw,i’m a black man who loves guns also.but i can also see where something need to be done.All this us against them,me against you,left against right shit needs to stop.We probably have more in common then we think.you represent the republicans,cool i get it,your upset with our President,cool i get that also,but being upset and being racist do not go hand in hand.With respect.

      • I have no respect for this empty suit that was bought into office ,by Soros ,Bilderberg group Tide foundation just to name a few ,as far as the office I have all the respect in the world. Obama is just as I said a bastard son of a white trash communist whore and a Kenyain Muslim whatever. As for your guestion about the guns the second amendent covers that just fine as is and changing it through all of these illegal amendments is not going change a damn thing and as no one but the the cops and military having guns aint going to happen no way no how. If that were to happen then we the people would be we the people owned by the government. I own several guns ,Ifought for three to protect my right to own them and the government does not need to know how many or where they are it says nowhere in the constiution or the bill of rights that I must register my weapons, those are private property and they will stay as such and when they they decide to come and try totake them there will be a pile of dead whom ever for them to hall away before they take me out. As for representing Repubs you can for get that I did not like Bush either I am an independent,I don’t trust either party ,they are all crooks I don’t care if you are black or brown or whatever I just have no use for Obama and I don’t call him my president the government has taken to much power and if we set back and let the half breed and his comrades keep going we will have nothing . I saw that the other day in Water Town the cops were going door and having no warrants kicked peoples doors in and pulled the people out

      • to continue of their home and went in and searched which is a flagrant violation of the fourth amendment and those are the people we are to trust to have all of the guns I think not ,You happend to say someting about me being racist only against your president I am not up set with him I hate the sucker he is about thre steps lower thanHanoi Jane and Ho Chi Kerry and they are lower than whale shit

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  14. All the “fixes” I have seen will protect NO ONE and are VIOLATIONS of the 2nd Amendment not dangers to it. The Traitor Toomey and the Dumbo Manchin (sp?) will do nothing but violate our 4th Amendment Rights as well and maybe 1st (scaring folks from associating with whomever they wish by putting the fear of being labeled a terrorist, put on a no fly list etc.). The compilation of a database is essentially a search of your private papers, i.e. your weapons records. The ACLU finally did SOMETHING right by exposing the IRS and its insistence that they have the right to read our emails. Maybe they can get in on this Weapon’s Registry also. Every transaction recorded is private but, under this Orwellian law, they all become public record. So, where are the alleged Conservatives? Planning Amnesty for illegal aliens…….
    So, there is so much press coverage of this issue and NO coverage of a “Doctor” practicing medicine by killing live babies. Why?
    By the way, every handgun I have bought at a gun show has had a background check run on it. The only trouble is because Obama and his anti-gun creeps are selling so many firearms, the checks are taking days to complete

  15. If the objective is to stall violent criminals, to defend REAL children (instead of street gang toughs who are NOT children but criminals and whose modis operandi is vendetta by murder), the bills in NY, CO, CA, and elsewhere do nothing to protect decent citizens or their children; rather, those bills DISarm citizens of the very means that ought to be available to those who choose them to defend their own lives, the lives of their family members, neighbors, and others. Should dcitizens have avaiable to themselves the very same firearms that police have? In my view, citizens should have ready access to nothing less.

  16. All SUBJECTS Amerikan Regime must turn in their GUNS immediately the Regime has spoken and the Elected Ones are the Law of the Land!

  17. The Regime has Spoken, the Elected Ones need not debate anything. All Loyal Amerikan Subjects know that they will be protected by those two most wonderful organization of the Regime the DHS and the TSA!

  18. Please produce studies that show whether areas with restrictive gun laws are effective! Can they? I doubt it. How about enforcing the guns laws we have?

  19. Graham may just as well put a (D) after his name or move to Arizona and run with McCain. He has got the very last vote he will ever get from me and my family.
    Between his stand on immigration and gun control, it is time he came out of the closet to garner all the democrat votes.

