Email Your Senators to Oppose the Internet Sales Tax

We are including the vote on S. 336, the Marketplace Fairness Act, in our legislative scorecard. The conservative position is to oppose this bill, as it allows state and local governments to impose sales taxes on online commerce. Not only would this law potentially increase taxes on consumers, but it would subject companies to taxes in jurisdictions where they have no representation.

The Senate is set to vote on this bill soon. Use the form below to email your Senators in opposition this “fairness” tax-increase.

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I emailed my Senators to oppose the internet sales tax.

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Fairness is a liberal code word for more taxes. This time they want to tax internet sales. Just say no.

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Reject the internet sales tax. Email your Senators now.

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2 thoughts on “Email Your Senators to Oppose the Internet Sales Tax

  1. i strongly support and urge Congress to pass S. 336 the Marketplace Fairness Act. Small businesses actually have the most to gain from passage of S.336. Any business can easily and simply utilize freely available modern API protocol technology to automate sales tax processing. The same API technologies that provide tremendous efficiencies enabling CC processing and real time shipping to over 40,000 different zip codes now easily provide accurate automate sales tax processing free of charge to merchants. Greater efficiency which translates to greater profitability.

    S. 336 supports innovation, efficiency and increased competition paving the way for a truly competitive marketplace guaranteeing consumers greater choice, competition and lower prices.

    S. 336 is Bi-Partisan legislation we need to support. S.336 grants States’ rights to choose efficient collection of existing sales/use tax already due in most states since 1933 and today due in the 45 states maintaining sales/use tax policies.

  2. I did Email and tell them I as apposed to this bill. I think to keep raising taxes on everyone is insane considering how poorly the economy is doing.

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