VAWA Failure

This Tuesday, the Senate will vote on its version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  For women’s sake, lawmakers should take a careful look at how effective VAWA has been since its inception and weigh that against how much money has been spent on the myriad programs funded by this legislation.

Unfortunately, as we have pointed out, there has been no scientifically rigorous evaluation of VAWA’s effectiveness.  There is not a clear indication that it has worked.  Yet, because it sounds nice, many politicians have used it to get brownie points with women or with their constituents.

Penny Young Nance is the CEO of Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with 500,000 members.  She’s looked at VAWA and contends, correctly, that it is a woefully insufficient means of protecting women against violence.

Why?  It has a catchy name, doesn’t it?  There are plenty of lawmakers like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who say it’s really great and that it’s going to protect women in the future from violence, aren’t there?

They’ve got rhetoric and emotional appeal on their side.  We’ve got facts on ours.

Let’s highlight a couple of the factual points made by Penny Nance:

  • FACT: The Department of Justice estimates that “women are 62 times more likely to be assaulted by live-in boyfriends than they are by their husbands.” If liberal feminists behind VAWA really cared about the well-being of women, then they would be America’s biggest proponents of marriage between a man and woman.
  • FACT: “VAWA has morphed into a series of rigid and ineffective law enforcement programs that continue to spend approximately $400 million each year. The sad truth is that VAWA doesn’t seem to have made enough of a difference to justify the cost to taxpayers.”  Indeed, one Department of Justice official stated that “We have no evidence to date that VAWA has led to a decrease in the overall violence against women.”

These are not the only problems with VAWA.  Penny Nance contends VAWA is “more about building feminist power structures than about protecting vulnerable women or addressing the major problems of battered women who end up in hospital emergency rooms.”

Once lawmakers become concerned with actually helping women, rather than with advancing feminist, anti-marriage, anti-family agendas, we’ll see women who are victims of violence getting help.  Until then, the federal government will be doing what it’s best at, wasting our money and making matters worse.

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9 thoughts on “VAWA Failure

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  2. Thank you Katherine!

    You can’t treat an domestic argument, a battered woman and a cold blooded murder into the same group and call it DV with the same consequences.

    The government taking over only makes the situation worse instead of better.

    I’m not totally convinced that the police/attorneys/judges would know the difference.

    The Government set “Guidelines” and treat all cases the same.Apparently they have to go to DV classes every month. That would be one of those programs that we taxpayers are paying for that isn’t working.

    They don’t listen to the “VICTIM” and after the police get involved, it’s out of your hands, and they go for how much money can we get out of this one. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours..The entire legal system…talk aboout corrupt! They have to be productive to keep their jobs too. The Police,The Attorneys, The Mental Health, The Rehabilitation, The Counselors, The Judges. The only time they care about what you have to say is at the moment and they want you to write it down so they can throw it in your face when you go to court after they pay that guy to hunt you down with a supeona to appear in court. It ends up costing the “FAMILY” at least $1,000.
    and a whole lot of grief!

    I’m surprised that the DV numbers haven’t decreased and the numbers of women dissappearing or homicides haven’t increased…..

    GIRLS…..If your not bleeding don’t dial 911…If you do…DON”T write anything down and don’t sign anything. The police LIE! They will tell you that you have to appear in court or you will go to jail. NOT TRUE!!! REALLY, their going to put you in jail for WHAT, calling 911? I thought they were there to protect and serve…MY ASS!

    If you don’t write anything down and you don’t appear in court THEY DON”T HAVE A CASE and it will get thrown out court without any fines,court costs,restitution payments or a DV charge and don’t forget the pp damage that was done on his property but now it’s a charge that can’t be removed and I would imagine that with each charge the punishment gets stiffer and the only thing it did was to put another feather in the cops hat and OH, don’t forget the states attorney who is supposedly on your side but when you try and talk to him and tell him it was just an argument and you were never afraid of the SOB in the first place…he ignores you and all he wants is a win so he looks like he’s done a good thing and all of a sudden the a VICTIM
    doesn’t even matter and with the government involved it doesn’t matter what it was because they have this GRID that they go by in order to punish the offender. (The same kind of grid in the criminal courts) It doesn’t matter WHAT the circumstances are that led up to the incident that is at hand now and it doesn’t matter that you paid for past offenses in FULL,did you time paid, your fines, whatever, because they look at your past and see that you had this or that and now it’s your second time with this or that and on the GRID second time requires you to do more of this and more of that regardless of the circumstances, and when your attorney acts like your winning and does a 3/60, the states attorney probably threatened him with something and there going to make an example out of YOU! AAND when your attorney says that it’s probably in your BEST interest to plead guilty and just bend over and take the felony charge, DON”T believe it! Well you can have it EXPUNGED,REALLY? YEAH ! That’s provided you can get a job after you pleaded guilty and can afford to hire an attroney down the road to do that and then even if you weren’t charged for something but pleaded guilty on a lesser charge…It didn’t just go away……The court can look it up and they can see what the ORIGINAL CHARGES were before you took a plea to a lesser charge and well it still counts when deciding your punishment this time as long as they go by the grid….1st offense,2nd offense,3rd offense…etc, on & on & on..
    The only thing I can Kind of agree on is the 3 day stay away, cool down order and that doesn’t cost you anything.The rest of it is BULLSHIT and all of this goes hand in hand with the VAWA, it’s just another way of some one coming up with more BULLSHIT in order to make a living or make themselves look or feel better. All I’ve ever seen is just more trouble pushed onto an already troubled family……..The legal system in this country is all about money and the Medical field, The Religeous Community, and The People in this country are all about money….What happened to ONE NATION UNDER GOD? ……..

    Sorry I might have gotten off the subject at hand but, well you can see how they are all go hand and hand together and forever………….AMEN!

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