  20. Are Americans going to just lay down and take THIS too? What have we become? A bunch of mental slaves? Subjects willing to let a bunch of clowns run our lives and destroy our childrens’s? Apparently so. This is not the America I grew up in 70 yrs ago.

  21. When we read Jefferson’s first efforts at writing The Declaration of Independence, we find “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations begun at a distinguished period and pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such a government and to provide a new guards for their future security”. [sic]. For 100 years we have watched the progressive Democrats eat away at our liberty. Gun Control could be the last bite.

    Charity… you are correct; the most egregious of these was Johnson’s Ponzi scheme of robbing our FICA (yep, I am old enough to have paychecks with FICA with-holdings Federal Insured Compensation) Trust Account. Some democrats still call it a trust account.

    Then there are the XVI, XVII, and XVIII Amendments to our Constitution all passed in 1913! These monsters were all passed by Wilson and a Democratic Congress; the over-whelming winner is the 30 Words of the Sixteenth Amendment -now more than 80 thousand pages! …And, don’t forget the genius of The Federal Reserve Act.

    Conservative American, free market capitalists may have to capitulate or…return to Mr. Jefferson’s “provide a new guards for (our) security.”

  22. I’m sorry folks, the People are NOT the government (anymore). Those days are long gone. When the house, senate, and president can push through something like Obamacare even though 75% of the public strongly opposed it, there is no longer an operating democracy or republic. You are fooling yourselves if you think otherwise. I’m not sure what we have, but it cannot be called a Democracy, or representative government. At best its a media controlled “Incompetocracy”. At worste, it’s a dictatorship of some kind. With all due respect to the patriots; Larry, Moe, Curley and Shemp – its more like a 3 stooges comedy segment.

  23. We are creating our own State Police….supported by Obama Care telling Doctors to ask patients about fire arms…Creating a National Fire Arms data base….Makes it easy for the Stasi, Gestapo SS, SD types too knock on your door at 3am and confiscate your/my guns…
    You Progressive better be happy…All the un-found fears of Republicans, Black Helicopter, Men in Black, UFO cover-ups…. All your stinking conspiracy theories. Guess what….You FUGGIN morons, voted in your fears. You have created what you feared… A dictatorship…
    Toomey even said…”this law wouldn’t have stopped Sandy Hook”….Thanks, Thanks a *censored* a lot. Who’ll have all the guns…who won’t be in a National Gun Registry… right-on lefty….criminals and Government

    You fucking morons

  24. This administration (he is a community organizer only) is doing everything possible for OUR government to take over all or most aspects of our lives and burden us all, in all tax levels. This whole discussion about gun control is only half baked because the aspect of mental health is not honestly and fully being a part of this.
    nancy wilbur

  25. We all need to have someone to believe
    that individual moral principles are the only way democracy can survive. If we
    allow America to be all things to all people, we will dilute its founding
    principles to the point of being nothing to anyone…. If you allow immoral
    behavior recognized as moral, you see the dichotomy in teaching absolute
    character traits found in the 10 Commandments. Who and What are our children to
    believe, God, Parents or Government?

    In this troubling time of economic uncertainty, as well as rampant political
    corruption, ineptitude, and governmental lawlessness, the American Constitution
    is being openly subverted and ignored by elected and appointed officials who
    swore an oath to protect and defend it. As a result, every aspect of the
    American Way of Life is being criminalized, and Citizens are faced with the
    loss of their unalienable rights as enumerated in the Constitution.

    An onerous decision must be made: To accept the status quo, and allow the
    Constitution to be rendered meaningless; thus, enabling government to continue
    to grow unabated until it literally enslaves us; or, to force politicians to
    act in strict accordance with the Constitution and to enact policies essential
    to the preservation of our individual rights and liberties…


    …In a free republic, it is not acceptable that the public become slave to the
    public servant. Nor is it legitimate for government to take away unalienable
    rights and powers from the individual for any reason or rationalization.

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