Racing Down the Path to Balance

Sometimes it is hard to identify progress in Washington, but buried beneath yesterday’s headlines was a reason for optimism: House Republicans continued to reaffirm their commitment that they will put America on a path to balance within 10 years without raising taxes.

While House Republicans appear committed to that very necessary and achievable goal, the Obama administration’s reluctance is palpable.  Not only did they miss the legal deadline for submitting a budget proposal to Congress (again), there is no indication they intend to pursue a path to balance.

In an effort to highlight the Obama administration’s fiscal negligence and force a smidgen of transparency from an otherwise opaque bureaucracy, Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) introduced the Require a PLAN Act (H.R.444).  If the President’s budget does not achieve balance within the ten-year Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scoring window, the bill would require the administration to submit a “supplemental unified budget” that identifies when his budget would balance.

Last month, the heads of Heritage Action, Family Research Council and Club for Growth explained the importance of balancing in the near term:

Ten years is not a random horizon, but the traditional congressional budget window. Nor is this demand the result of mere whimsy—it is a moral obligation. No American should have to tell an 8-year-old child that we cannot get our nation’s house in order by the time she goes to college. There are many ways to get to a balanced budget and both Democrats and Republicans have an obligation to explain what path they will choose.

There was a time when the Obama administration shared a similar sense of urgency.  In 2011, Jack Lew told the American people the Obama administration’s “budget will get us, over the next several years, to the point where we can look the American people in the eye and say we’re not adding to the debt anymore; we’re spending money that we have each year.”  Unfortunately, the Obama administration could not even honor that gimmick-ridden promise.

Last week, Congressman Price reaffirmed the House will “produce a budget that balances within the next 10 years” and use the Require a PLAN Act to “force President Obama to produce a plan to balance the nation’s budget.”

Conservatives are clearly determined to fight to implement the policies to take us to a 10-year path to balance.  Doing so is necessary if we are to quickly jump-start our sluggish economy and improve the lives of millions of struggling Americans.  Americans deserve to know if President Obama is committed to that cause.

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2 thoughts on “Racing Down the Path to Balance

  1. My Thoughts for Heritage’s Lobbying Activities:
    1) Make sure every state has a seat at the table by repealing the 17th Amendment.
    2) Make sure every state has a Voter ID law and enforces it. Obama did not win the last two elections. He won the “battleground” states with statistics that would have made Fidel proud. The stats are out there for all to see. Over 100% voters in many counties by Democrats and 99% to over 100% votes for Obama and no one noticed – save for those of us whose votes did not count because of the cheating.
    3) Repeal the unconstitutional Patriot Act. Is there a reason why DHS needed to order 7,000 REAL assault weapons (fully automatic) and have hoarded SEVEN times the amount of ammo used in the Iraq War? If y’all can’t figure out just who DHS is going to war with then just watch Obama’s July 2, 2008 campaign speech in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a hint.
    4) Either START a Constitutional Conservative Party or get rid of the Establishment GOP. They make sure the status quo is sustained and conservatives have no voice. The “Conservatives” in the Congress obviously agree with Obama’s method of negotiation…Obama’s way or the Highway.
    5) Maybe SOMEONE can convince the Supreme Court to do their job and stop the executive branch from making law, either with Executive Orders or excessive regulation when the King can’t get Congress to pass his agenda. We live in a monarchy with phony elections instead of a Constitutional Republic. Get the states to get rid of the “winner take all” electoral strategy. Only Maine and Nebraska have electoral votes that are distributed fairly.

    Re-read paragraph 3 and THINK about it. Who is going to invade us?

    • A zillion thumbs up for your comment. The Department of Homeland “Security” is just a guise and cover up for the Department of Homeland TYRANNY.

      Thanks to the heavily infiltrated (by enemies of America) American
      public educational system, basically the America people ARE dumbed down
      and indoctrinated into the Satanic globalist communist agenda. How else
      could an evil individual like Obama be elected to the highest office in
      the land? How else could an evil individual like John Kerry be
      approved as Secretary of State?

      Here are some quotes from our founding fathers about education:

      Thomas Jefferson: “[Education] is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.”

      John Adams: “[Liberty] cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.”

      James Madison: “A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”

      Adams: “I repeatedly laid myself under the most serious obligations to
      support the Constitution….What other forms of government, indeed, can
      so well deserve our esteem and love?”

      Thomas Jefferson: “Let us
      carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted,
      recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying
      what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it,
      conform to the probable on in which it was passed.”

      George Washington: “The power under the Constitution will always be with the people.”

      Obama did not write Obamacare or the Sequester. (The Sequester was an evil tactic to force higher taxes). Obama’s Satanic New
      World Order globalist organized crime syndicate BACKERS contrived and
      wrote both Obamacare and the Sequester. Obama is just the front man, the public relations man, for
      the Kingdom of Satan (globalist organized crime syndicate). These very
      evil, greedy, war-mongering, power hungry secret servants of Satan
      intend to destroy America and every nation of the world and enslave or
      murder everyone who is not a Satan worshipper. Even people, who are not
      too bright (“useful idiots”) and who THINK that they are part of the
      Kingdom of Satan will be enslaved or murdered. The Satanists are people
      who have absolutely no honor or morals or righteous desires. They do
      whatever evil they can get away with, secretly, slyly, covertly, using
      “helping the poor and needy” and “foreign aid” and “protecting America”
      as excuses to rob the taxpayers and pocket most of the money that is
      supposedly given to the poor, needy, foreign aid and defense.

      Obamacare (along with the Federal Reserve and the IRS) is one of
      their most heinous and evil organized crime RACKETEERING rip-off SCAMS.
      But they have their huge, greedy hands and secret representatives
      involved in all the bureaucracies, departments and branches of
      government. They stick up for each other, lie for each other, cover for
      each other.

      Obama is not even a legal citizen but the Satanic judges refuse to expose their Satanic criminal crony.

      The supreme court, obviously, is more Satanic than judicial,
      going by their upholding Obamacare as constitutional. Satanic Judge
      Roberts said that it was a “tax”, not even acknowledging that all tax
      bills have to originate in the House of Representatives and that
      Obamacare “originated” in the Senate.

      If America had been
      sticking to the enumerated powers as set forth in the constitution we
      would not have these evil criminals sucking the wealth out of the

      If America is to be saved, Obamacare, the IRS and
      the Federal Reserve and all the other Satanic and UNconstitutional
      agencies and bureaucracies MUST be ABOLISHED. If we can clean out the
      crooks from the government, every American would be wealthy beyond their
      wildest dreams.

      Added note: The shooting (schools,
      theaters and malls) massacres were planned and carried out by the
      Satanists in order to further their agenda of disarming the law abiding,
      good and honest American citizens. The Satanists want to be the only
      ones with weapons so that they can terrorize, plunder, enslave, rape,
      pillage, rob, murder, destroy, imprison the good people. They
      own and control the mainstream media and run the American public
      educational system and have secretly infiltrated private schools and internet
      freedom websites and feed the people lies and propaganda that furthers
      their agenda.

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