The Cloakroom (is Empty)

For the next two weeks, there will be no formal legislative activity in Washington.  The House adjourned for their Easter recess on Thursday, and the Senate did the same on the wee hours of Saturday morning after a 13-hour vote-a-rama.

Action will continue behind closed doors in Washington though, as a handful of lawmakers quietly plot the way forward on issues such as immigration, guns and the debt ceiling.

That horse-trading will take place as President Obama attempts to use the bully pulpit to demagogue lawmakers for failing to do their jobs.  Of course, that criticism should ring hollow with the media considering the President has yet to unveil his budget.

Even as Washington slows down for the next two weeks, Heritage Action will be standing watch.  You can get the latest on our blog, The Forge, Twitter and Facebook.

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Even though he lacks a budget, Obama will attempt to bully vacationing lawmakers during Easter.

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A handful of lawmakers are negotiating on issues such as immigration, guns and the debt ceiling.

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