Email Your Representative to Support the Salmon Rule

It’s time to tell your Representative to support the Salmon Rule.

In a recent Op-Ed, Rep. Salmon laid out the details of the rule:

From this point forward, I will vote against the rule for bills that increase spending without offsetting spending cuts and encourage my other conservative colleagues to do the same. Similarly, if House leadership brings any more bills to the floor without first securing the support from the majority of the GOP conference, I will take the same action.

Opposing bills if a majority of the House GOP opposes them is a strong stand, one that would have prevented VAWA and other bad policy from passing the House.

By supporting the Salmon Rule, you will be telling Congress to vote against any Rule on a bill that doesn’t have the support of the majority of the majority. Email your Representative to support the Salmon Rule now.

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Republicans should vote against House Rules that lack the support of the majority of the House GOP.

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I emailed my Representative to support #TheSalmonRule.

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The House should only pass conservative policy. Tell your Representative to support #TheSalmonRule.

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5 thoughts on “Email Your Representative to Support the Salmon Rule

  1. Even if it sounds good, this rule is wrong! Representatives are elected and paid to do what is right, no matter how anyone else vote. Let there be no future excuses to hide behind by saying that “I voted according to what the majority wanted, even if it was a bad idea”! Each elected official needs to take responsibility for good and sound or bad judgement. No matter what the majority wanted at the time. The Salmon rule sounds to me as a desperate move to unite the GOP. I am sick of all politicians. That is why we are now part of the Constitution Party!

  2. I don’t know if anything we do at this point will have any real impact. However, I am willing to support anyone who shows that they are willing to take a stand against runaway spending and the irresponsibility of those in Washington who are supposed to be doing what is best for the country. Salmon sounds like he is someone like that and deserves our support until he proves himself to be otherwise.

  3. Here’s my “Salmon Rule.” When salmon go to spawn they are driven by instinct. As they begin to swim upstream they find that when the current is slow and the swimming is easy, they are about to hit a rock. So they swim where the current is swift, and the swimming is hard, because they know the way is clear. When evaluating Congress and the President, ask “Is their instinct right, and are they willing to do what’s hard, because the way is clear?”

  4. As it seems so difficult for our politicians to make fiscal decisions
    based on fiscal reality, I believe that the Salmon Rule might help

    get our country out of the fiscal quagmire of debt which many of
    our politicians keep voting to add to rather than trying to exercise
    fiscal responsibility. The Salmon Rule might empower Democrats
    to not vote for fiscally irresponsible bills which add to our enormous debt.

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